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Cell C / poor service

1 South Africa Review updated:

You will read and understand this e-mail...

I have mailed a copy to customer service and am posting it here. Please all of you reading it, comment so they
Can actually see the response and maybe if we pray, management might start thinking over there.

I really am dissapointed to be forced to actually have to sit down, type a customer complaint and mail it.
It is pathetic. I would like to express my immense dissatisfaction with cell c.
I cannot even remember how long it is that I have been experiencing problems with your service.

I am going to be honest and straight seeing as management over there avoids contact with their customers.
The service you are providing is extremely poor. First off, the gprs/edge/wap which is utterly disgusting.
Your speeds are poor and more over, it seems and i'm not over exaggerating, cell c's gprs system
Goes off atleast 6 times a day, and the only response to this is = what is going on over there???
It's been going like this more a year now, I have never heard of another cellular provider in the world that
Has such poor performance and handles their customers they way you do/or ignore them. It seems people at
Management lack managerial skills, and where are not going to blame someone else over there like poor managers
Tend do, a real manager accepts responsibily for their project's success or failure. It is common sense to do
Planning, if you cannot grab the concept of planning and providing for growth in your company, close your doors.
It seems as if you cannot cope with your really minimum client load, and yet you still advertise and take new
Customers on, sacrificing the service quality of your existing customers. And this crap that is going on over
Weekends is frustrating. The chances of a user (Any network) getting through to a cell c user is almost zero!!!
You are damaging your own image and quality of service. I had an emergency twice now on seperate accounts where i
Had to call my mother which is a cell c user, and after 72 (My phone stoped count) redials if not more i
Actually got hold of her. Phoning the customer centre they tell you, "the network is overloaded,
Please keep on trying". - what the hell?! You are then lying if you say you provide cellular services because
You can't make phone calls over weekends. And if it happens again and I am in a similair emergency situation,
I will take legal action against cell c as you say you provide services which you don't - I think it will be in my
Favour after stating that there is always room for error, but error does not mean on 20 seperate occasions
Redailing 72 times before getting through.

And what's worse—even now in the week, if you call a cell c user, first you hear, the nummber does not exist,
Then you try again, then you hear it rings but they lie to you, it never rang and the other person gets an sms
A day later stating he had missed calls, that's if you're lucky, and if you try again, the number does not exist,
Perhaps you get through on the 4th time - this is in the week, when the load is little - this is really unacceptable.

And the cellphones you provide are always old, and behind the stock that the other companies have. Also, if you
Are a cell c user and your phone is broken which you did not break, but which cell c broke or sold you that is broken
- they simply make it your problem, my samsung phone, including the same phones my brother and sister have, all
Keep on switching on and off, which they refuse to repair, because mos we aspired and want to waste money and
Pay for broken phones and get our money stolen!!!

And why the hell do you switch off customer care when there is a problem, never has one of the other networks
Switched off their customer service because of a problem, you are refusing to listen to your clients and you
Know it. I myself am an it systems engineer and I can tell you the incompetence of your call centre is getting
Tiring. If ever, even if my mom is the contract subscriber, I ask a siiimmmppllleee question like "is cell c's
Gprs system up and running at the moment?" they tell me we can't help you because we need to speak to your
Mother, it is a simple yes no answer!!! Then the best of all is they don't know how to help you, one of
Them kept on asking me, what do you want me to do sir... How should I know, it's your company, you pretend like
The fault is with my phone... And they tell you : "sir switch off your phone for 2 minutes" - what is that
Going to help huh???

I send a lot of e-mails at night and do some work over the internet, almost every night after nine, if I connect
My phone to my laptop, the link is dropped because their servers aren't working, it is pathetic, I am getting a
Vodacom hsdpa contract at the end of the month, because I can't use an unreliable service. And I heard you throttle
Your clients with the bandwidth, meaning every user's internet works for 4 minutes more or less, then stops working for
3 minutes, then the process is repeated, this is frustrating when sending mail online od doing internet banking,
You can't keep logging in for the rest of your life!!!

And let me state for the record, it is not the fault of the people working in the customer centre either, because
They can only perform as much as you, management, train them. It is not their fault the company is incompetent.

You are extending people's contract's without their consent and you keep on stealing money years after the contracts
Have expired!!! I can promise you that I speak for most of the clients, we are sick and tired, and there are
Enough of us out there to take legal action. Your company is already failing and you keep on going at it out of

And the excuse of your systems can't handle this or that request is crap, because then you are using dos from
1920 and you are using cheap software - stop looking for excuses!!!

Eeverywhere I go I will be spreading the word about your poor service and providing everyone with evidence.
I will also be complaining about you to the international mobile service quality board (Imsqb) and as well
As to icasa. I do believe that if enough of us complain that our customer rights are being violated, we will win.

As soon as my contract expires i'm gone.

And you will respond to this because it is the final and last correspondence that I provide and never get a
Reply on.

Volgende keer sal julle my in afrikaans help.

Utterly disgusted

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  • Ia
      7th of Oct, 2007

    My copy of a letter written to cell c says it all.

    Good day

    I have to say that slowly but surely cell c is making me absolutely GATVOL. I have no other way of putting it.

    The last time I received a statement was 2007/06/08. The last time I received itemized billing was 2007/04/12 and only after I requested it. I have FOUR accounts on which I pay for itemized billing so I think that you need to refund me the money that I have paid up to now. R60 /month over 6 months amounts to R360. You people are ripping me off and I am sick of it. It also doesn't help to send me six months worth of itemized billing in one go now. I need the bill same time the debit goes off my account.

    You are quick to take money from my account, on the 28th already but your service as far as timely accounts are concerned aren't worth ###. I requested that my statements be mailed but still NO LUCK!!!

    Two of my accounts (numbers ending with 4747 and 4757 respectively) were changed to control chat and only after a visit to head office in cape town was it actually done after much frustration. This month these numbers have not been recharged!!!

    Also my account was debited with more than R800 this month. IMPOSSIBLE!!!

    Two control chat 100 accounts and the other two cannot be more than R150 each.Please explain this, I do not have a statement to check this.

    Your ad on this email asks think about switching. You damn right I'm thinking about switching.

    Believe me when I say this. I am going to search the net for every possible forum to complain about this. I am going to post as many complaints as I can over the next few months until you resolve my complaints. It is not an empty threat. I have a lot of time on my hands. I am going to blog the hell out of this as well. Get your act together.

    I work physically hard for my money and cell c is not giving me my moneys worth. Believe me , I have seen for myself.

    I J Ketterer

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  • Ro
      10th of Apr, 2008

    My sentiments exactly, and with regards to their customer service - PATHETIC! Try calling 140 from your cell c number...after trying it 100 times it says "The number you have dialled is not..." immediately dial 084 140 from another cell service & immediately you get through.

    I will never ever in my entire life & will never ever refer people & anyone i know to this stupid service!!!

    I have just taken out a contract with MTN & it has been quibbles whatsoever.

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  • Di
      23rd of Apr, 2008



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  • De
      2nd of May, 2008

    I have to agree on this complaint. Cell c is a joke. It doesn't matter where i go, My signal metre will bounce up and down the whole time. I cant even stay on mxit for more than 5 mins and then my signal will be gone. And then pop back up. I mean. Im a paying customer. Im paying to be able to make use of GPRS and what not. But Im not recieving what Im paying for. Think about it

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  • Tr
      12th of Jun, 2008

    You are so correct, the are the worst cell service ever. The are a bunch of frauds, and even with that they are the most unskilled people I have ever had to do with.
    But I am working for the local news paper and I am going to have a field day woith them.
    AFTER I HAVE DONE the whole Limpopo will know that they are a bunch of frauds.

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  • Ma
      22nd of Jul, 2008





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  • Ro
      29th of Oct, 2008

    I agree with all these writers Cell C is a ripp off. My cellphone was stollen within two weeks of buying it, I called their client services three times and they could not blacklist the phone as the number and the serial number does not match. How that happend I do not know as I bought the phone with the starterpack from their service provider in Fourways.

    They are to be ashamed of robbing people like that and I think they encouring criminals to steal as they know the phones cannot be blacklisted most of the time.

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  • Jp
      31st of Oct, 2008

    My sentiments exactly.

    I have had 2 contracts with Cell C for 3 years now, and last month received an invoice of R 10 000 !!! from Cell C, of which R 8 000 is for GPRS roaming - which so happens to be a service that they DO NOT HAVE !

    They cannot explain it ... yet they insist they they have not made a mistake.

    Amazing !

    Their so called customer service is a joke, they simply do not have any.

    I am going to start a blog dedicated to cell c incompetance and terrible service.

    It is time to name and shame the owners of cell C

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  • Je
      19th of Nov, 2008

    I have to admit, that I have had just as much trouble with Cell C and wish now that I had never accepted a phone or contract from them. For the last two weeks I have been trying to get setting from them. When you phone you are on hold for over two hours, they give you a number to sms if you get tired of holding the line, or you can always e-mail them. True enough I have been doing it for over two weeks and I still do not have the settings. I have tried going to one of their stores and was told to phone customer support, I explained that I have been doing that for the last two weeks and they said well just keep on trying. And then I don't even want to think about what they did just after I started my contract with them. First they blocked my phone for over two months because they were not sure whether I could afford to pay a bill of R500. Then they blocked it again because it reached R600, and to top it all off they keep setting the debit order for the 23rd of the month who gets paid on the 23rd, after numerous fights with them about the fact that I get paid on the last day of the month and trying to get them to change their debit order date (this taking 7 months of fighting) they finally did it. I have been with Vodacom for years and have never had the same problems as I am having now with Cell C.

    They can just as well close down now before they mess things more up and get sued.

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  • Mj
      5th of Jan, 2009


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  • Es
      20th of Apr, 2009

    Good Day, MJ Potsane

    I make reference to an email that I sent to you dated 20/04/2009.

    May I request that you please email us your Cell C mobile number as we are anxiuos to assist you with the allocation of airtime on your account.

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  • Mm
      25th of May, 2009

    I have experienced almost the same problem. I load airtime but received no free wheneva minutes or free weekend minutes for the weekend 23rd of May... The operators are always very clever, as it is most of the time a technical problem... Tell us a lot of nonsense... Cell c is pathetic!!

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  • Ra
      24th of Jun, 2009

    i found that cell c i deducting money from my account, i dont have any contract with them.

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  • Le
      26th of Jun, 2009

    I am (rather regrettably) a CellC customer... I am fairly active on my phone as my accounts are usually between R500 and R1500 per month. As can be deduced I am fairly depended on my phone for business purposes.
    I have, with an alarming frequency, been noting that I am experiencing more and more problems with the CellC network. I travel rather extensively and have never been able to send or receive text message while at either Cape Town International Airport or O.R. Tambo... Furthermore I’d estimate that approximately 20% of my calls get off half way through. And in 50% of cases I simply can’t make or receive calls... I have changed handsets, but this has done nothing to improve the situation!! I routinely call the Customer Service number and in most instances I either don’t get through, get through and then get cut off, can’t hear what the operator is saying or in very few instances actually get through to an operator! Whenever I do reach an operator I am informed that “they are working on the network”... Followed by silence...
    I have tried to lodge a formal complaint via email, but only received a response a month later saying that they cannot assist as they could not get hold of me on my phone?!
    I have four excruciating months left on my contract and should I wish to leave their service I would have to ‘buy out’ the remainder of my contract, as well as pay an additional R1000 penalty... I have tried to port my number to an alternate network and then simply not use the CellC account, but this is supposedly not possible.
    I have never in my life regretted a decision as much as joining CellC! Rather ironically I joined CellC because they offered the Samsung U700 with HSDPA... Upon signing all contracts I was informed that HSDPA is however not available on this network, but “they are working on the network”...

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  • Ja
      3rd of Aug, 2009

    I am a Red Carpet client with Cell C and have 4 contracts with them for the last 3 years. If I had to relate every instance of poor service I have endured with these ?#@?'s, I would end up with a series longer than the lord of the Rings trilogy.

    I receive my bill via E mail every month and for the last 4 months, my statement reflects that my debit orders have gone off as the usually have for the previous 3 years. so you can imagine my surprise when one of their extremely competent consults phoned me and told me that my lines were being suspended immediately due to non payment for, WAIT for it, The last 4 months.

    To clarify, Cell C's statements reflect that the account was up to date, but they suspended my lines. If this doesn't make sense to you, then you understand exactly how I felt.

    Anyway, I caused a huge scene and they promptly reconnected me and apologized for treating a "Red carpet client" in such an unprofessional manner. I was given an exclusive number to phone for any assistance and assured that the problem would be resolved immediately.

    Well, I am still waiting. I tried the exclusive Red carpet number and well, there is just no answer. I thought I had the wrong number, but then, miraculously, after trying all day, someone did answer. She was extremely helpful and tranferred me to someone who could help me. I was not surprised when the line went dead. That deafening silence was better than any service I had ever experienced with Cell C. I put the phone down and burst out laughing. I mean, what else could I do?

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  • Fr
      26th of Apr, 2010

    Seems like Cell-C like stealing money from the "little man".
    Been waiting 4 months to have money refunded and now that they have given me some back, they still havent given me the total amount.
    I suppose if they borrow R10 from each client, they would be able to boost their coffers by a few million

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  • Eu
      21st of Jul, 2010

    Dear all,

    I have a query with Cell C ongoing from the 30 June 2010. The feedback / response is so dramatic it is shocking...

    Despite reminders that I've been sending daily there is almost no response and this type of service is the worst I've ever experienced.

    See email below...
    Good day,
    I Mr. E. Ramiah was owing Cell C R135.41. My contract ended March / April 2010 and I discontinued this contract.
    I have made a cash payment for the outstanding amount yesterday 29/06. (proof of payment attached)
    I am disgusted that Cell C had me listed with ITC without advising me this was going to happen... I feel this was very unprofessional and uncalled for!!!
    If Cell C had made me aware this was going to happen I would have made payment sooner.
    I need to you confirm that funds have been received and send a letter to ITC to have my name de-listed.
    Confirm when this is going to take place.
    I hope your response time is just a quick as getting me listed..

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  • Cl
      31st of Aug, 2010

    Lol. Thanks for the heads up. I was looking for some recent feedback of Cell C and MTN to help me decide who to change to. I'm currently with Vodacom, but they're taking my patience for granted, so I'm ditching them. Not only that, I'm gonna get everyone else in my suburb to follow suit. The reception in the suburb is rubbish and Vodacom have been telling me for 2 years that they have a new cellphone tower in the planning stages.

    Anyway, I think I'll go with MTN now. They seem to be a big shot and I know their reception in the area is great.

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  • Ea
      7th of Nov, 2010


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  • Jo
      29th of Nov, 2010

    Not one person at cell c get back to me about my upgrade that they phoned me about??

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