Carl's Junior / two strikes and you are out.

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OMAHA, NEBRASKA -- I am from the West Coast and I like carl's Jr. six dollar burgers every now and then. I found Hardee's looks like Carl's Jr stars. we like their famous stars and breakfast burgers.

1. My husband went there to try their breakfast burgers, he likes CArl's ones. Nope, the particular outlet did not have anything like that and the menu was very poor. He did not like that so he left.

2. I was driving by another location and decided to check it out.

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So I waws the only one who ordered the featured combo on the Window. I got a drink cup and got a sweet tea. My daughter does not like Carl's Jr anyway. So we just sat at the table close to the counter. We waited for my food while those who ordered about the same time and later were getting their orders. my number was red number while others' were white numbers. When my daughter saw that she thought something was wrong. Well, I thought maybe a little wait would not hurt.
Then, I saw the man who just ordered abd sat there got his order, it was too much. I just walked to the counter and gave my drink and told them that I was leaving. My daughter asked for refund. The manager? came to find out what was wrong with us. No order for 10 minutes and everyone around me were gewtting their orders and they did not know where my order was. Then, the manager asked me to show my receipt which turned out be hanging behind the counter. I could not show since I never received.

At that time, the man brought his tray and told them that he had gotten a wrong order. He suspected that he had gotten my order. The manager asked me if that was my order. What can I say? I did not want another wait if they cannot straight up our orders. I just asked for refund. I am not take another chance.

Poor man! He ate some fries not knowing that he got my order. He demanded his order and told them that he wanted exactly the same as he saw on the picture up on the board.
He was told that they did not have fries ready. So the manager offered him a big burger to compensate. He demanded he wanted everything at the same time.

I waws very disappointed with this experience and never to Hardee's. Other poeple might like Hardee's better than Carl's Jr. But our hometown Carl's Jr is much better on service and food.

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