Carl's Jr. Restaurants / I called to arrange a next day pickup of an order at 6:00 am which was not ready

Ogden, UT, United States

I called 6/19 to have an order ready at 6/20 6:00 am. I did not know they only open at 6:00 am as I have done the same pickup for 6 months, 2 days a month only at 6:10 am when the order (with the exception of one morning) was ready. The person taking my order speaks English as a second language and had trouble understanding the request and relaying it back to me but we did eventually come to an understanding and she agreed 6:00 am.

This morning 6/20 at 6:00 am the door was still locked, lights off and people opening up. They let me in and said they just learned of the order this morning and it would be 20 minutes before they were ready. I was very upset as I have nearly a 1/2 drive to work and needed to be on site before the rescue team started training. I did decide to wait for the biscuits as it was too late to back track to get donuts.

When the price was rung up I was already stressed and I am sorry to say gave them a hard time about the amount. I knew the price had changed but had not expected a bill double of what I usually paid. I unfairly gave them a hard time about the price and feel bad about that part of the exchange and would really like to let them know that part of our exchange was unfair and ugly on my part.

The part of my experience that concerned me was that they agreed to make a significant order available at 6:00 am and were not ready until 6:20 which put me nearly late for the crew I intended to feed. While I was waiting for the order a gentleman came and wanted biscuits and gravy and he left without purchasing food as they said they did not have gravy.

The whole story boils down to this: They open at 6:00 am but are not ready to serve at 6:00 am. In addition, I took the time to call the order in the day before with agreement from them that it would be ready and the message was not passed on. This happened on other time (though that timing was not as important as this time).

I am sorry to say I will not be counting on Carl's Jr. In Riverdale for breakfast items for the rescue team in the future as I now have no confidence they will follow through.

Jun 20, 2017

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