Carl's Jr / customer service

I was at your Carl's Jr on 5600 West and just off 3500 So in West Valley Ut this morning around 7:15 am. I set in the drive through for 2:minutes before a girl finally come the intercom and apologized for the wait and said that they were having system issues and asked if I would like to wait. I told her I would after waiting 2 more minutes in the amount of time I have ordered at other Carl's Jr locations and left with my food because I was short on time I decided I would just go inside to place my order. When I went inside to place my order there wasn't anyone at the counter. There was however someone making sandwiches behind the heat lamp that I said Hi to them thinking she would come around and ask if I needed help. She never did she just continued doing as she was before I come in. I stood there for another couple of minutes waiting for someone to help me. Then another employee in the back noticed me and then disappeared some where in the back of the store she did not say anything to me when she did notice me she also went about doing whatever she was doing as well. By this time I been there nearly 10 minutes and was starting to think to myself what terrible customer service. Finally a woman come out from the back after about 2 more minutes come up about 1/2 way up to the front and tells me she will be with me in a minute by this point I am thinking to myself why am I even here? I am going to be late for work and I had been there for nearly 15 minutes at that point and I finally had to leave to prevent being late to work. No one ever apologized for the wait after the person I spoke to at the drive through and I was nearly late for work and still left with out any food and hungry dissatisfied and will probably never again go back to that location again because of the way I was treated. Everyone that ever asks me about going to that location I would not ever recommend it. Which is sad because as far as Carl's Jr food as far as fast food is concerned has always been one of my favorite but as good as the food may be I don't frequent places when my past experiences are as bad as they were today and if I had this type of experience how many other people have had a similar experience at this same location? That is alot of lost business to the McDonald's or Arby's just up the street or Del Taco just down the street where I have never been treated like this at anyone of these places.

Dec 03, 2016

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