Canadian Tire On St-jacques In Montrealblatant return dishonesty

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Bought a mastercraft belt sander which turned out to be crap. After waiting in line for half an hour in the return line with everything including my bill, a young lady Store manager told me that, because the sander was no longer "new" they would only issue a credit valid for this very day (against their displayed return policy). I was willing to pay more for a Black and Decker unit but Canadian Tire was selling it at 99$ while Reno Depot accross the street had it at 79$. Again against their posted policy, she wouldn't offer the same price as Reno depot unless I could offer proof that this was the Reno Depot selling price. I did not have any proof as 79$ is the REGULAR selling price at Reno Depot for that Black & Decker belt sander (the so called "Dragster" model, an amazing product). Anyway, my only choice was to return at a later date, when I would have a need for something else offered by Canadian Tire - I was told that I had 90 days anyway to return the sander.
Three weeks later, I saw a Simonize polisher on sale in the Canadian Flyer. So again, I stood another half an hour in line at the return counter and finally got told the same story wich was fine as I am willing to buy that polisher. Leaving everything at the return counter, I set out to find the polisher. I found only one and was advised that it was not offered for sale as they "would not sell their demo units". While their computerised inventory showed three units in inventory, they advised me that they had none on hand. I then talk to the manager Eric, explaining that I would really appreciate a credit as its been more than an hour of combined waiting in line for those two occasions. He smartly reply was "you just have to buy something else in the store". In a much louder voice, in order to be understood by the fellow customers standing in line, I reiterated my request for a refund at which point he asked me to leave the store immediatly for he would call the police in light of my "aggressive" behavior (sic). I decided to stay in the store and phoned my wife asking her to come over to the store with a camera as to get a pricture of my being escorted out of the store by the police. Waiting for my wife and the police, I witnessed the conversation between the girl at the counter and an economics professor from McGill who was being told in front of me that he was being "aggressive" for stating simple facts in the calmest tone of voice : This store obviously has a policy of telling anyone who does not agree with their Dishonest behavior that they are being "aggressive". Seeing that, I spontaneously offered my card to that guy, who offered his coordinated in return, having been witness to the whole ordeal.
Shortly thereafter, the police arrived but Montreal police officer Z. Perras stated that my wife was NOT allowed to take any picture showing either of the officers present. I think he was wrong but there was clearly no room for arguments. Officer Perraz kindly offered a card with the "call number" and stated that this was a civil matter into which they had no bearing.
Exiting the store, I immediatly went to another Canadian Tire close by were I was offered an instataneous, integral and courteous and unconditionnal refund. Discussing with an employee of that other Canadian Tire, I was informed that they were hearing the same kind of stories all the time about St-Jacques store.
I am 48 years old and have grown up with Canadian Tire - I am really sad to see the Canadian Tire name associated with such dishonest behavior on St-Jacques street. Now simply will be waiting to see that store close down, ever so slightly improving life on our small planet.

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  • Yi
      Jun 27, 2009

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  • Mr
      Aug 16, 2009

    Please make your complaint for montreal over here

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  • Re
      Jun 19, 2010

    I recently had an experience which mirrors this story in that there seems to be an endemic pattern of fraud and deception at that particular store. I bought flowers on a "sale" morning, and an hour later realized that for half of them, I had been charged a much higher unit price, and for the other half, I had been charged for a higher quantity than I actually had purchased.
    When I returned to the store, I had to be quite assertive, was told to wait (clearly revenue customers were first, refunds had another speed...). When I finally did get angry enough to speak to the manager, I got no apology, nor did he offer what is required by law ($10 for the errors), but begrudgingly offered to correct the error. When he realized I knew more of the consumer protection law, he changed his facial color, and offered my his full excuses and a 50% discount (which, btw, only brought my actual cost to approximately the correct price!) Disgusted by the whole affair, I was just glad to get out of there.

    What a horrible way to treat a great Canadian brand... slowly eroded customer confidence. Compare that to the wonderful stores that bend over backwards when you complain to understand what they've done and ensure it does not repeat elsewhere!

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  • Ma
      Jan 03, 2012

    I had a similar experience at the same store. I tried to get a replacement NOMA LED flashlight under the "Lifetime Warranty". I had bought it for my Dad's birthday 56 days earlier. It was on sale for half price; $12.50 instead of $25.00. I had the bill, all the packaging and accessories. After waiting in the returns line, I asked the lady for a replacement. She said I would have to return it to the manufacturer. I pointed out the 90 day return policy and said I would just be happy with a replacement instead of going through the return and re-purchase. She said she would have to do the return and then give me a gift card good for that day only. I had her call Eric the manager who was very rude to me for having him called out. After some back and forth argument he finally agreed to let me exchange the flashlight for the same one. He checked stock on the computer and said they had none left and to pick a similarly priced flashlight. I could not find a $25.00 LED flaslight so chose a more expensive model at $35.00. I was willing to pay the $10.00 difference. When I brought it back to the returns lady, she said that I could only have credit against the dead flashlight of $12.50. But "I bought a $25.00 flashlight that I am wiling to upgrade because you can not supply me with the same one that is defective" I said. Manager Eric was called again to re-iterate that all I would get in credit towards the more expensive flashlight was $12.50 plus tax. After escalating into an shouting match, I decided to accept the $12.50 and buy some uneeded sandpaper just to get the money back. What a bunch of whores at the St. Jaques Canadian Tire store. I have never stepped in there since and drive an extra 18 KM to a NICE CTC store.

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