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Canadian Tire / auto service scam

1 Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada Review updated:

Took my car in for an mvi, swapping of summer tires to winter and an oil change. They said i had to leave my car there all day and they would shuttle me to and from the shop to home. Regardless of all that. They called me 4 or 5 hours into it and told me they changed the tires, the oil and that they found a broken bearing and a broken rear spring...heres the catch. They said they broken spring was connected to the lower arm by a bolt(which was seized) so they would have to replace both the spring and the lower arm. i said "cant you cut the bolt instead of replacing the lower arm" they said no its not that easy"
anyways...end result ...i picked the car up...paid $350.oo for tire swap, oil change and bearing for a wheel. they rejected my mvi and gave me a quote for another $1350.00 for the repair of my broken spring.

Get this...i got another mechanic to look at it...THE SPRING WASNT EVEN BROKE!..

i could not believe it...1 month before christmas. my kids almost did not have a christmas because of this. Regardless...the other mechanic found that all i needed was a set of brake pads, thats it. $135.00 is all it cost..

moral of the story is...dont go to canadian tire for car things...if you do...get a second opinion.

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    i have herd of so many stories just like urs and yes your totally right they try and scew u at canadian tire and alot of the time its some young punk who took auto shop in high school thats working there!

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      30th of May, 2010
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    Mannnn(and so on with the "n"s) all of the mechanics have gone to school to become mechanics. The real problem is not the competence of the mechanics but the way that the mechanics make their money. Mechanics are paid by the job (not the hour), which means that sometimes to get work, they need to invent it. Mechanics might tell you that a problem exists that doesn't or even create a problem to fix while working on something else. This is true. However, many smaller shops aren't above doing inadequate work on your car, so that they can offer you a lower price and win the sale of the job. It may be that your local mechanic is ignoring problems and letting you drive around in a broken car, because telling you the truth can lose them a customer. The best thing to do is to research the problem before you go to a shop or accept that work needs to be done. If you show them that you aren't completely clueless, they will be honest with you, instead of risking being caught.

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      20th of Jul, 2012
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    hey which Canadian Tire was it?

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