American Mall Model Search / RIP OFF NOT SCAM

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Phone: 2143829821

My experience was here in Arlington, Texas. I just did it for fun to see how and what it was all about. The lady I talked to (Jessica) said there are no fees to audtion but I knew I was going to pay something so I didnt bring my wallet just in case they sell me. I dont think its a scam but I do believe they are just trying to get money the best way possible. They want only new faces and people because most likely you want have a portfolio. I won the "first round" in competition but there was like 8 others that won and like 2 that didnt make it. Furthermore, American Mall Model search have been at the Parks Mall for weeks everyday at least twice a day and ALL these people are winning. What got me is that I didnt have the money for a photo shoot that day. I understand I need one and HAVE TO PAY FOR ONE BUT I could ONLY pay that day and nothing else. I told her (Trinie)when I come to the photo shoot I dont mind paying then but she said "do you really want to do this" and Im like "yeah". Well I want photos anyways so i didnt mind paying but she told me I couldnt go on if i didnt at least put something down today. Ha! If this wasnt for mostly your money and mostly love my talent and beauty they would let me come back to pay. Basically, this is just for money and the odds are veeerrryyy slim. For a company to have been here sooo long. WHY I HAVE NOT HEARD OF ANY OF THE MODELS OR ACTORS THEY CLAIM GOTTEN CONTRACTS. They were ONLY small jobs that they had. You'll have a better chance to keep entering into tv contest. If this is really your passion go for it and invest in yourself even if its by slim chance but dont let this be your only option.

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