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Resolved bogus pricing, interruption of service

I have been with RCN for almost 20 years. There have been numerous problems over the years but I always gave them a second chance. Here's my most recent one. I called to add phone service to my existing cable & internet package & to try & get a reduction on my monthly bill of $200.00. They quoted me $158.00. I had them confirm twice that they were only adding the phone service & not making any other changes to my account. When the tech arrived to install the phone equipment he said he was suppose to disconnect & retrieve the cable boxes from 3 of my tv's! It turns out that RCN deleted 3 cable boxes AND amy family & kids pack too! When I called to have it corrected the price went up to $180. Also, when tech came back to my house to install an HD box, he came earlier than scheduled & talked my apartment tenants into letting him into my house(said he could not wait 20 minutes until the appointment time). He then installed the HD box but left me with an old outdated remote. I contacted RCN to have him come back & give me the correct remote. I was told that was not possible & that I would have to drive across town to the RCN service center & trade it in myself. My mobility is limited & to drive & stand in line to get the correct remote is too much for me. I'm done with them.


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer's satisfaction.

  • RCN Telecom Services's response · Sep 19, 2018

    Hello, Sandra! Thank you for reviewing your recent experience with RCN. We strive to provide affordable pricing, reliable service, and exceptional customer service. This is how we won PC Magazine's Readers Choice Award for the past several years. I am disappointed to hear that you experience was out of the norm. We would hate to lose you as a customer, and want to make sure each one of these concerns. There are several different ways to contact us, which you can find at this link. https://www.rcn.com/hub/customer-center/contact-us/ Thank you for being a valued RCN customer! -Jackie

Charges for equipment returned

i returned equipment to RCN both by mail and drop -off. the company still states i owe for equipment not...

Stealing Money every month from accounts

RCN bait and switch my offers. Now they stripped all my services down to nothing to get me the price I should...


I just completed a phone conversation with a person at RCN. Had engaged the service of RCN 02/2010 and then was laid off in March and had to terminate service. Sent them paperwork documenting that and was told by several representatives that the fee would be waived. At one point a supervisor was to call but that never occurred. Was assurred that represenatives always write correct notes after conversations with customers. Had to leave the state in April and now RCN says that the termination fee has to be paid and they were sorry I was laid off. Customer oriented is a term to them seems to mean keep on kicking a person who is down.

  • De
    devilEye Jul 27, 2011

    you know what i think it the next time you call them, it would be better for you to ask for a Supervisor...don't wait for a call back because that will never happen... I've learned that lesson as well with them before when i call them about my cable services...My concern was able to rectify with the help of their Supervisor's...

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fraudulent billing practices

I recently cancelled my rcn service due to some monthly increases without any upgrade in service .I also...

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Scam and cheating

RCN offers business and residential customers a bonus for referring another business or residential customer who signs on with RCN for service. I had both a residential referral and a business one. I spent months trying to chase down my bonus credit for the residential referral.

As a small business, the credit it to be equal to one month's bill, which is significant enough. I referred another small business, who became a client. They specifically mentioned my biz to the RCN rep several times, to be sure I got the credit. I didn't. I emailed, no response. I called, and was told to fill out a referral form online, but that form is for someone you want to refer, not someone you already did.

Six months have gone by and now I finally got RCN to answer an email - their response - I"m "Not eligible' for the bonus because my account isn't in 'good standing'. It's not more than 30 days past due, it is sometimes a bit late (the cost of doing business in the present economy), but I have never failed to pay, or to call to say when payment would be made.

DON'T REFER ANYONE TO RCN! The 'referral bonus' is a joke, and frankly, a deceptive business practice!

Unreliable internet speed

Their internet service is horrible. It keeps dropping well below advertised speed during peek hours. I have 10 Mb/s and I often see internet dropping to 1.5 Mb/s sometimes even below 500 kb/s. Their technical support is a joke, their automated dialing system is annoying and keeps repeating options.

In regards CTV, their channel lineup is weird and some channels that other providers include in basic cable require premium package such as MTV2 or Style.

Stay away from them if you have a choice!

Billing department fraud

I requested a telephone line on July 24th 2009 but the line was never installed in my house, however, RCN...


RCN upgraded their cable network to docsis 3 (digital) in the Allentown area.they scheduled me for a upgrade...

Contract Breach

Contract: Installation of RCN high-speed internet on 06/16/2009 between the hours 5.00 to 8.00 pm
Delivery failure: The technician never showed up
Contract Dispute: Misrepresentation of facts and lack of compensation for undue disruption of normal

(A) Misrepresentation of facts

(i) RCN claims that the technician showed up and knocked on my door at 9.00 PM (which in first place is beyond the 5-8 pm window). The inconsistencies with the above statement are the following:

* I live in a doorman building and he confirms that there was no RCN technician who entered the building premise at the above-mentioned time. Hence, RCN's statement tantamounts to blatant lying and lack of acknowledgement of failure to adhere to a contract.

* When I placed the order I was also told that the technician would give me a call on my cell-phone no. (which they have taken 5 times by now). Plus there is a doorbell. In any case, this version is clearly indicates that their actions amount to a breach of contract and a misrepresentation of facts.
(ii) They rescheduled the appointment to 11.00 AM on 06/17/2009 and I was told this only when I called them at 9.15 AM on 06/17/2009. This rescheduing was unilateral in nature and was not notified.

(B) refusal to compensate me for lost work time and disruption of normal working hours.

RCN further, after misquoting facts and keeping me on the phone for around 35 mins on a work morning, refuse to show even the slightest remorse by compensating with the any of the following

(i) A shorter window for the technician - They still insist on me leaving work and wait for the technician to show up between 5 and 8

(ii) Free installation

(iii) Free service for a period of time

I refuse to believe that in a market-based economy such blatant disregard for customer's time and breach of contract should go unheeded. I would have even understood if there had been a call made to me last evening explaining the reason for the technician's inability to stand by the agreed schedule. However, there was none of the above and absolutely no compensation for the discomfort caused by their lack of professionalism.

Worst cable company in Boston

The letter I just wrote. It will not get read or answered, like all the other letters I have written:


This is the second message I am writing in two weeks, and the third total. None of my messages have been answered, and for this reason, among many others, I will be canceling my RCN service within a month.

I have finally been able to log into my account to pay my bills. This is the end of a process that has taken many months. At first, I wasn't able to get the new security PIN numbers, despite repeatedly calling the number suggested (which was only open during work hours, when I work, so I could never reach a person), and sending messages through this form which were never answered.

I finally took a chance and called the Tech number, even though this was not suggested anywhere on the page telling me about the new PIN number. I finally found someone who was able to give me a PIN. I set up my new account, but was not able to log in. However, the message said that it may take 24 hours to activate my account (bizarre...), so I waited.

I waited for a week, and was never able to enter my account. Every time I tried (and I always tried with the same, correct, password) it would say it couldn't log me in. I tried the "forgotten password" form several times, and answered the security questions correctly every time, and still could not log in. No helpful error message was ever given.

I finally called Tech Support again. To confirm my identity, the person on the other end asked me to give him my password(!!!). I did not feel comfortable giving him the password I created, but did it anyway. I have never, ever, heard of any security system where the tech people are given access to customers' passwords. In any modern web company, the passwords are encrypted and hashed, and only the hashed versions are stored on the websites. As it is, (1) random tech people have access to our passwords, (2) we are obliged to give our passwords out over the phone, and (3) anyone that hacks into your servers gets them all in plain text. Are our bank account numbers unencrypted as well? If you like, I can give you the numbers of some good courses in web security you could take if you are ever in the Boston area.

He finally "re-activated" my account. He told me it had become disactivated after I put in incorrect passwords three times. As I had only just created the password after re-registering after getting a PIN number, this is impossible. Was it counting my attempts before I received a new PIN number? Further, there was never any error message that suggested that my account needed to be re-activated -- it just said the system could not log me in.

This is the worst service I have ever had the displeasure of using. (My comments about the abysmal computer phone system were mentioned in my last message, which, if it had been read and responded to, might have alleviated this whole problem).

My inability to log in, coupled with the fact that I have stopped receiving *any* bills of any kind, paper or email, for several months (which was mentioned in my last two messages), have caused me to rack up many late payment charges. I will not bother to dispute these charges, as just waiting to find a human at the billing department would take far too long. Instead I will be canceling my account at the end of the next month, and will be recommending Comcast or Verizon to everyone I know.

Resolved Double billing

I paid on my credit card the amount of $500.73 for the outstanding amount due to RCN company for cable/phone and computer services. Payment was made April 4th. When I got my credit card bill the name on the payment was to ACTION COMMUNICATIONS BEACHWOOD OH. I suspect this is the collection agency for RCN.
I am still getting dinging letters from CCS Inc. for RCN - what's with this??????

I am not paying again - you need to check into this and make it go away.

Kearns, Jacklyn
Creditor RCN Company Code 61
A/C 033-[protected]
Amount on bill $487.78 plus a fee of $12.95 for paying the bill by phone which in and of itself is ridiculous!!

Resolved billing

I had internet service with RCN for sometimes, though it was never reliable and many times was not working I...

Resolved Terrible Service

RCN is TERRIBLE. Had an appointment from 5-8 PM on the day of my move to have my service transferred. I waited 4 hours and the technician NEVER SHOWED UP - NEVER EVEN CALLED! And if you've ever tried to get through to customer service, you know it is near to impossible to reach anybody - and when you do, they are ABSOLUTELY USELESS!! They have screwed up my billing - they kept charging me for premium channles after i canceled them, claiming that I never called to cancel. I had to argue with 10 people to have that remoed from my bill. And the HD cable is terrible. The sound never matches up with the picture - so that is fairly annoying to watch! Not sure what my options are - COMCAST is just as bad ! It's a shame we can't get some real competition in cable companies, then maybe they would step up service. As of now, there is NONE. Do NOT get RCN!!!

  • Ma
    mad_in_philly Aug 04, 2009

    I don't know what's going on with all the RCN phone numbers. I tried all those listed on my bills and the 1800-ring-rcn and could not get through. It's either "an invalid number" or "cannot be dialed from your area". I tried contacting them via email, and also no response.

    What the heck is going on?

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Resolved Refund

I cancelled my internet service because the cable internet was operating as one way only (outbound) with no inbound data so the internet could never connect. A year later I still do not have a refund for the pro-rated difference of my overpayment. A measely $14.76. The third Customer Service representative I spoke with in a year's time was very nice and professional however, when I requested the timeframe for my refund in writing he was unable to comply...he told me he was not allowed (I pressed him to even write me sticky note). So, he transferred me to a billing supervisor (Whitney ID#39108) who in a very mean and condescending way proceeded to inform me that the only way to receive something in writing in any way would be to email Customer Service and receive an email response. Whoever I spoke to before her should be promoted to her job. She sucks at it. I was not being a "bad" customer. No cursing, no yelling, no impatience...I believe you catch more flies with honey than vinegar and yet she started off the conversation like a donkey. The bottom line though, is that they try to keep your money and hope you just forget about it, they are thieves.

  • Mi
    Michael.k Feb 08, 2010

    I agree with you. I had them as internet and cable services. i canceled my account 3 weeks ago. been told that on the 1st week of February i will have the money back that i over paid for January. its been more than aweek into the month, i just called, and was on the phone for 82 minutes with Chat - the first costumer service Repp. then Shila who was unbelievably rude and impatient to me. then with her Manager.
    All of that because when i called, they suddenly realized that i do deserve a refund (forgot to mention that i called because i got a bill from them for $120 for the dates of Jan 15 (*the day i canceled the services) till feb 22, (its only Feb 8th now)... and they told me after they checked the bill - to ignore it???? whats going on with them????)
    anyways, they told me it takes anywhere between 4-6 weeks to issue a refund check. then Shila told me its actually up to 12 weeksto issue a refund check. unbelievable!!! 12 weeks are 3 months is a quarter of a year!!! that long????
    eventually i asked Shila to talk to her manager, after hold of 10 minutes she says her manager is not available. i began going off that it takes her 10 minutes to find out that her manager is not there? told her i WANT to speak to her manager, she was rude and said its gona take a long long while.
    after another 10 minutes i got to talk to her manager, and in 5 minutes i have been told that in 10 business days the most i will have the money back.
    will see what happens next!!!

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Resolved Denied Referral Credit

RCN offers business and residential customers a bonus for referring another business or residential customer who signs on with RCN for service.

I had both a residential referral and a business one. I spent months trying to chase down my bonus credit for the residential referral.

As a small business, the credit it to be equal to one month's bill, which is significant enough. I referred anothe small business, who became a client. They specifically mentioned my biz to the RCN rep several times, to be sure I got the credit. I didn't. I emailed, no response. I called, and was told to fill out a referral form online, but that form is for someone you want to refer, not someone you already did.

Six months have gone by and now I finally got RCN to answer an email - their responst - I"m "Not eligible' for the bonus becuase my account isn't in 'good standing'. It's not more than 30 days past due, it is sometimes a bit late (the cost of doing business in the present economy), but I have never failed to pay, or to call to say when payment would be made.

DON'T REFER ANYONE TO RCN! The 'referral bonus' is a joke, and frankly, a deceptive business practice!

  • De
    Dee1 Oct 05, 2011

    RCN offers business and residential customers a bonus for referring another business or residential customer who signs on with RCN for service.
    Have referred 4-5 new customers to RCN, no credit have been added to my account.
    I hope they are not fraudulent

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Resolved Rip off

In October, RCN took over an unauthorized draft of $700 out of my bank account. The billing error was for equipment that was already returned. This has caused significant hardship for my family.

I had gotten a bill for the $700 amount before the draft, and when I called RCN I was assured that I would not be billed for it and that it showed on my account that the equipment was returned. Sure enough, a few days after the due date on the bill, there was an unauthorized draft on my bank account from RCN. I have been on the phone with customer care at RCN for hours trying to get my money back. Every time I speak with them they say it will take 4 to 6 weeks to get my money back. I have faxed them my bank statements along with their own billing statements to me (this amazes me), and still nothing.

It has been over a month and I still don't have my money. Sprint did this to me for over $700 once and I filed a suit against them. It was the only way to get my money back. It seems that RCN plays the same tactics with billing errors and doesn't care how it hurts the consumer. Of course, we know that the companies hold the money for interest and only give it back when they absolutely have to. This kind of business scam should be extremely illegal and should result huge fines for the company. It is unethical and hurts consumers.

I have filed complaints for this kind of scam with the Massachusetts attorney general, my congressman, the FTC, the FCC, and the BBB, and only the BBB got back to me. I think the FTC needs to look into this billing practice and outlaw it in the United States.

  • Ca
    Carolyn Feb 15, 2011

    Call the FCC and they will get back to you RCN that is because they have to respond to the FCC with a resolution of the problem. Call the home office of RCN.
    Rcn Corporation
    196 Van Buren Street # 300
    Herndon, VA 20170-5337 map
    Washington, DC-MD-VA-WV Metro Area

    (703) 434-820o

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RCN Strong Arming Drexelbrook Residents

The Drexelbrook community management has a contract with RCN as the sole provider of cable services to the community residents (1223 individual apartments). RCN uses this monopoly to strongarm (I can't find a more suitable term) community subscribers to pay un-naturally high fees for their cable services. I had RCN installed on 12/15/2008 with an understanding from a "suave" and "chummy" sales guy (who never bothers to respond to my calls since I cannot add anymore to his target) that since mine was an annual contract installation would be free and I would get the first 3 months of HBO free of charge. When I receive my first bill I see that my charges are $231.84! Apart from charging $124.80 as "installation" fees I'm also being charged for my "free" HBO package. Since I don't have a choice of service providers (speak about the freedom of choice!!) I'm being bulldozed into paying this. I've always lived by the tenet -"Silence of the good is worse than the evil of the bad". It is my trust that people out there who have a choice will read this and protest in the interest of free will and fair practice.

Worst cable company EVER

The wort company ever. We're completely held hostage to this company. Horrendous customer service, technical support and products. Their video on demand product looks like it was programmed by high school students. I've been on hold for tech support for 45 minutes for the technician to HANG UP on me. If you have a choice of providers, do NOT coose RCN.


RCN is the worst cable company service I have ever had to deal with. Not only are their tech support people incompetent, they barely spoke English. I had service activated 9/21/2008 and had decent picture quality and internet service. I started to experience trouble in around 10-10-2008 where my picture went in and out and my internet stopped working. I called tech support to see if they can help and after holding for about 45 minutes I finally got to speak to an actual person. Little did I know that the person on the other end barely spoke English and sounded like she kept reading some well rehearsed reasons as to why my service is cut off. So she tells me that they are "booked up" for service calls and that the first time someone can come out is on 10/31/2008!!! She explained that there was someone that MAY be available on 10/15/2008 But I had to BE AT HOME FROM 8AM TO 8PM FOR THEM TO "SQUEEZE" ME IN. So I told her that I will wait for them to call me to see if someone will be available that day where they can try to "squeeze me in".

A few days later, my cable tv service went out, so once again I called back to see if someone could fix this as well. After maybe 30 minutes of "resetting" and "rebooting" I still got NO picture on my TV and they gave me the same incompetent response - No one will be available for a timeframe until 10/31/2008. So the woman on the phone pretty much told me that I would have to wait two weeks for them to come out and fix my internet AND cable. I got so annoyed with their poor response that after the woman on the phone basically did NOTHING, I told them to shut off the service after only having it for about 2 WEEKS. She tells me that she cant shut it off and that I had to be transferred. After being on hold for another 40 minutes, I speak to someone who wants to know all these various reasons as to why I am cancelling service. After avoiding the question to prevent any further discontent, I finally tell her that her company's service is GARBAGE and that their tech support is filled with incompetent people who can barely speak English.

Once the cancellation was completed I figured that I was rid of RCN but since I had already sent in the payment for the first month's bill I overpaid since I cancelled the service about 2 weeks after it was activated. These idiots send me another bill for the 2nd month when I already cancelled service.

RCN is a company full of THEIVES, I shut off service AND returned equipment on 10/14/2008 BUT I was billed until 10/18/2008 and they expect me to pay up until the 18th even though they received their equipment on the 14th (and I paid the first month's bill which was all the way up to 10/25/2008). After being on the phone for nearly 2 hrs speaking to one incompetent "supervisor" after another, they tell me that I will be receiving $6 credit back since that is what I "paid" for.

I thought I could save some money since they are cheaper than comcast but in the end it wasnt worth the savings each month having to deal with such incompetent people who lack customer service skills. YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR...DO NOT SUBSCRIBE TO THIS AWFUL SERVICE...