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Complaints & Reviews

fraud and cheating

I am so sick of Comcast I could throw up. A couple of weeks ago my phone was acting up so they sent me out a tech, he did not fix my problem so I had to call them back. The next day they sent another tech out, and the problem was on the outside of my house, he fixed it. Then I got a bill for $35.00 for that first tech that didn't fix anything. I called customer service and she told me it was a legitimate charge because that first tech worked inside my house, I tried to explain to her that he didn't fix anything, and asked her if she could see on her screen that I had to have another tech sent the next day, she said "yes, but it is still a legitimate charge". She would not listen to anything I had to say. I then asked for her supervisor, she told me that it wouldn't do any good, that it was legitimate, after begging for a good 10 minutes she finally transfers me, telling me the wait time was going to be extremely long, whatever I have time. It wasn't long at all because I opted for their call back service. When the supervisor called he totally agreed with me and reversed the charges. I just can't understand what is up with those people and trust me this was not the first or last experience that I have had with Comcast. They need to clean up their act, and all get on the same page... it really doesn't matter who you talk to they all say something different.

  • Valerie Sep 19, 2008

    I have been getting the run around from this horrible company since April 2008! I moved into my apartment then, and technician came to hook up new boxes. He tested all the outlets and told me there was no signal and the incoming wire must be cut, and all i needed to do was schedule another appointment to have them come fix the wire. I called to schedule and the lady on the phone told me that my apartment complex would have to schedule the wiring because they owned the building. I went to my manager and he told me that what they have done with other tenants is give them a letter with permission for Comcast to do wiring. So once I had the letter I called and scheduled my appointment to get the wiring done, appointment was set for today, from 8-11am. Of course I had to *** 4 hours from work to be home to be there for the technician. My phone rings at 11:15am (15 minutes AFTER scheduled appointment) and the man on the phone tells me that technician was mis-informed and that Comcast does not do wiring in apartments, ever. period. So why did apartment complex tell me Comcast had done wiring for other apartments? Who is yanking my chain? When I brought up the fact that I had to miss work WITHOUT PAY for the appointment, all he could do was say he was sorry. I am so sick and tired of getting my chain yanked and my money stolen from these people. SICK OF IT!! I think the BBB should put them out of business.

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  • Em
    Emma Feb 25, 2009

    I have been getting comcast cable and internet for the past 3 years. Its the only cable company in my area, and I can't get a dish because I'm in an apartment. I also don't want internet from the phone company because I don't have a land line. So I don't have a lot of options.

    Every so often, my monthly bill will mysteriously increase. I call the company and they tell me its because I had a promotional rate and the time period for the promotion is over. I believed this THE FIRST TIME. But this has happened THREE TIMES. When I told them that I used to have a promotional rate and they already increased my rate, they just say the same thing back to me. They don't have an answer. So their explanation is what? I had a promotional rate, the increased my rate but it was STILL A PROMOTIONAL RATE and then that promotion ran out so my rate increased AGAIN! That doesn't make any sense.

    Another thing is, I asked two different customer service representatives at two separate times if I had the MOST BASIC cable and the SLOWEST internet, because I just wanted the most basic of both so I could keep my bill down. They told me YES both times, that I do have the slowest internet and most basic cable.

    So I leave it the way it is. But with the rate increases, I finally decide to CANCEL my internet service. This increases my internet rate by 25 dollars a month, which I think is ridiculous but its worth it in order to lower my overall bill.

    ONLY WHEN I SAY I'M GOING TO CANCEL DO THEY TELL ME THE TRUTH. Apparently, I didn't have the slowest internet OR the most basic cable. I can go down a notch on both of these. So that's what I did. I have a reasonable rate right now, that they claim is not a promotional rate, but I didn't think that ever so often, my rates would be increasing due my 'promotional rate' running out. That's the kind of thing that should only happen ONCE, if ever.

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  • GirlNextDoor Feb 25, 2009

    Comcast is the worst. I am always fighting with them about my bill and I always have service interruption. You MUST stay on top of your bill or they will over charge you and then say it was a promo rate. This is criminal behavior!!!

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  • Pa
    pam May 12, 2009

    Yes you are so right nobody at there office can tell you the same thing.They have the worst customer service that I have ever seen. With the most excuses to go with it and still expect you to pay for crappy service. They are laughing all the way to the bank on our money.

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awful company

Comcast came out to hook up new service and did the installation wrong. I had a different technician come out to correct the installation, who decided that the original work was a failed installation and wrote on the work order that there was no charge. Then i got a bill for the second installer. I called comcast with my copy of the second work order in hand, on which the technician had written "failed install, no charge". Comcast told me that they had no way to access their own originals and that the only way they could correct my bill was for me to fax my copy of the original to them; it would not work if i copied my copy of the original and mailed it to them with the bill. Furthermore, their local office is only open during hours at which i am at work already. I refused to use my time to fax something to them that they should already have. The result of this will be that have no cable service unless i go thru satellite. At this point that is just fine with me. This is disgusting incompetence on par with recent work (or lack of it) done by our congress.

  • Valerie Sep 26, 2008

    Signed up on prepaid calling over 2 weeks ago, and I still cannot receive calls from the jail facility where my son is at. Called again on 9/22 and again on 9/25, just to be told again that the phone block should be clear within 2-24 hours. I still am worried that it still won't work by tomorrow. The facility I'm trying to get calls from is the Harris County Jail on San Jacinto Road. My phone company is with ComCast. I have explained all this more than once with the pay in advance company.

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  • Valerie Oct 09, 2008

    My hd feed goes out all the time. When I call, I am on hold for at least 10 minutes (like tonight). When I finally get a customer service rep, I am offered to pay additional money to fix their product which is not working. (HD DVR box) I already pay close to $200 per month for a static-ridden phone, internet, and cable.

    When I DVR shows, I go to watch them only to find out the hd feed was disrupted and they have a messed up picture and bad sound. (I have exact dates when this happened- at least four times). When you call they are incredibly rude and only want to sell you more services.

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  • Di
    Diana Jan 27, 2009

    So, I'm sure there are several reports on here for the scam artist also known as Comcast. Let me tell you my story.

    My family and I signed up for Comcast's 'triple play'. Phone, internet and cable television. We got a 6 month promotional deal. It was great. We had free on demand, etc. Before our 6 month trial was up, we called them and told them we wanted to down grade our cable to basic only. We didn't want to pay those outrageous prices once the 'promotion' was up. They took the information and confirmed. The next bill we got, they HAD NOT adjusted what we requested. Our bill was for well over $200. We then called Comcast, spoke to a very nice gentleman who apologized and told us to only pay what our new service required. We did that.

    Next month comes along. We get our next bill. Guess what?! Now we have a past due balance of the difference we didn't pay on our last bill. (Because we were told it was their error and we didn't have to) We called again. This time, a very nice woman told us she saw the error, was taking it off of our account and our billing would be right after this. She also saw that we were not on a bundle deal. She told us we should be on this so called bundle deal and readjusted our account.

    Next bill comes. AGAIN we have a past due amount and now it says we must pay in 10 days or our service will be interrupted. Are you kidding me?! We called AGAIN. This time, the gentleman (keep in mind we've now spoken to different people every time we've called) and he said he would adjust it and have a manager call us since we were having such a hard time with our billing. The manager did finally call. 5 days later, on a Sunday night while we were out. No message was left. All we had was an 800 number on our caller ID.

    We called back one last time. This time we were not as pleasant as we had been the previous 4 or 5 times. We didn't get anywhere. It was 'pay the bill or your service will be cut off'. I now owe Comcast over $300.00. Most of this bill is the 'past due' balance for something we never had/have nor will we have in the future. We are going to pay it and then get the hell out of dodge using Comcast. I can't believe 4 different people told us they got the error fixed and each bill after that was never fixed.

    I am so tired of huge empire companies doing whatever they want. I saw a news report about a month ago regarding Comcast. Some poor sole was being charged a $2000 bill by Comcast. WOW. How does this company get away with all of this?! I'm paying for something I never had. Pure profit for Comcast while they run to the bank laughing.

    It sickens me!!

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  • Lo
    Louis Mar 31, 2009

    Since March 2003 I've been a Comcast customer. I subscribe to the most basic level of service. Note: I do not expect inferior service because of this, but Comcast seems to have a different opinion.

    I have never received the channels Comcast advertises as their 'limited' cable service. I have called several times over the years and have run the gamut from 'Sure, someone will be out there tomorrow' to 'Well, you get SOME channels, right? So, shut up.' Most of the time no one ever shows up for appointments. Once someone did after I blew up, but they restored the cable attachment, not the channels I've been paying for.

    I turned my TV on one day and found the channel replaced by a notice that I would have to call Comcast for a 'digital device' if I wished to retain the channels I had. If I didn't, I would lose even more. I knew this couldn't be the analog-to-digital issue. Afterall, Comcast had been advertising for over a year that if you were a Comcast customer, 'all you have to do is relax' during the swithover that would have everyone non-Comcast scrambling in frantic haste.

    I called. I was told that if I wanted the channels restored to my already truncated service, I would have to pay another $50 a month. I have become partially disabled and unemployed. I can't afford another $50 a month. I was told that in a couple of weeks more channels would disappear and I would be left with channels 2 through 30, but the monthly bill would be about $8. I said I've never had 2 through 30 and have complained about it repeatedly.

    No response.

    I e-mailed a lividly angry missive to Comcast's customer service. The next day the usual chirpy little stooge called and said she'd send someone out to make sure my reception was corrected and she'd credit me the month of May (this is March, now). She touted the skill and knowledge of the rep who would be sent out in an effort to change my opinion of Comcast. 'This will be the best of the best!!!'

    The guy did show up, which is unusual in my experience. He spent 2 hours fussing about as I told him there was nothing wrong with my equipment. He called several colleagues for help, but no one knew what to do. He delved deep into my TV system where I've never gone before. He did find some filters that marked some channels as 'analog' and turned that designation off, but on several, the 'analog' kept returning. Finally he said the problem is a Comcast, not on my end. He did remove all the other channels I'd been warned would go away in April.

    So, he removed more channels than he restored, I still don't have the service I've been paying for for the last 6 years. And, oh yes...I received a bill today for the next month. Not the $8 I was told would accompany my reduced channel lineup (even though the reduced lineup is more than I currently have), but the full price I'd been paying for years and years.

    Comcast should reimburse me for 6 years of faulty service. Will this ever happen? NO! Comcast has provided the worst service for the longest time of any company I've ever been involved with. If I weren't disabled and poor, I'd get DirectTV or the Dish or SOMETHING. Even with the complaints about them, they couldn't be worse than Comcast.

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  • Pa
    pam May 12, 2009

    Comcast is the worst for everything that they try to do. Yes very much lack of customer service. They billed me for a service call for the same problem that I have had for 2 years and they can not fix yet. Now I have to have them back out yet again to fix them same problem that they can not and have not been able to fix in 2 years.

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  • 7e
    7even Aug 15, 2009

    Cable box has been making odd noises, and there where suposed to be here this morning to replace it. After several phone calls the said that the tech would be here by 1:00. Now, as it is 3:00 that he may be here by 5:00. They promised to take a whole $15 buck off my bill for wasting my Saturday!! Still ain't seen nor heard from them!

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### customer service

We disconnect digital cable service on 8/20, and received our bill for the usual amount in full due on 9/13. When I called on 8/29, customer service said it didn't go thru. When I asked, the person on the other side of the phone became curt. I was then transferred to service and the guy said billing should be adjusted by next week.

Since it was Memorial Day holiday the following monday, I called 9/2 and when I asked, the person in customer service said, 'it didn't go thru - it was requested on 8/29'. I asked if the request for cancellation didn't go thru or if billing wasn't adjusted? She sounded very irritated and said in a huffy voice, 'billing hasn't gone thru'.

I then had to ask when would it be completed. She grunted and said, 'if you would, call back tomorrow.'

Really crappy customer service; bad attitude when all I wanted was to find out how much I owed for September.

  • Un
    unbelievable Jan 16, 2009

    Comcast has the worst customer service for sure.
    the guy who sets up the cable box or whatever that is we need to be renting the whole time was rude and arrogant as hell.
    we were supposed to get a discount deal for some kind of campaign they had at the time and when we received our bill we were over charged.
    we were able to see adult channels which we didn't even ask for and wasn't supposed to be in our package and had to call them and change package twice because they keep making mistakes.
    they have so many different packages which are very confusing to customers..
    we called the customer service to have them send us a list of channels we can receive with what package. the guy we talked to sent us the list via email, we tried opening it with 2 different PC it didn't work.
    we emailed back the guy explaining the situation and he never got back to us.
    we still don't know which channels we are supposed to be receiving and how much they are for how long (since they have this free movie channels for so many months or first 6 months so and so channels free crap deal )
    i will give this company a 5 million thumbs down.

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Comcast is selling the Blast broadband package as part of a tiered broadband service. I can prove that Comcast is unable or unwilling to provide anywhere near the speed being advertised on the Blast Tier. I have a month's worth of Blog entries, and growing, including screenshots of speed tests and telephone recordings with the abusive Comcast monopoly as proof of this Comcast consumer fraud. My Blog is at Tuxwerx,
If you decide to sue Comcast you can use my screenshots and data to demonstrate Comcast's fraud in your own cases.
Do yourself one HELL of a favor and DON'T have a Comcastic day!

my bad experience

I recently switched my cable service from WOW to Comcast, and boy was I pissed when I tried to get some help by phone. On 09/30/08 I was surprised to find that the help button on my remote did nothing. My first phone call was a useless person who kept repeating the same thing over and over, but could not answer specific questions like "Which button do you press to do that?" When I asked to speak to a supervisor or someone who knew a little more than how to read from the prompter, I was put into a holding pattern on the phone. So I recalled, this time Kelly was a little more help. She told me she didn't know how to do it, but she'd call back. Never did. How do you spell $225 a month? Oh, and I also paid $120 to get the service installed and got no manuals, and one of the remotes wasn't even set to one of the TV's. I'm pretty sure I've made a big mistake. WOW keeps calling me, so I'll probably call them back.

  • Valerie Jun 05, 2008

    I have been with Comcast for the past 4 years and their customer service *** or lack thereof. I am in the process of finding another cable/internet company in Knoxville, TN but they seem to have a monopoly on the market. During the month of April, I had several problems with my internet service and a tech had to come out several times. The company gave me a 20 credit. When I called in to pay my bill, I was told that I had a negative balance because there was also a 124 credit. I naturally assumed that they gave me a month off for all the hassle. NO WAY!!! I received my bill this month and it has 2 months on it. I have talked to several customer service reps and a manager...nothing. I was told it was a mistake and that they couldn't let me have a month free because it was warranted. BS!!!

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  • Valerie Jun 09, 2008

    Hello Ladies and Gentlemen. I see that I have a support group here who may share my concerns and maybe we should all file a class act lawsuit in which I am willing to fund if necessary. I called Comcast Last year to get hooked up and they said it would be $600.00 to run 300ft of cable. I then proceeded to show them another route and they said " OH YEAH" like idiots. After getting it hooked up for nothing they left an exposed terminal on the side of a pole for the world to see and hook up to. Indeed one of my neighbours hooked right up to it stealing my business class. I called and made a complaint and they finally came out and cut the line 45days or so later. They left an exposed line laying there on the ground. The neighbour then reconnected what seemed to be an exact match from Comcast leading me to suspect he had a friend who worked for them. I just cut it last night and I’m removing it from the terminal tomorrow and going to put the terminal on a pole with 50, 000volts running to it and a camera lol.

    Ladies and gentlemen that is just the beginning. They still have yet to bury my lines as they run from my shop to my office. 4 months ago my IP gateway crashed and I called them. They sent a Guy out who said hey I’m sorry I’m not a tech I’m a Maintenance man. I had to show him the issues and diagnose the issues myself and request that he go back to the office and get a new Modem. He did so and my problem was solved and THEY GAVE ME THE WRONG GATEWAY IN THE FIRST PLACE. Online support team said they did not support the Gateway and I said «Well your tech brought it to me so explain that». They apologized and did nothing to my bill to make up for the incompetence of their techs.

    In conclusion (PLEASE READ)

    3 Days ago my New IPGateway made by Netgear started crashing for no reason. My PS3 said contact the manufacturer so I did and they said they could not support the product because they had a contract with Comcast stating not to. I couldn't believe it. So I then called Comcast and even they said they also could not support the product and would send a replacement in 4-5 days. DOES THIS MAKE SENSE? I proceeded to tell them how I seem to know more about their products and services than the actual people they have working for them in person and by phone. I went straight out and bought a new Modem for myself and when I got back I sat on hold for 1 hour and finally got someone on the line. After a very long hour of conversation and 3 transfers I was notified that «I’m sorry Sir, We do not support any modems from the local sores in your market area". OH YES!!! I was outraged. How can a Modem at Wal-Mart or any other store say right there on the Package. "Easy Installation-one phone call to your Internet Service Provider completes the setup". NO IT DOES NOT! Because Comcast does not support Modems that you yourself can purchase. Only what they can give you. THEN WHY WASN'T I NOTIFIED OF THIS? And how can a company false advertise this on their label in stores without knowing they would get a Lawsuit. I asked for a phone number to speak to a high end representative of the company and she informed me that there was no such number available.

    Ladies and Gentlemen this is a major monopoly indeed and we should file suit.

    Thank You for your time and Oh yes if I could get any other type of high-speed for my business then trust me I would have already. So basically they have this area on Lockdown and it's illegal.

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fraudulent use of my debit card

Someone used my debit card number to pay their cable bill on line. I have tried to get a hold of Comcast but they are giving me a hard time because this company is not in my area. Lorain, Ohio. I have repeatedly asked for the billing office or the main office to try and find out who used my card. I would appreciate someone contacting me because this person or persons stole $221.30 from my account. My card number ends with 6589. My phone number is [protected].

service never completed

This is informational for people in the Baltimore area.
We moved here on the 15th of July and had scheduled a visit from Comcast to change our internet service from Savannah to Baltimore. We would have switched from Comcast many days ago, but we are not necessarily keen on DSL which is our only other alternative and it is harder to get direct TV in our complex than cable (or so we thought).
Here is my story. The dates are mostly accurate but I might be off on one or two.

July 15th, a service man came and tried to hook everything up. There was something wrong with the cable so he said he would have to call in an outside crew to work on the line out there and it would take 5-10 days. Great. We waited for 10 days.

July 25th, I call Comcast. The person on the phone (who was very nice) said that they saw that something happened with the installation and that further service was required but the order had never been submitted. They were sorry about that and would try to put it through faster.

July 29th, I call Comcast, just to check. Again a very nice person on the phone tells me that they saw I called earlier and that we needed a service call, but the order hadn't gone to the right place. hmm... okay. Well, she would submit it and get it to the right department. They would definitely have someone, likely a supervisor, call me in a couple days to make sure everything was set.

July 31st, call Comcast again. The phone person says they see the order and it HAS been sent down to service but it looks like nothing has happened with it. This is highly unusual, of course. They aren't sure about this so they transfer me over to a supervisor/customer-service liason, Bruce Baker. Bruce is appalled at the amount of time this has taken and wants to get us squared away. He offers us a small credit for our trouble which I accept saying he still needs to get service working again. He sees that it has been sent down to service but that no one has touched it ever and he will look into it. He said he will try to have something in the works by monday, but it might be a little later. He gave me his direct line and said to call him if I didn't hear something by Monday evening.

August 5th-August 11th, I call Bruce's direct line every day at different times of the day but he is never there. I leave messages but he never calls back. You'd think he'd be there at at least one random minute each day. Very odd.

August 13th - Called the regular comcast line to talk to one of the regular phone techs. He is again, appalled at the lack of response. And, though I am very dissatisfied with the service we are getting, the people on the phone are all very nice. It's just some abyss between what they say and things getting done. He suggests that I call the corporate headquarters because obviously something is wrong at the local level.

August 13th again - Call Comcast Corp in PA. Regina Richardson finds it odd that there is such a problem but is glad that I stuck with it long enough to bring it to their attention. She said she would contact them right away and we should see something happening soon. If not, call her back.

August 14th - Receive a call from Eugene Bennett at Comcast, another supervisor/customer liason. He says he has been assigned the case and everything will be taken care of.

August 18th - Call Comcast/Eugene. He says he doesn't have any information for me yet, but he will have something by tomorrow and he will give me a call (Always tomorrow.) The call never comes.

Auguest 20th - Call Comcast/Eugene (twice). He doesn't answer his phone either time and I leave a message the first time. I feel that one message should suffice.

As of today we are 35 days late in our change of service and I have spent over 6 hours on the phone with people from Comcast while NOTHING has gotten done at all. I don't understand how this happens but I wanted other people to know.

scam and fraud

In October I switched to Comcast business high speed internet, and also changed my telephone from QWest to...

fraud and theft

Ok - I'll try to keep this short. I set up service (actually transferred service) at our new home and moved all the same services over to the new address. I received my bill last month and instead of the normal charge of $125 for cable, internet and high speed, our bill was $203.00. When I called the company to get this corrected, they basically told me I was out of luck. Since it wasn't set up correctly by the employee that took my order, there was no way that they could correct the charges.

At this point I asked them remove some services to get the bill down to a reasonable amount. I was informed that they charge a $1.99 downgrade fee - what a ripoff! Side note - Comcast took over Time Warner in the Houston area within the past year. Since we have had them we have had nothing but issues with our billing. I didn't cancel any of my services, because I am waiting for an installation date from another provider. As soon as I have the scheduled date, I'm going to cancel everything.

Please let people know how this company treats its customers. As you read through all these, you will find 100's of nightmare stories of how Comcast treats its customers. PLEASE PLEASE THINK TWICE BEFORE YOU USE COMCAST!! IT'S NOT WORTH THE HEADACHE!!

disconnect with out authorization

My boyfriend and I went away for a week vacation and before we left had called Comcast up to let them know that we no longer needed their service because we were change companies when we returned. The only services from Comcast that we were no longer needing were their internet and telephone. We returned to come and find that they disconnected ALL of our services so when we return we had no television. We called to ask them to reconnect it and they said the soonest they could come out was 4 days away. So my question to Comcast is how did they find the time to come and disconnect the service when not authorizing, but are unavaiable now to connect it. They then tell us that we did authorize the disconnect on Wednesday, but why would we have made an appointment when we were on vacation? Then they continued to offer new services to us at the time of our conversation. Why would I want more services with Comcast when they disconnect the service and cannot reconnect it??? It seems that all Comcast wants to do is turn their customers away and not provide service.

bundle package

I recently changed to the Comcast Bundle package which is now up to 159.00 per month not including any extras such as a HDTV converter . Comcast actually quotes you a price of $149.99 then ask if you want to upgrade your internet service to internet blast and that adds the extra $10.oo. Once you sign the contract you can not delete this service even though it hasn't made any difference in the speed of my computer. Besides this extra $10.00 charege there is a charge monthly for the HDTV converter and digital box of $14.95 now brining the monthly bill up to $175.00 then add on any calls to directory Assistance and tax and once again your cable bill is right back to where you started about $180.00 to $190.00 a month . So think very carefully before you switch. As for me I will wait out my 1 year contract, Cancel all phone services except my cell phone and downgrade to a basic internet speed and basic Cable services .

cable at dial-up speed

Comcast has not been responsive to customer issues in a timely manner. In todays work environment many people work from home, I'm one of those that rely on good Internet connections to provide customer support to thousands of websites that use Ecommerce Shopping software. When my connection is down or running at dial up speeds then I can only provide support in the fashion that I've received support from my ISP Comcast. Ecommerce Templates Support has been known for good response times and helping it's customers get back up and running to continue making a living through their online businesses. I would like to see Comcast response time to service outages and system wide slow-downs increased to a more timely manner.


  • Ka
    karin wrape Jul 09, 2013

    I was paying my apartment manager $25 a month for internet, he also owns a audio ands video store, I was noticing intrusions on my pc's and there was a '?' on the network map between me and one or the other of my computers between me and the router, so I got Comcast internet, wired modem internet service, but the intrusions continue even though I am no longer connecting to the internet wirelessly. the invasions are constant and I demand Comcast investigate this issue and find out who is accessing my computers. this is a small town, fraser, Colorado, and the Comcast tech told me to access the wireless router the hackers had to be within 300 feet of the router, I pretty much KNOW where the invasions have their root, as the router on my managers' network was password protected, and after getting kicked off my ebay account at 4:30 in the morning - I heard two guys talking outside, and the guys below me work for the manager here, Michael shurer, and mr. shurer was providing the internet through Comcast cable. I have been invaded constantly and when I try and type stuff, it is getting erased and all manner of weird stuff has been showing up in my event logs, mainly special anonymous log ons and then sessions being destroyed in the event logs, my trend antivirus company is at a loss to identify the invader, but since I am now on wired modem, the remote log ons should be easy to trace to the device they are originating from. and now that I am close to exposing the management as the invaders, I have been given an eviction notice. he owns an audio and video store and is in a lot of homes here in grand county, and for that reason alone, my pc invasions should be looked into very seriously.

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  • Ch
    Chicken Legend Guru Jul 10, 2013

    A few months ago he tried to invade me as well. When I told him that, as a married man, I was not into rectal invasions he tried to evict me. I'm getting real tired of his BS.

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  • Bo
    bobaw Aug 03, 2013

    I cannot access the internet consistently. Repeated phone calls to comcast for help yieds the same response - Rebooting - which sometimes provides a temporary fix. The wireless doesn't work and requires a direct connection to the modem which does not always make a internet connection. I don't need fast access, but consistent access should be the minimum excpectation.

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terrible service and install

Independent Contractor came to install service. He left the modem in the middle of my living room with wire...

phone/internet never works and they won't fix it

In the last 3-4 months, my phone and internet service are completely unreliable. They are down as often as they work and despite numerous calls, I can't get it fixed or my money refunded.

They will send a technician who inevitably tells me he's the wrong technician & when I call them back, they try to tell me that it's fixed.

Now, I'm done trying to get it fixed, I just want a refund for that time period (which they convinced me to wait to request until it was fixed). They won't give me a refund, because in spite of the fact that I was calling regularly, they believe that it must have been working on the days I didn't call or I would've called. When I explained that some days, I'm not home or don't have time to spend hours with them on the phone, they responded that I can't get a refund for days that it may have worked when I wasn't here to check it. I try to point out the irrationality of that to no avail.

The worst thing is, they are doing the same thing to everyone in the neighborhood, so we are all paying for services we aren't receiving and they are refusing to refund our money.

  • Er
    Eric Vineyard Sep 29, 2008

    Since no details are posted and the call is very much about how taken advantage he and his neighbors are it seems more smoke here. The error in wrong tech may have been that not everyone that does trouble calls is trained in Comcast CDV-CHSI. These are handled in high priority anytime Phone service is interupted or unusable. Cable-HSI-Phone complaints are credited in the time frames of reported to repaired if customers put an equal priority in being there when service is scheduled and being communicative with issued till repaired. It seems there was not outage but posible issues with house wiring and posible signal strength that could be corrected. Again the complaint does not address the events or can be the opinion of the neighborhood. I hope this has been made better and seems like the person spends a great anount of time at work and like me not daily focused on these issues. I also wonder if he would concider the techs and the many jobs they also try to professionaly finish before dark. If you have problems find someone to work them while you can not be there. I know it is a sore spot coming home to rest and finding with the weekend ahead service problems with fewer to respond on your schedule. I am sorry and hope you can cooperate and have patience till this can be repaired and working well for you. I am sure you will be treated with respect and hope you get any lost value resolved.

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Comcast and the new schemes they're using to lower high user bandwidth is just outrageous, they advertise as unlimited download/upload but the upload stream is capped and now on continuous download it keeps disconnecting, I was assured by the technical staff that there is no problem at all but they all lie, I'm already paying $75.00 a month just for internet and if they think to charge by bandwidth they are crazy, I would rather not have internet at all... Scumbacks.. Thieves... It is time to start looking around even if DSL is the only other option...

  • Er
    Eric Vineyard Sep 29, 2008

    ROBBERY??? The details here show someone that may be using his connection for downloading movies and music in a usage pattern of 1000s the times the normal person paying for service. This usage is a robbery of service at others expence. Also the content of these users...hUMM is that legal? Is 1000s of megs a day Normal? Please leave your address and Phone someone may want to talk to you or take a look at your usage. Comcast does not monitor anyones usage, but does have detection of Abuse of service and has policies you can read on support help pages. These are to bring quality services to those who pay for equal service and dont abuse them.
    Only a person of questionable values would think this is a QOS issue for concideration. If you rented a complex with free utilities someone is going to run all the hot water out and run the heat and AC 24hrs... with the windows open. This is not normal or intended use of service. Its theft of service if you want to look at it otherwise.

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  • Lo
    lovie2000 Feb 03, 2009

    Wow what kind of internet service do you have.

    I have comcast phone, internet, and digital cable.

    My internet service is only 42.95

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cable card issues

I am writing this as a last resort. Last week, I had an appointment to have a Cablecard installed into a...

after 14 years with them, they hav totally destroyed any trust in their company.

Reported an outage of both cable TV and internet to Comcast, by 7am on June 4rd. Was told there was NO reported outage in the area and service was scheduled for Thursday, June 5. The technician arrived approx 4:30, determined that the "tap is blown" and he has referred it to maintenance. When we inquired as to how long this will take, we were informed it would by 2 WEEKS. I replied that was unacceptable and asked for a supervisor. Although both the initial person and the "floor supervisor" were pleasant, they were NOT empowered to respond to customer's needs. I was told that a supervisor would call me back immediately, no call has been received, no call from dispatch to inform me that the work order was forwarded to maintenance has taken place, maintenance has not called to schedule the work. Comcast has a unacceptable response to residential service outages. My experience almost two years ago to the day, was very similar, it took them over 3 weeks to resolve the issue and empty promises were made. At that time I was willing to give them another chance, now I have already contacted two competitors for pricing and time to establish new service. The Comcast commercials are fraudulent with empty promises. Stay away from Comcast, after 14 years with them, they have totally destroyed any trust in their company.

comcast won't cancel our service!

I was unhappy with Comcast and switched over to RCN starting June 20 (along with our phone number). On the...

customer treat

I made a phone call to a Comcast Customer Service Representative named Patricia at extension 2521, at around...

poor customer service

My complaint is about the service I received from an employee with Comcast customer service. The employee...

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