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We are sick of having our soap opera (days of our lives) taken off the air every time anything at all comes up.. We have been stuck inside our homes practically all the time for a year and yet we can't even sit down and watch our soap anymore. Why do you always use our time slot at one o'clock. I am so tired of things we are not interested in at all (like the impeachment hearings) if we agreed with this mess it would be different but its such a crock till it's laughable. I can understand breaking news or a funeral but it has been sports, politics, nasty riots that should have been stopped before they started. All we want to do is sit down and peacefully watch a soap opera we've watched for 30 years or more. Please stop always taking our show off. I guess if you lose us soapers you want have us watching anytime.

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    NBCNews.comTrump town hall

    I find it very upsetting that nbc will host trump the same time and night as Biden. This is giving trump just what he wants. He refused the original debate and now he gets his own stage. Of course he will get more views than Biden so people can watch him lie. I will not be watching anymore nbc news which was my go to station and will switch to abc. This was a big mistake. Caren Weiner

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      Jul 06, 2020

      NBCUniversal — Marcus lemonis the profit

      Your Profit took from me in one week what took my hole career to save. My retirement. My wife and I planned...

      NBCUniversalMarcus lemonis and the profitable camping world

      You guys are using a really bad man in your show the profit. You should be looking at things like the fb page, camping word experience. There are thousands of people, just like us, who have been ripped off by the hundreds of thousands of dollars. A lot of us spent our retirement money on coaches that are not safe enough to use! I actually filed a formal complaint with the department of consumer affairs. Turns out I was #46 officially filed just in the state of nc, since 2015!!! That's really bad!! Y'all really need to take a look at who you are modeling with your show, the profit. Really bad!

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        NBCUniversaltoday in ny early news!

        I am complaining about the poor productiom of the am early newsf rom nbc. THE producer must be fired. He exploits females for his own merit. He put on the traffic girl as meat to have just her legs shown and body. This has gine in long enough. I cant allow y 12 yr old son to watch the news on this station. I have him watch Fox and CBS only. Then THE video are shown on u-tube and opens up like a porn movie. With oaning a dgroa ing. It isdiscusting. We wroteto the fcc and have complaineddirectly with NO results. You have this anandguji working for you that made porn films and this what he does. This producer is gay and hates females so he expioits them. He should be fired asap along with this anandgjui. When are you giing t stop this porn. Next it is goung n te New .York Papers and on other news dtations as they think nbc is a joke! This is sexual harrassme t and perversion only nbc would do! NYC news team istge worst!

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          Aug 10, 2019

          NBCUniversal — the hunt

          I emailed Rush Limbaugh on Wednesday night immediately after reading the Hollywood Reporter story on The Hunt...

          NBCUniversalmsnbc live

          This morning on MSNBC you showed Julián Castro's brother who is a Congressman at the border as a presidential candidate. Really? Did you maybe forget that he is not a candidate but one you left put and continuously ignore is Beto O'Rourke? I'm getting ready to switch to CNN permanently! I'd like to hear from the candidates that are more centrist and therefore are continually ignored on your 🚉 Carolyn Moore Virginia

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            NBCUniversaldigital copies

            I bought a movie for my daughter with a digital copy to download and use on long trips. The code provided had already expired before I even bought the movie.
            I emailed tech support twice and never got a response. There is no phone number available to call for assistance. I am very disappointed at the lack of costumer service assistance options. I have bought other nbcuniversal movies and have had the same issue.
            I no longer plan to buy anymore nbcuniversal products for this reason. I have informed friend about this issue.

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              NBCUniversalxtreme wireless headphones

              Placed my order on Jill's steals and deals on April 4. My credit card was charged on April 4th and it is not April 16th. I cannot get any information on my product. Looked and there were previous complaints regarding this same seller and Jills steals and deals. I feel this is fraud and I am shocked the NBC is participating. I am going to report this as fraud to my credit card company and BBB

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                NBC — xtreme time wireless headphones

                I purchased Xtreme Tkme wireless headphones November 10 2018. Today is 12/18/18 and i still have no...

                NBC — the whole shipment and experience

                I have received a late shipment today, the quality couldn't be worse this time. In addition, one of the item...


                NBCNews.comnbc today

                I wish they display certification before news as they talk about sex and violence half the air time
                R rating symbol
                R - Restricted
                Under 17 requires accompanying parent or adult guardian. Contains some adult material. Parents are urged to learn more about the film before taking their young children with them.
                NC-17 rating symbol
                NC-17 - Adults Only
                No One 17 and Under Admitted. Clearly adult. Children are not admitted.

                their news content is so inappropriate and sound vulgar, I watch 7am NBC today News when my kids eat their breakfast and they can watch and hear from where they are, and I had to turn off the TV to avoid unnecessary questions,

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                  NBCUniversalOlympic Medals coverage

                  For the past few Olympics the television stations (including NBC) have seemed to feel it not necessary to televise the medals ceremonies. Being a proud American I look forward to seeing the athletes getting their award for working so hard and showing the rest of the world how great we are! Unfortunately the television stations have chosen not to allow us to see that. I for one have lost interest in most of the Olympics as I'm sure many peoplke have which is why viewing is down so much. It used to be you could see the whole competition up to and including the medals ceremony but instead showing only the finals and no medals. Very disappointed and frustrated in this change. Why is it happening?

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                    NBC Universal Store — No Customer Service Support

                    I placed an order on November 30th 2015, for a t-shirt. The order came on time but was the wrong size, I...


                    Nbc news — Joe Scarborough/Andrea Mitchell

                    Both Mr. Scarbarough and Ms Mitchell flavoring their reporting regarding a speech given by the Prime Minister...

                    Nbcuniversalstore.com — Don't deal with these scammers

                    The problem of nbcuniversalstore.com is that their advertisement states that all goods are available, but the...

                    Nbc news&CHECKOOK JOURNALISM& Paying Hannah & Brett Anderson for Documentary

                    SHAME ON NBC NEWS! They are using "checkbook journalism" to secure the story of Hannah Anderson's so-called "ordeal" last summer by Jim DiMaggio for a documentary. Recently the shameful "Peacock network" flew Hannah and her father, Brett to NYC. They put them up in a hotel & received tickets to go see Miley Cyrus. While in New York, Hannah Anderson made sure to offer up to interviewer Savannah Guthrie on the morning Today Show some inane details of her "kidnapping" such as "playing Russian Roulette, " even though DiMaggio had a rifle not a pistol. Another no-brainer: Hannah asked DiMaggio "was he okay" after the FBI sharp-shooters pumped 6 bullets into the man and he fell over dead!

                    This is what the once-proud NBC News wants to do business with. I won't be watching this train wreck show full of more lies and made-up stories from Hannah Anderson and her enabling parent. Network representatives say their only payments are licensing fees for photographs and videos, not for interviews.Yeah, right.

                    According to a recent story in the well-respected Washington Post, "Mainstream news organizations typically frown on paying sources, lest the payments taint the sources’ veracity or color the news outlet’s objectivity in reporting the story. Although some news organizations, such as the National Enquirer and TMZ.com, pay for news, checkbook journalism is considered unethical by the Society of Professional Journalists and other professional news organizations."

                    I hope that NBC News is proud of themselves: throwing good money after bad! Real journalists and writers do not look kindly at the news division negotiating this exclusive documentary deal, reportedly for more than $100, 000, with the family of Hannah Anderson. Because so many questions about this case remain unanswered and many people are of the impression that the Lakeside, CA. teen could have possibly had a greater involvement in the deaths of her mother, brother and family dog than is being publicly acknowledged. For NBC News to enrich someone thought to have been more of an accomplice and less of a "victim, " in her so-called "ordeal" is despicable and another slap in the face to the injustice done to the memories of her deceased family members, pet dog, and yes--even her Uncle Jim, who might not have been the crazed killer he is portrayed as.

                    &CHECKOOK JOURNALISM& Paying Hannah & Brett Anderson for Documentary

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                      resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                      NBC Universal StoreShipping address error (and no cancelation option)

                      I'm from Brazil and my paypal account is registered there. I'm currently in the US, however, and wanted to buy some shirts from the NBC store yesterday night.

                      After choosing the products, the site showed me an acceptable shipping rate, so I proceeded (I hadn't yet filled the shipping address). Next I was asked to login on paypal, which automatically set the shipping address to my paypal address (in Brazil). The following screen took me back to the NBC site where I corrected the shipping address to the US. I then got through the next step and accidentally confirmed the order.

                      When doing that I immediately noticed the amount charged was the double of what I expected and the order was actually being sent to Brazil, even though I specified otherwise, with the shipping costs being larger than the actual merchandise.

                      I looked in the NBC site for a way to cancel, saw a disclaimer that they usually begin processing orders about an hour after they are made (and I couldn't cancel them afterwards), and filed a ticket with type "Change/Cancel Order" specifying the order number in a separate field. I sent the ticket about 10 minutes after the order was completed, and it was late at night, so I was pretty sure some automatic processing should stop it in time.

                      However, I received an e-mail around noon today saying they couldn't cancel the order since it was already processed.

                      Though I made a mistake in confirming the purchase, this was caused by confusing information (showing me an acceptable rate when checking out and asking me for my paypal password before the value was set) and a major error in the site (not updating the address correctly. I'm not sure how this error could have happened - I don't want to reach that stage again for fear of doing another non cancellable purchase -, my best guess is there could have been a 'save address' button and I clicked 'proceed to next step', which didn't update).

                      I immediately realized the mistake, but apparently NBC Store's shipment is so efficient someone went running out of storage immediately with my shirts and thrown them in an international flight in the middle of the night. I doubt they'll arrive so soon, however.

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                        Shop NBCPurchase

                        item # 125-399 order #[protected] customer #[protected] ordered 1/19/13; I tried to order on the phone and on line, apparently I was 30 mins late on the flash price. I just noticed I was charged the regular price so I called to see if the flash price could be honored, it was NOT. The ring will be returned ASAP. I also found the same ring, 1 ct twd, sterling silver, front overlay wrap ring for $250. I would have kept the order if the flash price would have been honored; however, why should I? I am very disappointed with SHOP.NBC, perhaps I have not spent enough thousand dollars with your company. I am a customer service/sales rep and there is A LOT of competition out there. I would never walk away from a sale for $100; especially when the product is in stock. Needless to say HSN.CON will be getting more of my attention in the future. The customer service dept did not respond to my email complaint nor did they offer to make it right by waiving the shipping or offer a coupon to keep future business. As I stated prior; how much money does one have to spend to deserve customer service and want to remain a loyal customer. I am totally SHOCKED.

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                          • Pa
                            Paul Vance Jan 26, 2013

                            Brenda's right (as usual) The OP was in the wrong and had a fit because they wouldn't make an exception for her. Pathetic person.

                            0 Votes
                          • Ke
                            Kerri Crotty Jan 23, 2013
                            This comment was posted by
                            a verified customer
                            Verified customer

                            I would like to apologize for the complaint regarding SHOP NBC; they did come through and make an exception. I am happy to know that customer service is still alive in 2013.

                            -2 Votes
                          • Ke
                            Kerri Crotty Jan 23, 2013
                            This comment was posted by
                            a verified customer
                            Verified customer

                            Why should they compensate me? Why should they not? If you were in sales would you not? Or would you just keep inventory collecting dust. SHOP NBC did compensate me and I did apologize for my harsh email. I am an exceptional customer. Do - or are you loyal to any one company? I am sure everyone makes exceptions at some time. I do in my line of business and will not loose a sale for $100. I called prior to my rant and was told no can do. When I want something I try to get it - and yes I did verify I was 15 Min's after the time frame. Can I help it if they are busy on line or on the phone. I trust SHOP NBC, I order a lot, and as it turns out I will stay a loyal customer and I am going to make this complaint right as they came through with my request after they said NO. In your lifetime have you never asked for any exception as a loyal customer to anyone? Furthermore this is not a habit for me as I do not take advantage of companies I do a lot of business with.

                            -2 Votes
                          • Ds
                            DSgamby Jan 23, 2013
                            This comment was posted by
                            a verified customer
                            Verified customer

                            I like the fact that she said that she is a customer service/sales rep. So I guess, I can come into where she works with a flyer from a year ago and expect to get an item for the same low price as in the flyer and complain how crappy the customer service is when I am refused.

                            0 Votes
                          • Jg
                            J Gallant Mar 18, 2011

                            My wife ordered some watches for me a year ago and UPS never delivered them. We made a claim and it was satisfied by UPS, but Shop NBC still put me in collections without notification. I can't order anything anymore until this issue is resolved but NO ONE at Shop NBC can help. I don't understand their definition of customer service. There is NO service.

                            0 Votes

                          The complaint has been investigated and
                          resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                          NBCLuke Russert

                          I was just watching an MSNBC segment with Luke Russert reporting, this man has never learned the skills for reporting that his father displayed over his many years at NBC. This gentleman was thrown into a position at NBC and MSNBC for which he has no skills, he does not meet the skill level of most NBC and MSNBC reporters and always injects his own bias as a friend of the young republican leaders of the House of Representatives in his efforts to report on happenings in the Congress. He consistently interjects negative comments about the President in every opportunity he gets, he flavors his reports in favor of his relationships with republican leaders, and is totally unprofessional in his ability to keep his own personal bias out of the news he is reporting. He has referred to former President Clinton by the name "Bubba" while on the air and he summarizes President Obama as "unable to negotiate his way out of a paper bag."
                          He is a disgrace to the high reputation that NBC News has worked so hard to obtain.

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                            • Pe
                              Peter H. Pache Dec 30, 2009

                              Last night (December 29th), Brian Williams named the "Notable Deaths of 2009", all writers, actors, newspeople, etc. There was no mention of all the men and women who have given their lives in military service to this country -- what a shame.

                              1 Votes
                            • Tg
                              tgirl Jun 04, 2009

                              Hello all!!! I have lived in Pittsburgh all my life & am a Pens fan as is everyone I know!!! I have just recently learned that the remainder of the playoffs will not be allowed to be shown on the jumbo-tron outside of Mellon Arena due to television ratings. I just wanted to say I think that SUX!!! This is good for our city!!! Wish we could change your minds!!! I watch NBC but this might be a reason I choose to watch it less!! GO PENS!!!

                              0 Votes
                            • No
                              nohh Feb 10, 2009

                              congratulations to Carson Daly for making a joke out of chris brown beating up rhianna. "do you know what happened"? "nope" say t.i, then laughter from audience and daly. wow Domestic abuse funny? wierd. sends a great message to all teenage girls. "hiccup in his career". "he is the same old chris"? It was insulting to watch, insulting to girls who deal with this everyday.

                              0 Votes
                            • Tr
                              Tracy Sep 02, 2008
                              This comment was posted by
                              a verified customer
                              Verified customer

                              Who ever thought it was cute to air the President addressing the republican convention without the applause or laughter, you are so funny that I changed the station to ABC!! you should be fired.

                              0 Votes

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