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Sky Sports reviews & complaints

Sky Sports complaints 483

Sky Sports - Commentators for Leeds and Westham

I'm not a supporter of either side but I am watching the game. Leeds have a very young squad playing today which everyone is aware. Some players were subbed due to injury. The camera captured some of the injured players and some of the guys on the bench. One of the commentators said and I quote " is that a creche or a a&e" or something along those lines but the words creche were definitely used. I think that comment was insulting to the players. Some who have not even played at this level yet but to have commentators to like that being said is not going to help the players confidence.

Sky Sports - Football pundits

I wouldn't call this a complaint more a comment to help improve your alreadyexcellent service.
Some of your football pundits are good but I am afraid one in particular is inmy opinion is rubbish. Instead of enhancing the spectacle he actually ruinsthe viewers entertainment. His name is Jamie Carragher and when he is onI dread his every comment.
I wont go into all the details as to why I think he is rubbish because I thinkyou know what they are without help from me. I shall remain with yourservice and live in hope that one day Carragher will no longer spoil my enjoyment of football.

Desired outcome: Change of pundit

Jan 06, 2022

Sky Sports - Shane Warne cricket commentary

How do they let Shane Warne commentate. Great cricketer, great mind but every time he raises and issue he repeats it at least 3 times in the next couple of minutes. Straw that broke the camels back was re the return of Will Perkosvski when he repeated verbatim 6 times the manner in which he should return to cricket surely someone there can provide him with some feedback. We now watch cricket without sound with ABC radio commentary.

Desired outcome: just give him feedback

Jan 02, 2022

Sky Sports - Darts

It's a disgrace that you let fans abuse non english players on your tv
If that was a football crowd chanting about a coloured person you would be on one knee complaining about racisms. It's one rule for the english and another rule for everyone else
Get a grip
Stop being obsessed with money and treat all countries of the uk the same
Start treating the rest of britain as the same as you treat england

Desired outcome: Stop it happening and maybe don't sell alcohol there if they can't behave

Sky Sports - Sky sports darts coverage

I am presently watching a fantastic darts quarter final between Wright and Ryder, it is completely ruined by the scorer who almost swallows the phone when a player hits a maximum 180, perhaps someone should just tell him to say one hundred and eighty and move on, it really is very annoying.
I have raised this issue in the past but the man is still appearing, surely a programme director can look at this, surely he must be aware of the dreadful outburst on a 180!

Desired outcome: Either tell the scorer to announce clearly or remove him

Dec 28, 2021

Sky Sports - Sky Sports Commentators

Why do we have to listen to the inane ramblings of people like Wayne Mardle, John Part and the other so called commentators whilst trying to watch the darts that I pay to watch. Not only the darts I have to say bit right across the board. I used to watch many sports on Sky but am now no longer watching anything except the darts. I will be cancelling my subscription when the darts has finished as I will no longer pay good money for bad coverage . Sport watching has been ruined by the 'commentators' who seem to feel the need to talk constantly and very rarely about what is actually going on. Can we have a commentator mute button please.

Desired outcome: Lose the commentators or the option of muting them whilst still enjoying the sound of the sport

Football is worse with Gary Neville and Martin Tyler!,

Sky Sports - Racism

I am writing to complain about your coverage of racism and equal opportunities, while I am 100% behind any actions against racism, you as a company are only reporting some forms of racism, you are constantly advertising kick it out and the I'm in campaign but in your coverage of the world darts, Gerwyn Price was victim of outrageous racist and homophonic chanting and not a single word is mentioned in your reporting, I am sure there would have been a lot more coverage if Gerwyn Price was a coloured gentleman rather than welsh
Dave Adams

Sky Sports - Golf

The presenters are only interested in Tiger and Charlie Woods. Absolutely disgusting that I put on the game only to find that it is presented as the Team Woods show. So utterly selfish and biases AGAINST every other kid playing the game. These presenters are so thoughtless and why on earth do they think that the world wants to listen and watch only two players when there are other brilliant interesting players taking part. Sky sports should be totally ashamed of themselves 😡

Sky Sports - F1 Channel, Commentators

There appears to be a reluctance to report bad driving as bad driving. Particularly in the F1 Saudi race this weekend, where the 'Lunge' driving techniques that have become prominent are openly encouraged as acceptable and not identified for what it is. A deliberate way of forcing a driver either off the track or to cause a crash. it starts with the commentary to make clear that the code of leaving the track is followed by a code of re-joining the track in a safe way. Forcing someone off the track by lunging needs to be recognised by everyone as simply not the way the sport should go. Otherwise we should call it banger racing with contact expected. The problem is that the commentators are sitting on the fence. Not showing the general public the effects of this is allowing the tactics to remain and flourish.

Desired outcome: Show both the good and the bad racing, be balanced but clear.

Sky Sports - Formula 1 Commentators

Dear Sir/Madam

I am writing to complain about the commentating on F1 channel.
The commentators are coming across as biased in every way towards Mercedes and they are been unfair towards Red Bull in particular.

The two main people are Simon Lazenby (who has no F1 experience) and Martin Brundle, who yes is an ex Formula 1 driver. Some of the stuff that they both say is cringeworthy.

The whole point in then is to be open and not biased towards one team, to be impartial.

This is not fair on the public who have paid good money to watch the racing this year.

Desired outcome: Maybe talk to the commentators as they are paid good money. Either that or put someone in there who is not biased and will stay impartial

Dec 05, 2021

Sky Sports - David Croft F1 commentator

Dear Sky,
Please could you do something about David Croft's commentary. He is an embarrassment to your company, so unprofessional and biased. We have had to resort to listening to the races with the volume off, which is forcing us to dislike Formula One. My friends and I have decided if he's there next year, we wont be watching it anymore. Instead of listening to his biased drivel we could be listening to someone giving us facts and data we need as observers.
His amateur dramatics really is uncalled for in an already exciting sport.
Robin C

Desired outcome: Replace him with someone intelligent like Di Resta or Button

Sky Sports - Written many emails about racism

I have written many emails and tweeted many times about racism but never got a reply. I have an idea to where we can reach a world wide audience with the 2022 world cup in mind. Racism effects everyone not only Blacks. I come from South Africa and been through the atrocious racism the world as ever seen.


Ganesan Govender


Desired outcome: I would like to speak to a senior or executive manager in charge with the racism camping.

Sky Sports - Commentary biased

I am absolutely sick to death of watching a sport I love but having to listen to the biased commentary, especially that of Damon hill on sky sports f1. It's really does make the sport watching Less enjoyable. How can you allow a commentator to tell and team boss that his driver can run a certain other driver off the road.

I will consider cancelling the subscription of the biased continues, from all of the pundits.

Desired outcome: Less biased, Damon Hill to be fired

What a shameful commentary of the Sky F1 Team for the Qatar GP to insinuate that Pierre Gasly of Alpha Tauri left the track to let Max Verstappen of the sister Team Red Bull pass him. If anything, Gasly has NO reason to do that since he got demoted by Red Bull. Absolute nonsense. Stop being biased against Red Bull, Max Verstappen, and frankly, anybody else who is not driving for Great Britain, including Valtteri Bottas. I really like Martin Brundle and value usually his insight and interviews, but when even he gets pulled into this it's absolutely inappropriate.

Sky Sports - Commentary

Can you please get rid of Jamie Carragher? He never shuts up but never says anything remotely original. Worse than Jim Beglin but ITV got rid of him.
And he treats Trent Alexander Arnold like his son. Trent this, Trent that. Never uses his surname.
I could be watching Liverpool TV when he does a Liverpool game. Liverpool TV is about his level.
And his personal behaviour is poor too.

Desired outcome: Sack Jamie Carragher

Nov 14, 2021

Sky Sports - Commentary Bias

The commentators covering the F1 weekend have showed bias towards a specific driver and have not presented the sport in the best light. Pushing for a penalty when the officials do it give one and continuing to show and speak about one driver when others are performing. The camera work also refuses to show other drivers during the race and will only focus on Lewis Hamilton even when he isn't in a race battle where others are.

Desired outcome: Address the issue and rectify the broadcast

Sky Sports - F1 tv commentators heavily biased

F1 commentators are so biased towards Lewis. Can we please get other commentators that have some journalistic integrity that reports fairly and unbiasedly? It is unpleasant when you support other teams to listen to these commentaries talking about Hamilton 70% of the time. Some other teams and drivers perform well but we hardly hear of them. Ferrari hardly gets mentioned. It's nauseating at times to listen to these lewis fans.

Desired outcome: Unbiased comentary


Sky Sports - F1 Race Broadcast

I have been an avid F1 fan for over 50 years. F1 has always been about the best of the best by making motor racing an art form. David Croft has made F1 coverage unwatchable. His constant shouting is like going to a concert to hear music ruined by a non-stop belligerent audience member -- only worse. HE has ruined F1 for me and I will no longer be watching F1 until he is replaced.

Desired outcome: Terminate David Croft

Sky Sports - Jamie Carragher

Can someone please tell Jamie Carragher to shut up in the commentary honestly Liverpool played West Ham today and all I can hear on the tv was his annoying voice, people are trying to watch the game on tv not listening to him for about 20mins talking absolute rubbish. Sky Sports I am making a complaint to you please step in and sort Jamie Carragher out cause I can't take it I pay to watch the game not to listen to him talk nonsense.

Desired outcome: Less of Jamie Carragher

I think I agree but I can`t understand a word he says.

Sky Sports - Sky Sports Football

I wish to complain about the punditry of Jamie Gallagher even though I am a strong Liverpool supporter. He is completely spoiling
the game with his screaming and excitable commentary which IS NOT necessary. Please replace him immediately if you want more
viewers to enjoy the ‘beautiful game'.
I see no reason why we have to have two commentators for each match, the one who is usually an ex player often fails to understand
that just because he has played the game he has a divine right to lecture us all in a manner that is not only condescending but often incorrect.

Desired outcome: Removal of Jamie Gallagher as a commentator and other condescending pundits

Sky Sports - F1 channel

Watching the highlights and you tell us the results in the adverts! Have only watched Q1! Purposely stayed off social media and news to watch the highlights and you've gone and ruined it for us! I mean seriously… now there's no point watching the rest of the programme! Boring now we know the result! What a stupid thing to do! Can you please think about what you're doing before ruining our watching experience on the future!?

Desired outcome: Don’t show results in adverts!!!!

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