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Sky Sports Complaints & Reviews

Sky Sports / Huddersfield v leeds match 05.02.17 commentary

PM1964 on Feb 5, 2017
Disgusted by your commentators downplaying the seriousness of the Huddersfield manager coming on the pitch it led to a serious altercation afterwards and inflamed the crowd. Not only was it disgraceful it was dangerous and any of the Leeds players would have been within their rights to...

Sky Sports / Sky sports programming

Joanne241 on Jan 8, 2017
Having been a loyal Sky customer for 20 years, I am extremely disappointed in the lack of live sport and losing sports such as Champions League and the Australian Big Bash, England Ashes tour down under for the next 5 years, What else are we likely to lose? We have 5 sport channels and...

Sky Sports / Commentators

Kat0872 on Jan 2, 2017
Listening to Gary Neville again commentating Could the man be more biased or boring if he tried Ex united player biased commentary Shouldn't allow players that played for one team their whole career commentate for the team they played for It's mundane and Incredibly tedious listening to hi...

Sky Sports / Commentator - gary neville out!!

Harryboy89 on Jan 2, 2017
On behalf of +5000 Sky Sports customers joining social network page to express their frustration against Mr Gary Neville, I would like to kindly request you to remove Mr Gary Neville from giving commentary on any Sky Sports Channels as he does not have the sufficient skills and...

Sky Sports / Sky sports 1 england vs south africa rugby

Nigel007 on Nov 12, 2016
We settled down to watch a much anticipated sporting experience to find it spoilt by continuous interruptions showing replay after replay. Then replays of replays. Then replays of replays of replays. Then tactical replays after tactical replay. It was a bloody nightmare. Do you not think...

Sky Sports / Bradford City vs Chesterfield Sunday 8th May

Andy1503 on May 11, 2016
I would like to complain about the lack of knowledge of the commentary during the start of the highlights of Bradford City vs Chesterfield on Sunday 8th May. There was a minutes silence for the Bradford City fire (11th May 1985) to commemorate the 56 who died in the fire which I wa...

Sky Sports / Andy Townsend

Craig Q. Peters on May 24, 2015
Andy Townsend must be the worst presenter on Skysports. For a individual that has played the game his comments and views has been shocking. All you hear out his mouth is negativity. I believe no matter what team you are he has something negative to say. No wonder he will never be a Premier...

Sky Sports / coverage of speedway

mark rv on Mar 31, 2015
Once again i am disgusted that the decision makers have deemed not to cover speedway enough on sky tv. The speedway grand prix wont be covered through lack of viewers. the viewing figures are down because the muppets who schedule do not have a regular time slot on one channel resulting in...

Sky Sports / commentary

DavyM on Feb 7, 2015
Liverpool v Everton on 7/2/15 commentator Alan Smith was so biased it was unbelievable. Steven Gerard seemed to be only player on the park as it was only name Alan said during whole game. All Everton passes were never mentioned, if I was not actually watching the game I would have thought Liverpool was only team on the park

Sky Sports / Bias

Roman Special One on Dec 29, 2014
The amazing anti-Chelsea tirade by Jeff Stelling on Sky Sports (28/12/14) illustates the clear anti-Chelsea bias in the media and Sky in particular. To paraphrase he basically said Cheslea being denied a clear penalty at Southampton was payback for the times they have dived to earn them...

Sky Sports / Total Bias

MikeWo on Dec 28, 2014
I always appreciate that there will be a little bias of ex football pro's when commentating on football matches live on Sky Sports as they are only human. Listening to Tony Gale in the first half of the West Ham v Arsenal match on sky sports 28/12/14 I really started to get fed up of...

Sky Sports / Commentator Bias

JLH110966 on Oct 21, 2014
Watching the WBA vs. Man Utd game last night 20/10/14. Alan Smith clearly wanted WBA to win the game. Every time WBA had the ball (not very often) his tone of voice was one of excitement. WBA incidents were commented on correctly as fouls etc, where he missed a lot of the incidents where...

Sky Sports / Mark Roe

Elspeth Tolland on Mar 8, 2013
Please please please remove Mark Roe from the commentary team . His quite clear favouritism for Tiger Woods is quite frankly sickening and has on several occasions led to me to switch off . At times his comments about Woods are quite unbearable regardless of whether he's leading or...

Sky Sports / Naill Quinn

Bev P on Jan 20, 2013
Why is Niall Quinn commentating on the Chelsea v Arsenal game? He is clearly biased and is giving a one sided view. He should take a leaf out of Gary Neville's book who always manages to give clear, concise commentary, even when Manchester united are playing. We ahve had to put the TV on mute as he is driving us mad!!

Sky Sports / jaimie redknapp

coldcrumpets on Aug 26, 2012
jaimie redknapp is the worst sports tv presenter to watch, and he constantly butts in and talks over the other better presenters on sky sports, he is always cutting them short and talking over them in that annoying twang and i can t undersrtand why the presenter aand the other pundits dont...

Sky Sports / michael atherton

thomas smallman on Jul 10, 2012
michael atherton on Sky Sports cricket has just stated that the rain is coming from Liverpool and not much good comes from Liverpool, i think Michael Atherton and SKY SPORTS owe Liverpool people an appolgy,

Sky Sports / coverage

Kalookie on May 6, 2012
What bad/sad/disappointing coverage of the Golf we are suffering. Whilst spending a fortune on too many commentators who do not stop talking, imparting needless information, we are now only shown the top few players for hours on end. No one would imagine that there are over 60 golfers on...

Sky Sports / One sided commentary

Cazzaman on Mar 12, 2012
Whilst watching arsenal v Newcastle I would like to say that Alan parry's commentary was completely one sided towards arsenal. Surely commentary is supposed to be objective but he sounds like a season ticket holder the way he is going on. Disgraceful

Sky Sports / Post-match interviews

jebayasmin on Feb 5, 2012
I personally found it extremely rude how the interviewer cut off Andre Villas Boas during the post match interviews in the game Chelsea v Man Utd. Allowing Alex Ferguson to rant and rave about other potential penalty decisions that the linesman missed, and then stopping Villas-Boas on...

Sky Sports / commentators

doobz on Feb 5, 2012
Are all sky commentators Manchester United fans? I found it hard to hear any comments on Chelsea at all, very sad!

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