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pause sky sport — You have not redued my subscription accordingly

a/c [protected] Mrs Teresa Knowles

Hi --I feel frustrated that I have paused Sky sports on 3 different occasions in the past but you appear to have ignored my requests .I am paying £28 per month starting 21 st March and I believe it should not have been debited to my account.
I have been with Sky since 1989 and in view of our loyalty perhaps you should show the same too !!
It does seem as if you are treating us in a cavlier fashion notwithstanding the fact that we are pensioners and my husband is almst 70 years of age and is classed as vulnerable.
Mrs Teresa Knowles

Comments of a sky representative

I would like to make an official complaint regarding something I have read this morning by a sky sports representative. Stuart Barnes has made some very personal and ageist comments towards a current 6 nations player. This is highly inappropriate and not something younger viewers and aspiring future players should be witnessing, and certainly something that should not be deemed to be acceptable. I for one will not be watching the 6 nations on sky if you continue to support the views of such an appalling individual #BeKind . I would appreciate a response in regards to this complaint.

main event football efl cup

EFL Cup 01/03/2020.
The background noise is too loud making it difficult to hear the commentary. The Sky production team control the mix of volume for the crowd microphones and those of the commentators. This spoils the programme.

Sky sports

I am complaining about sky sports being so far up Manchester City's back side it's sickening.i am a Liverpool fan and all I hear is Man City this Man City sports are supposed to be nutrual and not have favourites.i pay a lot of money for sky sports to have Man City shoved in my face, yes i know they are champions but to mock Liverpool every time we lose or any other team who is not Man City.even the comentiter is Man City it's not on not fair

Timings of programmes

I wonder if the ICC is aware how Sky are letting them down?
I'm getting sick of sitting down to watch my recorded coverage of the Women's T20 World Cup, only to find either a game from a completely different tournament or the last quarter of the game missing because the programme settings don't match reality.
This is not a free service. If it's a service at all, it's certainly not one worth paying for.

Rugby league coverage

Your sky sports coverage of rugby league is making the game unwatchable with countless number of pointless REPLAYS while the ball is still in play . i counted 40 replays in one first half of play recently, i have complained about this for the past 3 years and the REPLAYS of so many trivial non important moments have even increased . my rugby friends and myself are sick of watching this terrible direction and will not be watching any longer, its now rubbish to watch and ime sure you will lose many more viewers if you dont stop this disjointed mess
Richard Harsley Very long standing subscriber.

Nick Dougherty unrelated golf commentary

Watching the golf from Mexico on Sunday night I was disgusted at the unrelated commentary from Nick Dougherty who is paid to commentate on the golf not the personal life of the golfers. His non stop topic of conversation with regard to Patrick Reed and his supposed cheating without foundation was diabolical, Nick is a sports commentator, so commentate on the sport in question and if he cant do that find someone who can. Jean Cowell 25/02/2020

sky sport punter merson

On comments published today by sky sports, the obnoxious punter and ex alcohol addict, Paul Merson, he decides that Pep Guardiola has been found out questioning his ability to coach. I'm a Man United fan and so no sympathy for Man City but the guy has just completed a domestic treble last season, and is still got more coaching sense than any of Arsenal managers put together. Jealously shows up some people for what they are! Merson is a nobody won virtually nothing he's is an embarrassment to football enthusiasts in our country and abroad!!

kris boyd post match comments towards leigh griffiths on 22/1/20

I was disgusted to hear Kris Boyd having a go at Leigh Griffith's lack of game time due to "not pulling his weight in training" everyone knows Leigh took time out of football due to his mental health issues. Comments like Kris will make it harder for more men and woman in sports to speak up about their mental health issues. He was having a dig and spouting wrong facts and figures. He is an embarrassment to sky sports football and I will be boycotting the channel until Sky do something about it. He's not fit to be on air. He lacks class and compassion. Something needs to be done about his actions on Wednesday.

comments made after scottish football game

The comment made by Kris Boyd regarding Leigh Griffiths after the midweek game is both shocking and disgusting and needs to be investigated I will be cancelling my sky sports package as will not tolerate remarks regarding another person's personal mental health issues please take action and show the public this will not be tolerated sack him please

sports pundit?

To whom it may concern,

I would like to register my concerns over the comments made on the 23/01/2020 by one of your pundets / broadcasters regarding mental health / mental strenth in professional sportsmen and the recovery process that this involves.
These comments were made by Kris Boyd during the Kilmarnock vs Celtic game and are in direct conflict with the views that he has publicly expressed with his involvement with charitable organisations relating to mental health.
The fact's that he produced on the programme, to back up his comments during this personal attack on someone attempting to rebuild their career after a life threatening bout of depression was completely incorrect and showed his personal vested interest in preventing the recovery of Leigh Griffiths and attempting to directly affect his mental health.
This was evident by Leigh's celebration when he signalled to the Sky Pundits to be quiet, this seemed to infuriate your broadcaster who began to personally attack the player in the post-match analysis programme.
As he was part of the Sky broadcasting team and Sky has the rights to Scottish Football for the next few years, I fully expect this to be investigated and for Kris Boyd to be removed from the programme until his comments have been investigated completely and an apology issued by himself & Sky, regarding the platform that he was provided by your organisation to produce such disgusting comments that not only effect this player but also millions of people who have now listened to this unacceptable level of abuse.
I understand that all pundits are asked to give their honest opinion on a varied panel to generate debates & discuss match highlights but this so called professional now uses his air time to publicly vent his personal frustrations and bias opinions to the viewing audience with no evidence to back up his view & when he does provide stats they are manipulated to suit his view and not a true reflection.
As this is in relation to obscene comments regarding the mental health of not only the professional footballed they were directed at but also the wider public that suffer from this illness, I fully expect this to be taken seriously and the platform for this so-called professional pundit removed to prevent any further inflammatory remark over their wellbeing until a final decision is taken, if no action is taken against this person, i and my family and friends will have to take action and cancell our registation with SKY sports

Looking forward to some action
Kevin McCormick

live commentary - analysis/kris boyd

Please find my complaint below which I addressed directly to Mr Boyd.

As you are his employer, I would naturally expect that you take the appropriate action against him by dismissing him from this role following his performance on Wednesday evening at the Kilmarnock v Celtic match.

He is supposed to provide viewers with an impartial and balanced analysis. Clearly this is something he is incapable of doing.

As a paying subscriber to Sky for many years now, it sickened me to witness the personal attack that he made live on air on someone who is a mental health survivor, namely Leigh Griffiths.

Due to the manner in which he presented his "facts" he knowingly done so to ridicule Mr Griffiths, who was actually not available for a significant period of time due to mental health issues. Mr Boyd was actually wholly aware of this fact and chose to acknowledge it, in order to continue with his personal vendetta.

Not only is it dangerous to have someone of his character and behaviour in a place of media influence, but it is also wholly unprofessional of an organisation such as Sky Sports to not acknowledge nor do anything about it.

The narrative below is as I have written it to Mr Boyd in his capacity as Ambassador for a Mental Health Charity. Not surprisingly, his formal response is yet to be forthcoming.

I do hope to hear from you soon and I will also be taking my complaint to Ofcom for review.

**** Letter Starts ****

Dear Mr Boyd,

I am writing this email to you having only just watched your closing summary on Sky Sports.

Firstly, as a business who donate to your charity on the basis that we have a good and direct understanding of the impacts that Mental Health conditions have across the families, workplaces and societies in Scotland, as well as the positive impact that a good profile can bring to the stigma, I was both disappointed and confused by the lack of compassion and empathy that you displayed so publicly to not only a fellow Professional, but also a high profile suffer of Mental Health issues.

For the avoidance of doubt, and before I continue, this communication to you is not bourne from the fact that the footballer whom I refer to is an employee of the Club that I support. That fact and matter that I choose to donate my money to your Foundation, as well as promote your Foundation and the benefits that I believe that it brings/can bring to society, will quell this theory, should it even enter your thought process.

Mental Health does not have a Race, Religion or Sexuality of preference upon whom to affect.

It's across the board and many working days are lost to this year on year.

Many profits are affected by it.
Many performances are affected by it.
Many reputations are affected by it.

On the basis of the above facts & points, it's purely on this human level that your reference to the Facts/Stats surrounding this footballers "lack of worthiness" or "not being good enough" to being associated with or to represent his employer at a time of their significant success are wholly unfair, extremely unprofessional and are verging on a perception of you using your position in the media to enter a personal vendetta with a Mental Health victim/survivor which is based on either personality or the colour of his jersey.

Whilst I do appreciate there may be a point of reference/debate around what you attempted to highlight in terms of his overall contribution as a football over a period of time, THE FACTS & STATS that you wilfully chose to ignore are that this man had been hampered by long term injury over this same period of matches - AS WELL AS SERIOUS MENTAL HEALTH ISSUES.

Surely as the Ambassador of a worthy Foundation, upon reflection, you must see that that your remarks were inappropriate, inaccurate and do absolutely nothing to benefit or promote the values behind your Foundation?

As a Husband, Dad, Brother, Son & Employer, I cannot, across any level, understand why you would chose to form this line of attack against a victim/sufferer & survivor whilst being in your position as an Ambassador of such a Foundation as well as in a position of potential influence over perceptions in the media?

Surely, you should be highlighting and praising the fact that this man has shown a strength of resolve and mindset to remain at a Club and fight for his place against clearly better candidates for his role?

Surely you should be endorsing his journey and highlighting to all sufferers that with the correct attention, help & support, there really can be light at the end of a very dark tunnel?

Instead of the above however as instead of focusing and promoting on a positive story, what your remarks have done is now provided a platform for the bigots amongst an already fragile society to inflame a situation into something that it need not have been.

I appreciate that as a footballer all of your previous working career that commercial awareness may not have been necessary towards your success, however what I do not think can be leveled at you is a lack of awareness of the demographics around you.

I trust you'll receive my email and look forward to your response with a very open mind.



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    Pedro 21 Jan 24, 2020

    Chris Boyd dirty orange bastard sack the kunt

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kris boyd

Actual waste of clothes. Kris Boyd has tipped me over the edge with his comments. An ambassador for mental health awareness yet stands on live TV slating Griffiths for having only played 30 odd games under BR when he missed games due to going through mental health issues. Mind boggling and double standards much. How he is a respected pundit al never know. Seriously absolutely fuming 🤬🤬🤬🤬

kris boyd

His comments regarding Leigh Griffiths mental health and specifically "you just need to be mentally strong" are disgusting. Sky sports should sack him immediately and offer a formal apology to Leigh. People have been sacked for less.

In this current climate, where young Men are at the highest risk of suicide and more and more are ending their own lives, those who are in a position of responsibility, especially in football need to be extra diligent.

If anyone should understand the complexities of mental health and the impact throwaway comments and judgements it should be Kris Boyd after losing his brother.

I expect a response to this and responsible decision making from Sky Sports. Our young Men are far too precious to let this go.

Yours sincerely,

Lauren Wilson.

I will be forwarding this to Ofcom also.

sky tv presenter

I wish to complain about Kris Boyd who was one of the pundits Sky sports had commenting on the Kilmarnock against Celtic game on Wednesday 22nd January 2020. I am an Aberdeen fan but enjoy watching all football and I was disgusted by the comments made by Mr Boyd against the Celtic player Leigh Griffiths. He should know better as he is supposed to be a representative for Mental Health as his own brother took his own life after suffering with these issues. Our family have suffered with mental health issues for a number of years and I think Mr Griffiths is very brave to continue playing football in front of thousands of people and have to listen to some of the most disgusting comments made against any player. If this had been racial comments there would have been a big uproar about this and lots of media coverage regarding it and rightly so. TV companies who promote Mental health should also start highlighting this and any fans involved in making these comments should be banned from football. He says it wasn't a personal attack against the player but if you watched the programme you could see it definitely was. He also did not have all his facts right and whoever gave him the stats that he provided should be repremanded for giving him incorrect details. If he found them himself then he needs training on how to get these figures before he makes a fool of himself again. He should be made to publicly apologise to Leigh Griffiths on air and if he refuses then he should lose his position as a pundit. We all know that he is a Sevco 2012 (formerly known as Rangers) supporter but he should not let this affect him commenting on a game which it clearly does.

kris boyd punditry comments - kilmarnock v celtic

I wish to register my complaint at the abhorrent arrack by Kris Boyd on Celtic player Leigh Griffiths in the Kilmarnock v Celtic tie. As a pundit employed by Sky, there can be no justification for allowing personal vitriolic hatred on the part of Kris Boyd to attack an individual who has a well documented history of mental health issues. As a supposed ambassador of his own mental health charity, Boyd let his mask slip when he allowed personal loathsome feelings to make an unwarranted attack on someone who is still in recovery. This is absolutely unjustifiable and in the climate of increased make suicide cannot be tolerated

kris boyd

Sky sports commentator Kris Boyd is the founder of a mental health charity, and yet after watching 90 minutes of Kilmarnock fans verbally attacking Celtic FC's Leigh Griffiths he decides that joining in the attack on the Celtic forward in front of millions is a suitable action to take?!

Leigh has missed months of football due to mental illness, this man should not be allowed near a microphone again!
14 Mansfield close

sky sports pundit

I watched in total disgust last night at the treatment of Leigh Griffiths from Kris Boyd in front of viewers while working for Sky Television. A player with Mental Health issues being degraded by another Proffessional whom is aware of his illness nothing short of Bullying and disrespectful. Sky should take action as this was wrong on all counts and could have a serious issue on Leigh's future health

kris boyd (pundit sky sports)

I was really wondering as Kris is an employee of sky sports, are his comments about mental health and his obsivous lack of empathy for Celtic player Leigh Griffith, whom was not able to play due to mental health issues... Do sky sports support Kris and his stance on the issue, and dose he speak for sky sports on the matter???
If they (sky sports) do not, will they take action and issue an apology to Leigh and all mental health sufferers world wide...


kris boyd

Firstly, yes I am a supporter of Glasgow Celtic so it could be saidI write this through green tinted spectacles, but the fact remains that the verbal attack by Kris Boyd, (part of the Sky Sports commentary team during the Kilmarnock versus Celtic match 22nd January 2020) on Celtic player Leigh Griffiths was completely out of order. It is in the public domain that Leigh Griffiths has been experiencing mental health issues. For Kris Boyd to verbally attack Leigh was therefore totally unacceptable. Not withstanding the verbal attack in the first place, Leigh Griffiths had no opportunity to defend himself and Kris Boyd was left unchallenged during his rant. I would call on Sky Sports to apologise and Kris Boyd to be reprimanded. Preferably Sky Sports will find a more balanced individual for their future coverage of Scottish football.

sky sports

I would like to complain about the obvious bias not necessarily towards any particular club but 100% against Celtic Fc.

I have come to notice over the period of this season there has been a cynical attempt to portray Glasgow Celtic as a different club than reality would suggest whilst at the same time portraying Steven Gerrard as the voice of Scottish football.

I have also noticed there has been an attempt with Kris Boyd at the forefront to antagonise the Celtic supporters who I might add make up a far bigger portion of Sky's income provided by any football club In Scotland.

I also imagine that this will not be the first time someone has raised one if not all off the accusations I have mentioned above.

As this is a complaints process and given the issues I have raised mainly the accusation of antagonism towards Celtic supporters I expect there will be a reply which I suggest you take careful consideration when you make that attempt of convincing me that nothing I have raised is true as there is a petition going to have Kris Boyd removed from working as a Scottish football pundit in the future, I mention this as it will only strengthen any case taken to ofcom if none of the items raised above are not addressed.

I know I have kept my accusations pretty vague but please do not underestimate the examples that are at hand if I felt that going to a regulator was the only way to seek the change that is needed.

As a avid supporter of Scottish football for a number of years and having watched the game on both sky and bt sports me and the majority of supporters from all clubs believe that the product sold to us by sky sports falls way short of what we have enjoyed with bt sports and if things were not to improve I can only imagine how much interest and support there would be for a petition to ofcom for the rights to Scottish football be readdressed as the product falls way short of what should be expected given the revenue generated from it.

I look forward to hearing your views on this and hopefully you can assure me that things will be improving especially given the exclusive rights you will have in the not too distant future.


Vincent Hughes.

kris boyd

I am a Celtic fan firstly but a fan of football & I like to think a decent hunan being. I was horrified at Kris Boyd's personal attack on Leigh Griffiths. It is a well know fact that sadly Leigh Griffiths is battling with his mental health. In my opinion, any one battling with their health, be it mental or physical, should be supported, applauded, not brought down on national TV. If i had attacked someone at my place of work, i would be punished. There is obviously no love lost between Kris Boyd & Leigh Griffiths, let them sort it out themselves, certainly not on TV. Kris Boyd's display was totally totally out of order & both my husband & i are considering dropping Sky Sports from our package as soon as we can.

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    Pedro 21 Jan 24, 2020

    Every decent Celtic fan stop subscrbing to sky sports

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regarding kris boyd

dear Sir/madam,
I wish to register my disgust regarding your pundit Kris Boyd and his comments towards Celtic player Leigh Griffiths after the Kilmarnock v Celtic match on Wednesday as a man who has suffered from mental health issues recently I thought his comments where absolutely disgusting and childish and brought on by nothing more than nastiness and pure bigotry if this man continues to work for sky I will be cancelling my account I have had for many years, may I add I am not a Celtic fan just a football fan

kris boyd football pundit?

I am complaining about the disgusting attack on leigh Griffiths! by the pundit chosen by SKY to represent our game in kris boyd! He is a hater of all things Celtic, and a rangers Charlotten! He is the worst and most biased pundit on TV! He's meant to be a representative of the mental health association and yet he can belittle a guy who is still dealing with those very issues, by bringing up his stats and slagging them off! Even though most of the time leigh has been out battling a mental illness .. he is an absolute joke instead he wants griff punished for throwing a ball of tape! Nothing from him regarding the horrific and deliberate attack on a 19yr old frimpong!! He needs to go he is an embarrassment to the Channel.

sky sports commentator - kris boyd

As a mental health nurse I provide card for individuals from all backgrounds and was Astonished that Kris Boyd who himself is an "ambassador" of his own mental health charity had several inappropriate comments on Leigh Griffiths.

Not only were his comments inaccurate they detract from an individual who has been open about mental health issues.

Although not supportive of Mr Griffiths actions - we have a footballer who by sharing his issues might have helped many thousands being slated by one of Sky sports commentators!

Are Sky Sports supportive of Kris Boyd who seems not only content to keep a void between Celtic and Rangers but to fuel it! An "ambassador" for a mental health charity who clearly does not understand the struggles of poor mental health.

I would hope Sky Sports act on this and have a very public employee at least make a public apology to Leigh Griffiths and all the thousands of individuals who face a daily battle with mental health issues.

Or are Sky sports supportive of a clearly bigoted and uneducated individual who in my opinion will slate anything to do with Celtic.

Yours sincerely

Neutral sports fan.

kris boyd

Kris Boyd's comments on January 22 after the Celtic / Kilmarnock match were hugely derogatory towards people with mental health issues. He uses statistics to substantiate poor performance on the part of Leigh Griffiths. That is a twisted perspective. During that time, Leigh was ill, which he came out and openly admitted. To include that in a performance analysis is wrong. I will be cancelling my Sky subscription if you continue to employ people with hidden agendas that use a very trying health issue to support their bias.

John Davis

kris boyd

On sky sports main event on Wednesday 22/01/2020 at 19:15 was a programme Kilmarnock v Celtic, after the match 1 of the pundits kris Boyd went on to target Celtic player leigh griffiths and slag him regarding his recent lack of Celtic apperences, knowing full well the reason was leigha recent struggles with mental health,
Kris is a former rangers player who has previously given unfounded and wrong comments regarding leigh which I feel is also a breach of his position as this should be unbiased and fair!!

[Resolved] scottish premier league pundit

22nd January 2020

Kilmarnock vs Celtic

Football pundit Kris Boyd's views on player Leigh Griffiths mental health was absolutely disgusting to watch and listen too. I pay my sky sports to watch the football and listen to the pundits discuss the game not someones mental health! Mental health in men is a big topic just now. If anyone watching last night was affected by mental health it could have put them off speaking out. As a football pundit on a platform like sky sports you have a duty of care for the viewers. Have an opinion about players game time but not mental health.

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Kris Boyd’s comments on Leigh Griffiths aired 22/01/20presenter

I believe Kris Boyd's comments about Leigh Griffiths, in particular the number of games he has featured in for Celtic completely inappropriate given that a significant number of those games were missed due to his mental health. I myself have suffered and it is people like him that can push you over the edge. His conduct and comments were a disgrace and a smear in the name of his employer Sky!

sky pundit kris boyd

Dear Sir/Madam,

I wish to register my disgust at the comments made by pundit Kris Boyd regarding Leigh Griffiths following the Kilmarnock v Celtic SPL match last night.

Leigh Griffiths has just returned to football following serious issues around his mental health. Kris Boyd's comments were thoroughly disgusting and totally out of order. I would suggest that Mr. Boyd's contract as a Sky pundit be terminated with immediate effect as he showed total disregard for the mental health of Leigh Griffiths.

If Mr. Boyd was employed in any other occupation, he would be summarily dismissed for his vile comments.

Yours faithfully,
John Cassidy

spfl sports presenter

Your football presenter boyd again made a vicious verbal assault on Celtic player Leigh Griffiths. A player who has just returned to football after dealing with huge personal issues. boyd has serious issues with both Leigh and Celtic Football Club. How can you have a bigot like this fronting Scottish Football on sky you should be ashamed of yourselves. Wake yourselves up and get this bigoted, biased, clown. It's going to cost you subscriptions.

Sky Sports Scottish Football: Kris Boyd's Commentskris boyd - football pundit?

I would like to lodge a complaint regarding the unfortunate after match comments of the supposed football pundit Kris Boyd.
He clearly had a pre-planned script regarding his verbal attack on Leigh Griffiths.

Leigh Griffiths has come back from a much publicised period of mental health issues, yet he decided to rant that Leigh Griffiths had only played a percentage of games over the last couple of season, stating that he didn't think he was doing enough in training to merit a starting place in the first team.

He then went on to mention that he didn't think that Leigh Griffiths was mentally fit (after a supporter, who was allegedly verbally abusing Griffiths all night) was hit by a bit of tape thrown by the player. This is a man who started up his own mental health charity after the unfortunate death of his own brother, yet uses his position on Sky Sports to stand there and verbally abuse a player who is coming back from his own personal hell. He should know better. Then he states that Griffiths should expect punishment for his actions! Who is he to decide what is actionable?

Kris Boyd doesn't hid his dislike for Celtic, he never has. He can't be open minded over a performance. A few weeks ago after a Celtic match he stated there were no great players in Scottish football. Yet last night he says that Edouard and Morelos (why he even brought him into the conversation beggars belief?) should go to a top side in England as they are great players and should play at a higher level? Obviously trying to get Edouard Sold?.

Last night showed he is neither a good pundit due to his comments as well as his uncomfortable delivery. The Scotland Manager Steve Clark and Sky presenter Eilidh Barber looked embarrassed as he tripped over his words and delivery trying to justify his statements.

I think I speak for a lot of viewers when I say he isn't welcome on our screens when we are paying to watch out team and then be subjected to this bile. I would suggest removing him from future Celtic matches as well as a public apology from both Kris Boyd and yourselves after last night latest attempt of punditry.

The man is an embarrassment to himself, his charity, Scottish Football and to your Programme.

sky sports commentator kris boyd

I have to register my astonishment at the behaviour of Kris Boyd at the end of the Kilmarnock v Celtic game last night.

Given the well documented issues that Leigh Griffiths has suffered it is beyond comprehension that a so called fellow professional could say what he did live on TV.

For anyone to make such an attack on anyone who has and may well still be suffering mental health issues is unforgivable.

Kris Boyd should be made to attend mental health classes and perhaps he would better understand his miss guided comments.

Very poor from a reputable broadcaster such as Sky.
Giffnock ,Glasgow


I watched the celtic vs kilmarnock game yesterday and the comments made by kris boyd about leigh Griffiths were absolutely disgraceful especially when boyd himself is involved in a mental health charity, it seems to me that kris boyd has very little football knowledge or understanding he certainly is making sky sports a laughing stock as sky sports are paying this clown a wage to spout either untrue statements or derogatory comments of a player who suffered from mental health issues, I sincerely hope he makes an apology or at least not given the chance of punditry or top spfl games in future.

I am complaining about kris boyd

Dear sir/madam I would like to complain about Kris Boyd as the comments he made about Leigh Griffiths last night where unacceptable. He is supposed to be an ambassador for ho...

kris boyds comments

As a Kilmarnock fan I'm very unhappy with kris boyds comments about Leigh Griffiths live on sky sports 22/01/ like to know how sky lets someone comment like this about someone who suffers mental health problems. As of this behaviour I will be cancelling my sky sport I am not paying for a service to listen at someone take a swipe at someone live on sky sport. Sort it out

sky sports football: kris boyd

I would like to file a complaint against football pundit Kris Boyd regarding the comments he made last night in the Kilmarnock vs Celtic football match at Leigh Griffiths. His comments where vile, selfish and he should be sacked by Sky. Depression is already a hard subject for males to talk about and comments like these make it even tougher for people to discuss and find the help needed. Kris Boyd should be disgusted and so should Sky to continue his employment after these comments.

kris boyd

Kris Boyd in sky sports after Celtic game last night was nothing short of vile. The way he spoke about Leigh Griffiths. How many games that he missed. Why did he miss them well he was ill What an excuse for a so called pundit. You are scraping the bottom of the barrel using him An arrogant ignorant vile excuse of a man
As an ambassador for mental Heath awareness he needs to take a long lookat himself He has no right to speak about anyone like that. Vile vile vile

kris boyd on sky sports

The man is total disgrace, his treatment live on air about a man that has had mental health issues ( Leigh Griffiths) is nothing short of deplorable. I don't feel this man should be on the television at all, never mind doing punditry on Celtic games. His bitterness shone through last night toward Celtic, Leigh Griffiths and Mental health in general.
I hope sky sports recognise how serious mental health is and the need to show support to people with this illness and not openly bash someone live on air about his personal life and how he's only managed to play so many games and how his career is under threat.
It was disgusting to watch and I hope you take a strong stance.

tv pundit kris boyd

His treatment of leigh Griffiths was none other than shocking this idiot should not be near a TV studio and I'm very surprised by such a massive company like sky would employ such a plonker. I will be doing my upmost to try get people to cancel all sky subscriptions until this idiot is removed from our TV screens, I know this proberly will come to nothing but maybe just maybe sky will listen and do the right thing. 💚💚Leigh Griffiths 💚💚