Sky Sports Complaints & Reviews

Sky Sports / fish-o-mania coverage

Jul 17, 2019

Watched the final but coverage poor this year. No coverage of the junior competition and almost non of the ladies competition. The commentary was somewhat disjointed and not up to your previous high standards - disappointing to say the least. With minimal fishing competitions covered and...

Sky Sports / commentary on the cricket

Jul 15, 2019

Hi I'm a 64 year old woman that first watched cricket in 1998. I'd always thought ‘boring game' but watched a particular match that was exciting and I was hooked. Since, as a Sky subscriber and Sports payer specifically for the cricket, I never miss an England match. Never having played the...

Sky Sports / commentary on cricket world cup final

Jul 14, 2019

Why was the commentary during the cricket world cup final dominated by a New Zealanders, Ian Smith? He was so partisan towards his own countrymen and there was no one being positive about England's performance. Even Michael Atherton was lukewarm about England. I missed David Lloyd and...

Sky Sports / cricket commentators on sky

Jul 14, 2019

Why have you introduced the women commentators into cricket, no problem with them doing women's cricket but their inane chatter ruins the matches for me and from my chats to my friends, a lot of people are thinking as I do. Some of the commentators are great but I am watching the final...

Sky Sports / sky sports cricket commentators

Jul 09, 2019

I'm just writing in as a female in the hope that my feedback adds to others... Why can't women Commentators be assigned to the women's game... I find the obvious comments, dramatic response, nonsense chatter really annoying, especially when there are Male specialists that I...

Sky Sports / cwc 2019 unprofessional commentators

Jul 09, 2019

CWC Unprofessional Commentators I've watched almost all the matches so far and felt the need to complain about the below par commentaries. Especially the final few games, or should they be called the ‘death games'. Beginning with the Pakistan/Afghanistan game, match 43 [05 July]. I felt...

Sky Sports / cricket world cup

Jul 06, 2019

The commentators talk incessantly, as if their jaws have to keep moving. They even talk over the play! Some of the voices are most irritating, we thank goodness for the mute button, which we use a lot. Do they ever listen to themselves? Are they trained? Do they have criteria and/or...

Sky Sports / Sky Sports - Cricket World Cup 2019 Commentary

Jul 02, 2019

Sky Sports Cricket World Cup 2019 - Commentary... A few of your current commentators TALK TOO MUCH, in fact so much, it makes you want to switch-off. They often repeat the same ‘OBVIOUS' stuff over again. This is NOT to be taken as some disrespect to anyone of them. Although most of them are...

Sky Sports / sky sports football commentators

Jun 25, 2019

Why doesn't Martin Tyler actually commentate on a football match properly. All he does is waffle on endlessly about nothing. We turn over. For example the recent under 21 match England v Croatia. He was mumbling away. He needs to speak about what is happening on the pitch. Who is passing...

Sky Sports / cricket world cup commentator

Jun 23, 2019

I have been enjoying this years cricket World Cup but someone decided Alison Mitchell makes a good commentator for the matches. I find her style so annoying as she doesn't ever stop talking (maybe more suitable for radio) and makes every comment about each shot sound like its the most...

Sky Sports / advertising

Jun 15, 2019

Why am I having to watch adverts in between every over at a cricket match. I am paying to watch cricket not advert, most of the adverts are for sky programmes or for betting companies, which I find very annoying as I suppose a lot more customers do.please listen to these complaints, and...

Sky Sports / sky f1 presenters at canada grand prix

Jun 10, 2019

I think the views and opinions given by Martin Brundle and Karun Chandock were overly agressive. They were very clearly blaming Mercedes and Lewis for getting Vettel penalised following his mistake during Sundays race. The whole incident was based on Vettel making a mistake and according...

Sky Sports / f1

Jun 09, 2019

I am currently watching the replay of last night's formula 1 qualifying. During the adverts between q1 and q2 an advert pops up informing me that sebastian Vettel starts the race in pole position in front of Lewis Hamilton. What is the point of having a replay if you are going to...

Sky Sports England’ / tennis commentary

Jun 07, 2019

Annabelle Croft is an extremely tedious commentator. She has more to say than everyone else put together. She may have been England's top player for a very short time, but her achievements were virtually nil. Other more successful players (ie Jo Durie, Chris Evert) can hardly get a word in...

Sky Sports / sky sports advert

Jun 06, 2019

On your advert for upcoming euro 2020 featuring NORTHERN Ireland your voice over says ireland when in fact its northern ireland.. That sort of thing causes offence to people like myself who are from NORTHERN ireland we are two different countrys so i hope this will be resolved as soon a...

Sky Sports / commentary on super league

May 26, 2019

Please please can you get a replacement commentator to replace Ben Proe. The guy has no interaction with the fellow commentators he is basically a robot reading players names and stats. I have not once heard him in a conversation with the other guys. He is absolutely shocking . He doesn't...

Sky Sports / tv commentary

May 16, 2019

Why did one of your commentaters say a Portsmouth player should be shot?? After the extra police attending the game at Fratton Park & somebody being arrested prior to the game for comments on social media about this agenda then one of your employees comes out Live on air saying such...

Sky Sports / sky sorts coverage aston villa vs west bromich albion

May 14, 2019

Tonight's game - West Bromich Albion against Aston Villa in the okay offs. Okay, it wasn't Villas best game, bit it's been a hell of a season for them. But front he beginning Sky's commentating has been SO biased towards West Bromich Albion this evening, it's been painful to listen to and a...

Sky Sports / sky sports football league commentators

May 12, 2019

Is there any chance of yous changing your absolute biast commentary team for wednesdays match featuring leeds united and derby at elland road. I had to mute the away game on saturdays 5:15 ko match 5 mins in. The biast commentary aimed at leeds united throughout the whole match was a...

Sky Sports / news picture of bielsa

May 07, 2019

The spygate situation is over and done with yet you carry this on and on it is absolutely disgusting and you should apologize to leeds united the way you covered this from day one as be way over the top why you never asked lampard why he lied at what actually happened how long is this bia...

Sky Sports / adverts

May 06, 2019

My 9yr old nephew watches your channel and I find some of the adverts inappropriate. At the moment it's advertising Ted Bundy is there any way you can put certain adverts on after 7pm as I don't think he should know about Serial killers I feel he's to young and it's a shame as he loves sky...

Sky Sports / commentators

May 06, 2019

My complaint is quite simple. Why do Manchester City fans have to put up with Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher, two of the most biased commentators on British television. When they come on I turn the sound off (not just because of the one-sided drawl) but also the monotone drearine...

Sky Sports / sky sports commentatora

May 05, 2019

I just want to express my complete disgust at the completely outrageous remarks made by your commentator and co-commentator during todays Rangers Vs Hibs match. Andy Walker " hopefully Morelos can behave himself at tonights POTY Awards". Ian Crocker in reply " Doubtful". Absolutely...

Sky Sports / sky sports football coverage

May 05, 2019

I am astonished that Premiership coverage is fronted predominantly by women. Two women with Jamie Redknapp; will he transgender? For the Women's FA Cup Final there were five women and not one man represented on the coverage team. There is no balance. You have all gone mad. Many of us are...

Sky Sports / sky sports pl

May 05, 2019

I wish to object to pundits with obvious football club associations sitting with the main commentator for crucial matches. Listening when Jamie Carracher was commentating during the Newcastle v Liverpool yesterday you would get the impression that Liverpool was the only team playing...

Sky Sports / jamie carragher

May 04, 2019

How can the child spitter Jamie Carragher be commentating, and i use that term very loosely on the Newcastle Liverpool game . Disgrace he still has a job, and shame on you sky for not sacking him. He has the most monotone boring voice i have ever heard, oh and half time has just arrived...

Sky Sports / sky sports commentry

May 04, 2019

I was appalled to hear one of the commentators during the Bournmouth vs Tottenham Premier League match appear to condone cheating. After Song was sent off for pushing one of the Bourmouth players, the commentator said something like "I don't believe it was a sending off offence but the...

Sky Sports / boxing

Apr 30, 2019

i have found the recent remarks from Barry hearn of highly rascist remark and most of all appalling and above all out of order! the ascociation and the discusting laughter after his slavery remarks are absolutely disrespectful and appalling beyond believe! the smile on Adam smith and...

Sky Sports / commentator - matt chapman

Apr 30, 2019

When I switch on to Sky Sports Racing it is to enjoy sensible punditry, well covered races and generally a professional presentation. Sadly, the introduction of Matt Chapman as an anchor reduces it to a low key self indulgent affair with abusive and derogatory comments about anyone and...

Sky Sports / commentary during rangers v aberdeen sunday 28th april 2019

Apr 29, 2019

This is really not something I have done before but I feel is necessary. I found the commentary on the above game yesterday absolutely shocking at times. The people used for these games really needs to be looked into. Having been a sky sports customer for several years I am now going to...

Sky Sports / sky commentator

Apr 28, 2019

Andy Walker is by far thee most biased commentator I have ever come across, , he is not fit for the job, , not to mention how boring he actually comes across in his commentary, , , Why is a Celtic man commentating on a rangers game in the first place, , his voice would put you to sleep, I...

Sky Sports / commentators

Apr 26, 2019

Gary Neville should not be commentating on Liverpool FC matches. He is a Mancunian and should commentate on the club he spent his career at. I am a Liverpool FC and I find him highly irratating, as I think most LFC fans does. I makes me watch the game with the sound off or listen to Radio...

Jamie Carragher / biased presenting skills

Apr 25, 2019

Jamie Carragher is totally unprofessional and offensive when it comes to presenting on sky sports football not a good role model at all there are so many other unblemished football hero's out there who could take his place because he definitely lets sky sports down to the point where you...

Sky Sports / sky sports commentary gary neville

Apr 24, 2019

Gary Neville should not be commenting on this game tonight Man Utd v Man City. He is not professional in anyway and you can tell he is just waiting for Man City to score. The fact is he hates Liverpool and Liverpool fans and this is more than obvious tonight. Sky really need to look into...

Sky Sports / commentator gary neville

Apr 24, 2019

I don't know who thought Gary Neville would be good as a football commentator but he is absolutely rubbish. Not to mention the fact that he is never impartial. All he cares about is Man Utd. As an example Jamie Carragher who is very professional and interesting to listen to. Then you have...

Sky Sports / commentator

Apr 22, 2019

Jamie Carragher commentating on sky sports devalues the programme. He is boring, monotonous and lifeless as a football pundit. His lack of charisma is a negative to enjoyable viewing. Relying on computerised graphics for visual effect to demonstrate his analysis of a game is not conducive...

Sky Sports / everton v man utd

Apr 22, 2019

Everton produced a magnificent performance yesterday yet not one word of acknowledgement or praise from messrs souness and neville both of whom chose to lament the poor showing of their favourites. Indeed gary neville should not be allowed to comment on any man utd game being a fan, no...

Sky Sports / sky sports news

Apr 22, 2019

Just watched sky sports news from 8:00am on the 22/4/19, Everton beat Man Utd 4-0 at Goodison Park the day before and not one mention on how well Everton played or not one interview with a Everton player or staff. This is not the first time sky sports have done this, they show more...

Sky Sports / commentators pronunciations.

Apr 21, 2019

The way commentators continually pronounce davvid. Its absolutely infuriating. They say other players surname only, but when it comes to david luiz, david de gea and david silva, they say the full name. They dont put on a false scottish accent whist scots players are in action, aswell as a...

Sky Sports / nba playoff games

Apr 16, 2019

To whom it may concern, As a long term sky/virgin media customer and a keen follower of the NBA I am appalled you are not showing NBA basketball games on Monday and Tuesday just because it clashes with the showing of WWE Raw and Smackdown. Why did you buy the rights to broadcast NBA game...