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Sky Sports Complaints & Reviews

Sky Sports / news

Don Whyte on Mar 4, 2019

On Sky sports news today 04/03/19 your presenters spoke about the Scottish cup quarter final between Aberdeen and Rangers which finished 1-1. This was followed by a clip of Stephen Gerrard giving his after match comments followed by a Rangers player speaking about the equalising goal...

Sky Sports / commentators gary neville and martin tyler

Amirul Mirza on Mar 4, 2019

I have been following football for over 30 years now, and never in that time have I ever experienced such biased and unprofessional commentary by a commentary team. Commentators have a privileged job and it is their duty to remain unbiased, neutral and professional . During the Merseyside...

Sky Sports / melissa reddy

kieth5055 on Mar 3, 2019

I have just had to sit through on of my favourite early Sunday programmes (The Sunday Suplliment) and had to listen a panelist called Melissa Reddy. Apart from her inabiltiy to speak in a clear concise voice, she doesnt seem to know much about the game. She had no ideas of her own, just...

Sky Sports / pedantic writers

McFcH8r on Feb 25, 2019

I'm always reading your news reports on football results an pundit discussions an I feel the people you employ simply don't know anything about football. All this bull talk about Man City is really grinding my gears! They will not win a quadruple! No team in history has ever won a...

Sky Sports / andy walker

Jimmy Ferguson on Feb 24, 2019

I would like to know why Andy walker thinks it's acceptable and why he would think that Kris Boyd loves being called an orange bastard. Why would he love sectarian abuse hurled at him. Come on. Poor poor poor from your sky pundit. He can clearly be herd laughing, saying he loves it. Then...

Sky Sports / sky sports service andy walker

Billy Clark on Feb 24, 2019

Recently Andy Walkers comments regarding Steve Clark's abuse contradicts his comments on Kris Boyds ‘banter'. These actions I don't condone from fans but fairness is not presented from your pundits further bias I will be one of many to cancel my full sky service. I hope this complaint help...

Sky Sports / andy walker sky sports team

john sneddon on Feb 23, 2019

Hi I would like to know why your pundit andy walker thought it was a joke when celtic fans abused chris boyed. Walker says boyd loves it when the celtic fans called him a fat orange bast*rd and threw coins at him, this is not on in scottish football people are being put in jail for thi...

Sky Sports / a commentator

tolerantscot on Feb 23, 2019

Andy Walker's comments from the Kilmarnock v Celtic game where Chris Boyd was called a "fat Orange B*****d" by a large section of the Celtic support and pelted with coins, were a disgrace. He laughed and joked that "he loves it". In itself this would be enough to have him taken off air, but...

Sky Sports / commentator andy walker

imc 2018 on Feb 23, 2019

I would like to put in a formal complaint about Andy Walker. I do not think he should be allowed to commentate on anything to do with Rangers football club as he is completely biased when it comes to do with anything rangers related. Last Sunday Kris Boyd was called an Orange B*astard...

Sky Sports / andy walker

Ped johnston on Feb 23, 2019

I am disgusted at the comment made by Andy Walker, with reference to Kris Boyd loving sectarian banter. This is wrong. This is unnaceptable behaviour. Andy Walker is a disgrace. To comment in such an off hand manner, to a subject that is at the height of investigation right now, i...

Sky Sports / andy walker's commentary during kilmarnock v celtic game today

Douglas Gilligan on Feb 17, 2019

I was very disappointed to hear both Ian Crocker's and Andy Walker's commentary today. Kris Boyd was warming up in front of the Celtic fans and many of them could be heard singing "You're just a fat orange bastard." Ian Crocker says "Kris Boyd warming up near the (laughs) Celtic fan...

Sky Sports / cricket commentary

Jmontana on Feb 12, 2019

Mr n husseins commentary on test match cricket is awful he has a monotone voice that is extreamly annoying and he talks continuously during his time on air, he just does not stop. I am writing this because I find myself muting the volume every time he is on commentary. He has never fitted in...

Sky Sports / sky sports scheduling prior to aberdeen v rangers 06/02/2019

CoplandRoadBear on Feb 6, 2019

Dear Sky, I want to complain about your decision to show a replay of a Rangers V Celtic game from last season in the build up to the Live Aberdeen v Rangers game tonight. Looks a lot like mischief making that you chose to show an old defeat to Celtic instead of the previous game thi...

Sky Sports / sky sports

Keith J Bradbury on Feb 6, 2019

Please can someone explain to me why you are so biassed towards Liverpool FC? After the Man City v Arsenal game you had 2 ex Liverpool players talking about city's title chances, topped off with Gary Neville an ex Utd player. No sign of any ex Man City players to provide balance? Why??...

Sky Sports / pundits

Garry831 on Feb 3, 2019

I'm fed up with Gary Neville thinking he knows everything !!! He was a manager at velencia and got sacked cause he was useless he runs teams down if there not man city man u or Liverpool, spurs are 3rd in the league and he says they have no chance of winning the league well I'm sorry but...

Sky Sports / golf coverage from phoenix

Bobsky Graham on Feb 3, 2019

I have been a Sky subscriber for almost 40 years and have always enjoyed Sky's golf coverage but I had to turn off the tv tonight (3rd Feb) due to the dreadful commentary by Mark Roe. He is loud, obnoxious, self opinionated, smug and, not to put too fine a point on it, a dreadful...

Sky Sports / sky sports commentators man city v wolves

Sgt Man Mac on Jan 14, 2019

I am a sky sports fan and a norwich city fan. I was absolutely disgusted at the totally biased in favour of man city commentary during tonights man city v wolves game. They were totally disrespectful against wolves and made some very derogatory remarks. Any chance you could hire shearer...

Sky Sports / pundit

Pmbklp on Jan 14, 2019

Having seen the footage last year of jamie carragher spitting at a man united fan and his 14 year old I am disgusted that he is back on tv. Sky clearly have no standards if you think his behaviour was acceptable and I wonder if he had done this to a, sky executive would he still be...

Sky Sports / commentators / game southampton: man city

VAL White on Dec 30, 2018

We complained now on nummerous occations, nothing has changed. Commentators are very bias, not neutral as they should be. Running Southampton down, with every comment.. Doesnt get mention that Man City lost their last three games, but all the negativ on Southampton. We are fed up...

Sky Sports Subscriber. / football punditry pre-match.

Leyland Walker on Dec 30, 2018

I am a Sky Sports subscriber and tuned I at 11.30am this Sunday morning to watch my team's match coverage away to Crystal Palace. Firstly, why is it that Sky rarely has a former Chelsea player on the pundits panel? Secondly, the first 20 minutes of the half hour leading up to kick off wa...