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I switched from at & t on Saturday, July 6, 2019. They came out between 8 & 11. The first indication was the person didn't show to install home security system. The 2 men who did were professional and provided good service. I purchased my modem and didn't have the one with the phone jack as I needed. The techs said get the right one all the wires have been installed and you must register modem. I returned called Xfinity registered new modem. No internet, no phones nothing. Here is when the circus starts, called back to customer service told several things to do. Still no service. Was told techs will be back on the same day between 3 & 5. Waited called back no one is coming out. Went to xfinity store and was told oh your order is pending, due to other services not being compelted. So the person there changed my order to internet only. Now this made no sense to me. So as I expected when I returned home no internet service or telephone. Sunday I called the manufacter of the modem. Was told I had to create a wifi and password I did. I have internet not sure why I couldn't sign into the modem directly. All day Saturday no service, Sunday internet. Monday contacted rep who sold me package. Still waiting for tech to come out. I will be cancelling today. Att may be slow with speed of internet. But I can rely on them to come out and to address concerns immediely. Also, can call techs directly. Comcast invest in phones for staff. No phones in stores and no phones for techs is not sufficient does not provide customer service. Very disappointed love speed of internet. If this is an indication of customer service. Goodbye. I was told matter was expedited on Sunday expected a call on Monday. Nothing until I called You. You want individuals to be polite when you are not. You lie to customers, blow them off and as far as I can see you don't have a customer service department.

phone and internet

I've been having problems with since they installed it. There was a wired put on the pole across street not far from house built in 1950 has original built in woodwork to plug phone into it had a internet and phone in wire that goes in wall plug in for phone to plug in both phone and internet they refuse to hook it to wire into house they went way across living room hat had lots of hook ups but landlady said didn't work they didn't work same way in my 1 bedroom lots of hook ups but she said they don't work very good either. I have been on phone but give great signal for both. been calling since 12 pm this afternoon i got 3 people that who understood what i was telling them again im on with a agent she going to get set up for a tech and if they don't hook it original wire to the house and put in original plug in that work

phone service connected to my internet

On 06/22/2019, I called concerning getting phone service for 3 months as my finance started her 24 he pass with work release. I was given, [protected] and got disconnected before call was finished. I called back and was giving [protected]. Rep called this number to make sure I could receive calls. 06/29/2019 i called my # to find a company has my number. My number was changed without notification and my finance has been stripped of all privileges because of you all. This needs to be fixed and corrected with work release


Thursday morning 6/27/2019 a fire started at the Comcast cable box on the side of our house. Luckily I wa...

Comcast / Xfinity

dvr service on triple-play package

Last September I signed a 2-year contract with Xfinity that included cable television with DVR service. On June 26, I lost that capability through no action of my own. I could not record and lost all of my previous recordings. I spent an hour-and-a-half that evening working with a tech to no avail. Today I was told that I was under a "legacy" agreement and the DVR service I had was no longer available. To get that service I had to change my service at an additional cost of around $9. That's not a huge amount, but the point is they changed my service without my knowledge or consent where if I had tried to terminate my agreement they would change me a $280 cancelation fee. I feel they should have kept my original service agreement it its original status.

  • Updated by PaulB41 Β· Jun 27, 2019

    Last September I signed a 2-year contract with Xfinity that included cable television with DVR service. On June 26, I lost that capability through no action of my own. I could not record and lost all of my previous recordings. I spent an hour-and-a-half that evening working with a tech to no avail. Today I was told that I was under a "legacy" agreement and the DVR service I had was no longer available. To get that service I had to change my service at an additional cost of around $9. That's not a huge amount, but the point is they changed my service without my knowledge or consent where if I had tried to terminate my agreement they would change me a $280 cancelation fee. I feel they should have kept my original service agreement it its original status.

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cable wires in my yard and open utility box

I saw a comcast van at my neighbor's house this morning as I was leaving. When my wife and I returned thi...

Comcast / Xfinity


Threatened by a Comcast employee. After 45 days of not getting service transferred, four missed appointments, having a gentleman they can't account for show up at my home and take photos of all the entrances and 19 phone calls I am still without service. However, Comcast calls me this morning stating that I must pay my bill to be reinstated. I was current when I moved. All equipment turned in. And yet they're still billing me. When I confronted them and explained it they indicated the only solution was to pay IN ADVANCE for services I've not received. Then said representative threatened me. And got verbally abusive.

Even I am speechless at how horrid this company has become. 230 per month for the privilege of being stood up, provided no service and threatened by a rep. Bravo Comcast


Been without internet for over 24 hours, frustrating I pay almost 100 a month for your terrible internet...

incorrect charges

I am thoroughly disgusted with comcast. I have had nothing but problems since calling to get it setup when I moved to Florida in the fall of 2016. My account # was [protected]. When I brought in my device to discontinue my services ( as I was moving In with someone already set up with services) I was told that I was all set. My account was up to date & there were no remaining charges. 2 months later, I get a bill in the mail for 66$ - no explanation of what it was for just that I owed 66$. I called & after speaking with multiple reps was advised that the bill was for an early cancellation fee. I explained that I was never advised of any such fee when canceling the services & still didn't agree with the charge, again put on hold & was then told by another Rep that she would get it straightened out & they would call or e-mail with any further questions. I heard nothing more & then a few months later ( last week) I get a collection notice for this $ 66.74 charge, now I'm livid as I'm in the process of buying a home. I call Comcast again & explain the whole situation again & this time was told by the rep that the bill was for unpaid service, that my October payment was declined ( which is not true !). I asked to speak to her supervisor & after 10 times & 40+ min of her saying "may I place you on a brief hold while I connect you to a supervisor " I gave up, hung up & paid the collection agency as I do not want it to effect my credit & ability to buy a home. I will not recommend Comcast to anyone. Michelle Keller. [protected]

unethical behavior with hbo broadcast quality

Comcast never provides Dolby Digital sound on any of its HD channels, Dolby is only offered with On Demand...

worst customer service possible

do not goto comcast period the staff is rude dose not care to help u at all they are the most unprofessional company I have ever used for internet serviced I am noticing every time i goto the store they are loosing more customers they will keep doing that until they figure out there ripping people off and treating them like crap they have also failed the provide proof of stuff that happen these guys need to go back to school

  • We
    weezergeezer Jun 18, 2019

    I agree with you 100%. I never had to do business with a rude, incompetent and out right lying customer service all the way to the top. I know because I had to do it twice in 6 years. You would never believe what I experienced if I told you. But I will make it my goal in life to raise an alarm to the public with every media at my disposal. I too have no other options where I live and my landlord won't allow disks. I am 68 years old with a lung disease in it's last stage. I can't move because of my health condition and my income.

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do not use them for your service

The most rudest customer service I have ever seen in my entire life not nice people at all the staff is snotty money hungry and does not care about there customers period I find this uncalled for and disrespectful they are loosing customers left and right because of this not good sign at all I will not be returning to them once i get my new service

  • Updated by Complainant91923 Β· May 28, 2019

    AT&T do not message me again jerk

x1 preferred triple play

I have been with Xfinity/Comcast for over 8 years this time. Prior the this it was over 30 years. Every 3 months something new shows up on my bill first it is movies or events that I did not order. That makes you have to call to have them removed. Then all of the sudden there is a price increase. When you call you are told that the promotion has expired. Even though you were not under any promotion. This last time my bill went up by $40 in three months. This is the same thing that occured 2 years ago and again 2 years before that. It is just their way of increasing your bill to pay for the people who do not pay their bills. I am sick of being treated like an idiot. I am not an do understand what they are doing. You would think they would treat customers who pay their bills and pay them on time a little better.


Tv is freezing up on daily basis. When I initially noticed this I tried to use the channel guide and always receive a message to unplug the cable box wait then plug in. This procedure does NOTHING, the only solution is to wait thu the multiple "Welcome messages" until the system is working again. The total down time is 5-30 minutes. Occasionally this happens multiple times a day.
We pay for cable television, not multiple Welcome and unplug your box messages. We miss a great deal of important news articles or parts of shows we enjoy watching.

trick trap of comcast xfinity company.

My bundle contract had done 3years of contract with comcast in jan. 2019. Bill was increased without noticed & bill was monthly, no penalty. The clients must call them to deal after the promotion gone. I talked & undealed the new price so in 3/ 10, I started to use at& t. I called comcast on 3/12 to noticed for closing the account. After that, I still got a full bill. I called them back on 4/7 & be known that just phone service was closed, not yet internet & cable. And they emailed me a cancelation form to sign for processing paperwork. I just signed without look carefully the trick bottom part that I must notice 60 days from the cancelation date. So I must pay more for 60 days that services I didn't use until 6/ case, if I saw that trick part, I still must be signed. If I didn't sign it, I couldn't close my account!!! When we started the 3-years contract, the comcast didn't tell us & I didn't see or sign this rule in my contract. We did changing the services many times with different companies after our contracts had been done in 20 years. I hadn't got any trick, cheat trap like this time. So shame the comcast xfinity is! You're robber!!!

channel 81 ev tv is out of service since tuesday 2-5-2019

Yesterday 2-4-19 when I changed to see and ear this important chanel for all latins in west hialeah. We...

billing/breach of contract

I have been a customer with them last 5 years for internet/tv and each time i negotiate a new contract it...

1st time customer who ordered self help kit

I ordered Xfinity service with the self help kit package..when I was setting up, followed the instructions with no problem..turned the gateway light was off..called the 1800 and I was told that a technician should check the wirings in the house because the last time that an Xfinity service was used in the house that I just rented was a year ago..why would Xfinity even offer self help kit when they just want to add $60 (technician fee I guess) in the first place..first impression last and I'm not impressed with Xfinity service right now..just take out the self help kit on your website and just have a technician go out and setup the just wasted my time when I could have made an appt a long time ago..

double billing

Douglas Meester
1762 Dogwood Drive, Marco island, FL 34145

Issue: I maintained a business internet account and a separate personal account.
Personal Account: [protected]
Comcast Business Account: [protected]

As I no longer needed Static IP, in 2016 I requested termination of the business account and added the high speed internet to my personal account

Accordingly, the technician arrived, changed out the modem and I presumed the bulling of $185.75 per month would cease. It has not. I contacted Comcast approximately 1 month ago and was advised they would resolve it and refund all my payments. I was provided with a "case number" EQ4173. The telephone assistant sold me additional product but there has been no refund and I continue to receive a bill.

I hereby demand full reimbursement of all overages I have paid plus interest. This has been frustrating; I have another account iat my business with yr company and try to be reasonable but this is abuse.

Please advise,

Douglas Meester
Mobile: +[protected]

internet essentials program

Acct. [protected] ; I have fallen on hard times and get state assistance. After numerous calls, hangup...

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