Chryslertransmission has a hard bump

Good Evening,
I am having a transmission or a rear axle issue with my 2019 RAM 1500 Limited pick up.
wen coming to a stop from 8th gear to 1st gear it has a hard bump either when stopping or when excelarating to go. I have taking my truck to Helfman Dodge in Houston, TX. and Tomball Dodge and both of them did the same thing to try to correct the issue and both of them failed. They tried to update the transmission computer after telling them that that is not the issue but they refuse to listen to me. It is obviouly the tranmission, rear end or the drive train. This cost me $68, 000 and I refuse the 2 Dodge dealers stated above tell me it is normal. It runs like a USED VEHICLE... I need someone to call me ASAP PLEASE to resolve this issue. Here is my number.

[protected] CELL.

Oct 05, 2019

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