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Request for warranty update and formal complaint on poor services of service and maintenance division (sharjah al wahda street) ace

I have sent following email on 29th February 2019, but still no response even after reminders. Dear...


I sent my car civic REG.95973 code T last year for updating RTA system I dropped for 2 days in umm al ramool branch but till now your team not update my registration is finish can I ask what is the reason and without registration if police catch my car how is responsible for that

Complaint About Mortgage Clearance

Good day sir.
I would like to inform that we have a motorcycle registered on Dubai -26024.
we need to cancel the vehicle. but the RTA system showing that there is a mortgage on the vehicle from the Al Futtaim.
we are requesting continuously (More than 4 month ) to Mr. Manuel for updating the mortgage. but did not finish these issues until today.
we need to clear the issues immediately because our traffic file blocked.
so pls update ASAP.

P.R.O Gulf Pastry

Complaint About Mortgage Clearance
Complaint About Mortgage Clearance
Complaint About Mortgage Clearance
Complaint About Mortgage Clearance
Complaint About Mortgage Clearance

service intermittent

Dear group

Actually I have a complain about the web store of carrefour egypt and sending out of desperation, since yesterday i am trying to buy online an item for about 4800 EGP and there is issue in the payment of credit card the portal keeps always cancelling the request and not directing me to the payment and sending a mail and calling the customer care service in Egypt they employees seem so careless and keep mentioning that they have upgrades with no resultion till now . I hope you would take an action against this practice as I think it violates the e-commerce rules.
I always trust your services and quality here in UAE as i am a resident and shocked of how things are running in Egypt.
I wish to hear from you soon.

baby experience

Roof weld disassembled during warranty time
My car in the body shop more than a month with no respond back with my answer my calls
With no support a replacment car
I'm asking a new car
It's not the first car from toyota I owned
Never faced a situation like this before in any other car
Very disappointed
There is video attached to view my roof in the body shop

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security of cfc

I've been beaten by the security of CFC!!!

There was alot of parking lots that he refused to make me park in. And after I parked away and got back to him asking for a reason of what he did.. he pushed me away saying that he has work to do & has nothing to talk about.

I asked him for his name, he replied back with I have no name. I asked the other security people and they told me we don't know either.

I don't know what kind of service is this from a company that supposed to be respected.


Hi, am a loyal customer and frequently do my shopping from guess, till i bought 4 purses that I didn't use for almost 1 year and they were kept in their boxes, when i started using them after one week, i was shocked! As the leather started to peel and they turned ugly, so i emailed Guess with the images with their current status and advised me to head to the store where I bought them and they will help, i did so and actually am not aiming for refund am just a loyal customer and was shocked with this poor quality .
I visited the store on 07/12/2019 ( korba branch)
And actually the man on cashier was very rude and didn't even listened to me he was challenging me that they were stored more than a year he didn't even bother to say sorry about your experience and when i told him so, he said i would say sorry if they were stored less than a year!!!
No empathy, No care about customer .
All his body language and words were too rude to be said to a customer

I really need you to take serious action about this . And for me i will never buy again from guess and i'll share this experience with all my surroundings.



service center al futtaim toyota

Al Futtaim Toyota Service center in Al Badia received my car on 9th December 2019 for servicing. I received my car a day after their poor service I found out that someone from their servicing team had "stolen" a brand new perfume bottle which I had in my car.

I place a complaint with the service center and its not a surprise that no one from their management replied.

I think that Al Futtaim is not paying their employees thats why they are stealing customers belongings from cars which they receive for servicing.

Very terrible.

car service

I made an advance car Service appointment a day before and arrived well before the appointment time. I was told that the car would be ready in 5 hours. After 6 hours when I tried contacting the service agent, no one responded even the main call center was not helpful. When I arrived at the service center after 7.5 hours the service agent didn't have a clue about the status of my car. On enquiry he told me that they have only just started the service about 20 minutes ago. On hearing this I requested to see the manager who again didn't have any clue. He said it would take another 1.5 hours as it was a major service. I told him that I wasn't my car back and the full refund of my money as they took advance from me the whole contract value of 40, 000 km. Totally ridiculous and unacceptable from such a well known Group.

domasco qatar head office

Hi, I would like to bring something to your attention. I have been dealing with DOMASCO as me and my husband own a Honda Accord full option car and it's been more than 3 years we are paying for the car in installments and never have I had any issues with our cheques, never bounced or returned any cheques. Since my husband had to change his job he transferred the car to my name and for all these years only on a couple of occasions I have requested DOMASCO to postpone a cheque for a month and I have always paid for the double cheques on time as promised.

Today after so long I visited DOMASCO to request to postpone my December cheque to Either February or March if only possible since I had to support my brother with his university final fee payment, and I was fully aware according to the new rules I have to pay a 100 QR per month and I was ready for it. The staff said he needs to get approval from the Finance Manager Mr.Haleeb for that, I said the staff it would be a relief if I get the support, otherwise I would just postpone only till January and pay two cheques together. Staff requested me to wait as he would just try getting the approval to see if Mr. Haleeb agrees.

The staff returned and said: "initially Mr. Haleeb said No to the request", and I was like "that's fine", but the staff again added that Mr.Haleeb then said if I agree to pay 500 QR he would agree to assist me. I said the staff him requesting me to pay a 500 QR to postpone a cheque is ridiculous, and I asked him how much as per the rules it costs for one month payment postpone, the staff replied "100 QR". Then I said him that charging me 500 QR to postpone for 2months or even for 3months is a bribe along with the right payment, cause obviously it should only cost me 200 QR for 2months or 300 QR for 3months, or just a simple and genuine "No" would be respectful enough. The staff was speechless, I was very polite and whole time smiling with the staff because he was just doing his job passing me Finance Manager Mr. Haleeb's message and trying to help the customer out, and I was getting late for work due to which I could not wait until Mr. Haleeb finishes with his customers he was speaking to in his cabin, only to ask one small question about the calculations he made requesting me to pay 500 QR for 2 months cheque postpone request. This upsets me.

With no offense please help me to understand, do the new rules say the Financial Manager can randomly pick any number in his mind and charge a customer for basic requests such as postponing cheques (and my payments have been issueless for years) and try to teach us a lesson, or a problem with math (which I hardly believe), or is there an actual genuine rule to justify the 500 QR charges he asked me to pay. I didn't agree to pay the 500 QR as they failed to explain me the charge calculations (sounded like a bribe or a selfish stubborn decision by the manager), the answer by Mr. Haleeb could have simply been a "No", or a "Yes with 100 QR a month charges". How many people might they be playing with exactly the same way, now If this action does not comply the company SOP, then this has to be addressed in order to stop the customer abuse immediately. Thank you

vehicle viewing reserve amount (aed 1,000)

During October 1st week I visited Al futtaim auto mall to view used car vehicle, which is at musaffah, I...

honda car service issue

i have complain for my car from one year from date of purchase till today. i have been servicing my car only from al futtaim honda service center. issue is that i hear rattling noice and vibration of engine which is annoying. i have given my car so many times to al futtaim but unable to resolve my issue and at last they told me its normal this kind of vibration and noice. now its getting worst and i dont know where to take my complain. my question is that any single engineer is there in Al Futtaim who can resolve my issue? oil and normal service any tom dick and harry can do but still i maintain at al futtaim. its been now more than 6 years still issue continues. hope to hear from someone knowledgeable to look into my issue.

Name : Hitesh
Contact Number : [protected]
Vehicle Number : I 12887 (Dubai)

bluetooth issues

Dear all, I have purchased a Honda city in the month of june 2018..I was came to know the bluetooth is not working properly..after that I went for first service I have told the service adivisor in dubai they said we will fix it. After service I found it is same problem. On next service I went to Sharjah service centrer for I told the same to service adivisor he said our technician will fixed it..After service they told me they done something called factory will be ok..But unfortunately its same for me no result..After that I raised a complaint to customer care regarding the same..I got a call from Sharjah service centre to come down with car we needed the car for one day to find out the issue..I handover my car to them for one day ..They called and informed me that this problem is with every car of Honda city even if I can check the new one ready to sell in showrooms..Now I am not able understand from where I can get the solution ..some of friends are suggesting me to put it in social networking that honda is selling car with defective bluetooth facilities.. Already I went numbers of time to agency regarding the same..but no result for I am thinking do I purchased a new car with defective bluetooth from honda? vehicle no is V 56432..model 2018..purchased in the month of mobile no is -[protected]...

toyota service centre al badia

I am having a terrible experience dealing with the Al Badia Service Centre for Toyota. I was told at my last service to change all four tyres of my car regardless of the fact that it has driven barely over 20000km and is 2 years old. I was given a quote at which point I asked if I can come another day to which i was told I could. Upon contacting the service advisor he quoted a higher price claiming ot was promotional. And then after that was not responding to my messages. Further I contacted the call centre and was quoted an even higher prices. And I had to keep calling and following up and despite many promises noone was returning my call. Finally I got in touch with the after sales manager at AlBadia and was asked to meet him. Despite his sincere concern of my situation, refuses to honour this price. It is beyond upsetting to get this level of service from employees of Al Futtaim toyota. It was bad enough overly quoting me at every turn and giving me misleading advice but on top of that I have to follow up this issue for months without any proper resolution. I feel it is unfair that I am treated this way as a customet and hope for some action to be taken soon on this serious matter.

  • Ah
    Ahsan86 Dec 12, 2019
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Al Futtaim Toyota Service center in Al Badia received my car on 9th December 2019 for servicing. I received my car a day after their poor service I found out that someone from their servicing team had “stolen” a brand new perfume bottle which I had in my car.

    I place a complaint with the service center and its not a surprise that no one from their management replied.

    I think that Al Futtaim is not paying their employees thats why they are stealing customers belongings from cars which they receive for servicing.

    Very terrible.

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carrefour tiba mall branch

I captured a choclate in carrefour so they shouted at me!!
I was in Carrefour Tiba mall and i was taking a photo to a choclate to send it to my mother so one of the employees said to me that it isn't allowed to take a photo of any product.
When he saw that i've already captured the photo he called the security and THREE people came to me and they were treating me like i was stealing something, they kept yelling and they told me that there is a sign that says " it isn't allowed to take pictures to any product " when i asked them to show me where is this sign, we didn't find any Sign.I told them I'm not going to buy anything that was in my shopping cart as their attitude was so unacceptable.Their reply was ok up to you.I 'm really disappointed from the way I was treated.Moreover I was only taking a photo! You will find the photo of the choclate that i Captured..
Yo must take action about this incident, their attitude was bad also they scared me when 3 people came to me to stop me from taking photos.
I always take photos and this is the first time for me to be in this situation, also if they talked with me in a good attitude, i wouldn't be mad like this.

carrefour tiba mall branch

car service - quality and bad customer service

Dear Team,

on 10.09.2019, we took our Toyota (office car) to the regular service check-up : at the time, the car had no issues at all, it was just another regular car service check-up.

Upon checking the car, Al Futtaim team informs us that the engine belt is old and needs to be changed. We agreed and accordingly the engine belt was changed and we covered the cost of this.

After the service was done, the driver picked-up the car. Upon driving, the driver noticed a sound coming from the car and called Al Futtaim team accordingly, informing them of the issue. He was advised to wait for a call back from their team, as they needed to check and assign an appointment for him. They never called back. Yesterday, 09.10.2019 we still received no call from Al Futtaim. The driver straight to the service center, the car was checked and we were advised that yet another part needed to be changed.

Considering the car was in a good condition when we took for the service check-up, how come the team did not notice that another part needed to be changed? When they changed the belt, how come they did not take the car for test drive to check if everything was okay? Why did we never get a call back?

This is clearly a case where the team damaged another part when they were changing the belt and did not even know about it.

This is completely unacceptable and we would like to replace the part for free: We won't bear any cost due to a mistake from your team. It is definitely not our fault if your team damaged a part of the car due to lack of knowledge and experience. it is a shame that you actually hire such unprofessional technicians. And when we were trying to understand why this happened, nobody could explain it and immediately blamed it on the car itself, that it is 142 KM and this is normal to happen. Nothing was wrong with the car before the service was done!

This is totally unacceptable and the team is refusing to open a case and check what actually happened. This is a really really bad customer service.

We expect a reply back from you and we expect that the car be repaired and the part be changed, free of cost.

Since we bought the car, we never took it outside the agency for repair and we always purchased service contracts from the agency.

This case is totally unacceptable and needs to be solved immediately.
Attached is a record from Al Futtaim.

car service - quality and bad customer service

incident at cairo festival city garage

Dear sir,

I had a very bad experience today, Tuesday 24th of September at 1:05 pm, at Cairo Festival City, which led to me going home with my car's back door broken, due to laziness and carelessness of carrefour workers.
Dozen of shopping carts were left in the garage carelessly which led to one of those carts hooked to my back door handle and broke it into pieces (p.s. the whole accident is recorded on the garage's security cameras). I complained to carrefour that the cart-boys are not doing their job properly leaving carts all around the garage, they kept sending me from one guy to another till I met one of the managers. I started to tell the story from the beginning and he was looking at his phone as if I'm transparent or a broken car wasn't a big deal and I'm overreacting, and when my voice started to get louder someone showed up. His name was Hatem claimed he's an ex police officer and carrefour's manager. he offered to check on my car and review the security cameras but after sitting in his office to talk about the incident. In his office the talk took a completely different direction, instead of apologizing for the incident or explain the shortage of cart-boys, promise to hire more or any possible excuse, he said it wasn't their fault it was mine because I didn't step out of my car to push the cart away to park. IS IT MY JOB TO PUSH OTHERS CARTS AWAY? AM I SUPPOSE TO DO OTHERS WORK TO BE ABLE TO PARK IN ANY RESPECTABLE PLACE? He refused to check on the car or see what's on the cameras, he just wanted to take me away from the crowd because he knew that his talk will lead to shouts from my side and then he called carrefour security to get me out of his office. I went directly to the nearest information desk in the mall asking for help. The guy there was really helpful, I filled a complain and he promised to send it to CFC management. I met also the mall's security manager, he checked on my car, took photos and promised to investigate the incident and will be back to me. But honestly from the way he talks it seems that carrefour has the upper hand, untouchable and CFC management can't do anything with them. I'm a CFC customer not carrefour's, I barely go to that hyper market unless it's urgent and I'm already in the mall. From a loyal CFC client that was a huge DISAPPOINTMENT to let carrefour's unqualified employees deal with CFC's clients this way.

Best regards,
Yasmin Sherin

Recall not done

Hi I am very disappointed from what happened from Cairo service centre Al Futtaim by informing me That there is a recall in my car gear box and I have to pay is this logic specially no body contacted us to do the recall I need your immediate action please otherwise I will escalate it to the higher authority

To whom it may concern

I am horrified, writing this official complaint to express of my totally disappointment with dealing with Toyota maintenance for my car Toyota corolla model 2008 South Africa, then its been announced that there is a problem with the gearbox and to send our cars back to the service center to change it free of charge, by that time I didn't face the issue with my car .. Two days ago I started to feel that there is something wrong with my gearbox so i took it to Toyota New Cairo maintenance Center and complained but engineers their told me that this model is made in south Africa and we need to change some spare parties in the Gearbox and will work perfectly but they want me to pay for this spare part that needs to be changed bare in mind it was your fault from the beginning and they shocked me by saying they were changing this part free of charge but within 5 years only afterwards i need to pay for it, how about I wasn't using my car and i live abroad for instant it's absolutely doesn't make sense as long as you officially announced it was your problem so carry the responsibility till the end you are not a small entity I complained several times on the phone and got promises of feeding me back on this issue and have received no response

Recall not done

  • Updated by Mamdouh Ismael · Sep 12, 2019

    Hi I am very disappointed from what happened from Cairo service centre Al Futtaim by informing me That there is a recall in my car gear box and I have to pay is this logic specially no body contacted us to do the recall I need your immediate action please otherwise I will escalate it to the higher authority

  • Updated by Mamdouh Ismael · Sep 14, 2019

    I need a quick reply please

Honda civic

I am Muhammad I gave my car (u19646) yesterday for service and I noticed that back seat of car wasn't cleaned properly and also found oil mark on driving seat and other on side door panel. Other thing I want to mention I am completely in happy the way customer representative dealt with me. He even didn't explain what they did with my car. He just offered a promotion which Honda was having to get 20% discount on next service which I took actually but now I am regretting. I hope you will look into matter.
I am dropping my number in case you need
contact me.


Honda civic
Honda civic
Honda civic

I am complaining about the service team

My car YARIS N42671 service done on 19.09.2019 in Sharjha, They did well but my car brand name(toyota)was broken, while receiving my car l informed them like wise l told to do the needful but the staff behave badly and irresponsibly. After all they pasted it with with gum. Still that part is not approximate with the other. Dont misuse our trust with you. Thanks mejo. [protected]

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