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extended warranty

I am currently trying to get advice on my ordeal with my 04 Chrysler extended warranty. I purchased the...

buyer beware!

We purchased this vehicle and immediately had mechanical problems. We attempted to return the vehicle the...

bad service

I brought my car in for repair service to have the front seat cover replaced and to have them replace my sun...

unfair practices, lies and threats

Phone call on another's behalf received from Chrysler Financial.. Person led me to believe they would work with customer. I got in contact and person returned the call. They (Chrysler) proceeded to belittle, harass, and threaten the customer. She tried to make a payment at that time, ..they refused to accept payment. Demanded the full amount of multiple payments.

denial of responsibility, like with other customers

COMPLAINT: We brought our car in for repair for replacement of headlights and correction of the passenger...

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poor quality of the product

This is my 6th Chrysler Product and my first Dodge product. My previous 5 mini-vans were Chrysler Town and Country and this is my first Dodge Caravan. To be honest, Lego is made of stronger plastic than my Dodge bumper. The vehicle only has 6800 miles on it and the bumper needs to be replaced. This winter, I turned around in front of a snowbank, I wasn't even going 2 mph and the bumper tore.

I am astonished at the poor quality of this product.

car negotiation!

My significant other, Ken, and I went into the Wolfechase Chrysler/Jeep dealership on Saturday, May 17, 2008 to test drive a Jeep Liberty. We had a very pleasant and cooperative salesman, Chris, who went with us on a test drive. When we returned to the showroom, we asked for a price on the vehicle we had driven. Chris came back with a price, which was several thousand dollars more than we wanted to pay, so we gave a counter offer that we knew was 2K too low to see if we could get a better offer on the vehicle. (I think this is customary--oh, we already told them we had financing.) At this point the general manager, Verde, came out to speak with us. With no prelude, he said that we were obviously looking for a much lower cost vehicle, that the Liberty was a higher end vehicle, and had we looked at the Jeep Patriot--which was clearly more in our price range. He began to tout the virtues of the Patriot, all the while looking directly at me, rather than having any eye contact with Ken. When Mr. Verde was finished speaking, Ken replied that he was a little angry and insulted as we had come in specifically regarding the Liberty, which (Verde) had not done us the courtesy of discussing. He was clearly upset and told Verde that we were leaving. At that point Ken held out his hand, which Mr. Verde refused to shake--saying that he was angry as well.

Perhaps I am wrong, but I didn't feel that the situation was well handled by the General Manager. Why didn't he ask us if we were willing to come up on our price for the Liberty instead of talking down to us regarding what we could "afford?" He had no idea what we could purchase and our financing was for quite a bit more than the original price of the Jeep Liberty. When Ken stated that he was "angry" it was clearly not personal, but directed toward the offer of a vehicle we had expressed no interest in what-so-ever. Hasn't this general manager ever heard of a counter-offer?! Or haggling? It ended up being a very bad and unprofessional experience and we will not return to this dealership or be able to recommend it to anyone else.

I see by the comments that we are not the only people to have a bad experience with this dealership. Thanks for letting me vent.

no more chryslers!

I purchased a brand new SRT8 Chrysler from your Park Dodge Dealership in Lexington Park, Maryland in February of 2006. I have had nothing but problems with this Service Dept.

My vehicle currently has 34, 000 miles on the odometer. I have had 3 sets of front tires on the vehicle. I called last Friday to make an appt to figure out what was going on with my front end. They scheduled me for this Monday, May 5th. I dropped the car off Sunday night and they had it all day Monday. At the end of the day Monday, the service dept (Scott) stated the technician did not get a chance to look at the vehicle, could he keep it another night. Reluctantly I said yes. All day Tuesday, the car remained there and Scott called me Tuesday afternoon around 4p to tell me the technician never got around to looking at my vehicle after “THEY” scheduled the appt for Monday and said there were other priorities. I then asked Scott if there were any $55, 000 vehicles in the service bay that was purchased from that particular dealership that were awaiting service, to which he didn’t answer. He asked to keep the vehicle another night. I said fine, but I want my vehicle back by noon on Wednesday (today). I had to call Scott at 12:22 because I had not heard from him to ask about my vehicle and he said the camber bolts just came in and he would get the technician on it as soon as he finished LUNCH! I told Scott I did not want to get caught in the rush hour traffic which begins around 3:00 p.m. He assured me that I would not. It is now 2:19 and I have yet to hear from Scott.

In closing, I am very dissatisfied with the service I have been given after purchasing this very, very expensive car and experienced many, many problems associated with it. There have been several technical bulletins issued for this vehicle to which I have been trying to get fixed to no avail. There are more issues with this dealership but this is the most recent. I would like to know if Chrysler would reimburse me for the tires, etc., since I can’t seem to get the vehicle’s front end fixed and the tires are at a cost of $293.00 a piece. I have had 2 sets of all 4 tires replaced.

I have owned a total of 4 Chryslers and have no plans to purchase anymore nor recommend same to family/friends. I can be contacted @ [protected] if you wish to discuss this further. Meanwhile, I’m still waiting for a phone call for my vehicle that has been there since Monday morning.

bad deal made with stockton chrysler jeep

To whom it may concern: I recently bought a 2008 Chrysler. I had 45
days to make my first payment, in which I was going to pay cash for it.
I decided since I was a Korean Veteran who has post traumatic stress,
and many other health issues, to return the car three weeks later. The
dealer forced me to pay him over $13, 000 for car. Hey, I think that
was pretty bad. I have a two year old pick-up and thought about the cost
of gas which is out of sight. Please tell me what I could do to get
some of the money back. I expected to lose $2, 000, but $13, 000 ???????
If you have any questions concerning the matter, my name is Antonio Mena
1415 Woodmont Way, Stkn. or my phone number is [protected]. I would
appreciate your help. I hope this doesn't happen to anyone else. I can
also be reached on [protected].

terrible service!

I was having financial difficulties and wrote a letter to Chrysler to explain my situation, they not only didn't care but the reps were rude. I was 2 payments behind and they continued to call me 7 times each day to "remind" me of the payment. Cmon! how many times does a person need a reminder! When I had one payment left it was 3 days past the due date and they STILL called me 7 times per day. CMon! I told them when the payment would be made (3 days) and they gave me a hard time and wanted me to pay them at that time, then they wanted to "update" my file and add an alternate phone #! Cmon! Needless to say, I told them where to stick it and hung up, however still received the 7 calls per day until they received my last check.
I am SO glad to be done with them NEVER EVER again will I purchase a Chrysler product or recommend them to anyone. If you are considering buying one - go Elsewhere! You will be better off.

  • Go
    Gord Linton Jan 24, 2014

    Hi, My name is Gord Linton and I live in Greely Ontairo, Canada and I HAVE been a Chrysler costomer and I have been telling everyone who would listern that Chrysler is the best vehical on the road B U T I just purchased a 2005 ram truck 4 door 5.7 L automatic . It is a beautiful truck but I was astonish @ the amount of rust comming out around the rear wheel wells this is a truck with 146000 kms and was looked afer as well as one " SHOULD" have to .I removed the rear tail lights and looked in and it looks like it was never painted inside at most maybe primed and not very well. I think it is criminal the price we have to pay for these vehicals and our hard earned is not being appreicated buy the vehical maker. YOU should put more pride in your workmanship as you seem to have no problem asking for more raises. It seems that acountability is not even in the equation. I still would like to think you still need loyal coustomers like me and start looking after us instead of thinking that we are just some wyners.Just remember WE pay your salary with every car, truck and or parts we spend our har earned money on. I hope this is heared by some people that accually have some pride in their workmanship. " Praying for some help"Gord Linton .

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don't trust the dealer!

I went to 2 Chrysler dealerships looking for a mini-van. I went to 2 dealerships in my area that are about 5...

blower motor

Recently our 2002 Chrysler Town and Country heater would not turn off or change to a low setting for that matter. We have replaced the relays and fuse for the blower, but nothing has worked. Not knowing what else to do I have been looking on google to see if anyone else has experianced this same problem. I was really in shock in just how many people had the same problem on 01-05 chrysler vehicles! There are many who say to replace the blower motor resistor block. There are also lots of people who say they have replaced the resistors multiple times and it keeps going out. There was a few people who commented that the blower motor should be replaced because it is what causes the resistors to go out, due to it not working as well.

The reason I am posting this is that I think it is really bad for so many people to be having this same issue with the same type of vehicles. In my opinion this should be some sort of recall issue if everyone is having the same problem with vehicles this new! In pricing the blower motor I have found it is about $400.00, but the real question is why are they all going out on this vehicle, not just a few here and there?

  • To
    Tom Fuller Jun 07, 2008

    My blower will not turn off either. It is really annoying.

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  • To
    Tonia McGhee Jun 30, 2009

    Tonia McGhee reporting in for my mother Emogene Smith, her blower motor will not turn off either. what is our best option. yes it is very annoying

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  • Sa
    Sagarmatha Sep 28, 2009

    My T&C 2004 will work on high only. Replaced two resistors, first one lasted for a week, 2nd one for a day. Have not yet replaced the blower motor, if somebody has experience in replacing the blower, please post. - DS

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  • Co
    Concerned Jess Apr 26, 2010

    SUPRISE SUPRISE!! I also have this problem!! Getting ready to purchase a new blower motor resistor, hoping this fixes the proble, ! I DO NOT have the money to continue to replace this part constantly nor do I have enough to replace the entire blower motor..( $400) I am a single mother of 2 who is also a full time student, for now I absolutely NEED this van to function properly until I graduate!! Is there anyone that knows the steps or how to get Chrysler to consider a recall on these parts??

    Concerned Jess

    0 Votes
  • Ec
    eckie911 Jan 13, 2011

    I also have a junk heap that continuously has problems, I have read the posts in here and found a site that appears to have the blower motor for a lot less than $400. I hope it helps and everyone can control their heat, WAY TO GO CHRYSLER!!! Below is the website address.


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  • Sw
    s.w. wisconsin Feb 05, 2011

    im wondering why mechanics are not testing the blower motor once they replace the resistor? because correct me if im wrong but wouldnt you wonder why the resistor went out in the first place? just saying? so im in the process of changing the blowermotor in my girlfriends 02 town & country because a garage just got done replacing the resistor yesterday and it already does not work again. good luck to all with this problem!

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  • Da
    dannie1984 Jul 02, 2011

    I also have this issue with my 02 town and country. My van has 105, 500 on it and runs good except the loud noise from under the hood is annoying. Mine actually starts to get hot of I'm driving it but gets all the way to the orange patch when stopped at a light or whatever I usually turn it off but when I turn it back on its still high. I am a young single mom with 4 kids one with special needs I can't afford a lot so what should I do? I hate to buy and fix things for it to still not work. Has anyone heard about any recalls issued by Chrysler???

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  • Mi
    Mikecntr Oct 14, 2011

    anyone need to replace the wiring harness? Mine had a melt down on my 2002 Sebring $600.00+ ouch. And I have replaced 3 resistors.

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  • Tt
    ttav Nov 04, 2013

    If the Power module resister keeps going bad after replacement, then you should replace the blower motor at the same time...It is most likely the true root cause of the problem.

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  • Ch
    chris fulgenzi Jun 29, 2014

    I have a 2002 town and country with the climate control, 3 zone.. and same problem now. blew the computer power module. replaced it with a Borg Warner part.. Worked for about a day and it blew again. van has 68, 000 miles in PERFECT condition. At first I was told the power head went out. "The control panel" and I said NO WAY. Not at these miles. so now they say the blower motor is bad... at these low miles makes me wonder. I got a blower motor from advance auto for $85.00 so I don't know about this $400.00 deal. hope its the right one. Now, there is the screw from HELL on the blower motor housing.. I have been trying to get it out.. And I cant EVEN imagine how I will get it back in if I get it out.. And I don't get it !!! The blower motor runs GOOD !!! No noise, No rattles, No grinding, No Nothing... I remember the day when you owned a Chrysler, you had a NICE piece of equipment. Now its JUNK. and I see ALOT of people having this problem. It's a RECALL issue to me and Chrysler is NOT standing by there product. so now, the saga continues and I am still going at this issue. I am no virgin to working on cars. I built drag cars for years and old hot rods also, repair small engines and build hot rod riding mowers that go 100 + mph.. But this van has me going.. This is driving me crazy.. nice job Chrysler !!! any one want to buy a 02 town and country ?? i will just buy a 65 mustang with a straight 6 cyl and a under the dash air unit and get rid of this NEWER JUNK !!!

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owes me money yet does nothing

Vancouver Chrysler owes me money from a mistake in the paperwork ($399.07). No one calls me back to explain...

I will never buy another chrysler-jeep product!

I got a brand new jeep compass in april of 2007 and when i got it i bought the service contract with chrysler-jeep. Well soon after i got it the plastic liner on the inside of the hatch broke. Then i had a short circuit in my dash and had tgo have it fixed. On this occasion i was told i had no right to a rental car and got a ride from a friend i just met because i live in a new city. I then called my father in ny and he called and helped me to get my service contract honored. Then i had a fuse box problem and needed that fixed and had to fight for my rental car. Now i has a problem with a vibration and that was fixed. And i had a rental but another reason i took in wss because of the tires. I was told my tires were not under warranty with jeep and to go to goodyear. So i did and goodyear told me to go back to jeep and deal it there it should be under warranty. I did and i was soon sent back to goodyear. They replace what they could and billed jeep. But in fixing the tire problem they found that a bolt in both front tired needed replacement soooo again i went back to jeep and asked for service. I ws told again i had no right to a rental. At this point i blew up... I will never buy another chrysler-jeep product... Nor will anyone in my family. I hate the company... I bought extended warranties on everything and am constantly fighting to get things fixed.

  • Al
    Alissa Johnston Dec 22, 2007

    Jeep does not care about there customers! I have a brand new compass and had problems with it, and they treat me horribly. I will never ever buy another Jeep, Chrysler, Mopar product ever again!

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  • Je
    Jean Jev Dec 08, 2008

    I have a Jeep Compass. It is the wost.
    Jeep gives you nothing for the money.
    No power locks, no electric windows,
    no elec key entry,
    only slightly tinted windows.
    (The sun gives me a headache everytime
    I drive this car, no room
    The car drives lousy.
    The drive is VERY choppy.
    This car is a nightmare.
    I can't WAIT to ditch this piece of JUNK!

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poor service!

Chrysler Jeep of Dupage

Looking for a clean used car? Stay clear of Chrysler Jeep of DuPage... They hide problems and will not support you after the sale.


  • Ss
    sstill Jul 01, 2009

    I agree and I would stay very far away from this dealership if you value your car or truck. There service is all about your money. They hide thier mistakes and blame the owner if someting goes wrong after they do the work. Everyone I have dealt with at DuPage Chrysler Jeep in Wheaton is very rude.

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  • Wi
    wigman87 Nov 07, 2010

    I would never recommend anyone to this place, it seems that the only way they stay in business is by overcharging, cheating the customers and hiring incompetent employees. You won't be happy with your visit here.

    0 Votes

false advertisement!

I heard a radio commercial advertising a "$16,000 dollar PT Cruiser for $9,900 with several available" I was interested because it would cover my negative equity. Because it sounded too good to be true I called and talked to a sales person. I explained my situation to the sales person over the phone and I asked specifics. I specifically asked if they had a black automatic as one of the special deal cars. I was told they did so I drove 40 miles to the dealership. When I got there they had only 1 of these available for 9,900 and it was a white, manual, with no AC. The sticker price was around $13,000, not the advertised $16,000. If I would have known that ahead of time I would have not made the trip. I understand using a "bait car" like that to get customers in, but to be so dishonest with the description over the radio, with no fast talk at the end, and then for the sales person to straight up lie to me was uncalled for. I will never even consider dealing with this company again.

can't get the part

My complaint isn't with Peter's but with Chrysler. I have had my jeep at Peter's one week. Not because they can't fix it but because they can't get the part to fix it. There is a national "back order" on the part. This is ridiculous. If this particular part is in such demand then maybe it is a manufacturing default and there needs to be a recall. The part I am referring to is the boot and linkage that goes to the transmission. Peter's said that the Dallas warehouse has had a back order of 12 parts and can't get them.

I have a 2005 right hand drive Jeep. I have had to rent a car because I can't get my car fixed. I think you should reimburse me because it is your fault either through manufacturing default or production of this particular part. My name is Jackie Oliver and my email address is: _jackieophoto AT aol.com_ (mailto:jackieophoto AT aol.com). My phone number is903/968-2293. I want to talk to a person.

  • Pe
    Peter S. Feb 10, 2009

    I agree, Chrysler has the "worst" inventory for parts.
    For 2 weeks now my 05' jeep liberty has sat at the dealership because there is no stock of new tranfer cases to be gotten in the USA - I have to rent a car indefinately now without the knowledge of knowing when the new part will arrive. "WHAT KIND OF CLOWNS ARE IN CONTROL OF THIS SAD CORPOR-
    ATION! No wonder people are buying foriegn and shutting the door in the face of incompetent and
    overpriced inferior products. The public should not be fooled, they deserve to fail because they sell junk
    and don't know what "quality" is if it bit them.

    0 Votes

this commercial mocks marriage!

I saw a TV ad for Chrysler on 1/27/07. It aired on ABC, channel 8, WFAA in the Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas area. In the commercial a middle aged man’s old car is replaced with a new luxurious Chrysler. His wife of 27 years, named Agnes, is also replaced with a much younger, sexy beautiful woman very much to the middle aged man’s delight. I am a 46 year old female who has been married for 27 years. No, my name is not Agnes. I believe this commercial mocks marriage, makes light of infidelity, insults older women, undermines the family, and continues to reveal the blatant contempt of corporate America and the advertising media for traditional values.

  • Cw
    C.W. Ochoa Feb 21, 2007

    You need to fire your ad agency. You're going from "bad to worse." The German guy was bad enough, but now you slam all decent women in the country (and men, too) by replacing the wife with a bimbo. BAD. BAD. BAD.

    0 Votes
  • Ch
    Chris Jan 12, 2008

    Get over it!

    0 Votes
  • Cb
    cbren2006 Jul 26, 2010

    So I guess here they go again. I am in disbelief that they would now mock my God, with the new CHRISTler. emphaising CHrist. by another preacher. giving the vows. at a wedding. BAD BUSINESS.

    0 Votes

defective brakes

We purchased 2005 Chrysler town and country, heard intermittent rubbing sounds when backing up since new. I...

daimlerchrysler quality is crap and they don't stand behind their products!

I own a 2002 Chrylser Town & Country LXi (original owner). This past April with just under 39K miles on the odometer I noted a whirring noise from the engine compartment that grew progressively louder over the course of several weeks.

I suspected a bad alterator which the dealer confirmed. Since i was 3K miles beyond the 'bumper to bumper' warranty (36K miles)I assumed it would be replaced under the extended powertrain warranty. Surprise! An alternator is not considered part of the powertrain and I had to shell out $460 to have it replaced. What really frosts me is that I paid extra for the 'heavy duty - extra capacity' alternator package when I bought this car because I tow a trailer with it.

I have owned many different cars over the years from many different manufacturers (Volvo, Saab, Ford, GM, Audi, etc.) and I have never had to replace the alternator in any of those vehicles, many of which exceeded 100K miles while I owned them. I wrote a letter of complaint to D/C consumer affairs and received a polite form letter in return expressing regret for the problems I experienced, and that's all.

My brother-in-law also has a 2002 T&C (LX model) and guess what? He just had to pay to have his alternator replaced too and he has 58K miles on his odometer. Everyone seeing a pattern here?

Bottom line - D/C quality is crap and they don't stand behind their products. This is the first and last D/C product I will ever own.

  • Do
    don gawlick Nov 30, 2007

    I own a 2001 town&country limited. The alternator has some kind of clutch drive pulley which has got noisy with two replacement alternators. I'm looking for a third one or just a replacement pulley would work. If Chrysler was smart they would look at these same complaints and correct problems. I would not buy another Chrysler product until some effort is made to this end. I've owned a 1996 & 2001 town&country and looking at other manufactures of quality vehicles.

    0 Votes
  • Da
    dawn moyihan Dec 06, 2007

    Purchased Chrysler Town and Country 2001 new (first time to purchase new car and nothing but problems ever since). The car was in the shop 28 times in the first 20,000 miles. Power window motors replaced on both sides, power sliding door motors replaced on both sides, balancing bar replaced, weather stripping around front windshield, break problems, dash board electrical problems. Chrysler refused to lemon or replace the car as each repair was not a repeat problem and engine was running fine. With each visit to service, the customer service representatives were less than helpful and would dispute many of the problems while car was under warranty (until we started taking a friend of ours who happened to be a mechanic in with us).

    We obtained extended warranty and continue to have problems - the car is close to expiration on extended warranty and existing problems are being patched as opposed to fixed. It is becoming obvious that they will not do true repairs until we are out of warranty (less cost to them). With 60K miles, have had air conditioning work completed twice and now having serious transmission and alternator problems. Have been to dealership 3 times with transmission issue and have yet to have the car working properly. We will probably be looking at a new car soon - a good 60K miles before we should have to.

    Every time we are in the service department, we hear similar stories of poor quality cars that have people returning repeatedly to the service department. The cost of time and loss of car usage is paramount when you look as the number of times we have been in - 41 and counting. Many families may not be as blessed as we are to have a back up in place to ensure we can still function while the van is in for repairs. We have purchased used in the past and without mishap until the cars finally hit enough miles that it was time to move on.

    Chrysler vans are used primarly for families and children and safety and reliability should be a number one priority. But is not not - so please beware.

    0 Votes
  • Bi
    Billie Jo Anson Jan 14, 2008

    I purchased a bag from LvZBagsplus.com. The site said they will give a full refund if you are not pleased with your purchase. I recieved the bag and took one look at this cheep made excuse for a replica, and I wanted to retun it for a refund. I have made at least 10 phone calls and have sent more than 10 e-mails. The phone reps say they do not know the address and you can only get the retun information by e-mail. The e-mails they send only offer me a 30% discount on my next purchase. Do not make my mistake and purchase a bag from lvbagsplus.com, this company is a scam. I'm stuck with a cheep made ugly bag that I have never used.

    0 Votes

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