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+44 192 389 5000(United Kingdom) 13 24
+64 92 816 611(New Zealand) 1 0
+32 23 347 611(Belgium and Luxemburg) 1 1
+45 80 889 400(Denmark) 2 0
+358 207 997 700(Finland) 3 0
+49 223 2730(Germany) 2 0
+353 605 5500(Ireland) 5 0
+39 641 561(Italy) 1 1
+31 203 549 333(Netherlands) 3 0
+47 23 376 100(Norway) 1 0
+48 225 411 000(Poland And Baltic Countries) 1 0
+351 218 361 000(Portugal) 5 0
+7 495 775 4035(Russia) 1 0
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+90 216 645 6690(Turkey) 1 0
+86 106 561 8666(China) 1 0
+852 29 273 538(Hong Kong) 2 0
+91 443 910 4200(India) 5 4
+81 120 676 365(Japan) 1 0
+966 114 790 550(Saudi Arabia) 3 4
+65 64 713 313(Singapore) 2 3
+27 116 077 300(South Africa) 24 46
+82 23 707 500(South Korea) 4 1
+84 904 695 069(Vietnam) 1 0
+54 147 782 000(Argentina) 1 0
+55 413 380 2000(Brazil) 1 1
+52 555 279 5000(Mexico) 2 2
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New Zealand
7 Clemow Drive, Mount Wellington, Auckland 1060

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Avenue W.A. Mozart - 1620 Drogenbos - Belgique

Herstedøstervej 27-29 - DK-2620 Albertslund

Laivalahdenkatu 8 - 00880 Helsinki

Strasse 6-10 - 50321 Brühl

39 Boeing Road, Airways Industrial Estate, Santry, Dublin 17

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PO box 6843 Rodeløkka - 0504 Oslo 

Poland And Baltic Countries
Ul. Marynarska 13 - 02-674 Warsaw

Lagoas Park - Edificio 4, P-2740-267, Porto Salvo

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G/F, Tien Chu, Commercial Building, 173-174, Gloucester Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong

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Saudi Arabia
Khurais Road Al Malaz, Riyadh / Suwaidi Area, South Ring Road, between Exit 24 and 25, next to Al Tanhat Restaurant / Madinah Road Al Moraba'a Bridge before Palm Beach Restaurant, Jeddah / Dammam Khobar Highway with Al Rakaa Road Dammam

26 Leng Kee Road Singapore 159104 Singapore 

South Africa
12, Ernest Oppenheimer Drive - Bruma  2026 - Johannesburg

South Korea
RSM Tower, 30, Gasan Digital 2-ro, Geumcheon-gu, Seoul, Korea 153-802 

68 Le Van Luong, Thanh Xuan, Hanoi 

Fray Justo Santa Maria de Oro 1744 1414 - Capital Federal

1300 Borda do Campo - 83070-900 São José dos Pinhais 

Ruben Dario 281 - Piso 20 - 11580 Mexico D.F.

Renault Complaints & Reviews

Renault / maintenance and service

Oct 19, 2019

I'm Renault Captur owner for past 4 years since it very first launched in Malaysia. But I feel very disappointed and unsatisfied with Malaysia Renault After Sales Service. I really hope Renault can look into the issues happened in Malaysia. As a principal you should come to audit how Tan...

Renault / renault fluence gear problem

Oct 16, 2019

I am facing a horrible problem with CVT transmission of my own car I purchased 5 years ago as brand new from Gulf advantage Agent in Saudi against more than 70.000 SAR at that time (full details as followings) VIN MODEL YEAR Grade Fluence Full option Since 1st day, I followed periodic...

Renault / theft out of motor vehicle

Oct 14, 2019

RenaultOn Wednesday 2019-10-09 at approximately 08:00 I took my car to Renault in North end Port Elizabeth I had a problem with the exhaust it had a rust on it and it was making a funny noise.. Then on Friday when I was taking my son to the bus stop I noticed that my spare wheel is not there. I...

Renault / bad service, probable failure to follow official repair instructions

Oct 07, 2019

Limited liability company Himlux The Republic of Belarus, Minsk Dzerzhinskogo-Av., 78-123 To whom it may concern, Dear SirMadame, On March 30, 2017 our company (limited liability company Himlux, the Republic of Belarus, Minsk, Dzerzhinskogo-Av., 78-123) bought a fully new RenautMaster 3...

Renault / service

Oct 05, 2019

!!![censored] Renault!!! Dear Renault, I had purchased Renault Kwid on 11/12/2018, that is demo car, at your dealer Unnati vehicles, Wadi, Nagpur  when I purchased that time meter reading was 19000km. and I am the first owner for my car, on purchased time Unnati vehicles brief me...

Renault SA / shocking service ordering parts

Oct 04, 2019

On 29 July 2019 I ordered, and paid for, 8x bearing kits for my vehicle. On the 8th of August 7 of the 8 kits arrived and the last main bearing kit was on "back order France" WIP24042-R122077245R. On 11 September 2019 the last main bearing kit arrived and I personally collected from the...

Renault SA / poor service and poor quality car

Oct 02, 2019

Goodday On the 1 august 2019 my new renault duster vroke down the second time. I am driving a courtesy car for 2 months now and am done waiting. Only empty promises from renault. Im paying my installment for a car we dont have.  If renault doesnt confirm a date that I will get my car I am...

Renault / complain about bad service of agency

Oct 01, 2019

I am facing a horrible problem with CVT transmission of my own car I purchased 5 years ago as brand new from Gulf advantage Agent in Saudi against more than 70.000 SAR at that time (full details as followings) VIN MODEL YEAR Grade Fluence Full option Since 1st day, I followed periodic...

Renault / new car warranty

Sep 27, 2019

The car is fantastic, however Renault's "too bad" attitude to suddenly reducing then reinstating the length of a new car warranty is abysmal. When I placed my purchase order for a new Megane RS vehicle (with deposit) on 16th March 2018, the factory warranty offered was 5 years. When the new...

Renault / shocking service

Sep 19, 2019

Thieves broke the back window of our Renault Captur. Put a claim in to have it fixed. After nearly 4 weeks the glass arrives from France at Glasfit only for them to be given the wrong glass replacement. Fortunately it was an error and the wrong glass was given to Glasfit. Surely in thi...

Renault / battery

Sep 17, 2019

Dear Renault team, Kindly i have a repeated issue the battery is not working for the 2nd time before ending of warranty And this egyptian customer care told that i have to go to Renault centre so this will cost me a day off of my work or i will left the car and go to use any transportation instead of...

[Resolved] Renault / renault stepway 2018

Sep 12, 2019

RenaultHi, I bought my car 2018 chassis no JT178289, since then it stopped three times and when I contacted Renault Egypt they send the technician who said : it is a battery problem and he changed the battery every time. I always wondered if it was a car problem or a battery problem Renault...

Renault / renault stepway 2019

Sep 09, 2019

RenaultI bought my car last but its model 2019. I found out that my car suddenly stops and when I go to the service center - They say that its a battery problem while they check everything that might cause the battery to stop and they say that there is nothing in the car causing that and that the...

[Resolved] Renault / my vehicle used

Sep 07, 2019

RenaultI took my vehicle for its second service yesterday. I dropped the vehicle with 15363 on the clock and upon collection the vehicle had 16384. The service center doesn't know and they promised me to look into the matter if it was of urgency as they said I would be answered by now. Thi...

Renault / car maintenance

Sep 03, 2019

RenaultI've chosen Renault based on its universal reputation and reported high rated customer service, whilst there are a lot of alternatives with lower price but I was seeking for the after sales support and good car experience. I am frustrated from the terrible customer experience I had with your...

Renault / service problem in connection with warranty and lack of communication with customer

Sep 03, 2019

My name is Eszter Horvát. I bought my Renault car four years ago in Győr (Hungary) in the Renault car saloon. Number plate is NLN009, vehicle identification number is VF1BZ0Z0H54053356. My problem is the following: I brought my car for service to Citroen Pásztor in Budapest (Szentmihályi út 152-154...

[Resolved] Renault / not refunding the booking amount,

Sep 03, 2019

Dear Sir/Madam, I am Vivek Pandian and was booked Renault Kwid 1.0 L climber in Annamalai Motors Pvt Ltd Cuddalore. Due to the delay in delivery of the vehicle from showroom side, I have taken Renault kwid from another nearby showroom.i have requested for refund of my booking amount (R...

Renault / modus oil pump

Aug 31, 2019

I have asked the hillcrest renault spare dept to give me a price for a new oil pump for my renault modus .the chap said he will back to me in 5 minutes waited 4 hours phoned again again he said he will get back to me .3 days later with 9 phone calls to him i still have got no price.once he...

Renault / lack of basic spare parts

Aug 31, 2019

Dear Sir /madam I am an owner of a Renault Megane with serial number VF1RFB00657561057, bought by an official distributor of Renault in Athens. In the 17th of August 2019 a burglar broke the window of the right rear door in order to steal money that potentially had left in the car. In order to...

Renault / Nissan renault financial services india pvt ltd. Forcefull repossession and pressuring for foreclosure.

Aug 29, 2019

Sir,   I am a faithful customer of your company Renault and using Renault duster.  Form feb 2017 I am using my vehicle and also using the facility of loan by your brand I.e Nissan renault financial services india pvt. Ltd. With all my trust and faith I have made a relation with your company...

Renault / Car breakdown repair

Aug 25, 2019

ear Sirs N. Client at Renault Setúbal (PT): 352218 We are contacting you because of a critical situation that is happening in Portugal so that they can help us solve the problem. We delivered our Renault Twizy car (registration: 37-NX-94) on 29 April 2019 at a Renault workshop in Setúbal...

Renault / renault duster 2016 4x4

Aug 23, 2019

My 2016 duster suddenly without any causes started juggling as if a tire is loose, and this happened exactly on the day the 3 year warranty ends (20/7/2019) and I couldn't get to the dealership on the same day, so i went a couple of days later to a certified maintenance center called...

Renault / product and service

Aug 22, 2019

Kindly be advised to maintain quality control. I decided to purchase my first car at Renault, little did i know i would be making a terrible mistake. The services I receive is not consistent, everyone was calling me until i signed the papers and found faults with the car, then suddenly i...

Renault / after sales service fixing faults

Aug 19, 2019

I have been constantly phoning and emailing the Renault dealership i bought my car from. They hardly ever reply or sort out my problems in the end I have had to go do there 6 times to get it resolved. All they want to do is fob you of and get rid of you, worst service I have had from car...

Renault / spare part delay and poor customer service

Aug 07, 2019

Dear Madam/ Sir Hello my name is Eman (I'm from Egypt) I've got a problem in my car, which was stated production one, and I visited Abo Rawash branch and was told the spare part shall arrive in 2 to 3 weeks. Till now no show, I called the customer service last week twice they promised to...

Renault / kadjar

Aug 02, 2019

My windshield has cracked since the car was brand new I have submitted complaints couple of times the front windshield rubber seal had been changed twice by the dealership for some unknown reason which caused the front windshield to crack no one from the agency or the dealership i...

Renault / false advertising

Jul 31, 2019

Good day. We bought a renault megane 1.6 expression 2018 model. The features listed in the add was incorrect. As we bought the car from Centurion renault that bought the car out from Bloemfontein where we saw it. Please see attached link of the ad The car doesn't have pdc...

[Resolved] Renault / andheri east mumbai service centre

Jul 30, 2019

Did you know it takes Renault Andheri East Service Centre, Mumbai 12 days to get a part for a car under Extended warranty and Renault India watches. please read on the full story so far... Sir / Madam My car - Renault Lodgy Stepway bough in Aug 2016 Reg MH02EE9482- could not start on...

[Resolved] Renault / service went wrong.

Jul 29, 2019

I have given taken my car to a service center for an insurance claim. They have done the insurance part correctly. But they have damaged my car battery. The battery was in good condition, but after the insurance the car doesn't even start. And the battery has burnt inside, and they are...

Renault / renault captur

Jul 29, 2019

This letter serves to submit a complaint: Product and Service. I purchased my Renault Captur from Lionel motors Rustenburg SA Jun 2016. Within the first month of purchase I needed to return the car twice as the bumper was loose and had to be refitted. October 2016 1st warranty claim - faulty...

Renault Graaff Reinet / service

Jul 26, 2019

Dear Renault, The service received from Renault Graaff Reinet has been nothing but disgusting. As a previous Renault owner and a prospective customer the service received from Manager Dean was absolutely horrendous. I visited on the 19th July and quickly asked him if they do trade in...

Renault Egypt El Obbour / renault fluence 2015

Jul 24, 2019

My car renault fleunce 2015 make 48000 km, all mentaince service with the renault egypt, problem with my autogearbox need replacment, request money from me 35000 egyptian pounds, how come as all my maintaince service with them and my car didnot make even 50000 km and i asked about gearbox...

Renault / complaint against renault

Jul 24, 2019

RenaultDear Sir / Madam, Please be advised that I bought a Fluence 2013 new, for the first 3 years I had no issues however later afterwards the maintenance started as major first change the gear box... etc, I am regular customer for Renault service center either in Saudi or UAE. Unfortunately...

Renault Queenstown / car service indicator

Jul 22, 2019

Good day I switched on the ignition this morning and a car and a spanner popped up on the display. I had a chat on line( Renault ) the gentlemen assisting me gave me a number to call in my area QUEENSTOWN EC to either book or enquire that they reset. I called the number and I quoted the km...

Renault / parts

Jul 18, 2019

Good day, I purchased a Renualt Duster DCI Prestige 2018 in Febuary 2019. Upon purchase I did enquire on parts, and they advised it will never be an issue, however I have been without my vehicle for 3weeks due to no parts available. I want answers. I will be making cotact with the Consumer...

Renault / espace service

Jul 15, 2019

I gave my 2017 Renault Espace for service at Auto Pokorny Brno-Lesna April 24 2019. They serviced the car but today I realized that they replaced my tail light with an older more scratched one. The give away was that I saw finger prints inside the tail light that has never been opened...

[Resolved] Renault / horn

Jul 14, 2019

Horn suddenly not working from new to now, some time horn is OK and sometimes horn is gone silent suddenly, very serious problem of kwid, many times i visited service center but my problem is not solve that told me there is a problem from your steering wheel, I told him to solve the...

Renault / air conditioning performance

Jul 12, 2019

Dear Sirs I am D. Ahmed Samir, I own a Renault Fluence model 2011 since October 2010. I purchased my car from one of the Egyptian distributers. Since I purchased my car, I had no problem with the air conditioning but 2 months ago the compressor of the air conditioning system damaged and...

Renault / I bought a brand new car that is defective and they are falling to fix the car or take it back

Jul 12, 2019

On the 20th of December 2018 i bought a new Renault step way plus at Renault in Menlyn Pretoria. Before i took the car home that day they took the car to the shop they said it had a minor issue and i drove home with it that day. 0n the 28 of December 2018 it had problems i called them and...

Renault / periodic service

Jul 12, 2019

They have been consistently poor in their after market service. The service sought has been terrible and absurdly expensive with no value of work. I tried calling them this week for a service and no one answered, today I call and ask for a service tomorrow (any time) straight away wa...