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France - 92513

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The United Kingdom
The Rivers Office Park, Maple Cross - Rickmansworth Herts WD3 9Y5 

Ground Floor, 4 Nexus Court, Mulgrave, Victoria 3170

New Zealand
7 Clemow Drive, Mount Wellington, Auckland 1060

Belgium and Luxemburg

Renault Complaints & Reviews

Renault the Glen / customer service

Zainab Cader Moola on Mar 16, 2018
The service I received was the worst ever. I am so disappointed as I kept going back to this dealership, only to find out that they didn't check my credit score with all the banks and they only put my application through for Wesbank which is the bank they work with. Now I am paying an...

Renault / car manufacturing problem

Osama Wahba on Mar 13, 2018
My car is Step way AT care 2016 with car chassis No. 9653141750-Motor No. 9421 I'm complain Renault Egypt's agent of the bad service as a results of low experience and their trying to earn more money for wrong issues, what had been happened with me that they asked me with every 10, 000 km...

Renault / car accessories and parts not provided also facilities which were charged in advance not given even after 40 days and several reminders

Amit bha on Mar 13, 2018
Its Been 1 Month Now since I Bought my Reult kwid car and Even 1st Servicing Done But Regret buying Renault Car as There are still things not given inspite of paying for them in Advance ideally was suppose to get on Delivery but even After 1 month and 1st service not yet Got them. Last...

Renault / response from customer service team

mohamed refaie on Mar 9, 2018
i own Kadjar 2018, it has been only 2 month since i bought the car, i had a small inquiry about the Maps being outdated and need update, i have been trying to get in touch to customer service team, sent several email but noone is giving me proper answer, the last request that i received i...

Renault / renault megane bose

Pappa sweden on Mar 6, 2018
I bought my Renault in 2015 it was used but was in excellent condition. I have been extremely conscious about keeping the car in top condition my children have never been allowed to eat or drink in the car. The car has now done 85000km and is great except for the fake leather at the side...

Renault / call monitoring

harry boats on Mar 5, 2018
Recently received strange interest would provided suspicions responses from a zohra. botman@gmail.com A Dealer Principal based in pinetown has been suspected for using company software to monitor peers and offload useful business information to his associates by monitoring calls from so...

Renault Egypt / air circulation in the car

Osama Shindy on Feb 26, 2018
ear Sir I have now had a Kadjar for 12 months. I have been experiencing problems with the air circulation in the car as follows There is air coming from the vents even when I have closed the button for circulation which is to prevent air coming from outside. Because of the pollution here...

Renault / kadjar

habash on Feb 25, 2018
dear, I just bought a kadjar car brown colour from about 3 weeks but didn't move with it except 460 km I have a problem in the car from the right side I hear noise when I make any twist or even getting backwards or going left orright slowly or by and little bumps I took the car 3 times for...

Renault / I am complaining about mislleng the reno kwid and doing fraud of accessories worth of 10000.

Harshharshraj on Feb 18, 2018
This is harsh from up india. I am purchasing reno kwid from ambe notors bareilky up. But agency mis selling the car and fraud of accesories worth rs. 10000. I have lodged the complaint ti cuatomer care but still customer care india unable to resolve my complaint and misguided me a lot from...

Renault / service rendered at the service centre at renault northcliff

Kirk Arthur De Sai on Feb 15, 2018
I am very disappointed at the service received by renault northcliff. Since purchasing my vehicle brand new i've had to take the car back numerous times for various things. The brakes would make a bad noise.. I was advised that there is a known problem and after many times of taking the...

Renault / car paint

Salma El-Hoshee on Feb 14, 2018
I have bought my car in 2013; It is a sandero renault one. As you can see in the attached images, the paint of the car has almost gone!!! And it is not only my car; it seems there is something wrong with the 2013 model, as I have noticed that in many cars around my country. When I checked...

[Resolved] Renault / kwid engine oil chamber leakage issue

Ramiz uddin on Feb 8, 2018
Dear Renault Its Very painful to Share you that i have a Renault KWID RXT OUTBLACK BRONZE Registration number AS.02Q.7558. And my cars Engine oil chamber was braked on January 2k17 somewhere in off road. and that time i take my car to my nearest Renault Authorized service provider (Maa...

[Resolved] Renault / ripoff, lies, [censor] job

Martin Hoplicek on Feb 2, 2018
The worst service ever. We stopped there on our way to Morocco, seeking professional service. They replaced front joints of my Renault Master. I paid 570EUR for the job even though I told them I have my VAT number and should not be paying 21% VAT. After 1 week, not even 1000km both bottom...

[Resolved] Renault / lack of experience and lake of knowledge of the car and a very bad customer help

Hazem Mansour on Jan 30, 2018
I had own a Renault car step-way model in Egypt. this car now in the maintenance for error happened in the car 12 days ago they didn't know how to fix this issue and we call them many times and the only answer we get we don't know what is the issue in the car. is this OK in Renault car, and...

[Resolved] Renault / vehicle

saiavis123 on Jan 25, 2018
dr sivanandam maniam (contact : +60162220327) 10, jalan 32/64b seksyen 32, 40460 shah alam selangor, malaysia 26 january 2018 to whom it may concern via email renault customer service tan chong customer service malaysia / france dear sir, repeated complaints about renault captur (regt...

[Resolved] Renault / battery

Shaimaa aiaad on Jan 25, 2018
Dear Sir, A very bad experience with Renualt : I bought Renualt Sandero in Sep. 2015, my battery get flat in July 2017, after 1 year and 10 months, as my car was still in warranty, Renault had replaced it and I didn't pay anything, the new battery efficiency started to decreased after 5...

[Resolved] Renault / I am complaining about bad service renault-karaso dealership, israel

maavster on Jan 23, 2018
To whom it may concern, ‎ Recently, during the warranty period, the car security code device got broken (this ‎device is installed by Renault-Karaso dealership, Israel )‎ Renault-Karaso sent me to the their contractor for the security code device replacement.‎ During device replacement...

[Resolved] Renault / horrible service and lack of accountability

Fidelis Moema on Jan 22, 2018
Good day, I would like to bring it to your attention the level of service I have received at the Renault Menlyn dealership. Sometime last year (2017) I noticed a sound which was coming from my car. With great concern, I took my car in at Renault Menlyn. A service advisor helped me by the...

[Resolved] Renault / frequent car breakdown and poor service response - koleos

S Hashmi on Jan 19, 2018
From: S Hashmi Date: Sat, Jan 6, 2018 at 6:32 PM Subject: Frequent car breakdown and poor service response -KOLEOS UP80CS0005 To: customer@renault.com Cc: Wajid Ahmed, Wajid Ahmed Dear Sir/Madam Please find below the failure of our expensive car due to manufacturing defect or poor service...

[Resolved] Renault / renault captur 2016 model

RenaultBeliever on Jan 16, 2018
Letter/email to renault ksa-dammam service manager (01.08.2018): History: Allow me to give you a brief history of my renault captur, acquired from your rakkah showroom: The captur was acquired from your showroom, one wednesday in may 2017 around 12nn. the unit was advertised by your...


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