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1800 870 714 (Australia)
800 1692 1692 (International)
8800 100 8182 (Russia)
1800 505 1300 (Mexico)
+1 800 247-9753 (United States)
+354 534 4433 (Iceland)
+420 221 586 512 (Slovakia)
+27 102 525 000 (South Africa)
+82 803 652 470 (South Korea)
+54 800 333 7070 (Argentina)
1000 Chrysler Drive
Auburn Hills, Michigan
United States - 48326
P.O.Box 1621, Windsor, ON N9A 4H6

437 Plummer Street, Port Melbourne, VIC 3207, Australia 

Hovedvejen 208, 2600 Glostrup

Teknobulevardi 3-5, 01530 Vantaa 

Madarász Viktor u 47 A-B., 1138 Budapešť, Maďarsko

Hanauer Landstraße 176, 60314 Frankfurt am Main 

Leningradsky prospekt (metro Dinamo), d. 31А, stroyeniye 1, Moscow, 125284

South Africa
270 George Street, Noordwyk, Midrand 1685,Gauteng 

Färögatan 33, 164 51 Kista - Stockholm

Prol. Paseo de la Reforma № 1240, Col. Sante Fe, C.P.05109, Cuajimalpa, Mexico, D.F

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Chrysler Complaints & Reviews

Jan 22, 2021

Chrysler — Shifter is dangerous and not one available to repair, they say a nationwide backlog

The shifter began jumping out of gear about october, 2020... When I would put in park getting out it had...

Chrysler2019 dodge challenger

in the summer of 2020 i bought a brand new 2019dodge challenger scat pack. purchased from spartanburg sc chrysler dodge jeep ram dealership. i took my car to the dealership on 10/22/20 for a oil change, tire rotation and to repair a fog light that had become detached. service tech found that the water pump was extremely noisy, found water pump bearings failing. replaced water pump and refilled coolant. the car had 12, 440 miles on it that day. my wife followed me there to leave it. i decided to stay. my wife came by to see if the car had been serviced. she parked beside my car. someone in the service department had parked my car. i met my wife outside. i looked around my car to make sure there were no scratches, etc... when i got to the front of the car i saw that the front spoiler was resting on the curb. i got advisor, Brian Grumbles to come out and see where the front spoiler was cracked from it being parked and hitting the curb. Brian said he would order a new one and call me when it came in. i took his word. there was no incident report did. shortly thereafter i via email received a survey followup. i described what happen, got a second survey-same thing. no more contact from who ever sent the surveys nor a call from the dealership. keep in mind this damage to my brand new car happened 10/22/20. i have called the dealership, always sent to service managers voicemail. no return calls. i bought this car 9/27/19 it had 15 miles on it. second week of january 2021i called this phone #[protected].the lady placed me on hold and called the dealership, she also had to leave a voicemail asking him to call me. 3 days later my wife called the 1-800 # again due to my having to work. another lady called the dealership as i was on hold, she returned to me and said she left a voicemail. said if i had not gotten a call in the next 1 day to call the dealership. my wife called the dealership on 1/12/20 the receptionst said she would connect me with his voicemail. i told her no because he had not retured any of the voicemails concerning me. she remembered my name from the previous day that 1-800 # called. she said she was writing everything down and would give to i believe she said his name was John, dont quote me on the name.said if he didnt call in 1 hour to call back. i didnt call back, becoming very unprofessial dealership associate. today, 1/13/20 my wife called the 1-800# once again and once again had to explain the whole situation.the lady she spoke with put her on hold and called the dealership and again she was sent to voicemail. the time is now 5:51 pm. i have still not gotten a call. about a month before i bought my car, my wife bought at the same dealership a 2018 dodge charger scatpack. in total we have spent about $70, 000 on our cars. the 1-800 lady my wife spoke with this morning-1/13/20 said to her and i quote, its your word against the dealership. i have no idea who the [protected] belongs to since thats the phone number that the dealership gave me when i called wanting the corporate head quarters contact #.this is totally unacceptable... i want my bent/scratched front end bottom spoiler replaced with a brand new one. this situation should not have gotten to this point, ie... lenght of time elasped with no communiaction from all my attemps to resolve this. i dont want to have to go any further with this unresolved issue. if i or my wife are not contacted by the end of this month-January, 21 i will have my attorney to pursue this.i am a customer that upheld his agreement in buying these 2 cars. i am not nor should i have to continue this back and forth. my phone # is [protected]. my wife is [protected]. my name is alvis carter owner of the challenger, she is, judy carter owner of the charger.
thank you,
Alvis D Carter. my email addy is [protected]@gmail.com

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    Dec 11, 2020

    Chrysler — Service of my air ride suspension system

    I took a trip from southern Indiana to Minneapolis for Thanksgiving. During that trip a notification appeared...

    ChryslerWarped door panels

    We purchased our chrysler 300s 2014 new. Love the car but having numerous problems with our door panels warping, warping big time. This has to be a product defect, so why is there no recall on this problem? I noticed there is a class action lawsuit pending but I would prefer if you admitted to the problem and did a recall. Everyone who sees our car loves it but then always asks what is the problem with the door panel? How do I tell them it is a major problem and chrysler doesn't want to admit it. Please help. I plan on keeping this car my lifetime of driving as my husband just died last month and I cannot afford another car. I have the full bumper to bumper warranty from mopar on this - will you allow them to take care of the problem under the warranty because they won't now. Please help. I am a senior citizen and since my husband died last month and I am not receiving his social security or pension, my funds are limited.

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      Hilltop Chrysler Jeep Dodge RamMaintenance issues with 2014 grand cherokee

      Since purchasing the 2014 Grand Cherokee there have been 70 incidents of repairs or recalls, many of which have lead to unsafe vehicle conditions and forcing us to rent a vehicle to work or do our regular life functions. The most recent repairs took over a month to have the work done and roughly 20 hours of work was done to the vehicle. The car was returned three times to the dealership beginning 10/8/2020 and ending 11/13/20 for this round with another service to be scheduled as soon as the backordered parts are received. Since 10/8/20 we have rented vehicles to allow us to work and have transportation, all at our cost. To date this has amounted to nearly $1500.00. The vehicle was towed in to be service after the initial visit and again returned the third time the service was supposedly completed. Our extended warranty did cover the rental till June but it now is not covering the excessive rental expenses.

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        ChryslerYour warranty

        I am writing about your lifetime warranty... I bought a new 2007 jeep liberty in 2007... I did every service thing according to the book... Changed oil on time... Front and rear diff oil as the book said... Antifreeze flush... Trans flush... Every thing as written... I spent alot of money... I have been a loyal costumer for a long time... I have talked many friends and relatives into buying chrysler... I was told my life time warranty has expired because I didnt get a... Free...Inspection done... I have made many calls and get the same smoke blown up my [censored]... If this is how you treat a long time loyal customer?... I will go else where... Ford... Chevy... Toyota... What ever... Never again a chrysler product... And I will make sure until I am dead... To say nothing good about chrysler ever again... Perry hoitink... Oostburg wi...[protected]... Would love to here from someone who has the guts to make this right... With out the smoke

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          • Updated by Perry Hoitink · Oct 11, 2020

            I repeat... you need to get a free inspection every 5 years or you will loose your lifetime warranty... please dont let them take yours like they took mine

          • Updated by Perry Hoitink · Oct 11, 2020

            Anyone with a... so called... lifetime warranty... needs to read this!!! you need to get a free inspection 60 days before or after your date of purchase every 5 years... or you loose your warranty... yes... chrysler, dodge... jeep... has found a sleezy way out of their lifetime warranty...

          • Updated by Perry Hoitink · Oct 11, 2020

            any chance that someone in charge will call me?

          Aug 10, 2020

          Chrysler — Spare tire not included in 2020 model.

          Purchased Chrysler Pacifica 2020 ( owed older version for 3.5 years). Was driving on the highway with my...

          Chrysler2011 dodge dakota laramie 4.7lv8

          Bought this truck about 5 years ago from a local dealer with 28000 miles on it. The previous owner bought it new. 5 years later it only has 84000 miles on it. I have kept all of my service record for it including every 3000 mile oil change. Have always treated it like a baby and bragged about it. About 3 weeks ago it developed a knock in the engine and power seemed"off". Brought it to a local dealer and was told it is a lower engine knock and that I needed my engine replaced. Called dodge to inquire if they would do anything about it and was told that there was nothing they could do. Not a thing! It is a shame that dodge will not stand by their product to even make it to 1000, 000 miles. Very discouraged with them! Don't buy a dodge!

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            Chrysler2009 jeep liberty

            Chrysler refuses to honor lifetime warranty, they admit the jeep has been well maintained. My warranty was cancelled because they claim it wasn't in for the 5 year power train inspection. Every time the dealership said something needed to be done we did it. We were informed the the warranty was in limbo, we were to call back in two or three days. When we called back we were told it was cancelled. Both times we were told records showed the jeep was well maintained. Each time we took it in for an oil change they did a vehicle inspection.

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              Jun 16, 2020

              Chrysler — Star dodge abilene texas service department

              Poor customer service. Will take your money and will not fix your car right. They make all these excuses and...

              Jun 09, 2020

              Chrysler — Service department at premier dodge in new orleans la.

              We bought a Dodge Promaster Van from Premier Dodge last year. Called service department at Premier Dodge...

              Chrysler2018 Dodge Ram

              I have 7700 miles on my truck and my drivers side window clips keep breaking. 3 times in the past couple months I have spent time sitting in the dealership while they fix the issue. These clips that are chrysler manufactured are the issue. I am wondering how many more times will I need to spend my time to repair this same issue. As I drive down the street I can hear cracking sounds from within that window, which tells me they are garbage replacement parts.

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                Feb 27, 2020

                Riverside Auto Sales — Customer service and leaky sunroof on 2016 Jeep Patriot

                We bought a used 2016 Jeep Patriot at Riverside Auto Sales in Escanaba, MI on May 5, 2018. Noticed roof...

                Feb 15, 2020

                Chrysler — customer service department

                On Thursday January 16 th 2020, I dropped my 2018 Jeep Rubicon off at Provincial Chrysler and put my keys in...

                Feb 12, 2020

                Chrysler — new car sales and owed promise

                Hello, long story short we bought a new 2019 Dodge Charger GT on November 10, 2019. The only way they could...

                Feb 05, 2020

                Chrysler — lakeland chrysler, dodge, jeep ram lakeland florida - sales problem

                Lakeland CDJR I recently purchased a new 2020 Jeep Wrangler JLU and love it. Unfortunately I purchased from...

                Feb 01, 2020

                Chrysler — limited 2500 ram

                I will try to explain this from my prospective. I had been looking for a 2019 Ram, Limited, 2 WD, 8 ft bed. I...

                Jan 26, 2020

                Chrysler — seat warmer, leather seat burn hole in seat nearly a fire

                2005 Jeep Liberty Limited V6 4X4. only 131, 00 miles Leather seat warmer, driver side. While driving...

                Jan 25, 2020

                Chrysler — service/general manager “alex”

                2019 2012 rubicon, heater door behind glove compartment making noise, upon picking up got inside, dash light...

                Jan 21, 2020

                Bartlesville Chrysler Dodge Ram Jeep — I am complaining about the purchase and everything that followed.

                I purchased a new Chrysler Pacifica on the day I received my title CDJR that I purchased the auto with...

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