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Complaints & Reviews

2018 Dodge Ram

I have 7700 miles on my truck and my drivers side window clips keep breaking. 3 times in the past couple months I have spent time sitting in the dealership while they fix the issue. These clips that are chrysler manufactured are the issue. I am wondering how many more times will I need to spend my time to repair this same issue. As I drive down the street I can hear cracking sounds from within that window, which tells me they are garbage replacement parts.

Riverside Auto Sales — Customer service and leaky sunroof on 2016 Jeep Patriot

We bought a used 2016 Jeep Patriot at Riverside Auto Sales in Escanaba, MI on May 5, 2018. Noticed roof leaked and brought it to May 30, 2019. Dealership could not find leak...

customer service department

On Thursday January 16 th 2020, I dropped my 2018 Jeep Rubicon off at Provincial Chrysler and put my keys in the dropbox for a 7 AM appointment the following day. The wiring on...

new car sales and owed promise

12620 Hello, long story short we bought a new 2019 Dodge Charger GT on November 10, 2019. The only way they could close the deal with us was to promise us (which we have in writing) wa...

lakeland chrysler, dodge, jeep ram lakeland florida - sales problem

Lakeland CDJR

I recently purchased a new 2020 Jeep Wrangler JLU and love it. Unfortunately I purchased from Lakeland Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram

A Lakeland Chrysler desk Manager agreed to my offer including Dealer doc fees.

When the Salesperson returned to complete the paperwork we noticed they had added an additional $1, 000. In dealer documentation fees to the agreed price. A second Manager returned and once again agreed to our original offer.

We completed the paperwork in the finance office and finally left the dealership at 10:00PM on a Saturday.

I looked over the paperwork on the following Monday to find they had hidden the additional $1, 000. Back in at the finance office. Shame on me for not catching them cheating me a second time!

Over the past couple of weeks, I have reached out to the General Manager of this dealership 14 times by phone, email and in person to calmly discuss the situation with absolutely no reply!

Save yourselves some real regret and do business with a more reputable dealer.
#lakelandchrysler, #lakelandjeep, #lakelanddodge, #newjeeplakeland, #usedjeeplakeland.

Don O'Connor

limited 2500 ram

I will try to explain this from my prospective. I had been looking for a 2019 Ram, Limited, 2 WD, 8 ft bed. I had talked to Jim about a year ago. I will admit I got caught up in the employee discount when I purchased this truck. I purchased the 2019, 2500 Ram truck after a year of research. I was excited about all the new changes that Ram had made. I planned on this being the last truck I would buy. I have purchased several dodges over the years, a 1975 ½ ton Dodge, 1992 ¾ ton Dodge, 2003 1-ton Dodge, 2006 1-ton Dodge and this 2019 ¾ ton truck. I had looked at the towing capacity of 19, 780 pounds and the pictures on the website showing the truck towing a large fifth wheel. It never occurred to me that the payload of the Limited trim level, Cummins motor, 4-wheel drive and the gooseneck hitch in the bed would have a light the owner's manual it states not to load the truck over the payload sticker in the door. The sticker on the door states the payload is 1, 960 pounds. This was when I became aware of the light payload of this truck. I have been on the Ram website since then and noticed the payload of the Limited, 2 WD, 8 ft bed has increased 340 Lbs payload in 2020 and the 4 WD has decreased another 130 lbs this year. If you carry 4 adults at 200 pounds each, 31 gallons of fuel at 210 pounds, DEF at 50 pounds, engine oil at 21 pounds, and your fifth wheel hitch at 100 pounds the total weight of these items is equal to 1, 181 pounds of payload. That leaves 779 pounds of weight for payload weight of your 5th wheel. I couldn't find any fifth wheel camping trailers that has that small of king pin weight. I own a fifth wheel trailer with a king pin weight of 1, 925 pounds. It appears that the average pin wheel weight is 1, 500 pounds. This means that this truck does not come close to handling my trailer. I feel that Ram is responsible for not acknowledging the combination of the diesel motor, Limited trim package, 4 x4 and the gooseneck hitch is not for hauling a heavy load. Your ad stating it tows more than any other competitor in the 2500 range is misleading.
In the end, I ended up trading in the 2500 less than six weeks after purchasing it because it would not tow what I owned which was similar to the trailer depicted in the on-line ad. Neither Jim or Marcus did not know this or disclose this limitation even though I had discussed the purpose of the truck. I had spoken with several different dealers over the year of researching and it was not mentioned. I paid $70, 337 for the original Limited truck, then five weeks later we were allowed a $61, 000 towards the purchase of a Laramie 3500 with the addition of $4, 451 in cash. The second truck is a down grade from the Limited, but it was a reasonable the end I was out of pocket $77, 422 for the RAM 3500 Laramie which list price was $74, 590. All prices were based on the employee discount.
I had talked with Marcus on the deal on the 3500 Ram that we traded for. I felt we started out communicating well. He had located a truck which appeared to have the options I wanted. He sent me the options list and I compared it to the Limited option list I have. I did not think about the Trim Levels being so much different. But there it is.
I had questioned the pictures Marcus sent me of the interior of the truck, they were not clear, so I asked him some questions.
I questioned the #1 foam on the bucket seats in the Laramie and he assure me it was the same seat as the Limited. This is the major complaint I have. The seats are very firm and does not support my lower back. I have back pains when driving this truck and I am not sure at this time if I will be able to ride in it for long distances which was the reason to trade this year. Plans to travel.
Both the cabin wind and road noise are louder in the Laramie.
I asked if the Laramie has the same center console in it as the Limited has? He said it did. They are different.
I questioned the trim that is located around the 12" monitor on the dash and on the sides of the console. Something looked off in the picture. He said it was black and when I picked up the truck it is gold.
The seats are certainly different. I would consider replacing the seats with Limited seats if they would fit, match and not break the bank.
With these differences and all the money that has been spent I am disappointed. This has left a bad feeling about the way Ram and the dealer network handles it buyers.
From a personal note the dealer should always make the buyer aware of the different there are when suggesting down grading to lower Trim line. It is more than the option list differences.
It appears for me to get the Limited trim line in another truck at this time would cost me another $20, 000.00. Since this is out of my ability to pay or willingness to put into another truck so I will have to settle for what I have.
I had expressed my disappointment when I picked up the truck from Jim. I felt I had made a deal and a man should honor his agreement.
Jim was good to work with and help in many ways. It's just the out come was not what I was looking for. I will copy Marcus on this email so he will be aware.
A campaign ad showing what the payload capacity is or at least educating the salesperson so that they may be able to suggest the correct product for your customer's application would be a great help to customers like me.
Thank you for the opportunity to share my experience and opinion. I have enjoyed the RAM trucks I have owned over the years, but this experience has definitely been an expensive and bad one. It will influence my future research and purchases.
Gene Williams & family


seat warmer, leather seat burn hole in seat nearly a fire

12620 2005 Jeep Liberty Limited V6 4X4. only 131, 00 miles Leather seat warmer, driver side. While driving, suddenly the seat became way too HOT. Had to stop and and get out and turned...

service/general manager “alex”

2019 2012 rubicon, heater door behind glove compartment making noise, upon picking up got inside, dash lights flashing & ringing no seat belt, airbags, no turn signals, brak...

Bartlesville Chrysler Dodge Ram Jeep — I am complaining about the purchase and everything that followed.

I purchased a new Chrysler Pacifica on the day I received my title CDJR that I purchased the auto with contacted me and notified me that she had transposed the last number on the...

dodge ram dealership in hemet ca

I went to Buy a RAM 1500 Classic. On there website the 2019 truck was listed at 14, 958$ on website. I knew i didnt qualify for 1250 plus 2000 in trade in value lost, so list for...

broken cars and prejudice actions from service department

I called less then 15 minutes ago to Brandon Dodge, since no one called me on my last 5 complaints to set up service.

I called and made an appointment for this Friday at 10 am, I told the service department and they confirmed, I remembered I had a gathering with the Denver Mayor so I had to reschedule for next Friday. I then got a call back from Brandon Dodge service department saying I cannot make an appointment unless I talk with the service manager...I asked, why do I have to make an appointment through him vs everyone else...he had no answer, I told him I would be calling dodge and as hanging up on him...I said what a [censored]...why?

Because now you have a lawsuit for treating customers different...I cant, now you are prejudice to myself because of my complaints...I guess this is how all crack teams work...tell me I cant make any appointment without talking to a service manager!

Against the law! You just said I complain to much so I get a special added fun, I cant make an appointment with the service desk without talking with a team!

Wow, prejudice is everyplace...I will I do everything with dumb dodge issues...sending to all 3 local TV stations.

Even if your scared of me or my actions, you cannot not give me service or an added special step to make an appointment...against the law!

I will be getting legal help on this!

Douglas C Scalf

vehicle armour warranty

Called a couple weeks ahead of time for a new fob and to touch up some small scratches which is all covered under the vehicle armour warranty in which I paid an extra 850 dollar...

Al Deeby Dodge — lied to me

I had to purchase a replacement Radio/GPS for my 2014 Ram in Nov. 2018. (with 2 yr warranty) Before purchasing from Al Deeby I asked the simple question, will I have the latest...

Southern Dodge Chrysler Jeep — service department

I am complaining about the service deptment at Southern Dodge Chrysler Jeep because everytime I take my 2017 Ram 1500 truck in for an oil change and tire rotation I end up being...

service department

I brought my 2008 Chrysler town & country in for an obvious valve cover oil leak. I told the service advisor that it was obvious and told her where the leak was. Hours later I...

chrysler pacifica

Chrysler, you have let me down!!! I purchased a 2018 Chrysler Pacifica and have already received $3000 in repair bills for the intake valve and active grill shelter problems. There have also been 5 recalls on the vehicle since I purchased it. I am very disappointed with the quality of this vehicle. I will never purchase another Chrysler/Dodge vehicle.

2019 pacifica

Brought vehical in for its second oil change/tire rotation. immediately after leaving can hear and feel unbalanced tire. Bring it back to dealer and service dept tells me it will...

Shorkey Chrysler — service

I have a Chrysler 200c AWD with 66440 miles and recently noticed the transmission has been slipping in D4. I called there and told the service department my trouble and was told I...

dodge ram 1500 ecodiesel laramie limited

Took my $50K Dodge Ram Ecodiesel to Jack Wolf Jeep/Chrysler because the air suspension was leaning to one side. After an entire day at the dealer and no call back i showed up and...

2012 chrysler 200

Chrysler vehicles with serious issues with heat/heater core and cooling system. They require continue repairs and replacement. Cost falling on me the consumer. Heat blows hot and cold on different sides. This is a serious safety issue resulting in the inability to maintain a clear window during inclement weather. I had my car (2012 Chrysler 200) serviced on this issue last year and it has occurred again. This time they are trying to say it is my fault and it cost me almost 300 for a diagnostic . Now they say I have to replace the new radiator i put in last year and also a new thermostat and housing unit...they wont replace the faulty heatercore unless I dish out another 1700 to replace the other gunked up parts.

This is a issue in the manufacturing of the motor resulting in slug being dumped into the heater core/cooling system plugging the system up.

Chrysler and their service team/management are well aware of this issue. Now I have the issue again and must pay for the same repairs due to the faulty manufacturing on Chrysler part.

It is time for Chrysler to step up and stand behind their product and it is right for the consumer or a class action should be initiated...My grandson is having the same issues and I have dished out so much money to get this problem corrected. Seems Chrysler does not care nor do their crappy dealerships. I am at my end and there is no help in site. Fix the problems with this heater core issue and stand behind your cars.

loyalty sucks

As mentioned before: still have 2017 Pacifica that loses power while engine keeps running. My brother-in-law bought 2017 Pacifica about same time in Ohio and had the same problem. He was told by Chrysler that there is no fix. I've experienced no fix after several trips back to dealer service.

Two times now I'v had to coast across railroad tracks with no power to accelerate if needed... there have been other similar incidences that have scared me and my wife.

When I bought the Pacifica, I traded my 2014 Grand Caravan in (great car) for Pacifica. Had 0% financing... didn't get loyalty discount or 0% financing on new 2017 Pacifica. I liked my Grand Caravan so much that my friends two married daughters purchased one each and one was totalled broadside and was replaced with new.

Have not bragged about my Pacifica, but, it is a nice car other than power loss problem. Drove 2019 Pacifica Touring L Plus while my 2017 was in shop. Had no power loss problem even once... would like to have one but because Chrysler doesn't seem to care about my safety, probably won't happen. I may have a new car by end of this year

Michael Lopriore

Cell: [protected]

chrysler town & country 2013 vin: 2c4rc1bg6dr620815

November 14, 2019

Chrysler America Customer Service
1000 Chrysler Drive
Auburn Hills, Michigan 48326

Re: Dual Failure of Front Wheel Bearings; Chrysler Town & Country 2013, VIN: 2C4RC1BG6DR620815, Miles - 73760

Dear Chrysler:

I am writing to request compensation for $1, 597.68 for repairs to my 2013 Town & Country Van. While the vehicle is likely out of warranty, this failure should not have occurred under the circumstances. I bought the vehicle gently used from the proverbial little old lady and I, myself, drive like one.

I have owned several Chrysler/Dodge vehicles and until this fully satisfied with their performance and repair history. My last Dodge Extended Van lasted with minimal repairs for over 247, 000 miles!

The full record of the repair is attached in a 2-sided invoice.

I thank you for considering this request favorably.

With regards,

J. Gaston B. Williams
Raleigh, NC

chrysler town & country 2013 vin: 2c4rc1bg6dr620815

recall / vandalism of property

Car was brought in for routine repairs regarding automobile recall. Upon arrival and paying for my battery, my car was brought out to me once I got into my car I noticed that...

recall failure or false warranty claim

I contacted Cummins Dodge in Weatherford OK Oct 18, 2019 and talked to Chad Cummins first letting him know my car was not fixed by the dealership as they stated to me and that it...

replacement of radio and radio dash bezel (trim)

they replaced my radio but instead of putting my trim (which was a medium frost beige) they put an old black trim with some wear showing. My van is a 2015 town and country 48700...

2019 jeep renegade

My 2019 Jeep renegade messed up. We took it to the shop to be checked. Come to find out. It needed a new dash cluster. We had to leave it. Part was supposed to be in within two weeks. Ended up staying in the shop for one month. I feel we should be compensated for the month it stayed in the shop I don't see why it would take so long for the part to come in and get put on. We had to pay on a vehicle we were unable to drive

they messed up my engine

My name is Danielle Jones and I need to file complaint against Chrysler Three Rivers Dodge Jeep and Ram and my complaint is that they did work on my car and messed up my engine...

2014 dodge ram larimet

terrible gas mileage, no power. took to Marlette Dodge dealer in marlette, mi they tested it and stated the exhaust value on #4 hole was not moving and vertict is it needs a cam and lifters. the cam is in stock and the lifters are out of stock and 13, 800 are on back order according the service advisor. this is my only truck to continuing working. the service advisor advised that he had no estimated date of parts to arrive as 13, 800 were on back order. my question is if 13, 800 are on back order is this issue going to be a recall? please help your loyal chrysler dodge truck owner

2014 dodge caravan

My Caravan was stuck in 3rd gear for about 5 miles. As I continued to drive it stuck in 2nd gear. I took it to the shop where I just paid for a rebuilt transmission. The Mechanic ran tests on the vehicle and said its either the solenoid body, the wiring, or the computer. He said they performed a shake test on the wiring and everything looked fine. He said that I need to pull over and shut the car off when it revs in 3rd or 2nd gear and the computer should reset itself to allow me to drive the vehicle as intended. He said when the vehicle stays in 2nd or 3rd gear after restarting then they can look at it to see what may be the cause / error code. He said this is a safety that Chrysler put on the vehicle when there is a problem. This all sounds good except that I transport individuals with disabilities to and from their work place. I cant believe this is how I'm supposed to drive them until the computer sends the correct error code to the problem with the vehicle. He said I could replace the wiring, the computer, and the solenoid body which is a lot of money when we don't know which is causing the problem since the computer resets each time the vehicle is shut off. What is the solution. This is unacceptable, there has to be a better way to diagnose the problem. Furthermore the individuals that I serve dont understand why we have to keep pulling over, turning the vehicle off and back on again. They do have to be at their destination so this also hinders them in a timely manner.

  • Updated by Patty2019 · Oct 28, 2019

    This complaint is to Chryster not the mechanic that worked on my vehicle

Laurentian Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram — service department

I called to book a service appointment because the clasp for the front passenger side seat belt is defective. I stressed that I wanted this repaired as soon as possible because it...

2016 town and country touring

Most of the Uconnect updates Comm via satellite and it updates automatically. Now Uconnect is having an issue that you have to actually go to the store purchase a flash drive download it to your computer and download it to your car. I'm not able to do this. I've contacted Uconnect eight times. And I've had our County IT person try to get the update on a flash drive and it is impossible. It just does not work. The other option I was given from Uconnect is the care my van to my local Chrysler dealer and pay $100 to have it updated. That is ridiculous. Chrysler should pay for that to be done and not charge the client due to errors on Chrysler/Uconnect problems

service department/star issue not resolved

Seems I cannot resolve a service issue for my 2016 jeep renegade trail hawk.. No issues with regular oil change service through their express servise, at oil changes no suggestion...

service manager, doug krueger

Tuesday, September 10th. Van to Nye for transmission evaluation. Also needs tires and NYS inspection. Friday September 13th. Work quote/work authorized . Will order parts, 7-10...

2020 ram 1500 series truck

Bought my new truck 2020 Ram 1500 last month in Illinois at Benntenhauser Dodge in Tinley Park. Traded in a 2015 Ram 1500 Series Truck. Drove it to Arizona on Sept 27th. Engine light came on about 300 miles before getting to Mesa Az. Brought to dealer, Rodeo in SanTan Valley, Az on Oct 2nd. Was oil sensor went bad and had to wait week for part from California. When went to pick up truck notice AC not working . Took back to dealer, was told evaporator was bad. Replaced that then I get truck back after another week and half. Drove 10 miles notice AC still not working, took back to dealer. They told me going to over charge the AC unit. 2 days later stopped by dealer to find out any info, can't get temperature to equalize out of all the vents. Then finally call me to pick up truck, saying it all good. Take it 5 miles to my home, AC still not working. Used an AC thermometer into vents ran for 15 minutes on high. Temp didn't drop below 58°. It was 74° degrees out at 7:44 pm. Also outside temp gauge read 93°, which that is now not working. I will send pictures, Rodeo mechanics said the truck is reading up to Chrysler specs. No one can supply me with specs their reading, so I got specs myself. I have 4 jeeps, 1993, 2003, 2015, 2018. I know 2015 has 1234 freon in it. 2018 has same. Both run 38 degrees out of vents. Never had any problem. Checked my neighbors truck, runs 35°. Called customer service gave all info send now. Get call yesterday Oct. 21st from Leonel at Chrysler customer care, told me I'm on my own. So this is how to deal with customers. Been loyal to Chrysler products for long time. Dealer has had truck longer than I have, still there, brand new. All I want is for my truck to perform like a new truck on their lot. If they can't, please let me know why. They say its meeting with standard, 58° degrees. Should be 45° or lower. I have Chrysler & Honda standards. 55° is at the very highest when it's over 100° outside. At very highest should be 45° out of vents. I just dont know what to do anymore., not very happy, pretty upset.
Unsatisfied customer, Steve Gillis

2020 ram 1500 series truck
2020 ram 1500 series truck
2020 ram 1500 series truck

2014 ram ecodiesel

2014 Ram ecodiesel VIN 1C6Rr7LM2ES417630 purchased new October 2014. Service electronic throttle and limp mode at least 14 times. Scheduled installation of approved emission modification software for May 24th, modification installation caused check engine light. Dealership could not figure out problem they finally put a DEF injector on it and I got truck back August 9th, it was there 79 days. Court settlement called for a loaner vehicle if modification took more than 3 hours, I was offered one on day 71. I also was not given copy of the extended warranty.August 27th truck broke down and needed intake manifold replaced. Got truck back 22 days later on Sept 17th, Drove 25 miles check eng. light came on and truck was leaking antifreeze. Returned to dealership on Sept. 19th. Picked truck up 8 days later on Sept.26th after changing turbo coolant inlet tube. Drove 25 miles again and Check Eng. Light came back on. Immediately returned to dealership. They checked the codes and said truck needed to go thru a driving procedure for light to go off and told me how to do it. While driving the next day Sept 29 check engine light still on and then service electronic throttle warning came on and truck went into limp mode. Carried back to dealer on Sept. 30th. On Oct. 4th dealership said truck needed egr valve and had to order it. They told me I could come get it and drive it because their mechanic would be on vacation Oct 7th thru 11th. Picked up truck and it was still in limp mode very dangerous so could not drive it.yycOn Oct. 14 said part still not in. On Oct 18 said was ready but said it was turbo pressure switch, not egr valve. Drove 45 miles and check engine light back on. Dealership said bring it back Oct 21st. Truck unusable 128 out of last 148 days. FCA has violated 3 provisions of the court ordered settlement. This truck is in immaculate shape but will not get me to my mailbox. FCA gladly took my $50, 000.00 when I bought it but now will not make it usable. Scheduling appointment with attorney to discuss Fiat Chrysler Americas neglect in administering the provisions of the court ordered settlement. Worst financial mistake I ever made was buying this vehicle and Chrysler could care less.

2015 chrysler, town & country, touring-l, vin # 2c4rc1cg1fr716918

October 18, 2019

2015 Chrysler, Town & Country, Touring-L, VIN # 2C4RC1CG1FR716918

In 2015 I bought the above vehicle from the Aurora Chrysler. In September 2018 the vehicle developed serious defects in which I brought it in into the Serpa dealership in Scarborough, Ontario. The mechanics were unable to diagnose the problem because shortly after the problem went away. From then to now the problem came and went and was unable to be diagnosed correctly. I recently brought it back to the Serpa Dealership in which the mechanics told me that they want to install a remanufactured engine for $11, 000. At this time, the vehicle is in the mechanic shop of the Serpa dealership.

Currently my vehicle is four years old and has mileage of 190, 000 kilometers. Based on this, I believe there was a flaw in the manufacturing of the engine of the car. While I understand that the warranty of my vehicle has expired, I am asking for Chrysler to cover or share with me the cost of the required repair.
Ordinary wear and tear could not account for the problem so soon in the life of the vehicle. I am a careful and conscientious owner, as the general condition of the car shows. I believe that the failure in the engine is not due to neglect or error on my part. Furthermore, this problem with the engine has caused and continues to cause serious safety concerns for my family and I. The most serious instance involved a near T-bone accident in which I was making a left turn and the engine was not accelerating as it should have.

I am very disappointed from what has happened with my vehicle. This is not the type of service I would have expected from a reputed company like yours. Please let me know as quickly as possible what arrangements you propose for rectifying the problem.

Chris Dermentzis

Chrysler Pacificafront subframe

This is how the frame is. I bought my SUV in April. It has been parked 3 week's after I got it. Wish there was help . We have looked for the part. None cheap .. It's going to cost me more then the things worth. All the scrap yards around me are all read sold.. or they're rusted through. Chrysler already said there was a problem with this 06 part. Why can't they help us fix it.

front subframe
front subframe

Jim Thompson Chrysler — service on my vehicle

The last couple weeks my 2016 Jeep Patriot has been acting up. when taking off from a red light it would feel really jerky and then this red lighting bolt light would come on with...

gas tank

I have a 2012 Jeep Liberty. It has had many problems and recalls. But now I have just had to replace the gas tank! The plastic piece on the mold for from the line to the tank was just hanging there and there is no replacement part, so I had to replace the tank. The check engine light had come on and after $600 for parts I didnt need and diagnosis tests a smoke test revealed emissions coming from above the gas tank.

I also just replaced another regulator for my rear driver window that was stuck down. I have replaced this part 3 times in the past 3 years. This Jeep is a lemon, and have lost faith in Jeep and Chrysler. I would like to speak with someone about this particular car.

Laura Moraco

backup camera

We have a 2016 Chrysler 300. Back in the spring of this year 2019 our back up camera went black after numerous times of going out and coming back on so Anderson dodge in Rockford Illinois replaced the back up camera we have a 2016 Chrysler 300. Back in the spring of this year 2019 our back up camera went black after numerous times of going out and coming back on so Anderson dodge in Rockford Illinois replaced the back up camera When I first saw it I couldn't believe the poor quality of veiwing that I was getting!! So much so that I was under the impression that they forgot to take a film off the camera. We took the car back and they replaced the back up camera once again and once again we have very poor quality. It is absolutely not the quality of the camera that came in the car when we first purchased it and I am very disappointed in the cloudiness in the darkness of these new replacement cameras !!! I want my original camera back in working order !! This thing that is being used in place of it is totally not Chrysler quality !!!