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Chrysler reviews & complaints

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Chrysler - Local Service Department

I took my 2017 Ram 1500 to Dave Dennis CJD on December 13, 2021 because I my check engine light was on and there was a message stating to have the gear shift checked. I had to drop it off because they couldn't ensure that they could look at the same day, which I didn't like, but I did it anyway. I was called the next day stating that the gear shift needed to be replaced and I was told that it would be $560 and some odd dollars and that it would take 7-10 days before it would be complete. I didn't hear back from them so I called around the 9th day and Jason the customer service rep said that he would call me back and never did. I called back on day 10 and was told that they had just pulled the part off the shelf and that the truck would be ready by the time I would arrive. Once I showed up it still wasn't ready and I had to wait another 25-30 minutes before I was checked out. Jason saw that I waiting to be served and he ignored my wife and I walked to the back while the other customer service rep looked at him with a puzzled look and asked us was Jason helping us and continued to look puzzled. Once I finally got my truck back I got down the street and the check engine light came back on. I was so frustrated that I decided that I was going to take it somewhere else to be evaluated due to the treatment that I was given. Then around Janaury 8th or 9th the truck started doing the exact same thing again. I was on my way out town for work so I couldn't contact the dealership before I left. I came back and was able to contact the dealership to let them know that the issue hadn't been resolved and felt that they didn't have any care that the issue hadn't been resolved. I am taking it back only because I already paid for it to be fixed. Once it is fixed (if it is fixed) I will not be patronizing Dave Dennis again and I'm not sure if I will keep the truck or purchase another Ram ever again.

Desired outcome: To have the truck fixed at no cost.


Chrysler - Vehicle service and costumer service

Vance Motors & Kawartha Chrysler Peterborough
Time estimated and cost both exceeded estmiates and nothing resolved.
Vances not taken as appointment or delivered as promised cost double estimate.
Kawartha Chrysler in shop for 1 1/2 days problem not resolved actually worse and ended up stranded and had to call tow truck taken to alternet shop, previously purchased warrenty but work req'd never covered under warranty although was told it would be?
Purchased 3 vehicles from same dealership but my last.

Desired outcome: Some compensation $, incompetence unfortunately can't be resolved or rudness ved or rude employees

Chrysler - Chrysler lifetime powertrain extended warranty

I purchased a2009 Dodge Ram 1500 truck new in 2009. I also purchased an extended warranty, at a cost of more than $2000, which I have used several times without issue, the last time being in 2019.
I had an issue come up in Jan 2022 and called the warranty number to verify it was covered. They informed me they had canceled my warranty because I missed a "required 5 year inspection" in July of 2019.
The dealer had apparently been doing these inspections for the first 10 years, but failed to perform this one even though my truck was at the dealer during their so-called 60 day window of the every 5 year anniversary date. I supplied them the receipt of the visit where they did warranty work at that visit.
However the people at Chrysler warranty tell me I must bring my truck in, have them do an inspection and repair any covered repair at my expense before they will reinstate my warranty.
The dealer failed to inspect the truck while it was in the shop, at the proper time. Nobody informed me, or warned me they were canceling my policy. I should not have to pay for a repair that is covered by a warranty I already paid for.

Desired outcome: Reinstate my warranty

Jan 10, 2022

Chrysler - Fiat customer care... Case # [protected]

January 3, 2022 To: FCA Customer Care FCA US LLC P.O. Box 21-8004 Auburn Hills MI [protected] Chrysler Customer Care PO Box 21-8004 Auburn Hills MI [protected] Jeffrey Kommer Vice President US...

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Chrysler - 2007 town and country van - 88,000 miles broken at dealer, can't fix it.

The DeLand Jeep and Chrysler dealership in DeLand, Fl has a manager who hates senior women. It's obvious he needs customer service training as his disrespect is unmistakable.
According to him, it was just coincidence that my 2007 old van's cluster got broken while at his service department. He offered no solution to the problem, nor was willing to negoiate a remedy. Mostly, he was mad.
The van has been in their care for over 2 months now, and at no point did they contact me! Three times I had to initiate contact.

Desired outcome: The van is old, almost worthless, but it's my back up. They did do work on the van. I'd be happy if they removed those charges and give my van back.

Chrysler - Recall

I took my 2021 Chrysler 300 into Southfield Dodge Chrysler for service on the windshield recall, my windshield was cracked during the repair and has been sitting in the dealership garage since Oct. 19, 2021 because of not being able to get a new windshield. I have no date as to when my vehicle will be ready and all I'm getting is the run around. I have made 3 car note payments since my car has been trapped at this dealership and see no end in sight. I'm a Chrysler retiree and thought I'd be treated better but I guess it doesn't matter.

Desired outcome: I want my car back and repaired

The only comment I wish too make is please repair my vehicle and you won't have to worry about servicing me aqain.


Chrysler - 2020 jeep wrangler

Jeep "death wobble issue "

-vehicle is unsafe and unfit to drive due to safety concerns
-three attempts to repair by replacing parts (with original factory parts )but to no avail; at this point I believe the vehicle now falls into lemon law status

- this is a 2020 Jeep and research shows there are at least two class action lawsuits against Chrysler since 2010 addressing this death wobble issue, and to present day, the issue has NOT been remediated . The most recent lawsuit was filed in California and specifically addresses the [protected] Jeep Wrangler, of which my vehicle falls into that category

I can be reached at [protected] (CELL), or my office number, [protected]

Desired outcome: return/buy back the vehicle

Dec 31, 2021

I have researched similar complaints from other Jeep owners and have spoken to a few expressing the exact same concern

Chrysler - Town and Country Wheelchair Modified Van

I took my Town and Country Wheelchair van in on Tuesday, December 21, Tuesday. I asked Frank, the service rep, to fix the sunroof leak, which I've taken there so many times before because it's a manufactures design flaw of this particular Chrysler Town & Country. The sunroof always leaks. In the past the service manager has blown out the tubing for free because they get clogged and then cause a leak inside the van. This is how they chose to address the issue with the defect. Unfortunately, it was raining so hard, and the water was going into the car, and I couldn't stop it, and it caused major damage to my interior.

So I went to Home Depot and got some silicone gel to put it around the opening, and it solved the problem until I could bring it to the dealership. Frank said that he wasn't sure he could remove the silicone to fix it and as it was not guaranteed to not damage the paint. I said it was simple don't worry, I'm not going to hold you responsible for it being perfect, but it Has to be done. What choice do I have?

He also said the "sunroof guy" would not be in till Thursday, and again I said no problem, you can check out the rest of the van with inspection until then.

His first and only call to me was on Dec 23rd with a voice mail to Update me on the vehicle. Today is Tuesday, December, and after trying to reach Frank, leaving voice mails daily for days leaving messages, he now tells me that they are not able to fix the roof as it was "modified" and that there are no other findings. That he DID NOT in the one week he had van, check the van for any other reason as requested.

He's refusing to let me know of any issues on the van, leaving me to come have to pick it up, wasting a week and my work time, and having to get someone to help me because it's an accessible van and there's no way I can take a regular car to pick it up as a wheelchair user.

After being with the dealership for probably over 10 years, I am left without any assistance. They're just having a difficult time removing some silicone gel and tape and fixing the issue for me. They also took no responsibility for any inspection which was asked for. They simply refused to take responsibility and left me again with no sunroof and now trying to go somewhere else to find a solution for the problem that they caused.

The service manager Frankf was difficult from the time I brought it in. He acted like he didn't want to take the van at all, didn't want to bother with it. It was too negative, and he acted as if I was an inconvenience from the beginning. Apparently, because it was the holidays or before the holidays, he didn't really want to take the car at all, even though I said I didn't mind if it waited till after the holidays. His attitude now is one of "oh well, I told you we wouldn't be able to fix it, " basically too bad and no accountability for not looking at the van and its entirety and doing an inspection to make sure that it was safe for me to drive. So now I wasted 8 days waiting for them to correct the problem when he really never had any true desire intention to do it and basically said "I told you so". With an attitude, I might add.

I want them to fix the sunroof for free, water damage to the interior, and provide needed service inspection as requested.

Desired outcome: I want them to fix the sunroof for free, water damage to the interior, and provide needed service inspection as requested.


Chrysler - 2021 Pacifica Hybrid Limited


We purchased a pacifica hybrid limited on December 11th, 2021. The vehicle was brand new, only have been driven as a demo by the owner of the dealership's sister. Since then, the vehicle has been in the shop twice and seems to be defective. The transmission seems to not be working and there are problems with the computer system as well. While driving, it feels as if the car is trying to shift gears, but cannot. The battery drains much faster than it should. Once in hybrid mode, the gas is being drained as well. The van is showing that is it getting around 9MPG when it should be 30+. ALso, the radio system will freeze occasionally and the sensors will go off saying there is a vehicle in the blind spot, when there is no vehicle there. We have driven our neighbor's identical van on numerous occasions, and know this is not how this van should be performing.

Desired outcome: We would like the van to either be running as it should, or we would like a brand new vehicle.

Chrysler - information regarding recall denial

On November 22nd 2021 I was driving my 2010 ram 1500 Laramie in between Vernon B.C. and Lake Country B.C. when I noticed a "whirring" sound coming from beneath my truck. I slowed down as it got worse then felt something dragging on the ground and banging around. I got out and looked underneath to see my driveshaft had separated from the rear axle. Upon further inspection I noticed that the pinion nut came off to cause the driveshaft to separate.
I then went into Kelowna Dodge and they informed me that there was a recall for the pinion nut which came off.
I had my truck towed to Okanagan Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram and they informed me after an inspection that the axle housing needed reconditioning. They also informed me that some of the parts were discontinued and there has been too long of a time period for the recall to be completed. They did however give me a phone number for FCA Canada Customer Care to take this issue up with them.
I then contacted FCA Canada and spoke with an agent about my issue with the truck but they had said to me the same thing as the Okanagan Dodge dealership that it has been too long and some of the parts are discontinued.
Now, there is no "time peiod" for the active recall N08 which pertains to my vehicle.
I am looking to have this issue resolved according to what the recall states. I quote from the recall letter :
"What your dealer will do :
Chrysler will service your vehicle free of charge (parts and labour). To do this, your dealer will inspect the rear axle pinion nut and install a pinion nut retainer ring. If required recondition the rear axle."
To resolve this issue I would like the dealership to grant me a truck of equal or greater value, order parts from 3rd party sources or reimburse me for the cost of purchasing any 3rd party parts. Basically this should not be at my expense since it is their product that failed and there is an active recall for this exact problem.

Thank you

Desired outcome: Complete the recall according to the document. Including reconditioning of the rear axle.

Chrysler - Second replacement of sliding door actuator lock in 16 months

I purchase a 2016 Dodge Grand Caravan (2C4RDGCG6GR21965) from a dealer in May 2020. A few days after the purchase my minor daughter opened the sliding door when the vehicle was supposed to be locked. The vehicle alarm sounded. I returned it to the dealer and they replaced the door actuator with and aftermarket (Dorman) part. It failed again in October 2021. The dealer charged a $99 fee to confirm what I told them was wrong with the vehicle. The quote to repair was $504.00 using a Dodge OEM replacement part.

The dealer manager agreed to pay half the cost even though the part was still under warranty. I paid $254.22 to have the vehicle repaired. I also filed a safety complaint with the National Safety Traffic Board.

Desired outcome: I desire to have a total of $353.22 refunded to me. I should not have to pay for a safety defect.

Chrysler - Dodge Ram 1500

I am attaching 2 email letters that were sent to Anderson Motors in Prince Albert Sask regarding being unhappy with their service.
I send the emails twice; one on 8 Sept '21 and the other on 10 Oct '21.
They have not even acknowledged my correspondence.

I am requesting reimbursement for the poor service received on my vehicle. I am attaching the letter that was originally sent to Anderson's.

Could I please get some assistance with this matter.

I could not attach my document so will send it separately.

Kelly Woloszyn-Dreaver


Desired outcome: Reimbursement


Chrysler - Employee Rudness

San Marcos Dodge
San Marcos, Texas
While attempting to get an update on the service for my vehicle, an employee on who answered the phone hung up and upon call back transferred me to a bad extension while I was in the middle of explaining my situation. As a long time customer I felt very betrayed and I don't believe I deserve to be treated in such a manor. Administrative staff needs to take more time and consideration into hiring polite employees. I requested the name of the employee who was rude to me and naturally, it could not be pinpointed who it was. I challenge service manager Gilbert Figuera and general manager Randall Randoff to contact me and if nothing else, offer an apology.
At the time of this message, no upper level management has contacted me in an attempt to resolve this issue.

Desired outcome: Apology, Simple Respect To A Paying Customer

Chrysler - Dick Hannah Dodge Vancouver WA

Dodge Caravan delivered by tow truck to Dick Hannah's lot had a bad lifter. This was approx. October 11th. Called on October 14th and I was told the van was not at their lot. They wanted me to come...

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Chrysler - Service Department

2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee at 17, 000 now getting error notice every time I connect my phone to the vehicle. I also received a notice that there is an upgrade to the Mopar system on the jeep with "instructions" to download.

The appointment to fix these two issues was made over two weeks ago since they had "no availability". My appointment was at 12 noon on a Saturday. It cost me $120 to get a babysitter to stay with my 2 and 3 year old while I drove into Warrenton for this diagnostic and download.

I received a notice from Safford at 10 a.m. that I could check in for my service. 10 am? My appointment was at 12. Did that mean they would take my car earlier and fix it earlier? No explanation, simply that I could check in.

When I arrived at the service department, the service manager told he he didn't understand why the appointment was made for noon as all of his techs were on lunch hour from 12 - 1. Additionally, he told me it would take a minimum of 2 hours for the diagnostic and asked me if I'd like him to call me when the car was ready. WHAT? So they make a 12 noon appointment knowing the car won't be looked at until 1pm THEN a 2 hour wait on top of it!? This is ridiculous, I asked for my keys back and left.

Jeep Service has been consistently horrible. Calls made to schedule service are routed through another location who has been ignorant of the other locations hours. This appointment was booked through the Safford location in Warrenton so why didn't they know the service department was "off" from 12-1 on Saturdays? So frustrated with Jeep. Disappointed that I'm having a problem this early in the ownership. (17, 000 miles).

Desired outcome: New appointment with details of exact time of appointment, length required for the diagnostic and fix

Chrysler - 2012 jeep wrangler 3.6 pentastar oil cooler failure.

The oil cooler in this engine is prone to leaking oil or antifreeze, because the seals shrink and the oil or antifreeze leaks out! Also the oil bypass spring seat gets brittle and the spring actually comes completely out! This failure should be covered for repair by a recall by Chrysler. This part is beneath the intake manifold and difficult to access. the estimate from Cape Coral Chrysler is over $1400 (with new spark plugs) I have at this time less than 90, 000 miles on the jeep and this failure causes undue expense for an engine this young!

Desired outcome: partial or complete coverage of the expense of replacing the leaking part!!

Chrysler - Uconnect systems

I own 2 Chrylser 300 vehicles that the Uconnect systems have died. This is a Chrysler defect and I want to know why it wasn't a recall OR under warranty as based on the responses on the internet, Chrysler is well aware of. Now I have to pay to have both radio/Uconnect systems replaced.

I have owned 4 Chrysler vehicles in the past 35 years and do not understand why your company has been putting systems in the cars that are doomed to fail.

Desired outcome: Would like to see you correct your defect.

Chrysler - Premature caravan transmission failure

My Daughter's Dodge Caravan has 107, 000 kilometers on it. We used to drive vehicles far into the 100, 000 MILE range. 107K kilometers is equal to 66 K miles.
It is a 2016 and in great condition. The dealer tells me it is 7k over the warranty. No ifs and or buts. I find this irresponsible and outrageous frankly.

Now she has to cough up over $4, 000 to replace the transmission!

I get it that the vehicle is just over by 7, 000 kilometers and that the warranty is over. The warranty just ended a month and a half ago. These are not throw away vehicles. Even splitting the replacement cost my be a little more palatable.

I sure hope there is something you can do for her. I don't work as I am retired and really miffed!

James Morris ([protected]

Desired outcome: full replacement or at very least split cost with her.

My2016 Grand Caravan is on its third transmission! The one replaced at 65, 000 miles by the Dodge dealership went out while I was vacationing. No dealership in the area could fix it for weeks, so I had it repaired by a reputable shop and now I am having to jump through hoops to file a claim for reimbursement. BAD FORM, Dodge!

Oct 13, 2021

Chrysler - Service contract cancelation by chrysler due to missing 5 year powertrain checkup

My seervice contract was put on "pending cancelation" dur to missing my 5 year powertrain checkup. When I realized this I offered to get the checkup a year ago and was told no. I still have no problem with the powertrain. I currently have an electrical problem with the window and seat. I feel that I can still have the powertrain can be evaluated and if its ok today then it stands to reason that the 5 year checkup would have been good. They said no. Beyond this I have a Lifetime service contract for a sebring 2008. It clearly states on the service contract that it is not related to the warranty. The service department in Quitman ga. says that they cannot help me under the service contract because when the powertrain checkup was missed it voids the service contract. It clearly states on the service contract that it is not related to the factory warranty. No on will listen. They keep on repeating the same thing that the service contract is void. They are wrong.

Desired outcome: reinstate the service contract. Allow the car to be inspected for the powertrain and reinstate the powertrain warranty

Chrysler - Dodge journey 2015

Hello my name is Tefferio Hogan two months ago my wife and I purchased a dodge journey 2015 after being without a car for two years, we are both disabled so when we brought it we were totally excited, it drove so smooth, and this meant no more waiting on the bus for hours or uber's but all of our high spirits fell today, I was about to park in front of our building I pulled up slowly and suddenly on it's on the vehicle accelerated, right into the building tearing down bricks and my neighbors front door and it was trying to go wheel were still spinning and suddenly it stopped I was extremely terrified. I turned the car off there were bricks and wood all over the car and the ground. I did nothing wrong my driving record is perfect I don't text, drink, or talk on the phone when driving, a friend told us that sometimes happen in these cars. We could really used your help. Sincerely Tefferio and Georgia Hogan

Desired outcome: We just want our car repaired

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