Chryslerservice dept for my pacifica’s transmission

W Jul 30, 2019

Day 1 of recall I notified them of a transmission issue. I've been back 4 times. They refuse to fix any issues. Supervisor (Tim) told me if it messed up again to bring it back and they would do what ever it took to fix it. They won't do anything with trans. Very unhappy with their work ethic. My trans is bad and because no code they won't do anything. I'm worried to put my kids in it. I promise you there's an issue. They won't even call to get permission to look at it. Something can be done. Now my warranty is out and it's no longer their issue.

The transmission is hitting hard when it's shifting. It's lost all power a few times. Today it died in the middle of the road and wouldn't restart. I got it restarted after 3 tries. I now can't afford any parts or labor so now I'm suppose to be stuck with this. It's a liability for my family. I shouldn't have issues with this vehicle. Is nearly new. I thought this is what the warranty and service dept was for. Fixing the issues that arise.

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