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Reviews and Complaints

Chrysler verified

they put my husband's handicap lift on but didn't tell us it wasn't hooked up

We traded our Ford for a Pacifica, love our new Chrysler. My husband is 20 year vet, he's been in 2 wars he's a good man. He has cancer and lung disease. Cooks agreed to put the lift on our new vehicle. When I picked it up they didn't tell me the lift wasn't hooked up. When I went inside to pick it up they were all smiles and told me it was done. I signed papers and left. My husband said make sure it works. It didnt! When someone finally came out he said they couldn't hook it up because they didn't have the part they needed. I didn't have time to deal with it because I had to find someone to fix it and fast. My husband said you do realize they were going to let you leave without telling you it didn't work. When I took it to J&L to fix it so we could leave he had to order the harness to hook it up. Cooks never took the harness off the Ford, they never tried to hook it up. They knew my husband was sick and had to have it. I also told the service man in charge because they had it for 2 days. I told them I was taking my husband to see his family in Oklahoma, my husband was risking his life to take this trip and we were leaving right away. They said they were going to reimburse us for paying someone else to fix it, haven't gotten it yet but that's not the point anyway. They were going to let us leave that car lot and not tell us his lift didn't work. I even told a couple of them my husband may not live another year. They knew he had to have it. Who does this? How can anyone treat a customer this way? I've been so upset over this and just can't let it go. My husband served 20 years in the army and now he has to be in a wheelchair or his scooter because his oxygen goes down if he walks. He did not deserve to be treated this way. I intend to go back to the car lot and get everyone's name that we dealt with. I plan to tell anyone that will listen. You do not treat people this way, especially an honorable veteran.
My name is Gloria Lewis and my husband is William Lewis