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Chipotle / Customer service

Maribel-15 on Feb 3, 2017
To whom it may concern, This evening i went to chipotle along with my Family, we love the food we love it today was very unpleasant the way we got served. Customer service was not as great as usual. About 2 weeks ago, i received 4 coupons a really good friend of mines gave me them for my...

Chipotle / Poor quantity

paragi on Jan 18, 2017
I love chipotle and Menlo they give a lot of food but here at George street location I ordered a Veggie and chicken bowl, the rice is less (which is fine) but she gave me very little veggies and the pan barely had any left instead of refilling the veggies she gave what was the leftover...

Chipotle / Wrong order and horrible service

JohnSeals on Jan 3, 2017
I placed an order online for pickup for 9:30. I got there at 9:30, there was nobody in line and our food was not even started to be ready. The workers just stood around while we waited for our food. We received our food at 9:50 and the worker did not even say sorry for the wait or...

Chipotle / Cashier/behaviour

Gladys C on Dec 3, 2016
The food was good it was a late dinner with my daughter 12/03/2016 the cashier Ana Order #525 on 2280 Lone Star Dr Sugar Land, Texas 77479, ruined my appetite just over a simple drink "I had asked her for a grapefruit Izze drink and a pomegrade drink but I tough the "Blackberry Izze" wa...

Chipotle / Chicken bowl

rsuarez on Nov 16, 2016
I ordered on line at route 18 new Brunswick, nj on 11/12/2016. we ordered the chicken bowl, and the chicken was actually gummy and not well cooked. I feel that the people working there don't care and its starting to decrease in volume based upon the people that was there. The Halal Place...

Chipotle.com / The seller refused to return money back for the food, which was too bad

Reviewer92692 on Feb 19, 2016
I don’t recommend anyone to order food from www.chipotle.com. We bought from them, but the seller delivered expired food and their prices were too high. We contacted the seller and asked to provide refund, because it was mentioned on the website that they guaranteed money back. But the seller...

Chipotle / Hiring

Reviewer66776 on Oct 7, 2015
chipotle is just about the most discriminating place there is! ive been to 10 different sites completed 10 different interviews and still have not been hired. the managers promised me positions on several occasions and still no luck. i want to speak to cooperate !!! i can not get a whole...

Chipotle / Store filthy

Donna m, whitted on Apr 11, 2015
I love chiplote don't get me wrong my daughter lives in Arlington Virginia and I cannot get enough so when they built the store on miles trip road in hamburg New York I was so happy. I have been there several times. The place is filthy ulk. I ordered a burrito bowl my steak was so...


MPATRICK93 on Dec 12, 2014
I have been going to this chipotle since I started working right behind there. My coworkers and I always order online, almost everytime our orders are wrong. The attitudes we get from the workers are horrible. I went to corp telling them what was going on but all they did was send free...

Chipotle / Rude and untrained server

Annapolis Mall on Oct 6, 2014
Annapolis Chipotle location is well below par of other locations: it is dirty, staff is rude and untrained. The worst Chipotle we visited and we will never go back. I ordered Taco Kit for my son, and server, Ashley, just threw the sides on the taco, and when I mentioned that it is not the...

Chipotle / Avoid at any cost guys

Largoss on Sep 6, 2012
A catchy title??? Really? You would like to be entertained as you’re being informed of the disarray one of your stores had fallen into? I patroned the Roseville, MN store on labor day evening and felt like I had walked into a college dorm room! The volume of the music made ordering an...

Chipotle Mexican Grill, Inc. / Grasshopper in Burrito

Oncvale on Mar 6, 2012
I found a bug/grasshopper THING inside of my chicken burrito! I bit into it and chewed. Felt as though it didnt taste right so I spit it out and finished the rest of the burrito.Upon further inspection, it turned out to be an actual full bug! I took pictures of it on the foil and...

Chipotle / Poor customer service

quenepa on Aug 1, 2011
I went to purchase a Barbacoa Burrito add guacamole and when the server was rolling it she squeezed out half of the guacamole.I told her and she just passed it to the cashier.I told the cashier what happened and she said its $9usd.She didnt even care I know she doesnt own the business but...

Chipotle / bad service, rude females that work there

michaelgriffin67 on Jul 20, 2011
the chipotle in waterford lakes area in orlando "ALWAYS" has very rude females working there. Many times me and relatives have been treated badly by these girls. They just have bad attitudes, and make rude remarks to customers...even the idiot checking us out was rude...it was a really bad...

Chipotle / Low quantity

Phillip Daniel on Apr 21, 2011
A group of us from work went for Lunch at this Chipotle @ Waukegan. We all got bowls and the quantity of food served by this location is definitely not by Chipotle standards. I hope the corporate guys take a note of this and fix this location. Literally, there were 7 chicken pieces in my...

Chipotle / food

sdefreitas11 on Apr 18, 2011
I got my chicken bowl with only 6 pieces of chicken and with out rice... also my chips with green sales was not ful the container was half ful.

Chipotle / Bad service

Otec83 on Apr 11, 2011
I went to Chipotle at the Laurel Md location on March 22. I ordered a chicken burrito bowl with everything including the red hot pepper salsa. The bowl looked scrumptious so I dug into it. Not too long after taking several bites, my mouth was on fire. I ran up to the counter and requested...

Chipotle / Vegetarians beware

On 12/08/10, I ate at the Chipotle in Oak Brook, IL on 22nd St. I asked to speak with the manager. She was a very short (4'11" Hispanic woman). I am a vegetarian and wanted guacamole tacos. In the past, when I have asked for quacamole tacos, I have ended up with very soggy tomato taco...

Chipotle / Misnomer

I have always been an advocate of the Chipotle Pepper (I capitalize because it is that important). I believe it has a natural blend of spicy and smokey that, possibly, proves the existence of god. So, imagine my surprise when I discover a burrito restaurant down the street from me named...

Chipotle / Staff rudeness

March 1, 2010- I went to Chipotle this location I usually visit once every two weeks-sometimes with my family sometimes it's take out. Well this particular night I decided to order my 2 of a kids bowl along with 5 other adult orders- at the time of placing order I stated what I wanted...

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