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Dunkin' Brands Complaints & Reviews

Dunkin' Brands / turkey sausage egg wrap

Janice Freeman on Dec 7, 2018

The customer service was not pleasant. The wrap was burnt and the egg is missing. See photos below. Amwent thru drive thru and asked for jelly and was told there was a upcharge of 50 cents. Why? If I would have went into the store and the condiments are on the counter I could take however...

Dunkin' Brands / support line

ns080884 on Dec 3, 2018

I have been on hold waiting to talk to someone about a gift card that has not been delivered for over an hour. This is unacceptable. If you are a business you need to have people available to help with resolve issues. Having someone wait over an hour (and still waiting) to get an issue...

Dunkin' Donuts / food

0000j on Nov 4, 2018

11/04/2018-this dunkin donuts is the worst not sure if the workers know how to assemble the food or heat it up properly. I ordered a ham, egg, cheese on an English muffin with hash browns. I got my food after someone ordered after me waited for 15mins to get it i got ready to eat it at my...

Dunkin' Brands / the manager at dunkin donuts

Shantell Smith on Oct 27, 2018

I have been getting threatened and harassed by the head manager at dunkin donuts & he's always very rude & disrespectful towards me .. He also shows favoritism and had me off for 3 days and everybody else one just because I didn't call to know my schedule but I was told he would call me...

Dunkin' Brands / employee abuse

Amanda1997 on Oct 9, 2018

A family member of mine currently works at a Dunkin Donuts in Stirling NJ. She has been working over 50 hours per week and has not gotten paid for all of her hours she has worked. Her boss, threatened her job if she doesn't want to come in to work on her only day off! There is so much more...

Dunkin' Brands / online order

Noelllee on Oct 4, 2018

I placed on order on the app for pick up at the Oakland Pittsburgh location at 3907 Forbes Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15213. I ordered a bagel with cream cheese and was charged for the cream cheese. When I got to my office and opened my food, my bagel had butter on it now cream cheese. I hate...

Dunkin' Brands / manager/payroll

Jessica Earle on Oct 3, 2018

Hi, my name is Jessica Earle. I was hired at the store on East bay Dr in Largo FL. I was told I was going to be training at this store and eventually be given a store of my own to operate. My manager told me while training I would be making $11.00 an hour when I received my check I wa...

Dunkin' Brands / customer complaint

Stanley Jay on Sep 27, 2018

I am a regular customer at the Dunkin Donut located at 2035 Bartow Ave Bronx NY 10475. I observed this female whose name is Vicky (last name unknown) She is observed harassing a close friend of mine, on a regular basis. On Sept 26, 2018 at 2:00pm, my friend enters and the female i...

Dunkin' Brands / false advertising

Susan Robertson on Sep 27, 2018

Went by 30 squire rd revere ma about 330pm - saw a sign on the highway - from 2 to 6 pm ice coffee is $2.00 - so went thru drive thru - got to window they said 2.88 - I questioned them on this & they said it doesnt start until oct 1 - well you should honor this - the sign has no date on it...

Dunkin Donuts / unethical behaviour

NikkiJ35 on Sep 24, 2018

09/22/2018 My Husband and I went to the Dunkin Donuts off of Spring Street in Racine, Wi. I went through the drive through, as the lady came on the intercom she asked 'how many I help you?' I kindly responded, 'one moment please' - so I can look over the menu as I did not know what I...

Dunkin' Brands / customer service

anessa14 on Sep 24, 2018

Good afternoon. My name is Dell and I was purchasing a bagel with cream cheese at the dukin donuts located inside Port authority in NYC yesterday around 3 pm. The lines were long and super busy and I could tell and see the woman at the register was overwhelmed or frustrated. When it was my...

Dunkin' Brands / hot beverage cups

Justine1228 on Sep 22, 2018

Hello, Today, sept 22nd at roughly 9am, I purchased a medium hot coffee from the Dunkin' Donuts on Crescent Road in Clifton Park, NY. I immediately left the store after receiving my coffee and went into my car. Roughly 3 minutes into my drive while attempting to sip my coffee, the entire top...

Dunkin' Brands / manger

Jada Barron on Sep 15, 2018

The manger is very rude, he throws coffee pots at his employees, he pays ppl under the table, he is rude, he has a worker who gets high on the job, and when things happen at work he doesn't handle the situation like a manger is suppose to. The store is never stocked with things properly...

Dunkin' Brands / employee

Jonny50604 on Sep 15, 2018

My wife and I attempted to place a drive-thru order and after if you would Temps the employee seemed frustrated and could not understand my wife as she has an accent and is from Brazil. I took over and proceeded to complete the order it seemed as though the employee was irritated and...

Dunkin' Brands / service

Edward Crawford. on Sep 11, 2018

I went to the store in Elgin, Illinois. The store at McLean and Big Timber Rd. There is an African Americam manager and I waited in the line he was waiting on . There were two lines . He waited on two people in front of me and when it was my turn, he refused to wait on me . He said I...

Dunkin’ Donuts / employee

Kevin Pena on Sep 10, 2018

I need help reaching out to the owner or regional manager of the Dunkin' Donuts food chain. I love coming to the restaurant and I'm a big fan of coffee that I've even lucked out on dunkin rewards. Most recently, though, a horrible employee named Cindy, or sindy, was very aggressive and...

Dunkin Donut Management / manager

Ghost86 on Sep 8, 2018

I work at 5610 West sample rd in margate and the two Jamaican managers that work there are very nasty like really nasty, I seen the elderly manager drop a whole batch of sweet black pepper bacon on the dirty floor and still had the audacity to re-prep it like really and the jackets that'...

Dunkin' Brands / your delivery trucks

Blanca Lara Najera on Sep 5, 2018

To Whom it may concern: I live at 87th & Mobile behind the strip mall on 87th & Narragansette. I am constantly being blocked by your delivery trucks. I am either unable to get in my parking or unable to leave my parking space. Your drivers will ignore the residents & just continue setting up...

Dunkin' Donuts on Miller Rd in Schodack, NY / the people working there are so unprofessional and careless.

Sick and Unhappy on Aug 30, 2018

Went to Dunkin Donuts on Miller Rd in Schodack, NY this morning...what a joke. The people working there are rude and unprofessional. Busy chit chatting and laughing amongst themselves. It's like they couldn't care less that customers are waiting. Worse yet...I ordered double Almond milk...

Dunkin' Brands Iced Coffee / dunkin donut iced coffee drink

Sandra Lee Wood on Aug 26, 2018

I purchased 2 of these iced coffees. This was the first time I purchased your product . One drink was pretty good. My complaint is the second one was curdled which I had to throw out. I don't know if this happens a lot but I was rather disappointed. This was purchased at a mini mart. I just...