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Service on April 1 2020

I ordered takeout through Grubhub at 310 pm for Amicis pizza, 3rd st San Mateo ca [protected] Got a text...

GrubHub driver in Pensacola Fl

I was at Moe's on Davis Highway yesterday 3/28/20 @ about 1:45 pm picking up my order. One of your drivers comes in, there are 2 other guy then me and your driver in the pick up area. They employees are doing everything they can to keep things moving freely as they are adjusting to pickup only since everything has been closed to sinning in as you know. Your driver got very rude with the employee that he had to wait for the customers food yelling that it was not right that it wasn't ready and if he was the actual customer he wouldn't be treated this way and so on. He said it was ordered online and should have been ready. Normally I would agree with him but everyone has to order online right now and the employees are doing the best they can to keep up with it as this is all new to them also. But it was very unprofessional of your driver to act this way especially at a time like this. I get that he was trying to provide service to a customer but being rude and arrogant to the employees is not the way to provide that service. If his time was so concern ing to him then he should not have taken the phone call from his wife, girl friend or whoever in the restaurant telling her that he loved her and wanted to wish her a happy birthday again and then sit in his car AFTER HE HAD THE CUSTOMERS FOOD and continue to talk with her for several mins. He was very unprofessional and as a delivery courier for 8 years I understand. Also on another not he looked like a bum in saggy sport shorts and a stained T-shirt and open toed slop on nasty looking slides with dirty toenails and finger nails and unsaved unkept messy looking hair.

Refund to gift card from grubhub

This complaint is about customer service dept. ..around 12 20 pm I made a second call in regard to a refund that was not made as of today's date. To be refunded back on my card . The person who i was directed to was suppose to be a supervisor .He got upset because he did not know what he was talking about and was trying to tell me anything .I already spoke to cashstar who stated what grubhub needed to do ..He then states they no longer want to work with me.You will not traet people any kind of way because your comprehension skills are horrible and you have absolutely no business in a customer service base business. He needs to be fired..It is more to this story..How about everyone stop using grubhub and use other companies that hires trained, people that know how to listen, people person, individuals and not adult babies still drinking milk from a bottle..This is ridiculous. .Because you can't understand dont take it out on the customer. .Get off the phone and get someone else. . simple

delivery of food

I ordered food from a pizza place and used Grub Hub. I provided my email and my phone number. I get a text they are early...then they didn't show up. I called customer service and they offered 50% off next delivery. Give me a break. No dinner...$50 worth of food. Driver said tried to deliver twice and no one answered the door. I have been standing at the kitchen window waiting because we are all hungry.

So out of money, out of food while that driver is eating our dinner for free.


Wendy’s order

I Order from grubhub at around 8:24 pm, received my first text saying approximate order time Estimated between 9:01 -9:11. Waited around for a bit and then received another text message saying estimated order time between 10:00 - 10:10, we did around for about another hour and called customer service to see where the driver was it again sent me an email saying it will be delivered at 11:27 . My food was still not delivered at 12 o'clock midnight So I canceled my order I was very upset

Wendy’s order
Wendy’s order
Wendy’s order

Grubhub delivery driver [protected]

We ordered Indian food from the same restaurant in Eastvale using your driver. He never texted regarding his targeted delivery time as 3 past drivers have, but attempted to call. We receive constant unwanted robo calls, so we didn't answer his call. We received a text from grub hub saying he couldn't locate our address and he was leaving in 8 minutes. So my wife and I stood out in front of our house for 15 minutes looking for a lost driver. We have had three other deliveries from this same restaurant we no problems. We were finally able to contact this driver who said he would not return to our house because he was out of the area. He said we needed to contact grub hub customer service, so we did. They said the driver did everything he had to do and refused to reimburse us our money, only $24. But they offered us 50% off our next order. What a joke. The lazing driver probably never got out of the car.

Sarah [protected]

Grubhub cancelle my order 3 hours later and refused to reorder. No good explanation just a total waste of time. They can't even fix their own responsibility. The restaurant is great.

Sarah [protected]
Sarah [protected]

I wasn't paid buy grubhub for 14 deliveries.

I wasn't paid buy GrubHub for 14 deliveries between December 23, 2019 and January 19, 2020. I also have screen shots of the orders. I sent numerous e-mails to driver payment department but the issue was not handled.
My name is Edward Zabarsky
Email: [protected]
Cell: [protected]
Please see below dates, order numbers and customer names for the deliveries I wasn't paid for:
12-23-2019 [protected] (Taco Bell)
12-29-2019 [protected] yuvalak s. (Taco Bell)
12-29-2019 [protected] Chris L.
01-18-2020 [protected] Josh B.
01-18-2020 [protected] Kaylyn M.
01-18-2020 [protected] Cole C.
01-18-2020 From May Dragon Chinese Restaurant to Joe Y. 18625 Midway Rd, Apt 110 Dallas TX 75287
01-18-2020 [protected] Heidi C.
01-19-2020 [protected] Patric F. (Lazy Dog) ($8.13 Tip)
01-19-2020 [protected] Russell N. (The Lowkey Poke Joint)
01-19-2020 [protected] Sam P.
01-19-2020 [protected] Alexander F.
01-19-2020 [protected] Chloe W.
01-19-2020 [protected] Bessie W.

delivery driver

Brian in College Station is the WORST delivery driver I have ever encountered. He yelled at my friend and I for not giving him thorough directions when we clearly kept telling him where we were. No one has ever had a problem with finding us. He threatened to steal our food and was cussing us out. He even yelled at me in front of everyone on campus once he delivered our food. He complained about his tip, he should be grateful we even gave him a tip. GET HIM FIRED NOW.

failed to deliver food order

On 1/16/2020, I used GrubHub to order from Krystals (626 14th St NW, Atlanta, 30318) to deliver food to my work location (Experity, 384 Northyards Blvd, Suite 400, Atlanta, 30313) for a co-worker's anniversary celebration. I was not at the location (working from home) and had a 12:00 PM meeting which I had to attend offsite. I placed the order at 9:33 AM for a 11:30 AM delivery. The food alone totaled $63.32, and GrubHub's delivery/fees/tips brought the total order to $85.27. I received an initial confirmation that the order would be delivered between 11:30 and 11:40. Around 11:15, I proceeded to drive to my noon meeting, during which time I was notified by GrubHub that the order would be delayed and arrive between 11:50 and noon. I received a text message around 11:54 stating 'the GrubHub driver will arrive with your order soon'. I went ahead and began my meeting, thinking the driver was close to the delivery destination. Only at 11:58 did GrubHub try to call my phone, and at 12:03, sent a text. Because I was in my meeting, I did not see/hear either, and no delivery was made to my office. Only when I had a very brief break around 12:27 did I see the messages and attempt to reach GrubHub. My call to their customer service was placed on hold in a queue with an unknown number of callers ahead of me, and I could not afford to stay on the line for an undetermined amount of time to resolve the issue. After the meeting was over (around 1:15), I contacted my office to see if delivery was ever made. It had not been delivered. I e-mailed GrubHub and asked for a refund. They responded that since the food had been prepared and they had attempted to contact me, they could not issue a refund. I unsuccessfully attempted to contact Krystals on 1/[protected]) and went by on 1/27. Krystals said it was no longer their concern once GrubHub picked up the order. I feel the initial delay contributed to the lack of communication and failure to deliver.

failed to deliver food order

food delivery

I've used them for years, but generally ordering from 1 or 2 restaurants. I recently placed 3 or 4 orders with subway, five guys, etc. and every single order was screwed up. Items missing, sending different items than what was ordered. I went online for customer service, was promised refunds for all the errors and have never received any refunds. In fact, they charged me twice for an order they were supposed to refund. You can only get to customer service through offshore live bodies to speak with. They have horrible service.

delivery drivers

No one is holding these independent contractors accountable! They are untrained, unprofessional, steal your food, deliver it cold, refuse to deliver to the door. This business model is a problem. With no oversight, the drivers are not forced to provide good customer service. This company creates problems between hungry people and drivers who hate their jobs. This is a very bad system and creates nothing but conflict between people. But, I bet the CEO is making enough money to where he/she doesn't care.

delivery driver

I decided to order KFC last night for dinner. Well after waiting well over an hour and getting a notification it was delivered I looked outside and no Grubhub. After calling and complaining I ran into my neighbor who spoke with the driver after he asked the address he told the driver he was at the right house and the driver (Sean) then said he was getting out at that ghetto house and left. I hope something is done about him because I had to scramble to get my kids dinner after $67 was already spent


I decided to send a whole bunch of food to my friend, who is undergoing serious medical issues right now, and his entire family. They've gone through a lot and it was the least I could do. I live across the state so I thought I could trust GrubHub & Macaroni Grill to take care of them, for a pretty penny.

I placed my order an entire day in advance so it would be delivered by 4 pm. I got an email back saying I would get a confirmation from the restaurant around 11 am the next day. I checked it at noon and it kept erroring out so I got on the chat with GrubHub. Sat there 20 min, no answer, so I called. After a 15 min wait, the restaurant confirmed & so did GrubHub. Again, delivery scheduled for 4 pm.

At 3:30, I tell my friend it should be coming soon. At 3:45, I suddenly get one ring on a phone call and a text immediately after saying "Your order has been cancelled. See email for more information." I panic and check my email, where I have a generic cancelation email telling me I can reorder. I replied to the text saying that I had no explanation and would order again. I place a replacement order and they call me back. The lady tells me she doesn't know what happened, but could see that the new order just got cancelled, too.

She contacts Macaroni Grill and comes back saying that they updated their menu in that exact moment and the food I had was suddenly no longer available at 3:45 in the afternoon. She tells me to order again.

Everything is more expensive. Literally that's the difference. I picked out entire new meals because the price change was significant, but it's still more expensive overall. They confirm, GrubHub doesn't update until 4:40, at which point it goes from "preparing" to "delivered" despite the driver not even being at the house. At 5 pm, it's finally delivered.

I told GrubHub Cust Service about this but they have no remorse, stating "food did get there though." Insult to injury: $250 with of authorizations that won't clear for days.


Grub hub sucks!!! They are scammers dont order from them. They mark peoples food delivered when the person never even got the food. And when you contact customer service they dont care they just give you a 50% code and dont care what you got to say. They talk over you. This is the second time my food was marked delivered and no food was recieved!!! This company needs to be investigated because they are taking peoples money and food ….

lack of delivery of food

I ordered food and grubby was the deliverer. I left specific instructions to ask for me at the front desk. I...

delivery not received

I ordered 30 dollars worth of food through grub hub while checking on the app the order stated it was delivered. Which I'm sure it was not I was waiting. The driver left with the tip and food. I called customer service to see what is going on. Customer service was no help! They stated they would give me 50% off my next order. When I asked about having the replacement food delivered to my home. They stated that it can't be done. I asked for a full refund and told them they can keep the 50% off. I was told the cannot give me a refund either. Thank you Grub hub!

food delivery

12/19:19- When the driver delivered my food, she asked me if she could have a tip. Her English was poor and she didn't seem to understand that I had already paid the tip. (She was a middle-aged Asian lady) She repeated her tip request two more times and then left. WTF???? Grubhub either has poor training; hiring the wrong people...or both! I think I'll start using Door Dash and see if they can do better. Shouldn't take much.

how good was delivered

Driver left food on the ground instead of delivering the food. Informed me that she could not come up don't understand what the issue was since she decided to picked up the food if you couldn't bring it up why take the job. Just left my food on the ground.Like I am hobo serious. What type of business is grub hub to TREAT THEIR CUSTOMER IN SUCH A DISRESPECTFUL WAY OR EVEN LIKE TRASH. Bad customer service and not good business etiquette. It is my last time dealing with a company that don't know how to treat their customer right.

  • SubSquirrel Dec 20, 2019

    At least you have food delivery where you are. I’m in a small town and the delivery services don’t come to this town.

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  • SubSquirrel Dec 21, 2019

    @Um is not an answer! I thought the food delivery service would help small towns. They advertise that they are available everywhere but I guess they forgot about my town. Hopefully I’ll move to an area with delivery soon.

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food delivery and overcharged

Rude driver. Order completely wrong. Overcharged. Restaurant says grub hub at fault. Grub hub says restaurant...