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CB Websites Chaturbate Chaturbate treats human beings like imaginary television channels

Chaturbate review: Chaturbate treats human beings like imaginary television channels

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5:52 pm EDT
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An Internet Bill of Rights needs to be established so sleazy, selfish and utterly sadistic companies like this are prevented from doing what they are currently doing.

Listening Streamate?

Hour spent dancing on this site in my sexiest langerie and zero visitors, just the occassional peeping monitor? We're supposed to accept this as an appropriate way to be treated when we prepare for our shows in so many ways?

Dear Chaturbate, under your supervision or on their own volition, moderators are deplatforming models, disabling comments and blacking-out rooms at an alarming rate.

You are making no effort to address our concerns as if our suspicions are little more than a joke.

They are not.

Moderators are preventing lots of models from being seen, then entering their rooms and trolling them with insults and one-liners, before running away.

I feel this is childish and disrespectful. But, most of all, this is wasting our time, demoralizing our spirits and affecting our pockets.

After doing this they appear as 'anonymous users'and share laughs as [our time is wasted].

If this were only an ocassional thing or we didn't have anything to compare it to (i.e. Chaturbate stripped of it's Tyrannical 'algorithms') we'd be more easily convinced to side with the canned comments you place in our emails immediately upon asking, "what in the $%&# is wrong with this site anymore?".

So you're going to let us sit in our rooms with our static 'anonymous useRs' (the ones who enjoy watching us squirm motionless for hours at a time) and not make any attempt to investigate this?

You should be ashamed of yourselves for allowing this flagrant abuse to happen day after day to the same models, the one's you've decided aren't malleable enough to work on your site.

If your cash cows are so special why not offer them a little competition -- models who dance, sing, tell jokes etc?

Or are those things, indeed, below your degenerate standards?

I thought 'Woke' meant that you cared about inclusion, love, happiness and spirituality. So why do you run your site like Pornagraphic Authoritarians?


Bye to the soul, love, patience, titilation and individuality.

Bye to nuance, bye to fun.

To the soul-dead arbiters of Internet Quality these things are little more than poisons.

Desired outcome: fairness

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