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CB Websites Chaturbate Chaturbate is extremely disrespectful and abusive towards models

Chaturbate review: Chaturbate is extremely disrespectful and abusive towards models

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Every night for the past four months, my'shows' on Chaturbate have had the same identical experience, and they are making no attempt to help me with this.

I begin streaming, and an 'anonymous user' (who's often in the room before I even start my show) starts peeking in and out of my room. Interspersed with this is a host of 'bots' which promote themselves in my room courtesy these lowlife scoundrels.

Oddly enough, they reappear throughout my 'show', disappearing the second I switch over to see who's in my room. This may happen 3-5 times during the course of the night.

My feeling is that I am being hidden from my followers, not to mention my regulars and the general public.

I believe there are hardcore shenanigans going on with Chaturbate. Especially considering that I used to make a ton of money on here and haven't changed my look at all.

Weirdly enough, when you contact Chaturbate regarding these matters, they totally blow you off. Unsurprisingly, people who do horrible things tend to not be available for discussion -- they let Robots do their speaking for them.

Sadly, it seems as though Chaturbate has gone the way of other Big Tech companies (YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok) in allowing corporations to dictate who to platform and who to blacklist.

This is, of course, plainly unethical since models' esteems, livelihoods, and mental health are at stake. Yet Chaturbate will lecture it's employees with 'how to' videos on how to better themselves in so many ways, as if they really give a damn about people.

This is clearly a sadistic and abusive site.

It's frightening to think that Chaturbate has such a low disregard for human beings, other than the ones who either pay them to be seen.

As it is, a great percentage of models sit in their rooms for hours gazing at their own nude reflection.

I have no idea who's responsible for this blatant rigging of what used to be an organic site wrought with surprises and interesting people.

Could it be that the kinds of people who used to feel joy and had outlandish personalities have been reduced to shallow, anti-social slaves (as in politics) by a tyrannical AI that is engineering humans at a rapid rate?

  Brainwashing masses of people with AI is usually a gradual process, so I'm more inclined to think that Chaturbate is algorithmically throttling people, as not to distract attention from the people they've chosen to be their breadwinners.

It is selfish, cruel, irresponsible, demoralizing, and Elitist.

If these self-appointed arbiters of empathy and equality practiced what they preach, they'd sometimes utter what must be strongly held suspicions regarding trust with regard to big tech companies—companies who will stop at nothing to appease corporations who's boot they lick in the name of homogenized Global Fascism (or 'Liberal Fascism')

As a lifelong liberal I am deeply offended by this.

Anyway, it's 'hour 5':

Still no visitors.

'What is wrong with me?' How can I be more compliant?' 'Maybe I should leave to make room for those who are substantially better than me'.

These are the sentiments these professional Bigots wish to arouse in their blacklisted prey—good-natured people who only wanted to have a little fun, meet people, and make money—as they push digital units around to exact their pre-calculated results.

Desired outcome: Freedom for all, an equal playing field and importance paed on establishing a human-to-human bond between employees and customers.

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