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Chaturbate review: Hello mam sir

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9:42 pm EDT
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Hi mam sir good morning

I would like to complain and ask for begging and have mercy on me I am rodel magallones lozano im working in chaturbate almost 5 years now but something happen that change my working life and it stop because im banned since august 25 time is 7;22pm saturday thats because my account lalunasangrets has been flagged due to an unverified independent broadcaster (yellow sweat pants, user has no shirt on, tattoo on chest) who appeared on your broadcast as of august 25th, 2023. That I can say that I really dont know on that time that my account is still broadcasting thats why my account was suspended and ofcourse I do anything to get back my account so I submit id of my friend to get verified again but im shock im already ban and I dnt know why then I look and read why im banned bcos I submit or upload a fake valid id of my friend that I really dont know it was fake ofcourse I want to get back my account but I dont know that my friend dont have valid id thats why he make fake ids that I really dont know I just want to get back my account and I really dont know the id of my friend is fake it get me in trouble thats why im banned please give me a second chance and unban my account I didnt do any violation I believe its error banned my account help me to unban lalunasangrets and I promised I broadcast more sercured thank you I truly did not take any actions that violate the terms of service agreement or community guidelines, and I believe my account was suspended by mistake because I did not violate any of the rules under by the flatform of the chaturbate. I did'nt do any actions, promote other sites or click other links that doenst belong or part of the chaturbate. I've been waiting for so long to have my account back and learned a lot after I got banned. I lost most of my things that I invest for myself because I need to sell them to pay my bills and provide foods for my big family cause I am their bread winner and im the only one who has work and chaturbate was really a big help for me to stand up again in our life after losing our house from fire accident. The only wish I want for my upcoming birthday is I hope u can help me get my accound back so I can start again and work again in chaturbate. That's why I appeal my case in order for me to be back in the site because I did not violate any of the rules and I am a good performer of the chaturbate so I strongly believe that there is no reason to banned me thank you.

Sincerely yours,


Desired outcome: hello mam sir i know that i make some violation but its not my intention my account was suspended bcos of my friend appear in my cam

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