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Complaints & Reviews

billing inaccuracies

Date 28th January 2012

I am having problems with Cell C. My Cell C contract in question is cellphone number: [protected].

On Monday the 16th of January 2012 I went into the Cell C store- Davenport Branch, to process my upgrade from a R145/month Casualchat Plan, to a R369/month SmartData Plan. I would receive a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 as a device on the SmartData Plan with 200mg/month free data thereafter Data would be charged at 39c/mb. After numerous visits to the store, on the 24th January 2012, I finally received a phone call on my current number [protected], from the Davenport Cell C store informing me that my tab was ready for collection.

I went into the store and Nomfundo, the consultant, processed my upgrade from the Casualchat plan to the Smart Data Plan. I was given the Galaxy Tab and told that the SmartData Plan was activated. Nomfundo further informed me that when my free 200mb were depleted, a message would be sent to my Galaxy Tab Device. Informing me of such, she suggested that I purchase a 3Gig CellC Data Package and insert that Sim card into the device when my free Data had expired, as it was a cheaper alternative to their regular Data Billing. I decided I would see how long it would take me to use 200MB of data and when the message popped up, I would go into store and purchase the 3Gig package. I happily used my Galaxy Tab thereafter.

On the 26 January 2012, a mere 2 days later, I attempted to connect to the internet with my Tab, but received an error message stating that there was 'No internet connection' available. I went to work and tried again in the late afternoon, asuming the problem was network related. I was still unable to connect to the internet. At approximately 5pm I called Cell C's (help)line and spoke to various Cell C consultants in all departments including technical and accounts, their names: Primose, Pearl, Michael and Sindisiwe. Team Leader Chalin was on break at first, and later would not get on the phone but coached a consultant through my enquiry.

Eventually through a series of conversations, it was accertained that my account was hotlined i.e. My account was suspended due to what Cell C considered 'unsually high usage'. My bill at that point was R1439, 79. I was informed by Pearl that I would need to pay 50% of the full amount in order to reconnect my service. I asked for a bill to be emailed to me, before I pay the 50% amount. I was informed that this was not Cell C's policy as bills could only be generated by their system by the 7th of February 2012. I did not think it right to pay a bill without any physical evidence of the amount owing, but was told that nothing could be done to get me that bill or to reconnect me without payment. I am a Durban Artist, and needed to be connected and online for work purposes that evening, and expressed my desparation to Pearl about my deadlines. Her response again was that there was nothing they could do.

When I enquired as to why I was not sent an sms, email or given a call before my account was suspended, Pearl informed me that they had done so. However, she read out a number: [protected] which is a residence I no longer reside at. I was confused as to why she didn't call me on my current cell phone number, the same number I was called on by Cell C staff, informing me of my arrival of my Tab the previous week. In the week of waiting for my Tab to arrive, I had provided them with my current contact number, as well as an alternative contact number i.e. My live-in fiancee, Dhaveshan Govender.
These number however do not reflect on the contract I have or Cell C's records. The numbers on the contracts are [protected] and [protected], which are my old pre-paid Vodacom numbers. The number they called is not on the contract.

At 6pm on the same day, my sister, Neebha Budhoo, arrived and attempted to help me, by calling through to the Cell C Help Line and she spoke to Sindisiwe. Neebha was also informed of the 'high usage'. Sindisiwe could not explain why it was considered high usage when Neebha explained that the contract was 2 days old so there was no precident for usage. Sindisiwe confirmed that the bill was R1439.79 plus a subscription of R145. When she was informed that these details were incorrect as I had upgraded to a SmartData Plan with a monthly subscription of R369, she continued to assert that I was currently at that time on the R145 CasualChat Plan. The was nothing she could do.

On the 27 January 2012, myself and my fiancee went into the Davenport Square Cell C branch at 8:30am. Nomfundo got into the system and called through to the Helpline. They informed her of the high usage and we now noted that the bill was R1600+, despite my service being suspended the previous day and despite Sindisiwe's assertion that the bill will remain at R1439.79.
While Nomfundo was on the system, we noted a figure of R145 still listed on my account, and no figure of R369 was found. Nomfundo seemed a bit confused but assured us we were on the SmartData Package.
After her call to the help line, Nomfundo apologised to me and explained that it was not possible with Cell C to upgrade from a CasualChat plan to a SmartData Plan, she would have to cancel the Xasualchat plan and reapply for a SmartData Plan inorder for me to retain usage of my Tab. I would have to return the Galaxy tablet until the SmartData contract was processed. There was nothing she could do.

We asked to speak to a Manager, and were told that the Manager was off sick. We then asked to speak to the assist manager, Tammy. Nomfundo then told us that Tammy was out of the store currently and that she could not be called because she had left her phone at the store. We had no option but to wait for Tammy. After 9:30am, Tammy strolled into the store. I explained my dilemma to her and she immediately got on the phone with their Cell C Helpline in the back office, I was not present during that phonecall. Tammy returned a little while later, apologised and explained that CasualChat contracts cannot be upgraded to SmartData contracts, but for some reason the computer system programme Cell C operates on, allowed Nomfundo to process my upgrade.

Tammy went on to explain that Cell C understands that the error was on their side, however the store will not pay for my bill, but Cell C headoffice would, as they understand it to be their mistake.
I was assured that the bill amount that had risen to R1600+ would not be debited from my account as I am not responsible for the error in billing. The process would take a few days to rectify i.e. Cancelling the bill and resetting my account to the correct subscription. Tammy said that she could reconnect my service but advised that if I used the reconnected service, it may appear as an admission to my responsibility towards this bill, so I should rather wait a few days for her to settle the matter. Tammy then suggested that inorder for me to get work done that I should purchase the 3Gig DataPlan in the meanwhile. There was nothing else she could do. I purchased the DataPlan for R399 once-off, valid for one year. I immediately swapped Sim Cards and am currently using the 3Gig card, on Tammy's advice.

On the 28th of January 2012, I received a phone call at 10:45am from Katherine, the Davenport Store Cell C Manager, who was back from sick leave, calling to inform me that the information she was given about my account is as follows: the bill of R1600+ is correct, that I have been moved over to the SmartData Package as of the 24 January 2012 and I will be charged at the rate of 39c/mb. I immediately went to the store with my fiancee. When I got there Katherine said she had confirmed that my bill is correct because I have used up the data which amounts to R1600+. When my fiancee asked for a breakdown of how much data was used from the period 24th Jan-26 Jan, Katherine claimed that she was unable to do so, as the system will only generate a bill after the 7th of February 2012.
Katherine then went on to say that Cell C does infact allow Casualchat plans to be upgraded to SmartData plans, which contradicts what Nomfundo and Tammy said the previous day. Katherine acknowledged that the Helpline provided false information to Nomfundo and Tammy. She said that we should 'forget what happened yesterday' as everyone was miss informed and when I asked: does that mean Cell C helpline cannot be trusted, she replied yes.

My finacee lost his temper and eventually left the store as Katherine refused to acknowledge our previous conversations with her staff and helpline and further stated there was nothing she could do with a smug smile on her face.
When I asked her why she was smiling and questioned her approach to a serious matter, she again smilingly responded, that Cell C gives you service with a smile.

Katherine eventually contacted Nomsa, a Cell C supervisor, who spoke to me and she was no more helpful than anyone else I had spoken to.

So as of the 28th of February 2012, I have a bill in excess of R1600 and the matter can only be investigated once they are able to provide me with a bill. I have a Cell C contract which states that I receive 200mb free/month and afterwards be charged at a rate of 39c/mb thereafter. I find it highly unlikely that with the downloading I did over the 2 days I had service on my Galaxy Tab that I would be able to accumulate a bill exceeding R1600 when data is charged at 39c/mb.
In order to do this I would have had to download data exceeding 4Gigs. This is highly unlikely. However, if Cell C could give me a breakdown of my data usage, and prove that I used this data in the way that they say I have, on my new upgraded plan, then I am willing to pay this bill. Even mentioning the excessive rates to the Cell C consultants, they were taken aback, which makes me think it is some sort of system/computer error that had billed me more than I am responsible for. After seeking advise from an intependent IT consultant, he claims it is impossible to download 4gigs of Data in two days especially looking at my device downloading history.

Date 16 February 2012

On the 15th Feb 2012 I went into the store and my bill now sits at R2000+ and even after Katherine having escalated my bill on the 28th of January 2012 they are still explaining to the helpline what my issue is. So my question is what was the point of escalating my bill two weeks ago if the issue is being queried as a new query 2 weeks later? Tammy in the Davenport Square Branch handled the query, and she gave me an invoice which shows my usage in minutes and Rand value, however Cell C charges at a 'per megabyte' rate for data used, yet their bill does not reflect a megabyte breakdown of my usage. There are several inconsistencies in this bill with regard to duration and cost. Tammy also pointed out that the bill incorrectly charges for a full subscription rather than a pro rata amount as my contract began mid-month.

On the 17 of Feb 2012, Katherine the Cell C manager calls me to tell me they have the per mega byte breakdown of my bill in question, and that Cell C have admitted to their mistake in charging me incorrectly for my two days I was on their network. Katherine proceeded to tell me, in the week that followed, that I should put a stop order on my Cell C debit order for this account, so that my incorrect installment does not get debited from my FNB account on the 1st of March 2012, and this will give Cell C til the end of March to correctly credit my bill, when I will go into the store manually and pay, which all depends on how long Cell C take to fix the problems they've created.

27 February 2012

I get a phone call from Patrick from Cell C billing department, who claims that Cell C admit they incorrectly billed me the wrong Rand value, and that they will credit me R1066 for my data usage, and he assured me they will amend my pro rata subricription from the incorrect billing of R369 to the correct figure of R51 for subscription from the 24 January 2012 until the 31 January 2012. He claims that my Rand value for data used is R468.02 and that my usage in data was 1142079 for the two days I was allowed on their network. I asked for a new printout of my bill with a per/megabyte breakdown showing me the corrections they have made to my bill, which I expect to be sent to Catherine at Davenport Square for me to collect a hard copy, as before. Patrick then went on to say they were charging me 60c/megabyte which completely condradicts what Cell C store employees as well as helpline consultants have told me since the 24 January 2012. 10minutes after speaking to Patrick, I went into the Davenport Square Cell C store, Catherine was on the phone with Patrick, and she says he then claimed a rate of 50c/megabyte was the billing charge. Catherine maintained that the figure she and her staff were told was 39c/megabyte.So the inaccuracies in what I've been told continue. Someone MUST take responsibility for the lies and length of time it is taking to fix the problem with my bill. I refuse to pay more than 39c/megabyte.

As a consumer I feel abused and wish no money to go out of my account to pay Cell C until this matter is resolved.

Yours sincerely,
Shika Budhoo
Cell: [protected]
Email: [protected]

# network

I have a nokia 5800 on contract with cell c. The touch screen of my nokia is not working and this was the second time I took it in to cell c for repair for the same problem cause the first time they did not even look at my [censored]ing phone and when I received it today 07-01-2012 they told me they did not fix it because it has visible corrosion wich in my opinion is a kak story so I took it today to a shop just to find out what is the problem and the guy told me there is no visible corrosion and he showed me what the problem is so for the second [censored]ing time cell c did not look at my phone again and this is my last cell phone contract I will take out with them cause they are [censored]ing useless and I won't recommend cell c to my enemy and I work for a big company and I will make sure they won't make use cell c and I might be one customer but I will spread my story faster than [censored]ing HIV!!!so [censored] you cell c and have a [censored] day!!!

un-blacklisting of cellphone

My daughter lost her cellphone on a camping trip, but the phone was found and returned to her. I contacted the call centre to have the phone blocked. After the phone was found I once again contacted the call centre to have the phone un-blocked. After 168 hours and empty promises the phone is still blocked. No feedback from anybody from Cell C.

overcharged after cancellation

I hope that this can be looked at due to the fact that Cell C call centre and enquiries fail to. I have logged a call the 24/11/2011 with Cell C call centre, received a reference and was told my query will be looked at within the next 24 - 48 hours. Today is the 02/12/2011 and there has been nothing done regarding my complaint. it was told to me by a lady called Nandemiso that my query is still in the queue.

My contract was activated 01/11/2010. I have cancelled my 24 month contract, which consisted of two phones and on each phone I was supposed to get a R59 discount. My contract ended the 04th November 2011 and for the statement dated 01/11/2011 this discount was not given to me. I have enquired about why my statement was so high and a Reference number was given to me, I have not received any feedback regarding the complaint and the monthly deductions has been deducted.

What is there that I can do to get back the money that was taken from me as Cellc cannot assist?

I do have all the proof if this is required.

Kind Regards
Shameemah Davids

patetiese diens

Heil die leser 18/11/2011

Aangaande: patetiese dienslewering
Cell c newpark kimberley

Ek wil net asseblief hier se ek is nie 'n mens wat ooit sommer oor iets sal kla nie, maar selfs ek het die punt bereik dat ek voel hierdie is nodig.

Op 26 augustus 2011 het ek na cell c newpark kimberley gegaan om my kontrak, controle chat 100 op te gradeer. My kontrak nommer is [protected]. Ek kon nie op die kontrak wat ek toe gehad het 'n blackberry kry nie en het toe my kontrak ook opgradeer van r100-00 per maand na r150-00 per maand. Dit gedoen het ek besluit op 'n blackberry curve. 2 dae later terwyl ek probeer om 'n abb af te laai gooi die skerm ewe skielik net 'n swart skermpie uit met 'n klein wit blokkie in die middel wat se error. My pa hannes fourie vat toe die foon terug na cell c en vra hulle moet my bel, want ek wil nie die foon hê nie as gevolg van die error, aangesien ek nie kon af kry by my werk nie. Hulle vervang toe die foon.

In my skik met my nuwe blackberry curve. Op 14 september gooi die blackberry se screen weer 'n blokkie uit. Software update! Ek was moedeloos. Terug na cell c.
Hulle se toe my foon moet weggestuur word want hulle kan nie die update hier in kimberley doen nie. Ek vra toe hoe lank dit sal neem, want damm my foon is my lifeline. Nee mevrou so 2 weke op die meeste. Op 16 september 2011 is die foon toe weggestuur na johannesburg na cell c repairs afdeling. Hulle sê toe hulle sal my laat weet sodra my foon terug is en ek hom kan kom haal. 3 weke gaan verby en ek hoor niks van cell c. Op vrydag middag 7 oktober gaan ek om navraag te doen, want hulle het gesê 2 weke of korter. Niemand het my nog gebel of enige iets nie.

Die foon was toe klaarblyklik al op 26 september terug! Ek vat die foon sit hom aan om te kyk of als reg werk. My software wat my foon opgehad het was 4.2.1 of so iets... En hy was weg gestuur vir 'n software update.Net dieselfde sofware is weer van voor af opgelaai. Die foon was so stadig, dit het 2 ure gevat wat ek daar gestaan het net om my 102 emails wat ek ontvang het in die tyd dat ek nie 'n foon gehad het te download, whats app wou glad nie aflaai op die foon nie, skerm gooi toe uit internal server error ewe skielik terwyl ek nog in die winkel is. Ek sê toe vir deon ek wil nie die foon terug hê nie. Hy is nie geupdate soos daar vir my gesê is nie en sy skerm gooi die error kort kort uit. Ek vra vir deon as ek 'n ander foon kies, watter nokia foon het dieselfde funksies as die foon wat ek gehad het en watter nokia foon sal ek kan kry volgens my kontrak. Deon wys toe vir my net die nokia e5.

Hy se toe ek moet nou maar die foon vat want carrol (Bestuurderes) is nie daar wat die besluite kan neem nie. Aangesien daar toe nie vir my 'n ander keuse gelaat is nie, is ek daar weg huis toe met die foon. Ek sê toe ek gaan my pa stuur maandag met die foon want ek werk en kan nie af kry nie. Maandag oggend 10 oktober is my pa terug met my foon. Hy gee toe die foon vir hulle terug en lig vir peter may in 'n ander foon sal welkom wees maar nie weer 'n blackberry nie. Peter may sê toe vir my pa carrol sal my bel. Ek wag en wag en ontvang geen oproep nie. Op 14 oktober is ek weer terug by cell c. Ek het 'n brief getik waarin ek my kontrakte kanselleer weens swak diens. Peter may lig my in as ek die kontrakte kanselleer gaan daar nog die res van hierdie kontrak se kostes wees wat ek sal moet betaal. Ek wil weer met carrol praat. Sy is weer nie beskikbaar nie. Peter se hy sal kyk wat hy kan doen. Ek vra asb peter help my ek moet 'n foon hè! Hy sê hy sal met carrol praat, 'n email ter motivering stuur en die brief na carrol faks om te sê hoe ernstig ek is en sê carrol moet my bel. Hy sê ook vir my hy sal voor die einde van die dag vir my bel met 3 moontlike vervangings opsies op my foon. Ek het nou nog 'n oproep van hom of carrol ontvang soos hy gesê het hy en sy sal.

My pa gaan cell c toe om navraag te doen en vir carrol te spreek. Sy is nie beskikbaar nie. Peter kan nie besluite neem nie. Ek raak desperaat en raadop. Ek betaal vir 'n produk wat ek nie het nie. Saterdag 29 oktober gaan ek weer terug na cell c. Raadop, desperaat vir hulp en diens!! Carrol is weer nie daar dat ek met haar kan praat en ek is nog steeds nie gebel deur haar nie. Ek sê ek gaan hulle aan gee by die verbruikersraad vir swak dienslewering. Ek kom huis toe le 'n klag teen cell c op die internet by Maandag oggend 31 oktober 2011 bel victor mooi van cell c klientediens my. Ek vertel my hele storie aan hom. Hy bel my drie keer op dieselfde dag. Met die 3de oproep vra hy vir my watter foon ek wil hê want hulle gaan my foon vervang. Ek se ek is seker dit was die nokia e5 waarna ek gekyk het. Hy lig my in rhahaba sal my bel. Ek wag vir haar oproep, maar dit gebeur nie. Hy bel my toe weer die volgende dag nadat ek vir hom 'n email gestuur het om te vra nou wat nou. Hy vra vir my het rhahaba my nog nie gebel nie. Ek sê nee. Rukkie later bel sy my met 'n houding. Wil my net inlig dat hulle nie voorraad het van die nokia e5 nie maar hulle stuur vir my 'n nokia c3. Ek se toe vir haar dis nie eers 'n smartfoon nie, want ek het gelukkig die vorige dag op google na die nokia fone gaan kyk. Ek se toe ek wil nie die foon he nie... Ek wil 'n nokia e5 he. Ek gaan die vrydag weer hier na peter by cell c kimberley en wragtig het hulle vir my 'n nodia c3 in plaas van 'n nokia e5 gestuur. Selfs peter may by cell c kimberley dink dis belaglik. Hy sê toe vir my sy hande is afgekap. Ek stuur toe weer 'n email na victor mooi by cell c klientediens. Toe hy my terug skakel sê hy net hy verstaan my probleem maar rhahaba sal my bel. Sy bel my maandag 14 november 2011 en sê aangesien hulle nie voorraad het van die nokia e5 nie, gaan hulle vir my 'n blackberry curve stuur. Ek vra toe as hulle die foon vir my stuur wanneer sal dit wees. Nee mevrou volgende week. Ek sê toe dis onaanvaarbaar. Ek is al amper 2 maande sonder my foon.

Intussen het my pa ook besluit om 'n nokia e5 foon te vat met sy upgrade en peter het vir hom gesê enige tyd van 16 november 2011 kan hy sy nokia e5 kom haal. Toe my pa daar kom op 17 november sê peter vir hom ook hulle het nie voorraad nie. My pa kanselleer toe daar en dan sy kontrak ([protected]) met cell c kimberley new park, hy kry die bewys dat hy sy kontrak gekanselleer het en stap net oor na cell c northcape mall. Hy wou net gaan vra het hulle nie dalk so foon nie. Ja se die dame daar vir hom... Meneer ons het 3 nokia e5 fone. Sy het nie my pa geken nie maar iemand daar het want carrol bestuur al 2 die winkels. My pa vra toe mag hy asb die foon sien... Ja sê sy. Ewe skielik na 'n ruk wat sy toe wegbly kom sy terug en sê... Jammer meneer fourie maar al 3 die nokia e5 fone is net gister uitverkoop. Ek het nie geweet nie sê sy want ek was nie gister aan diens nie.

Gister middag 18 november gaan ek weer na cell c newpark. Ek sê vir peter daar hoe is dit moontlik dat hulle vir my sê hulle het nie voorraad van die nokia e5 nie en by northcape mall was daar 3 fone tot gister. Hy sê vir my dis uit sy hande uit... Ek moet met rhahaba praat. Ek gee vir hom 'n afskrif van die verbruikerswet wat ek van die internet getrek het en sê vir hom ek eis 'n foon voor 17h00, of ek gaan 'n klag indien teen hulle vir swak diens. 10 minute later bel hy my en sê weer vir my rhahaba gaan my bel. Ek lig hom in dat ek nie enigsens belangstel om oproepe van haar te ontvang nie. Al oproep wat ek sal ontvang van hulle verder is om my in te lig dat ek my foon moet kom haal. Sy bel my weer met 'n houding. Toe ek met haar afrikaans wil praat, se sy vir my in engels sy kan nie afrikaans verstaan nie... Op daardie oomblik was ek te kwaad om enigsins myself in engels te kan uitdruk. Ek se toe in engels vir haar sy moet dan asb vir my iemand gee om mee te praat wat afrikaans kan praat en verstaan. Ek se toe ook vir haar in afrikaans dat ek hierdie klag teen cell c gaan indien. Sy wou my nie deursit na iemand wat afrikaans kan praat nie en het vir my gesê ek moet engels met haar praat anders is dit so goed soos ek praat nie met haar nie... Toe druk ek die foon neer.

Al wat ek vra is asb help my? Ek wil net my kontrak by cell c kimberley kanselleer sodat ek 'n nuwe kontrak iewers anders kan gaan uitneem of dan die foon van my keuse asseblief he waarvoor ek nou in elk geval betaal en nie het nie!
Ek moet 'n ordentlike foon kry so gou as moontlik aangesien ek 'n geskeide dame is wat alleen woon en my foon is my lifeline! Asseblief help my ek is raadop, teleurgestel en desperaat!!

Baie dankie by voorbaat vir u hulp.

Die uwe

Carla fourie


  • Am
    A Marysse Dec 09, 2011

    Aan wie dit mag aangaan,
    My klagte gaan oor die nuwe "diens"genaamd GET IT. 'n Telefoonverkoper dame het my geskakel met baie rooskleurige verhaal oor al die voordele wat ek kan kry as ek by GET IT inskakel. Heel aan die einde van die gesprek het sy genoem dat dit R39.00 per maand sal kos. Voor ek nog mooi kan dink oor die saak het sy afgelui. Ek het spoedig 'n SMS ontvang waarin bevestig is dat ek nou deel is van die transaksie met GET IT. Die e-pos adres wat genoem is as verwysing is afgekeur, so ek het dadelik die selnommer van die versender gebel. Die dame wat antwoord sê toe dat die betrokke persoon nie nou daar is nie, maar ek kan met haar praat. Ek het toe verduidelik dat ons graag wil kanselleer, want ons het nadat ons dit oordink het besluit om nie van hierdie diens gebruik te maak nie, waarop sy gesê het sy sal dit reel met die betrokke dame. Ongelukkig het ek nie die naam of die kontaknommer van die konsultant gehou nie, aangesien ek die saak as afgehandel en gekanselleer beskou het. Hierdie maand is die bedrag van R34.21 x 2 by ons rekening gevoeg. Graag verneem ek hoe ek die kansellasie van GET IT kan afhandel?

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suspended lines

I have signed for two control chat 150 on the 31 august 2011. At the end of september I had paid via deposit and debit. Update cell c, goes on suspending both cell lines. After numerous complaints to the store of purchase and customer care the problem is on going still. According to cell c customer service, I am in arrears of R300! Which is totally incorrect my payments are up to date. I have emailed, faxed and telephone numerous times but nobody can tell me why my cell lines keep on getting suspended although my contract is up to date

  • Co
    Concern Citizen 1 Aug 17, 2012

    I thought it have only happens to us. We are battling with same problem. Looks like somebody at Cell C don't know what to do. Get people who wants to work and know what to do

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  • Co
    Concern Citizen 1 Aug 17, 2012

    I thought it have only happens to us. We are battling with same problem. Looks like somebody at Cell C don't know the work. Get people who wants to work and know what to do

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double invoicing

On 1 September 2011 a my debit order for Cell C was deducted to the amount of R1035.00. Early that same morning I called Cell C and asked them why they deducted R1035.00. Cell C said to that I Migrated to all day 300 contract. I never migrated bu t upgraded botgh my cell contracts. I informed Cell C that I am going to reverse the debit order and will pay in the correct amount of R450.00 direcrly into their bank account. I paid the amount of R450.00 on the 6 of September 2011. I logged 5 complaints with Cell C and no response from them. On 15 September 2011 both my lines was soft blocked and I logged a complaint with Cell C they informed me that I was double billed because of my upgrades. When I upgrade my contracts I was never informed by anyone that I will be double billed the end of August 2011. If I was informed of the double billing I would never have upgrade and rather wait until my contracts were at the enfd of the 2 years contract.

network coverage

i stay in queenstown and use cellc for the past 5years on difirrence cell numbers, the current problem im experiece is the network work coverage and not all the promotional items is available in the cellc store. for instance you guyse got an fast link moden on promotion but your store can not get supply, cause there is no fast network coverage for the internet especially. i currently had to settle with an mtn modem which is hellto slowly, but even if i can buy a cell c modem it will not realy make a the cell c store in queenstown i was told that you guys did a coverage survey on cellphone coverage and the respond is that all network areas are covered in the queenstown area and surrounding towns, but not internet please look into it and correctify or upgrade the internet coverage in the queenstown area.i dont want to go to other networks and leave the one that im happy just because of an interrest that can be rectify.up to today i managed to positifly convinced made my family and friends to join the network, i dont think as they were convinced to join if they can go deeper in the network they will not be happy with what what they may discoverd buy then.

any kind of correspondence will i apreciate.

thanks concerned network client
Sam Smit
40 queens drive
31 september 2011
02h00 a.m

account handed over

In February 2010 I made an arrangement with Cell C to do the payment of my outstanding account to them. The account then was R3715.94. I arrange with them payment of R300 per month untill the account was settled. Then after paying for 10 Months I phoned to find out what was the outstanding amount so that I can organise settlement of the account. After calling several times in November and December 2010 to the number provided on the letter 084 140 ext 1022 (Matshidiso Malinga) I could not get any response from them to get the settlement amount. Then I received a letter fom Pholosa credit solutions at the end of July 2011 ( it was dated 16 May 2011) that stated I was handed over by Cell C and that my outstanding amount now will be R6571.03 After that I contacted Pholosa now SEVERAL times to get the R3000.00 that I have paid subtracted and a new settlement amount so that I can do the final payment. I spoke to Pholosa's personal the forst time on the 04/08/2011 and after that almost twice a week. For every call, e-mail ect that I make to them they are charging me. I mailed my bank statements to them so that they can subtract the amount that I have paid to them and give me a settlement amount, but no reaction. Every time a different story. I suspect they are dragging this issue so that they can make money by handling this issue. Can you please help???

band of scammers

These people are total scammers, all they do is give an reiteration of the user's manual which you already possess in the user's manual this is ridiculous.We should all file a lawsuit against this company which can not fulfill its claim of money back guaranteed. This is just a false advertisement to trap the consumers to buy their lame software.

breach of contract

REF: [protected]

I phoned Cell C in June with regard to having my banking details changed from Standard bank to Absa. I have three contracts with Cell C. Two was taken in the same year and another a year later. The bill for the first two averages about R270 and the other amount is R150. Cell C says all calls are recorded for quality purposes so I am appealing to Cell C to please go and listen to my calls with the instructions for the change of banking details. And why was the two lines debited from the correct account and the other line not? Cell C debited my Standard bank account and I have to pay R115 bank charges for the unpaid amount.

Because of this unpaid I had to make a cash payment to Cell C which I did on the 15th of July. I then faxed proof of payment to Cell C on [protected] and I also phoned them to make sure everything was in order. Cell C confirmed that this will not happen again and that the new banking details had been captured. I logged my complaint and I still did not receive an answer as to why my banking detail wasn’t changed on the one account.

One the 26th of August I get a sms from my bank saying there is another unpaid because Cell C tried to debit my account for R150-00 and there was insufficient funds and then again I have been charged R115 bank charges. When I called the call center I was told that my account is in arrears and I needed to payment. So I didn’t make a fuss about this although I was a little confused because my debited order date is for the 30th of the month. I have trusted Cell C with my bank account allowing them to debit me on the 30th but they don’t even make one call to me saying that my account is in arrears and I need to make payment. So anyway I made a cash payment on Friday the 26th August (Attached proof of payment) with the reference number for [protected] because that was the line they said was in arrears. On Monday I spoke to Sybil and was told I have to wait till Friday for my line to activated.

When I look at my account I see that Cell C had forgotten to debit me on the 30th of July and suddenly someone picks this up and tries to debit me on the 25th. I want to know why was I not debited on the 30th of July and who gave Cell C permission to try and debited my account on the 25th without my permission? So I’m going to SUE Cell C for Breach of Contract. I also picked up that when I made the payment to the number in question that payment was allocated to the other two numbers and that’s why I was told I should wait till Friday the 2nd of September because this will give Cell C time to get another debit from my account on the 31st of August and they can quietly sort this unnecessary problem out.

As a customer I am very unhappy and pissed-off with Cell C for the attitude and manner in which they have managed my account. Seriously for R150 I now have to pay my bank R230 bank charges and also I have a bad credit rating and I am also due for a upgrade and because of this situation I now have to wait for three months, your sales team will not assist me because of these unpaid amounts. The server inconvenience that has been placed upon me and the stress that I went through have to call your call center numerous times and everytime you get cut-off I have to call again and keep repeating the same information to ten different people is very annoying.

I am awaiting your urgent reply and I promise to take this up further if need be.

Jessica Pillay
[protected] – Kindly contact me on this number.

  • Wi
    Winston Browne Jul 19, 2011

    Went for upgrade at Lakeside Mall on 26 Feb '11.We took upgrade from Feb Package Sheet:Nokia E63, 120 sms+50mb Free for 24 months.Subscription is R44+costs = +- R88.Contract was upgraded 12 May, subscription still R100 not R88.By end of May we haven't receive the sms's and mb.We phoned customer care, told us to go to Lakeside Mall.Mpho from there made copy of our upgrade and send it to H/O(Head Office), with copy of Feb package sheet.After week nothing.Mpho phoned them.On 20Jun it was 'corrected'.Got sms and Mpho phoned us to 'confirm' it.Still not receiving free goods.Didn't register if 14302 is phoned.Called cust. care 1 Jul., we told them that we're going to call H/O.Received credit from R139.22 for not loaded goods.But what about the sms's+mb we didn't received for June? What about our subscription, why not corrected? What about rest of the 24 months, are we going to receive the sms's+mb each months.This is breach of contract, we don't receive service that's been agreed on.We are sick and tired for not getting what we pay for.It's for 2 months now.
    REF.1106202922(given by Mpho)

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claim & upgrade

I have a cellc phone and it was stolen yesterday, my husband used the phone with a vodacom sim card in his phone was damaged with water. The stole the phone out of his hand yesterday, phoned cell c this morning and they advised that because it was a vodacom simcard in the cell c phone i will not be able to claim for this phone! I feel it is not wright, as i pay everymonth for the cover!!! The other thing is one of the consultants from the tell trevor departmetn advised me that he will upgrade me on the 3rd of August due to a fault cell c made, and when it came to that date the consultant that helped me with that was no longer with cell c and now cell c just refuses to upgrade me and they say it was the consultant who made a mistake and they will not help me with the upgrade. I feel that it is not my mistake and they must still ge me the upgrade as i am the client and i did not make the mitake!!! Please will you look in to this for me, as i am very discussted in the servise i am getting from Cell C, it is getting wore by the day, they are quick enough to disconnect your line if there was an unpaid debit order but when you want to claim or something they just say sorry we can not help you!!1

customer service


please help me!

My name is Gschwend Slambert [protected]. Account number: 2534566 (R.Daly)

I have been trying to settle my account with Cell C and RL Daly with no success I have to say.

It has been back and forth for the past two weeks because no one can tell me what the outstanding amount on my account is. They talk about the money that I have paid them needs to be allocated first, but how long should I wait for this process. I am in the process of application at the bank.

I am not happy about this, can someone help me please?

unlawfull listing to credit bureau

In december 2010 cell c went onto a new system and our debit order did not go off, we received and sms from...

blacklisted illegally

On the 8/7/2011 I went to cell c kolonnade to upgrade, and renew my contract to cell c. I also wanted to take out another contract on the speedstick. On applying for the new contract I was told that my account has been handed over to prelegal due to non payment. I pay may account monthly by internet banking and have proof of payment for every single months payment. So in front of aprox 10 people in the store I was told that due to non payment I can not take out a new contract. After numerous phone calls nothing happened. On monday 18th july we went back to cell c kolonnade to find out what is going on, they phoned again and another call was logged. Again a week later nothing happened. Eventually on thursday they phoned from prelegal to say the account was in arrears and we need to pay. I queried it again and was told they will log a call and phone me back. On friday 22 july I phoned the call centre again and spoke to a tiffany who said that the account has been rectified. On saturday 23 july I received a message from there attorneys stating that I was handed over and blacklisted. For nothing!!! Please people stay away from these thieves if you dont want to be blacklisted illegally!!

unauthorised charges

Cell C in South Africa ran a "Dream Call" Competition that ended in May.

I have been receiving SMS' s every day since - announcing the so-called "winners"
The problem is that I'm being charged R1.50 EVERY time I receive this sms.

How can I be charged DAILY for a competition that ended in May?

This is proposterous, and could definitely be constituted as fraud.

I demand that my account be credited with the Airtime they took fraudulently.


  • Ch
    Charlene Wild Dec 20, 2011

    I belong to ‘Dreamcall’ and pay for it everyday for months and months now.

    I received an sms late afternoon and assumed it had to do with Dreamcall. I phoned Cell C and they said Dreamcall does not go through them and they gave me the telephone number of Dreamcall, which is 0841934567 to phone, but I kept getting a fast engaged signal each time and COULD NOT GET THROUGH????
    The sms read: "Customer ID: 44497013 (which is my cell phone number through my Cell C Contract but without the 08 in front of it); and
    Pin Code: 92854379
    Balance: 10 000
    Call +22720392040 to transfer ur winnings to a bank account.
    Thx for playing with us.”

    I phoned the number and a recorded American lady’s voice came on asking for my name, which I gave and then it said press #, which I did. I got as far as my Surname with pressing # after saying it, as I was asked to by the recorded voice and then I was cut off, as by phoning this number it took R87, 00 off my airtime, leaving me WITH NO AIRTIME AT ALL!

    I’m a single parent and cannot afford this. As it is, I am looking for work in East London, South Africa and battling terribly since my temp job ended and I have a 17 year old son to look after and put through matric next year. I DEMAND a refund of the R87.00 for sending me an sms making it look as if I had won via DREAMCALL!

    I hardly check my emails, so can someone from Cell C Dreamcall please phone me on 0844497013 (seen you take R1, 50 off my account daily) as I get sms’s from you daily and clarify with me what is going on. PLEASE phone me on my cell number and not via email, as I hardly check emails, because the computer is in my son’s bedroom.

    Thank you
    Charlene Wild
    East London, South Africa
    Tel: 084 449 7013 (Contract number with Cell C)

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  • Ch
    Charlene Wild Dec 20, 2011

    I belong to ‘Dreamcall’ and pay for it everyday for months and months now.

    I received an sms late afternoon and assumed it had to do with Dreamcall. I phoned Cell C and they said Dreamcall does not go through them and they gave me the telephone number of Dreamcall, which is 0841934567 to phone, but I kept getting a fast engaged signal each time and COULD NOT GET THROUGH????
    The sms read: "Customer ID: 44497013 (which is my cell phone number through my Cell C Contract but without the 08 in front of it); and
    Pin Code: 92854379
    Balance: 10 000
    Call +22720392040 to transfer ur winnings to a bank account.
    Thx for playing with us.”

    I phoned the number and a recorded American lady’s voice came on asking for my name, which I gave and then it said press #, which I did. I got as far as my Surname with pressing # after saying it, as I was asked to by the recorded voice and then I was cut off, as by phoning this number it took R87, 00 off my airtime, leaving me WITH NO AIRTIME AT ALL!

    I’m a single parent and cannot afford this. As it is, I am looking for work in East London, South Africa and battling terribly since my temp job ended and I have a 17 year old son to look after and put through matric next year. I DEMAND a refund of the R87.00 for sending me an sms making it look as if I had won via DREAMCALL!

    I hardly check my emails, so can someone from Cell C Dreamcall please phone me on 0844497013 (seen you take R1, 50 off my account daily) as I get sms’s from you daily and clarify with me what is going on. PLEASE phone me on my cell number and not via email, as I hardly check emails, because the computer is in my son’s bedroom.

    Thank you
    Charlene Wild
    East London, South Africa
    Tel: 084 449 7013 (Contract number with Cell C)

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  • Ha
    halalqa Dec 21, 2011

    This same thing happened to me, I did everything "the voice"asked me to do.But unfortunately I was cutoff in the middle charging me about 50 Ethiopian Birr.

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  • Bo
    Boikanyo May 10, 2016

    074 816 1478 - balance in April R300.00 I paid half of the amount in April
    074 207 3305 - balance in April - R110.00 which I paid in full
    061 283 0664 - balance was R81.00 paid in full in April. The contracts for the 3 phone ended in January 2016 but till today I am still paying unpredictable amount from Cell C. Call centre Agents drops calls on me,

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  • Em
    Emmy Emmy Oct 11, 2016

    I have been paying for this service since 01 December 2013 and was last billed on 03 October 2016!. It costs R1.50 a day. My airtime still gets deducted but I have no idea what this competition is about. I once called the call center for assistance but they were useless. Please cancel this subsciption!!!

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bad service

Good morning, I went to cell c canal walk on thursday 7 july after listening to a ad on an afrikaans radio station bok radio, they advertise a blackberry on a top-up 100 at certain cell c stores. Needles to say I went to canal walk and asked about this deal, I was told they don't know anything about it, maybe vodacom will know. Not even tried to find out.

still receiving sms

I understand that this competition has come to an end in may. However I am still receiving daily sms' to this day - "that I have been intered into today's draw". Costing r1.50 per day.
I would like my account to credited with this monies, as this is fraud.

unfair billing


1. The matter between me and cell c has the following reference.

2. In october 2009 I have received the billing letter from cell c stating that I must pay r1399.00 from their bill whereas the contract agreement was r99.00. I was so surprise when I discovered that I was subscribed with exact mobile that was billing me every minute.

3. I have contacted several cell c shops including colognade cell c shop in pretoria and they have failed to resolve the matter. I have requested cell c to pay the agreed amount excluding exact mobile and cell c denied and told me it was not possible to pay them without paying exact mobile. Then I decided to stop paying at all because I knew that I did not subscribe with exact mobile.

4. Then I referred the matter to my lawyers who referred me to icasa. Icasa referred me to waspa. Waspa told me in writing that the matter has been resolved with the service provider that’s exact mobile. So I went to cell c and told them that the matter has been resolved the only thing I want from them was to give me advice as to how to make payment to them of which they fail to come with the solution as the statement was still including the bill of exact mobile.

4. I am very much prepared to repay cell c as they are the people I entered the contract of r99.00 a month with and not exact mobile. I feel I was not treated fair by cell c in resolving the matter as there was no professional correspondence between them and myself. Their staff members were unable to give assistance to me even though I told them I was prepared to pay the bill that excludes exact mobile and today I have to go through their lawyers to settle the matter which is unfair to me.

Below is attached respond from waspa

Mrs m. Mngoma

service line

Since yesterday I have been without the use of any and all outgoing mobile services. Upon phoning the 24 hour...