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Canada Post Corporation Customer Care Service

586 Reviews

Canada Post Corporation

2701 Riverside Drive, Suite 1200
Canada - K1A0B1

Customer Support Phone Numbers

+1 866 607 6301(General Information)
260 139
+1 416 979 3033(International)
2 2
+1 877 632 6347(Canada Post Online Shopping)
2 0
+1 800 563 0444(Money Order Verification)
1 0
+1 800 565 4362(Philatelic Inquiries)
1 0
+1 900 565 2633(Postal Code Information)
1 0
+1 877 376 1212(Technical Support Desk)
2 0
1 0
+1 877 262 5762(Solutions For Small Business)
1 0
+1 877 683 5895(Volume-Based Commercial Customers)
1 0
+1 800 267 7651(Commercial Billing & Payment Support)
1 0
Mon8:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Tue8:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Wed8:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Thu8:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Fri8:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Postal Address

Po Box 90022, 2701 Riverside Drive, Ottawa ON K1V 1J8

Canada Post Corporation Complaints & Reviews

Canada Post Corporation / free delivery package

bobby4444 on Oct 16, 2018

I went to a Canada post office on 9647- 47 Ave. I wanted to mail out a package and the women behind the counter didn't know anything about this promotion. When I questioned what I needed. I was told just the promotion code. I asked if they could help me but they refused. I went back a...

Canada Post Corporation / driver almost hitting me as I was walking

MonicaK on Oct 15, 2018

On oct 15 at 420 PM at 3484 semenyk court mississauga ont. Truck # 1720375 was driving on the driveway of semenyk court . I was walking on the driveway to get to my car as I am an employee working here. I hear a noise behind me I turn and I see a canada post vehicle behind me pulling into...

Canada Post Corporation / dangerous placement of group mailboxes

Shannon Thompson on Oct 13, 2018

Canada Post has put group mailboxes on the corner of my small, narrow, dead-end, gravel road at a main through road. With the current placement of this group of mailboxes, people use my driveway to turn around which in most cases, is fine. However, there are several people that drive...

Canada Post Corporation / truck driver

toolman993 on Oct 12, 2018

Truck # 63386 Brentwood Bay BC. Driver was extremely aggressive. I was doing the speed limit coming into town, and this driver kept speeding up to a point of almost hitting me and the slowing down. It was quite apparent that he wanted me to speed up, but I was already doing the speed...

Canada Post Corporation / package

Pissoffperson on Oct 11, 2018

Really …. it took a week from being released from customs for Canada Post to pick it up. Then it got to "Richmond sorting center". Where it got scanned twice and now seems to have just disappeared or is in some damn holding pattern in the Richmond sorting center. Canada should just get rid...

Canada Post Corporation / mailbox supply

grunnyN on Oct 11, 2018

I am moving to a rural area in BC. I am on a waitlist to get a box number. You need to supply boxes to people if you are not going to deliver mail to our houses. If areas are growing in population then you need to meet the demand and supply more boxes. My options are to rent a box in town...

Canada Post Corporation / tracking packags says at my door nothing there.

JJ Wellman on Oct 9, 2018

this is not the 1st time I have had a package just disappear fomr Canada post and it starting to get very annoying to say the least. If the item is tracking on it I don't care if there is a box for signature or not have the common sense to knock on the door and give it to someone not to...

Canada Post Corporation / lost magazines

Daisy2612 on Oct 8, 2018

Hi, I think someone who works for you steal my Ricardo magazines. I didn't receive the last 3 (they come in each quarter) and I called their customer service last week and they confirmed they have all been sent accordingly. Those magazines are in French and they come from Quebec. I live in...

Canada Post Corporation / my parents sended me a marriage certificate from india. I haven't received yet.

DhruvSharma on Oct 7, 2018

Respected Sir. I am Dhruv Sharma. I live in helipax Canada. My father sent a post from Surat - India on August 20, 2018. Which I have to get. Today is more than one and a half months now, yet I have not got it yet. This is a very important document for me in which my marriage certificate i...

Canada Post Corporation / a lady who drops off packages to marks

Marks202 on Oct 4, 2018

We recently had a change of people who come drop off packages to Mark's store 202 in college heights in prince George bc . The last lady we had was quite lovely. The one doing it now is awful . She is rude and also today she left our customers packages on the ground outside of our...

Canada Post Corporation / 998 bloor st w toronto ontario... claim to never had me bring in my identification

peter020274 on Oct 3, 2018

I went to the canada post outlet on 998 bloor st west in toronto ontario on september 21rst 2018 with a form filled out for proof of ID for capital one credit card I brought in my id and got the non english speaking employee telling me OK thank you, you are good to go... I dont use the...

Canada Post Corporation / xpresspost

Mike K-B on Oct 3, 2018

Item tracked to the post office in my home town, '55 hours' from Mississauga to Calgary '72 hours' for the final 60km! 'priceless' the item sits in a sack in the local post office and the miserable overworked and underpaid union employee bitched to me about how she had 4 days of tracked...

Canada Post Corporation / delivery notice

john3166 on Oct 2, 2018

on oct 1, 2018 received a delivery notice — was left in my mail box not on my door — I was home all day — not impressed 062472 64 9 947 390 driver did not even put delivery attempt time on ticket — must have filled it out at post office now I have to spend $ 4 dollars to go to 160 main...

Canada Post Corporation / time it takes for post from england to vancouver

Julie Bottomley on Oct 1, 2018

I posted a present for my new grandson, who lives in Vancouver City, on July 26th in Manchester. It is now October 1 and it still has not arrived. By the time it gets there it will no longer fit him! Everybody says "Oh, that is Canada Post" but I don't think that is good enough. I look...

Canada Post Corporation / Letter mail


I have been operating an eBay business for over 4 years now and I am really tired of the postmen that don't care about their jobs! I mean its obvious they don't care when they delivery mail to my customers and BEND AND JAMM the envelope into the mailbox when it when it clearly says "please...

Canada Post Corporation / my parcel?

sathiyaraj23 on Sep 28, 2018

30-May-2018 12:46:03 GMT+05:30 Receipt No: 4271-3640-5876-9476 Merchant information: A1 Parts 4162550343 Delivery information: S Sathiyaraj, NO 251 VOC Nagar, Teachers Colony, Gudiyattam.vellore, Tamil Nadu 632602 India This is my enquiry, When it...

Canada Post Corporation / mishandeling of a package sent to us from abroad and returning it to the sender

Amos Levi on Sep 27, 2018

Dear costumer support representative, On July 2018 we sent a 20 kg package from Israel destined to 306 Clare St., Ottawa, ON (Tracking # cc065337962il). The package arrived at the post office in Westboro, Ottawa, ON on August 10. As appears in the Canada Post website and Israel Post...

Canada Post Corporation / parcel post

88madcap88 on Sep 27, 2018

I sent 3 parcels via Canada Post on 24 September 2018. One was to Montreal and the other 2 were to Mississauga, a mere 12 Km from my home. You guessed it! The Montreal parcel was delivered on 26 September 2018 while as of this date (27 September 2018), the Mississauga parcels are still undelivered. I could have walked them up to that address by now...))

Canada Post Corporation / our mail person

Csto on Sep 26, 2018

Hello About 2 months ago a green mail holding box was placed on city property that I have to upkeep. Since then I've had to constantly clean up garbage around it every week before cutting the grass. Cigarette butts, elastics, and plastic ties. It would be much appreciated if this would stop...

Canada Post Corporation / package misrouted

lostintime on Sep 26, 2018

I was expecting a package on wed sep 26/18 and it was on its' way until someone re routed it to the next town... The package contains meds I need today... Not tomorrow. Now what... Is it really that hard to get a package to the right town? What am I supposed to do now??? Tracking #pg490549029ca The...