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Canada Post Corporation Customer Care Service

Canada Post Corporation

2701 Riverside Drive, Suite 1200
Canada - K1A0B1

Customer Support Phone Numbers

+1 866 607 6301(General Information)
267 144
+1 416 979 3033(International)
4 6
+1 877 632 6347(Canada Post Online Shopping)
2 3
+1 800 563 0444(Money Order Verification)
1 1
+1 800 565 4362(Philatelic Inquiries)
1 1
+1 900 565 2633(Postal Code Information)
1 1
+1 877 376 1212(Technical Support Desk)
3 1
1 1
+1 877 262 5762(Solutions For Small Business)
2 1
+1 877 683 5895(Volume-Based Commercial Customers)
1 1
+1 800 267 7651(Commercial Billing & Payment Support)
1 1
Mon8:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Tue8:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Wed8:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Thu8:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Fri8:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Postal Address

Po Box 90022, 2701 Riverside Drive, Ottawa ON K1V 1J8

Canada Post Corporation Complaints & Reviews

Canada Post Corporation / backed up service

Don't like Canada Post on Dec 6, 2018

Hello, I have been waiting for my DHL package for some time now. I have been told due to the strike everything is packed up. Get with it Canada Post and deliver packages that people need this time of year!! All your strikes do is put the public against you. Unions are OUTDATED anyway. The day...

Canada Post Corporation / xpresspost

Tylerj33 on Dec 4, 2018

STRIKE IS OVER PEOPLE... that means get the fuck back to work. Xpresspost delivery the app puts it 2 weeks out and day by day the delivery date just gets further away.. you guys are a fucking joke.. obviously no pride in the work, just we want this we want that lets strike. Heres an idea...

Canada Post Corporation / hi

Fuckcanadapost on Nov 29, 2018

Hi there, I understand that the people who work here feel they are being treated unfairly feel the need to strike again like they do every year, but all this does is screw over the public, not Canada post. I pre ordered a sweater on oct 28th 2018, paid an extra $60 for express shipping and...

Canada Post Corporation / late parcels while still paying for express post

James Meger on Nov 29, 2018

I'm just writing this today to express how disappointed and dissatisfied I have been for the last month with your services. I understand there's a strike. And things will take a bit longer than usual. I can deal with that. I'm a very understanding person. But when I'm paying for expre...

Canada Post / non delivery by mailman

mnw tg on Nov 27, 2018

Canada Post customer service claims they do not deliver if you live above the second floor. If your mailman delivers to you, it is because they feel like it. I'm not sure how millions of people are supposed to get their mail. The customer service claims that I have to tell the sender of...

Canada Post Corporation / smartmail marketing campaigns

Suzette Taggart on Nov 27, 2018

September 28, 2018- sent pdf postcard to Gilmore Printing for printing October 16/17, 2018 - Gilmore Printing delivered postcards to Canada Post Took about 8 business days for postcard to arrive at urban address; and an additional 6 to 12 business days (14 to 20 days) to arrive at rural...

Canada Post Corporation / canada post strike

NewfieA on Nov 27, 2018

It is absolutely ridiculous and disgusting that you would choose to strike just before Christmas, but then that's why you did it isn't it? So you'd get what you wanted!! If you wanted to go on strike, you had the rest of the year to do it! I'm a Canadian living overseas and my family and...

Canada Post Corporation / condition of parcel received

kathy.y on Nov 26, 2018

Today, November 26, I received a parcel sent to me by Indigo. Although it appears that the gift inside has not been damaged (I have not opened it because it is a Christmas gift) the parcel box side was torn and two corners on the top of the box were ripped. It also looked like there had...

Canada Post Corporation / parcel service

Jacko Jackson on Nov 26, 2018

Took 3 weeks to find the limited edition item I'm looking for desperately and finally found a location with one in stock. Item was shipped November 21 and has been delayed 3 times until 25th, then 27th and now delayed again until 29th. This should have been a maximum 4 days in transit...

Canada Post Corporation / rules for lettermail

Penz on Nov 23, 2018

I have sent many mailers in Canada over the past year with regular lettermail postage. They follow your rules defined by your website, they are smaller then 9 x 6 inch and always fit through the slot at the post office. Why are you now returning them too me? Again i have sent hundreds out...

Canada Post Corporation / poor delivery times

DrComp on Nov 21, 2018

Due to this strike affecting my government issued cheques, canada post now owes me $397.65 in overdue fees assessed against me by epcor and atco corporations. I rely on these funds to be delivered so I may pay the balance of my utility bills via direct debit. I am disabled and unable to be...

Canada Post Corporation / strike

Lance Westvelt on Nov 19, 2018

Hello my name is Lance Westvelt, i am a business owner in Nisku alberta. I am very unhappy about the disruption in postal services. I do know that the majority of my customers still send payment through the mail. Not happy when i can't pay my bills on time. I won't pretend i know exactly...

Canada Post Corporation / parcel delivered to mail box

Deborah Cross on Nov 18, 2018

Please be advised that the postman delivered a parcel to my mail box at the end of my street. Tried to get parcel out and it will not come out - it is too big - to pull out. My address is 23 Kipling Drive, Belleville, Ontario K8N4Z5 and my name is Leslie Jackett/Woollard. My name is Deborah...

Canada Post Corporation / shipping with xpresspost

P'ed post man on Nov 14, 2018

Canada post keeps Changing my package delivery date, it's estimated to arrive in three weeks and I have been waiting 1 weeks and 5 business days even though I paid for xpresspost which is next day or 2 day shipping guarantees. Mine was 2 day. They also now refuse to offer a refund for my...

Canada Post Corporation / delivery delays

bn880 on Nov 13, 2018

My items have been stuck due to the labor dispute for about an extra 9 business already with another forecast 4, these items I require to repair things for my income and to train for new jobs. Extremely poor service and huge problem over relatively small complaints and mostly...

Canada Post Corporation / I complained regarding my parcel.

I Lisa Link on Nov 7, 2018

I called 1-866-607-6301. I bought a TV from best buy. They shipping it through Canada Post. The driver went to the wrong house. Said he left a note. I was home and there was no note. I called complaints department as suggested by a lady who works for Canada Post. I spoke to a manager who...

Canada Post Corporation / delivery delays on company goods

Julioc81 on Nov 5, 2018

Hi! I am currently loosing money due to your strike delays. I am neither part of your workers union, nor a Canada Post employee. Why do I have to suffer due to your demands? Does that sound fair to you? I have lost to orders and there is a current delay on at least, 5 more orders I am...

Canada Post Corporation / labour dispute

Bobby82 on Nov 5, 2018

End this dispute. Bring in scabs your letter carries are unskilled labourers most people can do their job they are replacable greedy thankless fools. I pay top dollar for shipping so give me what I paid for lock em out bring in scabs and stop their bitching. This is crap you have a strike...

Canada Post Corporation / parcel still not delivered

Lynne61 on Oct 31, 2018

A parcel was shipped from Amazon Oct 14/18. Went from Mississauga to Stoney Creek on Oct 15/18 (I am in Lindsay). Was returned to Mississauga Oct 16/18 and remains there. Today is Oct 31/18. I put in a ticket to Canada Post, they said if I had not received it by today they would send...

Canada Post Corporation / wet courier received

Camille McLaughlin on Oct 30, 2018

Hi: I called yesterday to 1-800-267-1155 to mention the problem and even offered a solution for this situation not to happen again. Once again yesterday, I picked up my mail at that community box and all of my mail was completely wet. Unable to open the envelops and the ones i opened it...