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Complaints & Reviews

A carrier choice for amazon

I have an Amazon Prime subscription, which I use a lot, and it has been terrific during the pandemic as it avoids contact with others.

On April 28, 2020, I ordered some books on Amazon, and I was initially advised the item was expected by May 7, 2020, but the item would be late. Unfortunately, Amazon had arranged for the delivery through Canada Post expedited. Canada Post apparently attempted service at 7:30 am before my office was open, then returned the item to the Burlington depot, where the tracking information still today indicates the item had not moved since May 13, 2020. No pick up slip was left on the door, but I understand that pickups are not to occur on account of COVID19. Anyway, three times thereafter I followed up with Canada Post, and, in response to my last attempt -- ticket #[protected], submitted May 19, 2020 -- Canada Post advised me this morning that the item is still not delivered (stating the obvious) along with instructions to follow up with the sender (Amazon) to sort out the issue, as Canada Post will not do anything further. So much for customer satisfaction, after wasting about 3 hours waiting to speak with someone at Canada Post, then being provided a bunch of false assurances and new deadlines.

Fortunately, through Amazon live chat, the customer service rep agreed to replace the items ordered (about $200 worth) at no extra charge, and with the "fastest carrier possible" who would specifically NOT be Canada Post, as Canada Post apparently drops the ball fairly reliably. The downside is that the birthday for which the books were purchased has already passed, which is unfortunate, but in my view, better late than never.

I have never had any issues whatsoever shopping online, so long as Canada Post is not the carrier, and my experience with Canada Post has consistently been horrendous. I would strongly discourage anyone -- Amazon included -- from ever using Canada Post, as they are an infamously crappy service that cost taxpayers a lot of wasted tax dollars. As a receiver, I cannot even file a complaint with Canada Post, as the complaint must come from the seller, in this case Amazon. I imagine Amazon will recoup from Canada Post — at further inconvenience of course — but, quite apart from every customer whose package arrives late if at all, it is tax payers who ultimately suffer when items are lost or stolen (which is a violation of the Canadian Criminal Code). What are we getting for our tax dollars? Canada Post is a sham.

I look forward to when this failing public service implodes and is ultimately privatized. The latest disappointing experience is one of many similar letdowns in the past. I am making it my mission to advise any vendor relying on Canada Post as a carrier option going forward.

Richmond, bc post centre

I have ordered many packages off amazon and ebay and every single time I have a package go through richmond...

package pickup

The owner is rude, not only to his customers, but also to his staff. Our package could not be dropped off...

Ottawa Other

Mail Delivery Mixups

Recently (March 3, 2020) I received a letter in my mailbox for my neighbour in unit 5 at this address. I also had a piece of my mail stuck in my patio door obviously it was sent to a neighbours address in error and the neighbour took it to my address. Also, I am missing my cash back coupon in a letter sent from Costco at the end of January 2020. We have been away for most of February.
These mail mixups need to be looked into as there are too many happening.


Ken Taylor

Non delivery of parcel

Dear Sirs

I posted on 16th December 2019, at the Shoppers Drugmart on 55 Bloor Street West a parcel containing 7 oil paintings which formed my semesters work at OCAD University while on exchange from Glasgow School of Art.

The parcel met with Canada Posts requirements for International Parcel - Surface delivery and I was charged £ 158 dollars for the service. I was told it could take up to 8 weeks.

At excatly the same time we posted two parcels of books, both of which arrived early February. But no paintings. No tracking number was offered. However, the references on one of the book parcels were as follows:-

Transactrion No 2499192

I also have the customs data barcode which was attached to the parcel with its contents noted. I can send this if useful

A nominal value of $700 was attached to the works in total but as these were my own paintings, this was subjective.

My complaint is that it is now nearing 11 weeks since the items were posted, with no means of tracking form what I can see.

Your information and website give little advice as to what to do in the circumstances - I was not given any advice about tracking or a tracing service at the counter. I did authorise abandonment in he case of no delivery, but I am not aware of any attempt to deliver.

I am also concerned they may be in some customs warehouse awaiting clearance, but again I have no way it seems to track this or see if any import duty is required to be paid p I would be astonished if it is, being as they are my paintings !

Please help me with some advice

Susan Torrance

Non delivery of parcel

Canada Post Corporation

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Redirected Mail Not Redirected

I paid about $176.00 to have my mail redirected to the address I am staying at for the winter. I paid for November to April. I had been home in Alberta and renewed my license. I was advised that in two weeks I would receive my new license. After three weeks and the temporary license about to expire, I asked a friend to check my mailbox for the license. My license had been put in my mailbox and was not redirected as paid for.

I have had to pay $14.33 to have my license expedited to where I am staying so I do not get a ticket and have my vehicle towed.

I would like to be reimbursed for this inconvenience. Where do I access the form?

Susan Godfrey
101-150 Vanier Drive
Red Deer, Alberta

anyone fed up with canada post and lack of service try this!!

A quick search of issues with Canada Post brings up thousands of complaints. It is an incredibly poorly run organization with no signs they care to improve.

After being frustrated with incredibly poor service from Canada Post I finally started contacting the Businesses that use them to deliver their goods. to let them know that the use of Canada Post was hurting their business! I have already had 4 businesses change their delivery service! Here is the letter/email I send. Please feel free to use it and please send as some of the larger retailers/businesses may have to hear from a number of people before they actually understand how it's affecting their bottom line.

Attention "retailer" this is critical information regarding your online shopping experience

I believe this is very important information for your expanding online shopping business. I live in Port Moody, BC (I live 15 min from Coquitlam Center & 5-7 min from Newport Village) I now order most of my items online as I like the convenience of shopping from home. Shipping charges are the cost of convenience but What you need to know if you use Canada Post to ship my order, they will happily charge high expediated parcel fees, but what they won't tell you is that they will not actually deliver to me but instead simply drop if off at a Shoppers Drug Mart location that suits them. To make matters even worse, it's not even the closest one to where I live.

Having just ordered several items for Christmas and a few just recently, and incurring the inconvenience of going out of my way to pick up parcels, being told that no one was home when attempted delivery which is why I had to pick up was the excuse at Christmas (lie) and finally this time I finally called to complain. The response from Canada Post was that they wouldn't ever actually deliver to me because I was outside of their delivery area!

Here is why this is important to you.
I live .4 miles from the community mailbox and Canada Post Claims their policy is to not deliver further than .5 KM from the community mailbox. This policy is in place for all areas of Canada and with all new subdivisions now utilizing community mailboxes, all the money you spend shipping is not benefiting your customers at all! UPS, FedEx, DHL, Purolator and other companies actually deliver to the address on the package as one would expect, plus the shipping charges are often less than Canada Post.
So if you find that your online business is not growing as fast as you like, you may want to take a closer look at your shipping policies and follow up with your customers to see if they were happy with how it was delivered. Because if you use Canada Post to deliver your parcels, I for one will not shop online with you anymore as there is no point because I am forced to pick up in a location that is farther than actually driving to your store! I will purchase from another business that uses another shipper (so I actually get the packages delivered) and this may be the case with many of your other customers!

delivery, service notice of package to be picked up

I live out in bobcaygeon Ontario. the driver never delivers mail onetime. not matter what time of the year...

Bobcaygeon Other

parcel delivery

Parcels are not delivered to our doors at this retirement condo. The slips are simply slid into our mailboxe...

Burlington Other

late delivery again!

I did an online order from Vancouver. Jan 2 at 8:26 pm the item is processing through the Richmond Canada Post distribution center. On Jan 3 at 1:36 pm the item departed Richmond. On Jan 3, 10:18 pm the item arrived at its destination. According to tracking, the item was to be delivered by end of day Jan 6.

It is now 6:30 pm Jan 6. The item has not been delivered!

I have had this experience, late delivery by Canada Post, 15 times in 2019, at least 15 times in 2018, and unknown amount of times of later delivery in 2017!

Canada Post is a complete joke! The government of Canada should dismantle Canada post and allow the private sector to deliver our mail! It is obvious, Canada Post is not up to the challenge delivering parcels on time! They dont care either! I have used their "online chat". Script reading is their way feeble attempt in solving delivery issues! The incompetence of management, and postal workers is outrageous!

letter delivery, stolen gift card

I sent a Christmas card to a friend with a gift card enclosed. When she received the card, there was no gift card inside. card was tampered with as it was resealed with a piece of tape. Merry Christmas! As this was just regular, standard letter mail, I understand there may not be a resolution for me. I have no tracking information. But just wanted to register the incident.

does not deliver except to itself.

Businesses should not use Canada Post. Canada Post has this irrational delivery policy where they only...


I was home waiting for a parcel when i got an email that an attempt had been made to deliver my package and a note had been put into my mailbox. I had been home when the delivery attempt was made but the door bell wasn't rung, it was just assumed that no one would be home. It is very frustrating when you are waiting for a time sensitive package and now i have to wait to pick it up at the post office the next day. The doorbell should be rung no matter what time of day it is. Its the holiday season for everyone and wasting time is not part of my plans

xpresspost - usa sm business

On November 30 I had a parcel weighed for shipping options. I reviewed these options with my customer and she chose "Xpresspost-USA Sm Business with 3 business days Guaranteed Service ".

On December 2 I shipped the parcel Xpresspost-USA Sm Business. Per the tracking number information provided, this parcel arrived in the USA on December 8. My customer received UPS notice the following day that the expected delivery date is today.

The most expensive shipping charge was paid because the parcel was needed last week.

Please refund the amount paid.

I would also like to know why the cost of shipping this parcel increased $0.14 between Nov. 30 and Dec 2.

Thank you,
Emily Matweow
MLE Inc. #8803007
5874 Frontenac Street
Niagara Falls, ON L2G 3A9

xpresspost - usa sm business

Canada Post Corporation

did not receive my package

My package from China was on route to Canada 11/6/2019 & arrived in Richmond BC. 11/10/2019 . Tracking # L0397185436CN. It went to Burnaby & was processed 11/11/2019. Delivery status shows expected delivery 11/18/2019. I did not recerive the package . On line it shows " in transit " every day, including today 12/05 /2019.
I want to know where this package is & if I will receive . Also since status shows " in transit " the supplier will not re-ship or give refund as they believe it will still be delivered to me . If package is lost & there is no record of it then " in transit " should be removed from status . I tried contacting Canada Post by phone customer line & on line but rec'd message on both there is no information with that track number . Not good service or customer relations . Makes me think I should always use UPS or another courier in the future .

package non delivery

Hi, We reside in Sudbury on. 457 Eva Av..P3C4N5 This is getting to be a real problem, , , Item is tracked as "Out For Delivery " but No attempt to deliver is made. All I get is the Notice to pick up at the P, O. yet again. This driver is doing a half ass job. Other homes get their packages, we get the Shaft. Only the notice is put in the box, picking up my package can mean two trips to the P.O.!, , What Gives?

the package

from Russia Flew to Canada on November 11 package!

today is november 29
no information

I ask you to help find her and take action on the attitude. of this premise, that is, so that there would be an inflrmation about its location

this is not my first time sending a package
therefore, I am extremely embarrassed and cause excitement about such a long lack of information

Parcel number RB852873601RU

Thank you very much for your attention.

with respect

lost package

I am waiting for a package that has not yet arrived at my address at 86 Sharpe cres. Tottenham, New Tecumseh, Ontario L0G 1W0. Online on your website it says the package arrived at the community mailbox, however I do not believe that the carrier from the post office in town to my address placed the item in the community mail box because it is 2 adult full size electric motorcycles and can not possibly fit inside a community mail box. The post office carrier did not leave a note on the door either. I see online that the package was received at Canada Border Services than processed to the Canada Post distribution centre in Mississauga and then finally to Tottenham.

May I please know what the weight and size of the package was. Canada Border Services certainly would have recorded that information, and what is the procedure for when a package is to big for the community mailbox. After that is all done, it would be wonderful if you can please find my package and have it delivered to my home as soon as possible.

The tracking number is L0246494435CN. If the item can not be found, I would like to request compensation of $271.59 from Canada Post for losing my item please and thank you, Looking forward to your reply.
Any help in finding my package would be appreciated.

item posted from uk incorrectly returned to sender by canada post

On 17th October I posted a tube with art print to 16 Van Horne Crescent, Calgary, Alberta, T2E 6G9 from UK by Royal Mail. The item can be tracked on the Royal Mail website:
It was at T2E Canada Post office on 5th November then incorrectly returned to sender claiming address incomplete. This is not true - the address is the full address and indeed in October I sent another item to the exact same address and it was delivered by Canada Post just fine. Recipient confirms address is correct and spoke to Canada Post which admitted same. Royal Mail say it is unable to validate Canadian addresses and dont accept responsibility as they didnt return it to the UK. Canada Post told recipient o the phone they cannot track the item on their system so cannot deal with it. I have bought international postage in good faith, with correct payment, correct address label and correct customs declaration. Through no fault of mine and a mistake by Canada Post the item was returned to the UK arriving back 20th November. I need a refund of this postage and require Canada Post to work with Royal Mail in the UK to resolve this issue. Thanks

item posted from uk incorrectly returned to sender by canada post
item posted from uk incorrectly returned to sender by canada post

Canada Post Corporation

package delivery on nov 18, 2019 monday

Hello my name is Rosemary Ferrer, at 3050 Ellesmere Rd. Unit 1406. i waited this second package from Indigo...

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