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airport shuttle

I booked last July 5th for 2 private vans for July 18 pick up. The night before someone called me saying there's no available van to pick us up. This happened last year too. PrimeTime Shuttle should be liable for the stress that you've given us and the amount to get the van.

I don't understand how you can be so irresponsible for not complying with the reservation. Notification is not enough for us to get transportation service to get to the airport.

Please respond.

Edna L Olivarez

I am complaining about the condition of the van etc.

We reserved a van on Memorial Day, May 27th. The driver's name was George. George arrived on time but the condition of his van was disgusting to put it bluntly! You could barely see out of the windows they were so dirty. It looked like it hadn't been cleaned...ever! When we got to the airport my husband and son-in-law helped unload all the bags. Then we gave him a tip and apparently it wasn't enough because he commenced to tell us just that! So rude. We paid for the service! Tip is our prerogative not mandatory. We will think twice before using Primetime again!!!

Private airport transfer

Made on line reservation for my family to travel from Simi Valley to LAX roundtrip for pick up on 12/19/2018 for 6 people and return on 12/26/2018 in a private family van. (reservation attached) The company sent a standard size SUV that could not seat 6 people plus luggage. The assigned driver said he was told only to pick up 5 people. He called his office and was told that there was only 5 people and the office told me that I was incorrect and the reservation was for 5 order to catch our flight we loaded four people and most of the luggage into the Primetime SUV and loaded the remaining luggage and the remaining 2 people into our car and we both drove to the airport. Due to the delays of trying to get another vehicle and having discussions with the Primetime driver and office we had to park our car in the short term garage to get our flight. I prepaid Primetime per the reservation $106.86 each way for a Private Family Van. They did not provide the service ordered.

The result of their action is that we had to drive to people round trip to the airport and pay for short term parking. Over 100 miles with no milage reimbursement and $240 in short term parking (receipt attached) I phoned Primetime and asked for to repay the charges for the roundtrip services in late December to date no reply.

I would like at a minimum for a credit to my credit card for the round trip fare $106.85 each way or pay for my parking and mileage charges that were incurred due to Primetime not providing the service as ordered.

Thomas Skelly
phone: [protected]

Private airport transfer
Private airport transfer
Private airport transfer

rude, unethical, verbally abusive driver

I booked a round trip pick up and drop off for my parents, through PrimeTime Shuttle, whom were departing on a week long cruise on the Princess Cruise from San Pedro. Upon return from their cruise (2/2/19), not only did PrimeTime fail to advise them in advance that they didn't have a driver to pick them up but they sent another driver that showed up 2 hours late in a vehicle that did not display any signage to make it easy for the public, in this case my parents, to identify their ride. At that moment in time it was raining cats and dogs and the driver had the nerve to cough an attitude about waiting for 10 minutes when in reality it was a few minutes. Once in the vehicle, my father was trying to confirm that he had the right vehicle and drivers name that he was provided with at the last minute. The driver refused to cooperate in confirming any of the information and instead began to belligerent, using profanity, and verbally abusing my parents and told them to get out of the vehicle shy of physically shoving them out of the vehicle and into the pouring rain after having driven about 150 ft. The driver, a Juan Soria, who drove a Nissan Rogue (CA 8DYC173) attempted to hastily throw their luggage out of the vehicle while trying to extort money from them by demanding $40 dollars to clean the interior of the car due to the rain. Not only was he unprofessional, he was unethical in his practices which apparently PrimeTime Shuttle condones. This has clearly opened my eyes to see that this company is more concerned about turning a profit rather then providing a customer orientated service.

Rest assured I have escalated this incident to the local office and will escalate it to corporate. Not only that but I will post this on my social media and will relay this to all my colleagues in Law Enforcement to not use PrimeTime and use other competitors primarily Super Shuttle.

both drivers (to and back from the airport) demanded extra payment even though it was a fully prepaid ride

I booked trip to and from LAX through Go Airport. Reservation ID: 2AV5XP.GO to LAX. The driver appeared at 4:05 am instead of 4:25 am and refused to take us because he stated instead of 3 passengers he had info he should take only one, with no suitcase. We had to pay extra $30. He charged my credit card and gave me a receipt. Reservation ID: 2AV5XQ. GO. The second driver demanded extra $15 because he had info there would be two passengers, with no suitcases, and there were 3 of us, as I mentioned. He took cash and said he did not have a receipt. It was a prepaid trip and in my reservation I put 3 passengers. Nothing was mentioned about suitcases.

billing refund

On Oct 10th I booked a car on economy plus to be picked up at 8.30p.m. to the airport. That car broke down and I had to wait 1 hour for another. (trip i.d. 165777). My return trip...

driver negligence

I am not requestig a refund for the time guarantee…. This is not about the time. This is not about the pick up at the airport. This is about your company's negligence to...

Unreliable transport services

Prime time shuttle services LAX Airport services were DRASTIC. We had done a prebooking more than a month earlier from the UK (done online by our travel agent). The guy at the...

Left me stranded at LAX

I had made an online reservation a day ahead of time to be picked up at LAX and taken home to Sherman Oaks. The reservation was confirmed with an email. At 10:15 p.m. when I...

Multiple Billings

I and three other members flew into LAX on 6/8/11 for an academic event in Pasadena. I had made online reservations with Prime Time for a trip from LAX to Pasadena. In a 36 hour period, I was billed six times for this trip (which included the fare for 4 people plus a tip for the driver). I got a notice from my bank of this odd billing behavior and contacted Prime Time's customer service first thing on 6/9/11. I left several messages on voice mail and talked to three different representatives during the course of the day. I was told by the last representative that I would be contacted by the end of the business day with an update on how the problem was being dealt with. I never received the call...and the three different people I talked to said there was only one person who could take care of the problem...and evidently, she was not available or too busy to talk with me. At this point, nothing has been done to return the unauthorized funds taken out of my account.

  • Bo
    Bobby Gibson PTS Jun 10, 2011

    Our credit card processor had an issue on the dates of June 3, 4 & 5. Many of the reservations made during those three days had issues with the credit card being charged. According to our system it only showed the card being billed 1 time. It wasn't until we began to get the complaints that we went to our credit card processor who kept submitting the charges over and over. Prime Time Shuttle apologizes for any inconvenience and is going through the thousands of reservations made on those three days and issuing the correct refunds. I can assure you it was not done on purpose and the problem wasn't caused by us directly.

    Our representatives were not aware of the scale of the problem at the time they told you they would be able to call everyone back by the end of the day. Again I apologize for the miscommunication. We are putting all available resources towards correcting the problem as quickly as possible and greatly appreciate your patients.

    Bobby Gibson - Prime Time Shuttle Marketing Manager
    [email protected]

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  • Ww
    wws2 Jun 12, 2011

    It is now 5:20 p.m. on Saturday afternoon (6/11) in Pasadena. I was able to talk with someone yesterday morning who acknowledged that my/our account had been charged 6 times for one trip. I was again promised that someone in a decision-making capacity (Josie?) would call me in the afternoon to give me an update and status report. It was implied that this might take 5 more business days to "fix" the problem and appropriately credit our account. I never received the call, and we will be flying out of LAX tomorrow morning having had to tap into our credit line with the bank to get through our trip (because our debit/checking account had been depleted by the multiple billings). The lack of availability and straight forward response(s) from Prime Time customer service, not to mention a clear, personal, verbal commitment to make things right, is frustrating and exceptionally inconvenient.

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  • Ww
    wws2 Jun 17, 2011

    It is now late afternoon on 6/17 and an update on multiple billings is in order. (By the way, I have used Prime Time several times in recent years whenever I have flown into LAX and need to get to surrounding cities. I am not a "complainer" and have no axe to grind...other than shabby treatment and rude responses related to this latest trip.) We were billed six times when we should have been billed twice. Our account was finally credited twice (once on 6/13 and once on 6/14). However, we should have been credited twice more...and attempts via customer service to resolve the matter have gone nowhere. When I finally did talk with a real person in the billing/accounting department, I was told that things would be resolved by the end of the week and it was implied that my questions for clarification were an inconvenience. Not once in this whole messed up situation did a representative on the phone say "I'm sorry for the inconvenience...we are working hard to correct the problem" or "we will be following up with you to see if things have been resolved." The absence of basic respect and simple people skills is quite evident.

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  • Ww
    wws2 Jun 21, 2011

    It is the afternoon of 6/21, and over the last couple of days I have not been able to get a real person on the customer service line in the billing/accounting department. I have left messages via voice mail and email with the appropriate reservation numbers and a description of the unresolved multiple billings. Our bank account still has not been credited the right amount. It looks like we will have to enter into a dispute/mediation process via our credit card provider to get our money back. What a mess! It has been over two weeks...and the problem has not been solved.

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  • Ww
    wws2 Jun 29, 2011

    One final set of comments (I hope) on this situation. The credit card services department at our bank has provisionally credited our account and will be completing a disputation process with Prime Time and its credit subsidiary. Prime Time has made no effort on its own to return all the funds it inappropriately took out of our account. As a result, I/we will no longer use or recommend Prime Time when we are in the L.A. area. Also, for those who end up using Prime Time (for whatever reason), I would recommend purely cash transactions. Giving them any credit card/account information will put you at serious risk of losing money that will be hard to recapture.

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  • Bo
    Bobby Gibson PTS Aug 08, 2011

    By July 21 all passengers we notified that the overcharges have been credited back. Prime Time Shuttle sent an email to all customers who made reservations during the problem period to inform them about the issue. If there are any outstanding issues Prime Time Shuttle is more than happy to look into any particular situation since we now believe that the problem has been rectified.

    If you or any customer has any outstanding issue please feel free to contact me directly.

    Bobby Gibson
    Marketing Manager
    [email protected]

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