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Canada Post reviews first appeared on Complaints Board on Oct 18, 2006. The latest review Delivery was posted on Apr 14, 2021. The latest complaint outgoing mail was resolved on May 16, 2019. Canada Post has an average consumer rating of 1 stars from 781 reviews. Canada Post has resolved 65 complaints.

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+1 800 565 4362 (Philatelic Inquiries)
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Canada Post Complaints & Reviews

Canada Post Corporationpoor delivery and customer service.

My mother in law paid for a playmat for my newborn child to be delivered to my house because neither of us has a vehicle and I've been sick at home with 2 children under the age of 3. The postal worker delivered our package to our neighbor and gave them the missed delivery slip (with the incorrect unit number on it), when I tried to contact Canada Post, I was told that only the sender can file a complaint. My mother in law filed a complaint which led to them calling me and simply saying that they don't redeliver and that I need to go pick up the package.
I'm sick, with a newborn baby and a 2 year old daughter, if I wanted to walk (what would normally be 30 minutes without a child) an hour to get a toy, I would have just gone to the walmart down the street.
I think it's disgusting that your worker made the mistake and instead of correcting that mistake and attempting to redeliver, you greatly inconvenience the customer paying for the service. This may seem like just a minor issue to you, but for me this was more stress added to my already overwhelmed day.

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    Canada Post CorporationI am complaining about the abhorrent service provided by canada post

    I returned a package to a seller from amazon on nov. 7, 2018. The seller credited me. Then when said package did not arrive at the destination they charged me for the items. I then opened a service ticket trying to find the package which I know was in mississauga, ontario on nov.9, 2018. Noone seemed to know where the package was so they advised they would look into it and let me know by jan.31st by email. Of course no email was sent and no contact from canada post. I again phoned and was advised that my service ticket had been closed. With no effort to contact me to explain. The person I talked to said I must contact the seller and have then initiate a querry. What kind of business throws the responsibility away? I asked if the seller refuses to open one would I be out $150.00. The customer servide person said unfortunately yes. Fine business you are in. Take no responsibilty for your mistakes. Yes, it was during the strike and I don't give one hoot (and trust me I am refraining here) that it was during the strike. You take responsibility and at the very least contact me about your weird decision to close my service ticket. I guess you thought it was okay for me to pay 150.00 for nothing!! Your customer service is appalling. Other than the mail you deliver to my house (my mail carrier is excellent) I will do my very best to never use your services again. I am forced to do so on some regular mail but I am not forced to do it on other mail nor packages. Absolutely ridiculou!!
    I did contact the seller and they were so very kind to reimburse me for your error.
    I don't expect anyone to reply to me because I am sure noone at canada post cares but at least I have put my complaint in words. Awful company.

    My name is myrna macdonald
    Service ticket number was [protected]
    My email.. [protected]@gmail.com

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      • Ch
        Chester Vandergrift Mar 02, 2019
        This comment was posted by
        a verified customer
        Verified customer

        I have a friend in Canada who I ship stuff to a lot. The first item I ever shipped to him was thru the post, and my friend never got it...and it "mysteriously vanished" from Canada Posts hands!!!

        They claim it had been picked up and signed for, but they couldn't produce ANY evidence or names of anyone who picked up the package or who signed for it!!! This was a handmade item I had created for my friend, that I spent almost a MONTH on...and it just "disappeared" from Canada Posts hands!!! They refused to even acknowledge me after that!!!

        Ever since then, I have been using FedEx. Yes it costs a bit more, but what I send my friend ACTUALLY GETS THERE TO HIM!!! I have never had a problem with FedEx.

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      Canada Post Corporationxpresspost mail delivery

      Recently l had a package sent by Xpresspost to my home. I choose Xpresspost because what was being delivered was very important documents and l knew a signature was required in order to receive it or so l thought. It was delivered to my home and left on my front porch. No one was home to receive it or sign for it so it should have been taken to the post office by my house. I paid extra for Xpresspost service and was very disappointed to see that what l paid for was not the service that l received.

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        Canada Post Corporationparcel service

        Parcel said would be delivered by February 13th, 2019. We had some bad weather in the area so I understand it being late by a day or 2. I called customer service on the 14th the agent told me it was at the sorting facility in the city of final destination so it would be delivered next day at the latest. Today is the 15th (the next day) still no parcel and they said it won't be delivered due to weather when the weather isn't that bad. We've had maybe a day and a half of bad weather in 5 business days this week yet they haven't even delivered any regular mail let alone parcels, no mailman has been on my street all week. The parcel is literally sitting a 3 minute drive from my house but they tell me there is no way for me to pick it up at a sorting facility. Now the tracking is showing will be delivered by February 22nd. Really!? A whole week from today now? I'm done with Canada Post, take my advice people and use a good courier. It's worth the little bit extra for some decently consistent service. Canada Post is terrible. See attached pictures for proof. I will not spend another nickel on this company ever again.

        parcel service
        parcel service
        parcel service
        parcel service

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          Feb 15, 2019

          Canada Post Corporation — mail delivery to my house

          I want to compliment Canada Post on hiring visually impaired delivery personnel. I have a mailbox which i...

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          Canada Post Corporationregular mail

          Sent out some vday cards a week ago via regular mail with $5.00 gift cards for my nieces and nephews... And poof they are gone! Never got delivered its been about 2 weeks!
          I tried to contact canada post via chat and was told that perhaps due to weather conditions? I don't recall any canada post shut downs or delays being announced.
          Will be really upset if I cannot trust canada post to deliver my mail.

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            Canada Post Corporationoutgoing mail has not been picked for a long time.

            On february 12 and 13, 2019 I have attempted to put outgoing mail into mail slot located in the postal section of the lobby of my apartment building and it is so jammed packed with outgoing mail that I had to force the mail downward to drop off my outgoing mail on both occasions. I not only cut my right hand trying to get my mail inside the slot but now it is very brusied as well. Could you have someone check to see why the outgoing mail is not being picked up please and thank you. I hope that this is simply an oversight and not deliberate as I am receiving mail in my postal box.

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              Canada Post Corporationrecent delivery

              I recently received a package in my community mailbox from a retail store. I was appalled when I opened my mailbox to only find my package opened. I could not believe it. I'm very very disappointed with Canada Post. I have taken pictures of the package if you need to see them. I just wanted to let someone at Canada Post know. I must say that this was the first time I have received a package that appeared to be opened. The contents was all there but I was very surprised with the appearance of the bag

              recent delivery
              recent delivery

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                Feb 05, 2019

                Canada Post Corporation — mail delivery man

                I am writing to canada post to complain about the mail delivery man at 2483 Alta vista drive, ottawa, ontario...

                Canada Post Corporationredirection of mail

                Reference #: [protected] of Paid Mail Forwarding from Oct. 15, 2018 to March 25, 2019 paid $107.73 for the service
                Ticket Number: [protected] from Calling Canada Post: Issue was to be resolved by Jan. 24, 2019
                First contact with Canada Post Jan. 21, 2019, spoke to David
                Second Contact with Canada Post Jan. 22, 2019 spoke to Justin, Resolution Specialist
                Third Contact with Canada Post Jan. 28, 2019 spoke to Mario
                Problem: Mail not being forwarded to 80 Becontree Bay, Winnipeg, Mb R2N4H4 from 13 Pereira Place, St. Adolphe, Mb R5A0A6
                Found 41 pieces of mail in box for 13 Pereira. 5 from Oct. 5 from Nov. 13 from Dec. and 18 from Jan.
                All contact with Canada Post said the issue was forwarded to the post master. No call from Post Master regarding issue.
                Want a partial refund for non service paid for. Want to know what happened. Totally ignored by Canada Post to date.

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                  Canada Post Corporationdelivery service

                  Canada Post has neglected to properly attempt to deliver my packages. They are deliberately lazy. They want a raise but they can't even do thwir jobs. They claim they delivered my package to 2031 40 ST SE and they never rang the doorbell when I strongly demanded that they ring the doorbell 5 times. Disgraceful. Canada Post doesn't deserve to be a postal service!

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                    Jan 29, 2019

                    Canada Post Corporation — mailing

                    Tuesday-29-2019 round .3-53-pm 266.sumach street. Toronto on I take a picture of her so you can see her Thi...

                    Canada Post Corporationharassed by mail man at my home front door area today at afternoon time!!!

                    I would like to inform you that an incident occurred today January 28, 2019 with Canada Post man delivery in the afternoon, when came at my home front door uninvited and unprofessional to harass me and intimidated me without any reason.
                    He said that at the mail return boxes is not accepting junk (advert papers) and warn me without reason to not return the junk (ads papers) at his mail return boxes!!
                    I was invited the mail man to leave my home front entrance and informed that I will call the Canada Post and request to be removed from my neighborhood mail services because is incompetent and arrogant and not able to provide a reliable customer service. He started to yell at me and treat me poorly like his personality .
                    Later in the evening he played victim!! ...to Canada Post and send a Police Officer at my front door!!! I can not believe was possible after I was harassed and insulted earlier in the afternoon from this not suitable mail man, Canada Post to send the officer at my for door without reason. I feel betrayed and insulted by Canada Post related to this incident. I am a proud and honest Canadian citizen, and provided safety and security services to many communities and business in British Columbia the 25 years without any complain and unfortunately ...Canada Post got the wrong information and send the officer at my home front door!!! I can not believe how incompetent is the service of Canada Post in the present.

                    P.S. In the end I want to report regarding the same mail man worker that failed to collect my legal letters from my old address (I paid the forwarding service with Canada Post for 1 year!!!) and to send to my present address the two weeks ago.
                    Without my permission the workers of Canada Post return the legal letter to sender without reason!!! I do not have words regarding Canada Post poor and defect service at this moment in many parts of Canada.

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                      Canada Post Corporationparcel delivery

                      The postal worker was supposed to deliver a parcel to 712 Melrose Ave West Winnipeg Manitoba R2C 1P7 expected delivery January 24 2019. Tracking # [protected].

                      On January 25 2019 the worker came to the front door with no parcel and placed a pick-up after 1 PM card for January 26 2019 in mailbox. My wife seen the worker and opened the front door to ask him where the parcel was. He told my wife he did not have the parcel.

                      Why drop the card in mailbox, if he never had parcel to begin with?

                      Where was the parcel? We were clearly at home to receive it.

                      I would like my parcel delivered to us, as it should have been originally.

                      Mark Hintz
                      [protected]@shaw. ca

                      I find this to be inconvenient for us, as well as disrespectful by your employee. He really did not seem to care at all.

                      Perhaps he should find another line of work.

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                        Jan 25, 2019

                        Canada Post Corporation — 9325-62 ave edmonton location

                        I have been battling this location for weeks about delivering the mail to 11448 71 ave NW in Edmonton...


                        Canada Post Corporationsnow removal around mailboxes

                        We live at 43 birkdale cres Halifax nova scotia the mail boxes have a sheet of ice walking up to them .Snow was removed then and turned to ice no sand or salt was placed .This has been an on going issue and it seems when we yell the loudest it seems to be resolved .We have 17 elderly widows that need access to their mail and some have almost fallen .I'm sure the contractor is busy but we spoke last year and explained the situation we thought it was resolved .We are 14 feet off the road and there has always been an issue with snow and ice . Please could this be passed on to the contractor ...Thanks so much

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                          Canada Post — incompetence

                          Paid for a parcel from australia, the parcel was 45$ and the delivery fee was 65$. (All the following...


                          Canada Post Corporation — package pickup age verification procedure

                          Went to Mt. Brydges ON Post Office 2018/12/22 to pick up package #[protected], and was asked to verify my...

                          Mount Brydges

                          Canada Post Corporationmy packages that has been shipped out of mississauga and to be delivered to etobicoke

                          Your company has had my packages for quite some time now. I have been tracking on line and it says you have them, and my delivery would be 1-12 days, now this has been saying this for about 2 weeks now. I have the tracking numbers, can you please advise why I have not rec'd them as yet.


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                            Canada Post Corporationloss of my package and money

                            My name is Chris Hoel. I am 59 years old and have been working and paying my taxes dutifully for 40 years. I am shocked to find out that Canada Post is a corrupt and disorganized company. I live at 75 Eastdale Avenue, Apt#1201, East York. On December 4th, the mailman in my building wrote on his records that he delivered a parcel worth $300 to my mailbox. To this day, I have not seen the package. He made all kinds of excuses that sounded like cover stories (to investigator). I believe the postman stole the package. He said he "misplaced it". The nightmare gets worse. I have spent the last three weeks trying to get CP to cough up the money, give it to sender so I can get another package sent to me. To say I got a run around from supervisors and customer service agents is an understatement. Worse is that they give opposing information. One supervisor says I will only get $100 back. The "investigation" goes on. It looks like I wont get repaid or my parcel. By all means ignore this letter. Canada Post's days are numbered. This is a bloated, evil and corrupt organization that will fall when Canadians see what is really going on. Yes they have royally screwed me. I hope they are proud. In this age of social media, they will be exposed for the scoundrels that they are.

                            Chris Hoel

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