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Retail Stores Complaints | Page 7

PMT / Thrift store chairs

on Dec 29, 2016

On December 28 I was shopping in the thift store on Heampstead ave . Two chairs caught my eye and I asked the cashier for the prices. She said I would have wait for the manager.So I waited when I saw her to advised her I had been waiting for her for the chairs she said she didn't know...

Bakala / Shopkeeper misbehavior

on Dec 23, 2016

I am living in Madinah Al Munawara, Today after Juma Prayer when I left from Masjid Nabvi (PBUH) while going towards my car in between I visited one shop salesman was selling mobile accessories, I asked the shop keeper that I need this specific type of headphone, and he replied to me...

Menard's Inc / Unethical lifetime warranties on kitchen faucets

on Dec 13, 2016

The first spray head faucet my landlord bought developed a worn out spray trigger cover about a year or so after the purchase. I took that one back to Menard's and the Plumbing Dept. they replaced the entire faucet with a different product for free. They said that they no longer stocked...

Easy day rewari haryana / wrong deduction of rs 4203.

on Dec 10, 2016

Easy day rewari haryanaOn 25.11.16, I had visited Easy day, Rewari . During swiping of my HDFC Debit card, Easy day operator wrongly deducted Rs.4203.00 which was corrected by him in next transaction slip under void sale .This activity was completed by Mr. Sandeep Rao (M- [protected]), Easy day, Rewari on the...

A-Risha General Merchandise / Landline with dslwifi

on Dec 9, 2016

It has been two weeks since we have called and personally complained about the services for the following lines: 7541073- Acct. No - [protected] 7540210-Accct. No - [protected] 7040060 - Acct. No. - [protected] 3320598- Acct. No. - [protected] All this accounts are business numbers, but...

Mission Superstore / Staff

on Dec 3, 2016

I shop at the Mission store at least 3 times a week for my family as well as for my elderly mother. In the last several months, every time I shop, there is an employee sitting in their car, having their snack and to my amazement, they are parked in the first and second space right outside...

Maurice Blackman / Trolleys

on Nov 30, 2016

Maurice BlackmanHi, I was doing my shopping as normal and tonight 30th November I grabbed a few too many things and had paid for them at the register, I said to the lady serving myself I should have got a trolley, she said there is one just there, which I then walked 3 feet to grab the trolley from the...

Mobile Exclusive LLP in Chinatown / Unethical behavior

on Nov 29, 2016

Went to return a phone I bought from them that wasn't functioning as intended. Owner was incredibly rude and verbally abusive, and spent his time demeaning me instead of trying to work out a solution. He kept making up excuses for why he couldn't give me a refund, and eventually shouted at...

H&H food supply / No service no answer

on Nov 17, 2016

I Paid 589 CAD on the basis that it is refundable a lady called Malory she told I can return my money back if I was refused by the programs they sent to me some emails to which banks I should go and gave me information which I knew they did not send to me any application. I was refused by...

Tuscany Double Sink Cast Iron / The sink is starting to discolor.

on Nov 16, 2016

The light colored stain started at the drain and has spread to over half of the left well. It is now three (3) months old. It was bought at Menards. I tried to take a picture but you can not see what I am talking about in the picture. A gentle scrub and it almost goes away but 2 or 3 day...

Jet Stores / Account block z

on Nov 16, 2016

I was retrenched last year august and submitted all required documents. My account was never settled only the following year is april, due to that my account had a arrears on which the insurance did not cover. So I settled the arrears and the balance on the account while I was not working...

None-Personal Complaint / Cashier corruption

on Oct 27, 2016

I am no longer amazed that Target let our credit card information get hacked. I recently had a personal check stolen from my home. The theif went to our nearby Target location here in Alabama and purchased over $200 worth of merchandise using my check. Now allow me to ask you thi...

Campbell's Repair Center / Chainsaw

on Oct 9, 2016

w e purchased a chain saw with extended warranty was having issue of not running we took the unit to your service center campbells repair in noblesville, indiana as instructed by the mgr.after picking up the unit after being in shop for 3wks we encontered the same issue we went to take it...

Ratti Textiles / Aroma branch

on Oct 2, 2016

This is regarding the job in Aroma showroom located in bur dubai their phone no. is [protected] for ready made garment a branch of Ratti is hiring people on visit visa and after making them work for entire month telling them to leave without any reason also cutting full salary saying the...

Ratti Textiles / Aroma

on Oct 2, 2016

This is regarding the job in Aroma showroom in bur dubai for ready made garment a branch of Ratti is hiring people on visit visa and after making them work for entire month telling them to leave without any reason also cutting full salary saying the charges of visit visa and ticket!!! Thi...

Alfred Angelo Bridal / Wedding dress failure; bad alterations, customer service order # 0041165

on Sep 29, 2016

I purchased the Disney Belle Dress from Alfred Angelo for my daughter for her wedding that took place on 9/24/16. That itself cost me OVER $2, 000. They also sold me a slip and bra. Told them my daughter was going to be 6.5 mos pregnant at the TIME of the ceremony. They didn't listen...

Gladys T. Young / Unwanted magazines

on Sep 19, 2016

Dear Customer service, I keep receiving magazines that I did not order: i.e., US, Cosmopolitan, Martha Stewart Living. I originally placed my request for Money, Black Enterprise, Inc. Yet, after only a few issues of each, I received a renewal notice from the company itself. Why?? I would like...

Edgers / Poor customer service

on Sep 18, 2016

Edgers deducted double when I swiped my debit card at edgers jabulani mall they promised to refund me till today this happened on the 07 sept 2016 I follow up on the 14 sept 2016 but nothing has been done till now this is my time and money waisted someone must do sething about this its really annoying

Billy Austin Leather / Leather jacket return - all communication ignored

on Sep 14, 2016

Order #1915 All communication was ceased between Billy Austin and myself from the moment they posted the jacket. The jacket took over a month to be received and no communication was followed up. Once received, the jackets quality was poor and wasn't even made by Billy Austin as their...

TeleBrands Corp, Fairfield, NJ 07004 / Pocket hose top brass ii sold at bed, bath and beyond

on Sep 12, 2016

Purchased from Bed, Bath and Beyond August 22, 2016. Yesterday, [protected]) using this 100ft hose as usual to water my plantings in my condo's landscaping...the hose ruptured about 5 feet from the nozzle. I am returning it to Bed, Bath and Beyond in Matthews, NC to get my purchase price back.

Sears Southpoint Durham / Home department

on Sep 9, 2016

Bought vacuum at Sears told me they sold filter. Went today for filter. Can't find it on display. 30 minutes to find someone that works in dept. She knows nothing! Tells me she was only hired 2 days ago. She leaves to find someone else 15 minutes later she comes back w a young man. He...

N Scale Supply / Weird customer service

on Sep 8, 2016

I tried to place an order with this company, to be shipped after a date so that it would be available for me to collect from the destination and was subjected to an amazing amount of sceptism about a credit card. Scott was assured that he could ship long after the card payment had gone...

Good Feet Store / Arch supports

on Aug 30, 2016

My wife was told by her doctor that she had high arches. She was having pain on the right side of her foot. High arches the doctor said was the cause. We went to the good feet store and ask how much the arch supports were. The sales lady said about $300, it's a 3 support system. Well...

Romil Azemat / Allstate appliances, scottsdale az

on Aug 26, 2016

Absolutely the WORST experience I ever had. Purchased and paid in cash Gaggenau appliances 3 month before our move in, when the delivery date approached their delivery guys came to my house with 2 of my 7 appliances i had purchased, the delivery guy did not know where rest of my stuff wa...

NetBankStore / Woodsman has posted something about us that is not true...

on Aug 26, 2016

NetBankStoreSaid terrible things about that are not true...we are NOT an auction house..we sell coin and cash handling supplies and have been in business for about 30 years. Started off selling to banks and credit unions and now sell online so we help people with their coin and cash...

High Point Wine Beer Spirits / Liquor store

on Aug 19, 2016

The cashier was impolite not wanted to listen to me and jumped on my talking time when I requested information about the price of a product. She said that she doesn't have to listen to me and I asked for the manager. The person who came didn't look like a manager but even before I talk he...

Kayane Investment Group / Orange ADSL

on Aug 13, 2016

I have a Complain, we are Kayane Group based on a phone call from one of your sales team we changed from Te-Data to orange 12 Mega speed, the sales promised that this will take around 3 to 4 days, and its taking now up to 4 weeks, then i recived a phone call now 13th of August saying...

De Zone Enterprise Kedah My / Will not honour warranty

on Aug 12, 2016

I purchased what was supposed to be a Swaroski bracelet from the Craft centre Langkawi on January 28. However after only wearing it a couple of times the wire holding it together broke causing the crystals to fall out. I contacted them on 4/8/2016 after taking it to a jeweller who told me...

711---2144-48 Lombard St Phila PA / Credit card policy

on Jul 17, 2016

I use the store located at 2144-48 Lombard St phila pa "EVERYDAY" and purchase the same two packs of cigarettes with my credit card daily. Today [protected] @6pm) I went to purchase my usual and was asked for ID, something which never happened before. I went home, picked up my FEDERAL...

SADEDI trader ltd / 0491c000000174

on Jul 12, 2016

Hi dear sir/madam, I've shop at Baggot road off naven road Dublin 7, My Coca Cola fridge were broken sinxe month the guys came up and says comprsir broked and replace new fridge it's all most month I've not business I'm losing money 200€ each day. I'm really worry about It Please I really need...

Magrabi co. / Amaal net ( connection error )

on Jul 1, 2016

Magrabi co.Date: 27-JUN 2016 Mobil: [protected] Service on ground teal no; [protected] Complaint : I opened request on [protected] for error in Internet connection. I received message from STC including STC technician name (as attached photo) and informed me he will visit me on [protected] .Next day the...

Jet mart / Checkout Supervisor robbed me

on Jun 26, 2016

25th June I wet to the store to buy 2 items. I paid like a good customer that I am and went. The security needed a receipt on exit, which I couldn't find. We went back to the tills. There was no receipt with me at all. He said he will look at the camera and see, I waited and waited and...

City Market / the way I was treated to your open door policy

on Jun 22, 2016

I was hired on the 8th of this month, since I've been employed with the company I realized this place was not at all what I thought it would be. The reason I joined the team was because I thought it was family. As I went through training it was awful I listened to employees gripping about...

Carmela Hilton / Overcharge/store 0196

on Jun 16, 2016

Hello, I went with my daughter to look for a wedding gown in March 2016. The sakes associate was unfortunately had no customer service nor was she helpful. As a matter of fact she bought out three dresses for my daughter to try on.. I asked her if we could get several other get other...

CKH Maintenance and Construction / Craftsman 16 guage finish nailer/ 2and one-half inch nails max

on May 22, 2016

Part #43, Model number 351.181750 Website indicates this pusher assembly part is no longer available A phone call to parts direct said the same thing, with rep telling me to go on Ebay to find the part. I'm a general contractor in the Las Cruces, NM area and I spend about $2000 per year at...

Steve's Spar - Beyers Naude, Cresta / Inappropriate Touching

on May 11, 2016

Monday night I went to Steve's Spar to get a few things and was chatting to one of the Managers (Randal) who had come over to me when the patron he had been chatting to had gone away. We were chatting about life and his current relationship status since we have something in common in that...

NS Departmental Store / Gillette Mach-3 Blades

on May 8, 2016

I am an user of Gillette Mach-3 blades. The Store sells Gillette Mach-3 Blades which are totaly fake ones which look exactly like the real ones. Original blades are extremely smooth and the ones purchased from NS stores are rough and will give a burning sensation when shaving is done. Consumers be careful when buying items from this store.

Ultimate Arms Gear / Ripped us off for parts order

on Apr 15, 2016

They ordered a production run of 400 shotgun muzzle attachments from us and we tooled up and made them. Paul Rappaport called us and gave us a credit card number to pay for the parts. After it taking a week for the card to not be declined we finally got the card to process. The CC server...

The Coffee Bean / Birthday Cake

on Mar 27, 2016

I have ordered a Birthday cake from Causeway point outlet (Puppy Fun 4kg) on 03/03/2016 at 1919hrs.Order number A 449917. We collected the cake on 25/3/2016 at 6pm before my 2 yrs old son's birthday function starts.To our surprise when we cut the cake at 0745hrs, its was so hard and...

Ross Dress for Less-455 S Wadsworth, Lakewood Colorado / Check-out Service is drastically understaffed

on Feb 26, 2016

There were 23 people in the check-out line in front of me and they had only 2 registers open! I waited 25 minutes to get to the register and saw that there were at least 25 people behind me waiting to check out. I complained to the cashier and to the security man on duty who said they were...