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Mobicell / tablet - cherry

on Sep 20, 2018

The tablet does not get onto data connection mode. It gives a message of "to make a call first turn airplane mode off" and the airplane mode off. So I can't use it as data is off. I have tried to remove the sim card, left it for a day and switched it on again but to no avail. I have also...

Mobicell / r4 cell phone

on Sep 18, 2018

Since the beginning this cellphone has given me trouble, first it wouldn't accept my brand-new sd card, so I had to buy another one at first I thought it was like that with all their phones so I left it be, but recently I restarted my phone because it froze before I restarted it the phone...

Courtney Bowen / iphone 6s

on Sep 17, 2018

Courtney BowenOk my daughter trued to purchase this item last night and she agreed to sell it to us then told use someone else offered 30 dollars more so I matched the price. Then she said she was offered 20 dollars more again I said ok sell it to them. Today I get on looking for an iPhone for my...

Odyssey Jewelry / cell phone cover

on Sep 16, 2018

Hi there I ordered and paid (24.99 US Dollars) for a cellphone cover over 3 months ago. I havent received it and my inquiries with them directly via email and their facebook page are being ignored. My order number is #26302 and the order was confirmed in June 2018 by Oddyssey Jewelry . I...

Verizon Wireless (Business Account) / incorrect billing

on Sep 11, 2018

I have multiple lines with Verizon Wireless (Business Account) & while trying to upgrade a device, they tell me I have an iPad I added in 2017 in collections for $1500 that I must clear up first - even though no one has ever contacted me about it... ever. I tell them they're incorrect... / 23 cm cable

on Sep 7, 2018

1)Bought cable. 2) didn't receive cable after n days 3) ask seller 4) seller said will send 5)waited for 2 weeks nv receive any cable. 6) order have been change to' delivered ' 7) press non receipt of claim 8) wanted proof of letter of address eg back statement or utilities bill. Of coz I...

Cellsure Vodacom Insurance / insurances

on Sep 5, 2018

Spoke to a cindy in the call centre 0821952 Very rude and unhelpfull asked to speak to a manager and the reply shoked me . No no you cant . They are busy so im telling you no you cant i then again asken please can i speak to a manager and again she stated no you can not . This is poor customrr...

Tony Montoya / stolen mercandise

on Sep 4, 2018

Montoya had a 6s iphone posted. I bought it two days ago. Its stolen. Just let u guys know. Fontana ca was the map spot. Also i reported two months ago anout chris renteria in riverside ca. He was to reapir my sons ipad but blocked me and tried to steal it. Police report filed. I had to...

Lebara Sim / mobile sim

on Sep 3, 2018

Hello! I am been using Lebara sim card since October 2017. On 1st september 2018, I did a recharge of $25 (monthly national plan). When I checked my phone, the sim was not showing any network. On 1st September, Friday - I made a call to lebara customer care. They said take out the sim and...

Jet Store / mobicel r6

on Sep 2, 2018

Jet StoreI purchased a Mobicel R6 gold handset on 30 July 2018 at Jet store in Chatsworth. I had major issues with handset, namely the touch screen was faulty and the handset continued to switch off, in addition it was closing all apps and saying system and android not responding etc.I returned it to Jet... / sprint

on Sep 2, 2018

after fighting sprint online...on the phone...and in the local store for over 8 weeks i cannot get a ending to my problems. I have a LG stylo 2 that will not send or receive chats most of the time no matter where i am. Sprint says its not a defective phone but cannot figure out why thi...

ORANGE Telephone Spain / samsung phone galaxy 8s

on Aug 31, 2018

On the 27th August I went to the Orange phone shop in Estepona. My present Samsung 7 phone was having problems and I wanted to replace it. The woman in the shop - very friendly - told me that even this phone is under guarantee she taught it would be an better option to renew my contract...

Joyce Mongina Omenya / very very very poor customer after sales service!

on Aug 31, 2018

I bought a blue phone from your company through Best buy Newark after sometime it developed a problem since I have an insurance for it I went back to best buy for repair after looking at it the adviced me that the only way was to get I replacement of I paid some money for it like 25...

mobileshop3000.DE / unsolved problem

on Aug 27, 2018

I ordered an iPhone 6 in the beginning of May on ebay (they have excellent reviews over there, probably because the time for leaving a review to them expires) and it arrived faulty. I sent it back to to fix it and I still have not received my phone. Once I contacted the...

N1Wireless / customer service

on Aug 24, 2018

I feel like I was scammed - customer service non-existent I ordered an lg v20 from n1wireless on aug 12. On aug 13 I got an email from n1 that stated the phone was on back order. On aug 13 I emailed sales and support to cancel my order. On aug 21 I got an email that stated my phone wa...

Sprint Stores / iphone x

on Aug 23, 2018

Sprint StoresI have ordered a iphone x 64 gb from sprint stores which was operated by one mobile no i.E +[protected], +[protected] operator name is obram, he asked me to pay 5000 in advance and rest amount after getting delivery. After i paid again he asked 9000 then again next day he asked...

Loo / iphone 7 plus

on Aug 22, 2018

LooI had put an ad on "Letgo" to sell my iPhone 7 Plus. Two young men took my phone and didn't pay me for it. These guys had me meet them and took the phone to "test" it, but didn't give me any money. They ran off, jumped a fence, and disappeared behind a house. The name on the "Letgo" site...

Telkom Agent / sim swap process

on Aug 20, 2018

I have been having a damaged simcard from 05 August okay on 7 August finally sim stopped working no network I realised dat sim is damaged I called for simswap I am told I can only go to telkom direct store line my left foot maan.I spoke to Agent Nkosinathi guy is so rude unhelpful, full of...

Cherryco Wholesale / iphone

on Aug 19, 2018

I purchased and paid for an iPhone from cherryco wholesale through your site on August 5 2018. Stated phone should get here by August 14. Have not received phone and did have any communication from the company other than verifying the transaction. I emailed them to get status and they said...

Communication Solutions (Karachi) / smart battery case for iphone x, 5000mah rechargeable external battery portable charger.

on Aug 16, 2018

Communication Solutions (Karachi)Its 3400mAh written on the battery case whereas it should be of 5000 mAh Also it does not supports the handsfree while the cover is attached with the mobile. It is so difficult to remove the cover from the mobIle. The cover is not the same as it was shown in the pictures also it is full of...

Phone mart (they sell via jumia) / phone warranty

on Aug 15, 2018

I have a four months old galaxy J7 pho The screen started turning and went gradually went completely dark. Nothing can be displayed now. When I reached out to the service center (phone mart) to claim a warranty for that, they said they don't cover that. I then went to Samsung service center to...

Consumer durable loan / phone loan

on Aug 14, 2018

At time of loan ur agent toll me that there is 12000 cash back on iPhone x loan. So I have taken the loan from Hdfc but they given me only 5000 back .i have talk to ur bank n customere care .they r unable to answer me a satisfied region. Though I have bajaj card then also I choose Hdfc to...

Shan Shan Liu / ipad mini digitizer a1455 with home button

on Aug 11, 2018

iPad mini digitizer model A1455 with home button was purchased from Shan Shan Liu store on the 10th of July 2018. Payment successful confirmation was sent and track number was given on request. On the 19th July 2018, I received notification that the item arrived at destination country. On...

Too Many Ads From Your Default Apps / ads spamming

on Aug 11, 2018

Nowadays the advertisement was so obvious. Even when using default cleaner ads will appear after that. Also in the app folder there will be fake apps, if touched or clicked we will be redirect to playstore. We already buy your product infinix why must we face the ads everyday. New ad...

Login my Google account back to my phone / need to login my google account back to my phone

on Aug 11, 2018

Hello please I have a very big problem, I formatted my TECNO CAMMON CX, and now I can't login my Google account back to the phone, I have also forgotten my password, have also tryed forget password but the phone number and the email that I put as my back up wasnt there instead it's a...

Rajpal 0527508564 / fake iphone

on Aug 5, 2018

Rajpal 0527508564[protected] Sun, 07/29/18 9:04 am i have contacted a seller of iphone from dubizzle who is using mob: [protected] and [protected] then after receiving the payment they swapped the original unit with a fake one then gave it to me. I only noticed it when I already boarded a taxi. I think...

NB Net Solutions 29 Inc Boost Mobile / a manager

on Aug 4, 2018

Well I walked in to ask a question. This manager running the store on 1047 WestChester ave Bronx N.Y. 10459 Did not want to give her name up but you can see her in the cameras shaking her bottom in front of the store when I walked in she came from the back room drunk with her employees we...

Lenovo Mobiles India / lenovo zuk z2 mobile phone

on Aug 3, 2018

I purchased a new Lenovo ZUK Z2 mobile from AMAZON India during mid September 2017. Phone started giving problems such as overheating, rapid battery drain, high use of RAM capacity etc and also problems in sending SMS on 4G ( Jio)and I asked for replacement. Response from company was far...

Infinix Customer Care / infinix note 4

on Aug 2, 2018

I purchased this product from a retail shop in Buffalo Mall, Naivasha on 11/05/2018. Before even 2 months the phone would not charge. It was sent for repairs to Nakuru and was kept for 3 weeks or so. It then performed well for approximately 10 days and now has been sent again for the same...

csurance / cell c / iphone 7 stolen

on Aug 1, 2018

Hi. I have a contract with cellc for the past 3 and a half years. I'm a great customer there that hasn't even slipped not a single payment. The 2nd contract I took with cell c I got advised by the consultant that taking up insurance will b my best decision ever hence I'm taking such a...

Heuton Memorial Chapel / samsung galaxy 8 plus

on Jul 30, 2018

I have had the phone for 3 months. In that time when I power on and off it has trouble turning on. When I turn it on a DOS type screen comes up and the option comes up to reboot it. This has happened 5 times. It ends up coming back on after I struggle with it to get it to reboot. Thi...

406 Sukar & Sons Inc. Cricket wireless / customer service

on Jul 29, 2018

Kathryn B. Of the Mount vernon IL store has me seriously rethinking my business with cricket wireless. She has been rude to me on countless occasions and im to the point of chewing her out over this. She should not be treating customers with so much disrespect and should most likely lose...

Data usage / data usage

on Jul 27, 2018

Data usageI no use my data but my data keep loading and charging! Can your customer service say can't help me ask me prove i no use. How i goinv to prove? Yesterday 10.30p.m wan call hotline regarding this issue also no people answer. Call somemore charge money. Yesterday see charge rm40..till now...

Dewnac Contracting / data usage

on Jul 26, 2018

I am a VIP red plus customer with 5 contracts with vodacom. How is it possible for 3 devices (3 contracts data) to be depleted simultaneously. I have complaint everywhere for more than a month without any answers. Vodacom is unable to provide me with a breakdown on my usage. At first they...

Pantone House Design Global Sdn Bhd / maxis telephone line cannot call out & rec'd call!!!

on Jul 26, 2018

Report line problem & Report number C20797977 on 2.7.2018 until today 26.7.2018 line problem still not solve the problem yet! Call [protected] many times reply said found the phone number held by 2 people in used but we already use this phone number for more than one year! Is very...

Oukitel K3 / sellers mobile phone

on Jul 25, 2018

Dear Sir/Madam I filed a complaint on 29 may 2018 regarding Oukitel K3 malfunction. The seller keeps fooling around despite that he sold me K3 phone with broken motherboard. My name is Vladimir Dzanga from Serbia, city is Belgrade. i am having problem with the seller who sold me Oukitel K3...

Dual Tablet X80 Pro 51811647 / dual tablet x80 pro

on Jul 23, 2018

Dual tablet x80 pro [protected] I have received this product. Unfortunately sound volume very low and sound quality Is very noisy. Can't able to list clear. Could you please replace/ repair it. And also advise where I can get HDMI cable for this tablet. I didn't get this in tablet...

BusinessWize / faulty mobile phones

on Jul 23, 2018

BusinessWizeDuring the end of March and beginning of February 2018 I bough 50 Mobile phones from AWOK. When I received the devices, I realized that the software was loaded incorrectly. Although it is 16GB phones with 3GB ROM not one of the phones are able to download whatsapp or any other...

Batteries Plus Bulbs Store 49 Sarasota ,Florida / charging port repair samsung note 5

on Jul 13, 2018

My charging cables ere slightly loose on my Note 5, so I took it into store #49 in Sarasota, Florida tohave the prt replaced before it would not work and accept a charge. I was told that the job would take a couple of hours. Four hours later I was told that they had broken my screen trying to...

Cell C upgrades / data sim card

on Jul 12, 2018

I have a complaint for the sim card number [protected]. I was charged for 2 contracts in the previous years contract. It elapsed & a consultant called me asking me renew my contract. I renewed one & refused to renew the data contract because I had been previously charged for this contract ...