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Internet service

Good day!
I have been connected to the Bell Canada internet for years. The increases are not explained, they come as a surprise every few months. Is this normal?
It is the same internet no less no more, WHY such increases, they should not be permissible without a warning or an explanation right?

In January 2019 the rate was $42.95 plus taxes = $49.38
In April 2019 the rate jumped $45.95 plus taxes = $52.83
In April 2020 the rate jumped $50.95 plus taxes = $58.58

Hoping to obtain your support, and thanking you in advance

Sincerely, Jackie Lamarche
Home: [protected]
my email: jackie.[protected]@bell.net

  • Ge
    George Goulden May 20, 2020

    Our rates for 2 business lines and 1 internet service went up by 10 % in less than one year, i.e. contracted for 3 years in April 2019 and in Dec 2019 the rates for all 3 went up by 10%! Bell Canada (escalation department) says that as per their terms and agreement they can increase by 10%! This is highway robbery! How can anyone justify 10% ?

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Blackberry passport

I bought this phone outright in 2015 for $890 from Bell Mobility. I have paid the warranty fee for five years. My Blackberry Passport completely died two weeks ago. It would not launch apps, would not let me delete emails and finally the battery died and after I recharged it, it would not go past the finalizing stage so it cannot open and it cannot be turned off, until the battery dies again.

I contacted Assurion on April 30 to have my Blackberry Passsport replaced. I have talked with several representatives and still no phone. I was told a week ago on May 7, 2020 that they had a black Blackberry Passport and I was told it would take three to five days to have it shipped and they would send me an email when it was. I have a half dozen of these emails. See below:

"Your replacement device is on backorder.

Service Request ID [protected]

Hi Sandi,

Unfortunately, your replacement device is not available for immediate delivery. In most cases, we ship your backordered device 3 to 5 days after you've filed your service request.

Once we ship this device, we'll send you a confirmation email. In the meantime, we will provide status updates via email every two days until your device is available.

We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience.

Your Smart/Phone Care Team "

After three days, still no email and they are now still saying it's on backorder. I want my Blackberry Passport. I have asked for my money back from Assurion so I can buy a brand new on Amazon. ca, YES, Amazon.ca has Blackbery Passports.

Who do I call to get one, Blackberry, RIM or the C.T.R.C.?

internet phone cable pods

i have been having serious issues with Bell services for more than a year now... they have yet to date not been able to solve our services issue. suggested us to install pods which we did and after months of complaining with their tech department that the pods are not helping they finally figured out that the pods are malfunction and need to be replaced and it's been almost 2 months that we are still waiting for the pods they are in transit.
they have put a ridiculous amount of 800 dollars on my account to be paid for the un consistent services. outsourced customer service is just a night mare i am sick of not having any one solve our issues and with all the cold transfers because they don't care about the customer.

TV commercial

To Randy Lennox:
From Stephen Calvert:
Re: Bell's TV commercial with the musical round, row, row, row your boat.

I was wondering if your advertising team lost or didn't want to use their creativity to develop a catchy jingle or if they were persuaded by a remote viewing neurolinguist and parapsychology researcher to use that round to evoke false responses like a false confession?

Unfortunately, I am a esp slave and my captor has encoded that round to draw back big lies from oblivion for just as long as needed to justify excessive force and expense.

Please investigate this more than likely misconduct and misappropriation of funds and let me know.

I want to arrest the researchers and sue them.



over billing and mix up of product invoices

This is about the 7th time I've tried to deal with this problem. The only Bell service I pay for is my cell phone. However, although I've been sending in monthly payments, the last one on 28 Jan 2020, I've been paying someone else's cell phone charges. Yet access has been suspended to my phone. I would not want to have an emergency in which I could not get help.

This horrible treatment should be described to the newspapers and Elder Abuse Ottawa.


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bell mobility

I received a cellphone in March of 2019 from Bell as part of a settlement at no charge, free. This cellphone was losing it's charge in July of 2019. I called Bell Mobility and I spoke to rep there and he said no problem he will send a new phone out because I could not make it to the store I just had surgery. He said there would be no charge for the phone everything would stay the same. I never asked or was informed of a contract or a balance owing on the replacement phone. When I looked for a new rate in January of 2020 I found I had a contract and I had a balance of $990.00 on the phone. I was livid. The phone was paid for in March of 2019 and now Bell is asking me to pay for it again. It doesn't matter if Bell paid for it or not it was paid. They keep telling me it is a new phone but it was a replacement. I sent the defective phone back to Bell when I recovered from my surgery. I called many times and I kept getting different stories. Some of the reps said I am absolutely right and I should not be paying. I just called yesterday on chat and I have it in writing where a rep told me there is a zero balance and not to worry I was not charged for the phone. Today Bell says I am. My health is not very well and this has affected it. I don't know how much more of this I can take. I haven't been able to sleep. I am sick over this. I never signed up for any contract. I want this balance to be removed because it should never of been there in the first place.

mix up of accounts and being charged for a phone I do not own.

This number [protected]) has been billed to me since last October, 2019, however, I have moved into Ottawa and some man answered it when a person tried to contact me. My present cell phone [protected]) has been suspended although I paid it in full on January 29, 2020. I also noticed that I was billed for a landline with this bill. I would like to know who has it now and why, as I indicated that I moved keeping only my cell phone number so please have the records corrected.

I replied to Bell by email saying the house account was cancelled when the numbers were switched in early October. I am a senior and I'm under Doctor's care for depression (Bell Let's Talk) so decided this was Bell's problem for not cancelling this account. I have talked to an agent last year and Carlingwood Mall sales agents as well with no satisfaction.

Heather Whitbread

misleading advertising / rude representative

I called to inquire about an existing account [protected]. They offered to lower the existing bill at a rate of $20/month for 12 months. After a little research, I saw an internet package online the better met our needs at a much cheaper rate. The website stated this package was available at our location; the subsequent bell representative said it wasn't. I asked for information to be passed on to the appropriate department as the website needs updating. "Joy", from the "Back Desk" told me that the issue was with my computer. I told her that was a crappy response. You shouldn't blame a customer for issues with the company's website. She offered to forward me to customer services if I wanted to complain about something. I asked for her employee ID: EZ72327. She then put me into the original cue for initially calling Bell where I waited on hold for a prolonged period of time (my previous 3 calls were answered right away).

I believe "Joy" needs some training on honesty and integrity. And the website needs to be updated.

Since the product is advertised as being available to us, I believe we should get a 6 months discount comparable to the difference in the price.

Sheila Reid

tv services

Bell. ca increased the price of my services from $60 to $80 and they decreased my services (removed several channels including Starz Channels) and when I first called to resolve the issue and their agent told me that they give me $10 discount plus giving me startz back but they did not do that and when I called back another rude agent told me that their policy changed and they could not give me the Starz.in my next bill, I noticed that the price is still up and when I called another agent talked to me very rudely and did not resolve my problem.

fibe tv

I renegotiated my fibe tv with Bell. They gave me Crave, Straz1 and 2 for free. I came home today and I no longer have access. I called Bell and they told me that they are no longer giving these channels for free to their clients. Unbelievable!!! This company does not HONOR their deals. Please be careful what you negotiate with them, they can remove it anytime. They don't care about their clients whatsoever!!! SUCH LIARS!!!

missing mobility return.

Account ## [protected] [protected]. On November 21 2019 I called bell to do a upgrade of my phone to the I phone 11. Shortly after ordering the phone I changed my mind and wanted the 11 pro max the person I was talking to said it was too late and already processed but when I receive it take it Canada post and return it to bell. I received it on November 24 and returned it on November 25. It was signed for on November 27. On November 28 I received a email from bell saying I havent completed hardware activation for [protected]. I have no idea who this number belongs to but it's not mine nor have I ever had this #. The number I was upgrading is [protected]. After multiple calls to you loyalty department they kept telling me it's still in warehouse and has to be processed. Today I call again and they tell me all they received was the SIM card. This needs to be investigated. I have a tracking # and a signature that it was signed for. This situation is prohibiting me from doing a upgrade to a different phone. I will attach copy of tracking information and the email that I received from bell. I can be contacted at [protected] at any time. Thank you. Glenn Samms.

missing mobility return.
missing mobility return.
missing mobility return.
missing mobility return.
missing mobility return.

Bell Canada

television and internet

I have been a Bell customer for over 20 years. I live in the country rural and had to purchase 2 hubs in order to have enough internet. At a cost of 65.00 per hub per month and sometimes still had overage charges to my account. In October of 2019 one of the hubs blew up in my hand. it was defective. It caused damage but we called Bell and they said to go ahead and use our remaining hub with no overage charges, as this was not our fault and a product of theirs . So we did and we used the net like we always do. Bell charged us for all the overages that we used on our remaining hub even though they said they wouldnt until our new one arrived. We have been trying to deal with Bell ever since. My husband spent 5 hours on the phone with them this past wednesday. was cut off 4 times only to call back and be transferred 7 times and the last person he spoke to again cut the call. I am furious The customer service with Bell is horrendous and I will Never be happy having Bell again. All these years of being a customer and not once have I ever been compensated. its disgusting. I want my bill wiped clear of all charges. After my hand being hurt( and yes i have documentation) and all the insulting phone calls with Bell customer service I cant believe Bell even wants to charge me anything!!!


Very, very disappointing with the quality and communication with bell internet business.
I'm the owner of a small business in montreal area and after an issue with online billing /paying an invoice for the bell services, on friday afternoon they cut the internet services without any phone call to our business, even with a promotion credit in our account for more than 400$. After a phone call to the collection department and the payment in full of invoice, we did not have the services for what we paid, (so no internet services for all
Weekend from 10-13 january) witch produce as lost for more than 1200$.
We tried to communicate with the business department but they don't work after 4 pm from friday til monday.
We are convinced now why they have so many complains: bad management, weak and unprepared, some amateurs!

bell rural internet using the hub

I have 2 Bell Hubs so that I can get 200 GB of internet. Bell doesn't offer the 5 flex plan any longer to rural Ontario for $72.28 /month including tax. They now have a 350 GB plan line of site. The area I live in doesn't work well for line of site. They don't offer anything on the hub. I am not sure why I have to be punished because of the lay of the land. I am not even in a remote area. I live on a major road. I would just like to get a better internet package. Why can't I get the 350 GB on the hub for the same money that the line of site is paying. I believe it is around $80 month. I am paying $144.48 a month for 200 GB and if I go over it is $4 GB. That seems a little extreme. Looking for some help here.

bell mobility - smart phone care

I purchased my Apple iphone and SPC Nov 10, 2018. The screen cracked and was replaced by SPC Feb/19. I paid...

customer service

I've been a Bell mobility business customer for over 15 years. In the past few years Bell offered better...

"unethical behavior"

On Dec 26, 19, Boxing day a guy came out to my place to hook up my services, now when he was here he saw my...

alt tv; failure of a service ordered

I like to plan ahead. On December 1st I ordered Alt TV and Fibe internet from a salesperson who promised me a $150 gift card, low rates and a reduced service fee. I was sent a confirmation email. I noticed my phone number was incorrect and sent a email back with correct phone number. I scheduled the installation for December 20th when my contract with my other internet and TV provider expired. The appointment was scheduled from 8:00 am to 10:00 am. I called December 19th to confirm the appointment and also told call center my phone number in your system was incorrect and to please fix it. I was assured the technician was scheduled. I took the morning off work. I am paid hourly so this is costing me money. I waited for over 2 hours then finally phoned to see how much longer I needed to wait. Another hour on the phone with call center where I was finally told there was a "glitch" in your system. Another appointment scheduled for December 23rd. I once again took the morning off work (still costing me money) and technician installed the Fibe internet. I inquired what to do to connect Alt TV. I downloaded the app on my phone, set up an account on my computer and every time I tried to connect I received a message "no account detected". I spent another hour on the phone, was transferred 3 times where I had to explain everything 3 times. I was told to call back in 24 hours on Christmas Eve. Spent another hour spent on Christmas Eve explaining to 4 different Bell employees my issues with "no account detected". Each time I was transferred I had to go over all my details, order #, correct phone and services that were ordered. Finally I was told it sometimes takes a couple of days for account to be processed. I waited until December 27th to once again speak with the call center and inquire why I was still receiving "no account detected". I was transferred FIVE times and had to explain to every Bell employee my order #, correct phone number and services ordered. They still had the incorrect phone in your system. No one bothered to change it. This is after repeating my correct phone number to TWELVE different Bell employees. After a hour and a half on the phone (mostly on hold) I had to get off the phone to pick up my granddaughter. I BEGGED please can you send my an email with a link or call when this issue of "no account detected" is resolved. I'm still waiting!
I plan ahead for a reason, expecting everything to run smoothly. I'm still paying previous cable service when it should have been cancelled. The rates after my one year contract have doubled. Who is supposed to pay this? Not me, I planned ahead. I've heard so many excuses and "I don't know" and let me transfer you from Bell employees its ridiculous and unprofessional. I being passed off to Bell employee to employee to employee to employee to employee. I being put on hold every time and having to explain over and over and over and over and over. I'm not sure how you can fix this but you better well make it good. I've spent hours on the phone, hours waiting for a technician that never came. Took time off work AND now paying double for cable TV. Please tell me what you plan to do about this to compensate me?

Disgruntled, angry, fed up and mistreated

Donna Devine
1103-80 Blake St.
Toronto, ON M4J 3E1
Order # BBJ7DJ8L

bell mobility

Account [protected]. I've had bell mobility & internet for 10 years & & always paid my bills on time. I moved houses & bell technicians couldn't get us internet for 1.5 months so they gave me free hotspot up to 50 G! Then bell mobility charges me for over data usage & I get a bill for $585 which is usually $150. I spoke to so many agents, Don, goodwich (from vanvouver), Arvin, Theodore, junus, Kelley & Nell! All idiots, I wasted 6+ hours with them & some were supervisors & they didn't want to credit a penny back & I asked them how do I escalate the issue & they didn't tell me how. None of them were of any help, even after I had Max from the technical department explain the situation & request for the credit of $435 in data usage charge.


I am Bell custommer I have ALL their service my house is Bell. Tele Fibe Internet high speed unimited and mobility (prepaid). Its been 3 months that im trying to transfer my pre paid to a normal monthly bundle and they refuse because I dont have a drivers license. I am a blind person so obviously I dont have a drivers license!

Called custommer service talked with about 8 different representative that send me to a department to another one (3 hours on the phone). They told me that I would receive a call back from a senior representative but it never hapened. They asked me to go to a bell store for authentification so I did with my white cane in the snow. At the store they told me to go back home call again the sales department who tell me again to go to the store (I didn t this time) Called again and again they again promiss that I would receive a call back from a senior representative. nothing again.

I spend almost 200 $ a month with them my bills are up to date and my pre paid always have 2 months ahead for the next payments. and they dont even have the decency to friggin call me back! I am NOT important for them! And they ask me to travel to the store and everytime that I go outside in Montreal with my white cane it can be dangerous!

Even one of the representative told me that even if I would be millionaire I wouldnt get the bundle because I dont have a drivers license or a passport! This is discriminatory. Im blind! I dont drive and I wont go hiking on the Himalaya for christ sake!

I think they dont deserve my business. I mean you give them a LOT of money every year and they cant even call you back ever? What kind of junk company is this?

Now if one of you representative wants to reply to this message make sure that you ALREADY have the solution Im not spending 1 more hour on this. I ll go with your competitor instead. Gonna be a lot faster and easier.

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