Tagged Complaints & Reviews

Tagged / using others picture

Oct 13, 2019

A tagged member with the name of justine rogers uses my fiance's picture as his profile front picture. I was shocked that he even sent me one in my email, too. He is stealing my fiance's pics and uses it as his front to gain attention or to scam women in this site. Please take action with...

Tagged / receiving porn site invites from long term members, i.e. private videos

Oct 01, 2019

For several weeks, I have been receiving messages from existing long term members since 2007, etc. ( or perhaps they are fake profiles), all asking for video chat or to click their link to their private sites, e.g., and variations thereof, When I...

Tagged / sign in

Oct 01, 2019

Good day, Since one week I am unable to sign in to my account on tagged.. After long time of trials the following message appears "unable to display this site" or similar messages.. Once a message from microsoft advising that your protocol (rc4) is no longer supported by explorer 11...

Tagged / tagged dating site

Sep 22, 2019

Hello, I'm on tagged. Today someone messaged me saying I look like an transger. He blocked me from responding. And clai.ed he been through it on line. Then he took one of my profile pic put transgender, put my fake age on it. And send it to me as an friend chatting. I was through and very...

Tagged / my account was deleted

Sep 18, 2019

Plz...plzzz reinstate my account, i played all day long on my account and tonight when i tried to sign on i could not...this of course didnt happen during business hours...Ravishing id [protected]...i think it may be over pics, thats the only thing i can think of, plz if this is it, i soooo...

Tagged / profile

Sep 15, 2019

there is a User on tagged with the user name Ranita C. this person is using my wife's pictures on his/her profile. this profile is also active on Hi 5. This has caused a lot of harassment and emotional distress to our family. can the admin of these side please help with providing an IP...

[Resolved] Tagged / reactivate / reinstate my tagged account #[protected]

Sep 14, 2019

Please Reactivate / Reinstate my tagged account #[protected], i have been using the Tagged for 10 years on this account and i got many friend in Tagged, my sincere apologies for the mistake cause. Appreciate your consideration and promise will not make the same mistake. Sorry for the...

Tagged / fake profile

Sep 11, 2019

Hello Somebody used my name "AZIZ" and create a fake profile He took screenshots of my pics on IG. He put my kids and wife pics on the profile Now he goes on line threatening people and talking bad about their kids .I've receiving calls all day threatening me and my family He posted my phone...

Tagged / I am complaining about gold which I did not received after deduction of $19.99 from my account.

Sep 05, 2019

Hi, I am using tagged from last 1 year and I purchased gold using google pay and the amount got deducted from my account 19.99$ and did not receive either gold in my account and nor refund in my account. I complained about it 3-4 times and every tie my ticket got closed without giving any...

Tagged / about your site. the hi5 tagged dating site is not working properly

Sep 01, 2019

If this is Hi5 tagged dating . My complaint is about your website. Your site is not working properly. It has been like this for about 2 weeks now. I've been constantly receiving mail about who is interested in me in my email. But when I pull up a profile nothing shows up, or it will say...

Tagged / my confirmation code

Sep 01, 2019

I have trying to register tagged but it seems so difficult for me, tagged said it sent me a confirmation code to my Gmail account but I can't find the code what do I do to get my confirmation code because I really want to join tagged. My Gmail account is active so why all these problems am...

Tagged / unauthorized creation of account

Aug 30, 2019

I never created an account in the first place, please delete my account immediately. I am unable to do this myself seeing as I never created it and it says I need to log in to delete it. It has my email adress and I keep getting email. The profile name is Anne B and the email they keep...

Tagged / tagged dating site at

Aug 23, 2019

On the 22nd of August I was told by the Tagged dating site that they were concerned that my Tagged account's password was compromised and thereby my Tagged account was suspended. I verified this and Tagged said that an email with a verification code was sent to the email address associated...

Tagged / didnt receive cash out for diamonds

Aug 16, 2019

Was a member of tagged live for about a month and when i proceeded to cashout my diamonds i was asked ro enter my paypal email afterwards i was instructed to give tagged a few days to review the request for cash out. Instead they never sent me and email concerning the matter and my the...

Tagged / unauthorized charges

Aug 09, 2019

I was charged usd 29.94 without authorization for something I don't know about on 7th August 2019. The number before the tagged is [protected]. I need a reimbursement. I was also charged by SIDAN media limited which I didn't subscribe to. About GBP 4.99 on 7th August 2019 with nunber...

[Resolved] Tagged / my account got phished and I can't log in

Aug 08, 2019

I just send the 7th email...6 of the mail they say solved...but there's no comment from the SUPPORT TEAM.. my first name is Andy and last name is Cesnan.. my date of birth is 4th Nov 1977..I have 2 account..EL PADRINO for pets and PAPITO BRASCO where by ive been streaming daily 3 hours for...

Tagged / I have my copier working on my desk top I would like to change to my desk top and not my laptop

Aug 07, 2019

i had some trouble with my printer but it works now and wanted to get the gold with my desktop i wish i could talk to a person on customer services and get this problem solved my tagged gold is not working on either of my pcs iv been on tagged for a long time and would like to cepe playing...

Tagged / fake account

Jul 24, 2019

Someone created a account using my personal information and I've received calls, texts, and people showing up to my home because of this game account. I've emailed [protected] and only received one response, but they have not removed the page. Even sent them a copy of a police...

Tagged / I getting banned for no reason on tagged live stream

Jul 20, 2019

Ok I usually dont get on the live stream, but I decided to go on live for my birthday. But I got banned for no reason. They told me to wait 4hrs and I did and not even 10 min in, I get banned again. Now see people doing all type of strange things on tagged and they do not seem like they're...

Tagged / banning anybody account for an hour

Jun 29, 2019

I am an active streamer on Tagged App... I have nothing but good vibes and great fun on my live streams.. but of course there is always a weirdo who wants to get blocked so what am I supposed to do when I get blocked for No Reason because an idiot is constantly reporting my page from...

Tagged/Hi5 / unethical behaviour

Jun 28, 2019

I am trying to cancel my account as Tagged/Hi5 have repeatedly ignored my reports of the relentless porn site links, people trying to scam others for money, bots who attach themselves in droves on every single status and fake profiles showing young girls. Tagged/Hi5 seem to think their...

Tagged / my refund

May 22, 2019

my 12 year old daughter had a profile i will sue this entire company if you do not refund my money and i deleted the account i need my money back on my card you took off 29.95 i been calling, calling, calling and no answer i emailed tagged over 5 times and i talked to your lying...

Tagged / loss all my coins web site froze was told to download lost all contacts and coins 305,700 coins

May 21, 2019

Was on a live stream sunday, and was gifting I had purchase some more coins, did that, 305, 700 coins. Went to gift again but It wouldn't let me. Couldn't send message either. If I am to loose all those coins that I paid real money for through Google . Would like some kind of credit or refund. Than you e mail [protected] today please please

Tagged / closed down my account

May 15, 2019

Tagged emailed me to say "please refrain from doing something" so I stopped doing it and without warning they just cancelled my entire account I had over 800, 000 diamonds which I needed to cash out it took me so long to get them and tagged just took them away in second I'm a single mother...

Tagged / someone stole my identity

May 07, 2019

I tried to keep on sending you report but the person who used my profile is still there. Please do remove this guy that used my photos and name. He has his number with me. +[protected] that is his number. He kept on sending threats. Please deactivate his profile. Please do deactivate hi...

Tagged / deactivation of my account

Apr 20, 2019

I deactivated my account and when I came back to reactivate it I was sent an email to change my password but when I try to change a new password to get my account back its saying failed.please kindly help me to get my account back because have been trying for 3 days now.if its impossible...

Tagged / tagged account locked out / banned for no reason - no customer support help

Apr 15, 2019

I have been making attempt after attempt in the support section to find someone to help me with whatever is happening with my account, and you guys haven't even tried to help me. All you do is mark my request as "SOLVED" and nothing gets fixed. So I'm going to try emailing you to see if... / fourth cancellation of my account in 2 months without cause!!!

Feb 16, 2019

A call for an INVESTIGATION into this online social networking site. This is probably the worst online Social Network Site I have ever encountered in terms of service and functional contact information, which leads me to suspect that they are a scam! My account has again been cancelled...

Tagged / cancellation of account without cause - zero notification - zero response

Feb 10, 2019

I've been a standard (free) member on since 19 december 2018. From then to now, 10 february 2019 my account has been cancelled 3 times, without reason, nor notification. I have not transgressed any rules, but there are many people on tagged vip membership who do, and their...

Tagged / cyber stalking

Jan 31, 2019

I have been on tagged a while and just recently was sent load of abuse by Biker02 and then he cyber stalked me stole my photos and made fake accounts this cyber stalker was so bad i contacted tagged sent them a recent photo and date and email of me to get fake profiles removed but he made...

Tagged / hackers on site are allowed and not removed.

Jan 28, 2019

The site allows hackers to stay and continue to hack into peoples accounts and steal cash. People play a pet game and some people invest their cash to buy gold in the game. The hackers go into the accounts and steal the cash by gifting the cash to their own accounts. There is an option in...

Tagged / profile page was deleted

Jan 24, 2019

This is my friends page. He tried to contact Tagged support from Europe, but was unable to. This was a joke picture. It's actully a trick picture found online of Father kissing his baby. It's possible that it got reported as inappropriate content. He is a huge supporter of Tagged and spend...

Tagged / sexual language

Jan 16, 2019

im just trying to understand why the photo is allowed with sexual language attatched to it. I don't think that is fair for one person...All should be allowed then. I have put up automated pictures and mine seem to get deleted. I don't say sexual things. I respect tagged and have found a...

Tagged / I am complaining my tagged accnt coz I can't make logging again.

Jan 11, 2019

I always make online in tagged coz I didn't want to make log in and log out but when im read some of message and make replying it didn't sent I didn't know why that's why I tried to make log out then when im tried to log in again can't make logging by using my email and password or even...

Tagged / pet game harassment

Dec 22, 2018

Hi am being harassed in the pets game. The same two people are harassing me all day everyday. I don't want any contact by them, I don't want to play the game with them. The rules in the Pets game needs to be changed so that people cannot make things personal against someone that they don't...

Tagged / revenge porn from ex

Dec 21, 2018

Ex girlfriend screenshoting hate pictures on me on her tagged account, last week she tried to use my email to cash out she said $600 u guys took the money and shut down her account London Haze...I will be contacting Jacksonville Florida sheriff office with details about She takes her son...

Tagged / profile display

Dec 06, 2018

When I login to my account and go to my user "Profile" tab, I am automatically redirected to a different page. This "other page" makes references to "Colocated Servers" and "Helpdesk Chat Software" which has nothing to do with Tagged. How do I correct this? I want to access my "Profile"...

Tagged / fake profile

Dec 04, 2018

Hi, I've received word that there is a fake profile one Tagged, pretending to be me. The name is Karen Gaffney on the account. Whoever they are are giving out information of my Instagram username, Snapchat username and also using my photos from my Facebook and Instagram. Also they are...

Tagged / uncancelled vip membership

Nov 23, 2018

Hi this is Nikko Daniels and I recently cancelled an account accidentally without unsubscribing my VIP membership. I've tried to reactivate this specific page on numerous occasions, but to no avail. If you can help me with this it will be greatly appreciated. The name I had on the page wa...

Tagged / buying

Nov 19, 2018

I feel so embarrassed after agreeing to an friend I will purchase gifts on Live ‘ while attempting to make the purchase a message pops up saying my goal balance is temporary suspended I agree we all run into problems now and then but this issue made me feel low I tried to hurry up and find...