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Getting banned for unprovable reasons. Seems as if Hitler took over

I feel tagged has lost site of realistic expectations in regards to the Live streaming. Im unsure if its because they are supposably offering money for views or because they have Top flight security of the world syndrome.
But honestly... I could sue them for how unprofessional and discriminating they are now.
No proof of why im being banned. Just because they say its for obsessive sexual content doesnt mean anything. I cant get anyone to talk to in regards to the matter. Theres no way to talk to supervisors. Im thinking of a real case in court because I DO HAVE PROOF OF THE DISCRIMINATION BEING USED

Premium service

I purchased the premium service but it's not letting me use any of the premium services. Every time I try it takes me to the join screen. I thought maybe my transaction didn't clear so I tried again and it say I already have it. I have also logged out and back in. It also already shows on my card statement. Can you please fix this issue or help me or refund my purchase.

Hi5 impossible to login and or delete all of my details from this site

I keep receiving emails from hi5 when I try to unsubscribe and delete any information they have on me it is just impossible. They seem to be impossible to contact also. I am very scared about what information they gave, if I can be identified through it and if my photograph and personal details are on there? I gave no idea. It's a disgrace and they should be shut down, seems they are completely pointless other than to harass and scare vulnerable people. I have had issues with being stalked and this doesn't help?

Tagged.comhacker employees

I am complaining about tagged having Terminated me over a bogus welcome sign made for skins. Its a person named Dina Macedo... I have been complaining since September. She thinks she owns tagged and all the photos over the internet. We make Tagged skins and because I have some programs like hers to make things is what I was told she gets mad and has been stalking and bulling me since September. So much more involved. I have saved all the bulling pages her is one down below. She hacks into my account, follows me every wheres I have made several profiles to try and make on, she just follows me there as well. I have never gave out my passwords to anyone, so how does she manage the things she has been doing. She intercepts all my email for my accounts and tagged does not see them anymore. So here I am... I thank her for 1 of these buy photos below with the fat picture she made of me. Now I get deleted.. However she is either an employee of tagged or she is a full bloom hacker. I need help please. Why is my password needed. If my account is not active at this moment.

hacker employees
hacker employees
hacker employees
hacker employees
hacker employees
hacker employees
hacker employees
hacker employees

  • Updated by KiKicat1 · Feb 22, 2020

    below shows her saying 7 skins to make, meaning she is gonna copy all my skins made that day as we make profile skins daily! If this is not a tagged violation nothing is. But yet she remains and i am deleted? all these where screen shot just yesterday 02/21/2020!

  • Updated by KiKicat1 · Feb 23, 2020

    Hello everyone in tagged world, tagged has a hacker employee and she gets away with disgusting things Big Bully and I see she deleted my comments here as well as cover her butt from tagged when I submit complaints
    I was terminated by this hacker, can someone else write tagged as well. She been stalking me since September 2019...I will keep posting till tagged gets its together. She Make ugly photos of me and I get deleted. Really, she makes skins and does not want me to post any. I am and active pet player since 2012 and VIP member as well as thousands in gold purchases. On 02/22/2020 i was told my account was not going to be reinstated. For what my making a welcome sign...Please...She is the worst encounter I have endured since 2012 here on tagged. love tagged hate these hackers scammer employees the use... Below is proof. My email address tagged is [email protected]
    dina m.m url on pets 5999951695
    vickie3 was my page not its deleted and she steals my pictures made and calls herself vickie3 skins only...Her name is dina macedo and is a vicious person. I have had to call the IRS, better business bureau,, equifax, and a few more as my WD-2 forms were lock with a code I did not add...need the real tagged help!!!
    Biggest bully on tagged

  • Updated by KiKicat1 · Feb 23, 2020

    Hello tagged,
    This is getting crazier by the minute. About 8:58 pm central time i received a warning on my main profile when trying to make a skin. It was just a background with lines. Now this background was not a picture just off the internet, it was a video mp4 you have to make the way you liked it. and i get a warning from tagged bully that i been writing tagged about since September 2019.
    If this profile that I am VIP on and bought lots of gold be returned to me? or is tagged allowing this, i am not sure what to think anymore. I have had very little incidents since 2012. now i get warning and poof deleted. all tagged has to do is look into this matter. Your employees is giving tagged a horrible reputation.
    The email to that profile is [email protected]
    Thanks Vickie


My pets page is still on line as I can see through a frinds page. When I go to sign in it tells me tha email adress has been cancelled though so I am not able to open it.[protected]

I used differnt giffs for profile pictures which should of been fine. I would like to be able to sign back into that profile as it is still their.

my account being taken without warning or reasoning

Hi this is Ms. Presidente as known as Shushu.. I have been streaming on your app. I have would stream and have fun and brought in a lot of viewers and a lot of return I always showed love back to the people on this app for 7 months. For the past three months I've been having problems with the top badges and their people over the growth of my success. I was being brought into situations where I had to protected my name and try to reason with the top badges. Your top badges screamed at me where one of them told me to go pop a pill and die her name is Simply Sapphire. I had another top badge say "[censored] u [censored] you [censored] the Arabs" which is my race. Another top badger told me to go jump off bridge and called me every name in the book. I won 3 competitions of yours being placed at number 1 In The jump in to the year : The Christmas competition and jump into frost. I was being hated for the success I was doing on the app. On Jan 21 2021 my Account was deleted with no warning. The app was having a lot of glitches so that day also I went negative -30k. I emailed them regarding that they never responded. when I emailed them about my account they never responded. When they did it was an automated message telling me I violated terms not telling which term I violated, when I emailed them asking. I never made fun of someone's race or bullied or wish death or harm on anybody. This is not fair with how Tagged is treating me and others and having favoritism towards other top badgers after I done nothing wrong and brought in so much revenue. This is not professional for a business to treat me like this. I have proof of every email I sent of reports and of me asking them why my account was deleted and every video of these people treating me with abuse. I need my account to be restored if there was proof tagged should have the decency to tell me but there not. My Account needs to be restored and tagged should be monitoring your app better. This has caused me so much anguish. Depression, embarrassment and defamation of character I've seen people doing drugs, sexual exploitation but my account gets deleted it doesn't make sense. I want this resolved ASAP

leaving comments on top of his pets picture

This guy as been bulling me and harassing me I got him blocked but now hes leaving messages up over his pet picture on pets I think you should a banned him from tagged cancel his account but please do something cause he aintplease this been going on for quiet awhile I got going to stop. Pictures proving what he has been saying please help me I been along time tagged member and shouldnt be afraid to come on my account cause some guy likes to cause trouble.

leaving comments on top of his pets picture
leaving comments on top of his pets picture
leaving comments on top of his pets picture

I was hacked on tagged

i got a message on tagged that they thought my profile had been phished, so i was locked out of tagged, i was sent to a page to get a verification code to get another password did...


Tagged decided to cancel my account for no reason!!?

I didn't violate their terms and conditions, neither requested for a cancellation.

So please tagged team, Could you please check and reinstate my account.

I have sent a request to the support team, but yet no feedback.

How do i can reinstate my account ? there is no way on tagged site to do so.

Thank you

  • Bi
    [email protected] Dec 03, 2019

    Tagged decided to cancel my account for no reason!!?

    I didn't violate their terms and conditions, neither requested for a cancellation.

    So please tagged team, Could you please check and reinstate my account.

    I have sent a request to the support team, but yet no feedback.

    How can i get my profile reinstate my account ? there is no way on tagged site to do so.

    Thank you [email protected]/ please contact [email protected]

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  • Bi
    billkuever Dec 21, 2019

    they deleted my account also

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tagged cancelled my account

Dears kindly note that tagged team cancelled my account ([protected] / [protected] without any reason,

i am on tagged since so many years ago and uploading photos on my profile since 3 or 4 years tagged accepted the photos and didn't delete it - so its not sexual content and so on ( yes its sexy photos but not naked and its accepted from tagged team ), and one time they removed my profile pic and i didn't upload new pic.

I used other photo from my profile - which have to be approved from tagged team

Then tagged removed my account tagged sent warning on email but i didn't note cause i was busy with friends but i not understand why they sent warning if i use accepted Pics from my profile

so please take your action to reactivate my account and you have the rights to remove any not accepted Pic

Please please please reactivate it


messaging w/ premium package


Well I thought I didn't have the Premium package but I do. I just wanted to know how to be able to tell that someone has read your message. When there is a check by the person's name what does that mean? Does that indicate the person has read the message? That's all I need to know..other than that the app works great! I have met alot of nice young men on there!

Please email my answer to: ishman.[protected]

  • DeAndre Washington Oct 21, 2019

    Hi Unique! Just click the button to enable this feature. You may need to uninstall and reinstall the app or create a new account to unlock new features like this. It is a common practice in software development to release features only to new customers. I hope this clears things up.

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  • Ba
    barbara Ishman Oct 21, 2019

    But it's showing check marks! My question wasn't answered...does this mean they read my message? Or does it mean anything else...however I did logout and log back before I brought the premium package it wasn't doing how do I know the other person read my messages because that's mainly why I upgraded because that's what it said..I would know when they read it..

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using others picture

A tagged member with the name of justine rogers uses my fiance's picture as his profile front picture.

I was shocked that he even sent me one in my email, too.

He is stealing my fiance's pics and uses it as his front to gain attention or to scam women in this site.

Please take action with regard to this matter. Security of the members should be taken care of.

Thank you

receiving porn site invites from long term members, i.e. private videos

For several weeks, I have been receiving messages from existing long term members since 2007, etc. ( or perhaps they are fake profiles), all asking for video chat or to click their link to their private sites, e.g., and variations thereof, When I click on the link it may take me briefly to a Spanish web/domain building site or not, but ends up at "Net[censored]ers" site. When I advise each person, they just repeat the message each time. I am wondering if it is the work of a scammer I have angered by exposing some of his fake profiles. I have had some nasty messages from him/her, and sometimes they change the pic on the fake profile. I spend about an hour minimum a day exposing these fake profiles and attaching scammer tags. Some profiles have malware blocking efforts to post sam alert information. My concern is that over a dozen innocent profiles are being used for this purpose (to annoy me)
There are a few regular scam types: the West African are obvious, using international porn star pix which are not actually porn pix, and I know from personal experience that some fo these pron stars (usually from Ghana) are actual scammers themselves. Then there is the one for the last 6 months or so, using stolen pix of young women, generally young, bisexual, Middle Eastern or Native American, or not, with partial addresses, large accumulations of site $ in one day, and interested in older men. This scammer started sending me multiple blank emails with supposed phot likes or interest, but when I click on there is no profile, or I get multiple messages with the same name but different pix.
Then there are the messages advertising other porn sites.
The number of scams on this site is increasing. My hour or so a day only touches the tip of the iceberg.
Thank you for your attention.
Harry Scott [protected]

sign in

Good day,

Since one week I am unable to sign in to my account on tagged..

After long time of trials the following message appears "unable to display this site" or similar messages..

Once a message from microsoft advising that your protocol (rc4) is no longer supported by explorer 11 and windows.

I am using laptop dell vostro 1310, windows 8.1, explorer 11...

How can I solve this problem..

Thank you very much for your quick reply >

Moustafa k. Mahmoud

Cairo - egypt

  • Updated by Moustafa Mahmoud · Oct 02, 2019

    further to my 2 days ago claim with reply from your side ...
    still facing the same problem of signing in ...
    either receiving this message
    " This page can't be displayed
    •Make sure that the web address is correct.
    •Look for the page with your search engine.
    •Refresh the page in a few minutes. "
    " internet explorer 11 and windows are no longer supporting the protocol of this site "
    " connection timed out "
    bref, 10 days now unable to access my account with you ... although I receive messages on gmail confirming actions on my account ..
    can I depend on your assistance to help me solving this issue ..
    Thank you
    Cairo - Egypt

    Fix connection problems

  • As
    Ashour Ali Oct 04, 2019

    I have the exact same problem here, I can not log into anything related to tagged or hi5!

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  • To
    Tony414 Oct 08, 2019

    I can't log in

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tagged dating site

Hello, I'm on tagged. Today someone messaged me saying I look like an transger. He blocked me from responding. And clai.ed he been through it on line. Then he took one of my profile pic put transgender, put my fake age on it. And send it to me as an friend chatting. I was through and very shock it scared me half to date. I had blocked that profile along with his. He mentioned call me with his phone number to prove I'm not. He even deleted his profile name. I didn't think anyone could do this. I'm an mother with 3 children and twin granddaughters

tagged dating site
tagged dating site
tagged dating site

my account was deleted

Plz...plzzz reinstate my account, i played all day long on my account and tonight when i tried to sign on i could not...this of course didnt happen during business hours...Ravishing id [protected]...i think it may be over pics, thats the only thing i can think of, plz if this is it, i soooo apologize and not to make this mistake again...please...please reinstate my account, (crying here)Thank you for your prompt response to my problem

  • Updated by Harleygirl1961 · Sep 18, 2019

    Please...please im begging you Tagged, i will not make the same mistake, my account is a huge one, my account email address is [email protected] id 6090083721


there is a User on tagged with the user name Ranita C. this person is using my wife's pictures on his/her profile. this profile is also active on Hi 5.

This has caused a lot of harassment and emotional distress to our family. can the admin of these side please help with providing an IP address of the person. the IP address will help us communicate the same with the authorities here in Fiji


[Resolved] reactivate / reinstate my tagged account #[protected]

Please Reactivate / Reinstate my tagged account #[protected], i have been using the Tagged for 10 years on this account and i got many friend in Tagged, my sincere apologies for the mistake cause.

Appreciate your consideration and promise will not make the same mistake.

Sorry for the inconvenience.
my email sasa.[protected]

warm regards,

  • Updated by sasa.satu · Sep 15, 2019

    Please Reactivate / Reinstate my tagged account #5453787099, i have been using the Tagged for 10 years on this account and i got many friends in Tagged, appreciate assistance.


  • Updated by sasa.satu · Sep 17, 2019

    why said the compliant resolved without explanation what going on?

  • Updated by sasa.satu · Sep 20, 2019

    Please Reactivate / Reinstate my tagged account, i have been using the Tagged for more then 10 years on this account and i got many friends in Tagged, appreciate assistance.

  • Resolution Statement

    it is not Reactivate / Reinstate my tagged account #5453787099, did not receive email

fake profile

Somebody used my name "AZIZ" and create a fake profile
He took screenshots of my pics on IG. He put my kids and wife pics on the profile
Now he goes on line threatening people and talking bad about their kids .I've receiving calls all day threatening me and my family
He posted my phone, my business address and home, my kids name
Therefore I want this fake account to be deleted as soon as possible


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  • Hello my name is shauntilla d and I keep having problems with this man name brandon he keeps threatening and harassing me everyday making fake profiles .every time I block him he keeps doing the same thing ..can yall abandon him from tagged ..if not I will contact the police ...

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I am complaining about gold which I did not received after deduction of $19.99 from my account.

I am using tagged from last 1 year and I purchased gold using google pay and the amount got deducted from my account 19.99$ and did not receive either gold in my account and nor refund in my account. I complained about it 3-4 times and every tie my ticket got closed without giving any resolution. I am very disappointed with customer services. please help me asap.

about your site. the hi5 tagged dating site is not working properly

If this is Hi5 tagged dating . My complaint is about your website. Your site is not working properly. It has been like this for about 2 weeks now. I've been constantly receiving mail about who is interested in me in my email. But when I pull up a profile nothing shows up, or it will say hang tight, and still no profile shows up. I wish that you will fix and solve this problem or I will jus go ahead and unsubscribe.

  • Updated by Jonathan Fears · Sep 01, 2019

    About your site HI5 Tagged dating site. The site is not working properly. It has been like this for about 2 weeks now

my confirmation code

I have trying to register tagged but it seems so difficult for me, tagged said it sent me a confirmation code to my Gmail account but I can't find the code what do I do to get my confirmation code because I really want to join tagged. My Gmail account is active so why all these problems am facing registering in tagged. A friend introduce me to tagged so I want to meet new people here

  • Updated by Ethel Ajoku · Sep 01, 2019

    Please tagged send my confirmation code to my Gmail account

unauthorized creation of account

I never created an account in the first place, please delete my account immediately. I am unable to do this myself seeing as I never created it and it says I need to log in to delete it. It has my email adress and I keep getting email. The profile name is Anne B and the email they keep sending to is [protected] If you want to confirm the deletion send it to the email it is registered on and I will confirm it's me. Someone took my info, created an account and I am unable to login to delete the account.

tagged dating site at

On the 22nd of August I was told by the Tagged dating site that they were concerned that my Tagged account's password was compromised and thereby my Tagged account was suspended. I verified this and Tagged said that an email with a verification code was sent to the email address associated with the suspended and I would use this to reset the password and then I could access my Tagged account. But I didn't receive the email. I have submitted 3 enquiry requests to Tagged customer support but they have replied. Can you help me to resolve this problem with my suspended Tagged account. Thank you.

  • Updated by AM7 · Aug 23, 2019

    My Tagged account was suspended because Tagged said that my account's password was compromised and thereby my account was phished. I clicked the verify button after Tagged notified me about this problem. They said an email with a verification code was sent to the email associated with the suspended Tagged account but I didn't receive the email. I need the verification code to reset the account's password, so that I can log into my Tagged account. I've sent three request enquiries to Tagged customer support about this problem but they haven't replied. Can you help me to resolve this problem. Thank you.

didnt receive cash out for diamonds

Was a member of tagged live for about a month and when i proceeded to cashout my diamonds i was asked ro enter my paypal email afterwards i was instructed to give tagged a few days to review the request for cash out. Instead they never sent me and email concerning the matter and my the remainder of my diamonds also went missing and somehow my activoty history was cleared as well lucky I have screenshots of me love on the account tagged tried to illegitamely close and avoid paying out. Shaking my head

didnt receive cash out for diamonds

unauthorized charges

I was charged usd 29.94 without authorization for something I don't know about on 7th August 2019.
The number before the tagged is [protected].

I need a reimbursement.
I was also charged by SIDAN media limited which I didn't subscribe to.

About GBP 4.99 on 7th August 2019 with nunber +[protected] through POS which I am not aware of.

On 8th August i was charged 12 usd for something else .

I would need a reimbursement.
Thank you.

[Resolved] my account got phished and I can't log in

I just send the 7th email...6 of the mail they say solved...but there's no comment from the SUPPORT TEAM.. my first name is Andy and last name is Cesnan.. my date of birth is 4th Nov 1977..I have 2 account..EL PADRINO for pets and PAPITO BRASCO where by ive been streaming daily 3 hours for nearly a year oredi..wat i need is just make my life easier to log in..I really appreciate it so much..I hope i can get it anytime by now..2 of my account got phished at the same time..

my account got phished and I can't log in
my account got phished and I can't log in

  • Updated by papa brasco · Aug 08, 2019

    I just send my last email few minutes bro.. hope can look into it that i wil be able to log in

  • Updated by papa brasco · Aug 08, 2019

    I just got the reply..n it stated SOLVED...but i stil can't open my acc

  • Updated by papa brasco · Aug 08, 2019

    it's still the same...I hope u guys can look into it n make it easier for me...I stil can't log in although they reply to me SOLVED for 7 times

  • Updated by papa brasco · Aug 08, 2019

    Tagged...wat I really need is...make my life easier to log in..acc holder since 2011 that is PAPITO BRASCO...have been buying gold to to show love to others...and I'm the midst of fighting for the TOP STREAMER BADGE whereby i wil be the first ever MALAYSIAN to get a BLUE BADGE from u guys..and I wil be showing gud examples to other streamer in Malaysia..
    EL PADRINO is my pet account...
    I really hope in less than 2 hours i can get my account bck..TQ BOARD..

  • Updated by papa brasco · Aug 09, 2019

    I can't even log in to my account to get the verification code to reset my password I hope that i don need to go tru the hassle...just let me log in to my both acc...TQ..guys for understanding my situation

  • Updated by papa brasco · Aug 09, 2019

    any update on my both account...just make the easiest way for me to log in..coz I can't log in to my mail to get the verification code n new email got phished too..I miss my FANS so much

  • Resolution Statement

    right now the steps they have taken is by replying to me bck stated SOLVE but there's no comment from the SUPPORT TEAM

I have my copier working on my desk top I would like to change to my desk top and not my laptop

i had some trouble with my printer but it works now and wanted to get the gold with my desktop i wish i could talk to a person on customer services and get this problem solved my tagged gold is not working on either of my pcs iv been on tagged for a long time and would like to cepe playing pets on here iv put money in to this game and don't want to loss it please help me to get it working again please

fake account

Someone created a account using my personal information and I've received calls, texts, and people showing up to my home because of this game account. I've emailed [protected] and only received one response, but they have not removed the page. Even sent them a copy of a police report that was filed and still they haven't done anything. So every time someone shows up at my home I will email tagged until something is done.

I getting banned for no reason on tagged live stream

Ok I usually dont get on the live stream, but I decided to go on live for my birthday. But I got banned for no reason. They told me to wait 4hrs and I did and not even 10 min in, I get banned again. Now see people doing all type of strange things on tagged and they do not seem like they're getting banned. I just think its [censored] up. I just trying to have some for my birthday nothing explict.

  • Sh
    Shakeemah Aug 25, 2019

    I'm going through the same thing as we speak. And what you said was definitely true.

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banning anybody account for an hour

I am an active streamer on Tagged App... I have nothing but good vibes and great fun on my live streams.. but of course there is always a weirdo who wants to get blocked so what am I supposed to do when I get blocked for No Reason because an idiot is constantly reporting my page from different pages! That's not fair when I don't violate or anything. & I wish they did investigations before blocking Me for an hour all because somebody reported my page too much.. they should prosecute those who are false reporting because who wants to waste their time on live streams if The App Staff aren't showing support as far as situations like this.

banning anybody account for an hour
banning anybody account for an hour

Tagged/Hi5unethical behaviour

I am trying to cancel my account as Tagged/Hi5 have repeatedly ignored my reports of the relentless porn site links, people trying to scam others for money, bots who attach themselves in droves on every single status and fake profiles showing young girls.

Tagged/Hi5 seem to think their customers are responsible to report every fake profile/bot/porn link site etc but even when i have, they do nothing about it and now refuse to refund my VIP subscription so I can cancel my account altogether, surely they must have some moderators on the site to see this rubbish happening every day, everyone is complaining about it, I reported in one day alone over 100 fake profiles showing pictures of the same young girls and this was happening all day every day and although I was reporting them as soon as they were being posted, nothing was done, it went on the next day and the next day and the next day. They can't claim they are doing anything about any of these issues as it happens every single day on there without fail.

my refund

my 12 year old daughter had a profile i will sue this entire company if you do not refund my money and i deleted the account i need my money back on my card you took off 29.95 i been calling, calling, calling and no answer i emailed tagged over 5 times and i talked to your lying representative she told me she was gone refund my money and email me she never did so if no one gets in touch with me by friday i will be calling my lawyer to start my sueing process [protected] khana

  • Updated by kaykay45 · May 22, 2019

    i need my refund because tagged took off 29.95 off my credit card that i didnt agree to and you cant get in touch with anyone from this site company the number keep repeating the same thing over over over again i been calling and writing emails no one have responded back to me or anything so im just gonna sue them if i dont get a response by this friday may 24th 2019

  • Ba
    basefistrotten May 23, 2019

    You have no case. This is more of a case of bad parenting than anything. IT is your responsibility to monitor your daughter for her online activities. Do not blame them for your bad parenting and your daughter's lack of respect for you. Not to mention a lawyer is going to cost more than $29.95. Just have your daughter do odd jobs around the neighborhood and give you the money that she basically stole from you. Ground her from the internet. I bet she wrote this review. WIth all the spelling and grammar errors it must have been posted by a 12 year old.

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  • Ba
    basefistrotten May 23, 2019

    I told you on your other post that you cannot sue since your no good delinquent daughter charged your account.

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  • Ka
    kaykay45 May 23, 2019

    @basefistrotten Bitch first of all you fagot ass wanna be internet thug that got nothing better to do in life bitch just cause your mom died from your daddy rapping her and killed his self they should of killed your ass next to them you sad of a life you shouldnt even be living bitch im the best parent your mom and dad couldnt be for your no life having ass bitch get your life together and go hug the kids that never loved your sorry ass in the first place bitch go hang your self

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loss all my coins web site froze was told to download lost all contacts and coins 305,700 coins

Was on a live stream sunday, and was gifting I had purchase some more coins, did that, 305, 700 coins. Went to gift again but It wouldn't let me. Couldn't send message either. If I am to loose all those coins that I paid real money for through Google . Would like some kind of credit or refund. Than you e mail [protected] today please please

closed down my account

Tagged emailed me to say "please refrain from doing something" so I stopped doing it and without warning they just cancelled my entire account I had over 800, 000 diamonds which I needed to cash out it took me so long to get them and tagged just took them away in second I'm a single mother needing the money. My deleted tagged account email is [protected]

Please get back to me ASAP

someone stole my identity

I tried to keep on sending you report but the person who used my profile is still there. Please do remove this guy that used my photos and name. He has his number with me. +[protected] that is his number. He kept on sending threats. Please deactivate his profile. Please do deactivate his account because that is not me. I don't know why he did it. Kindly let me know what's reference would u need to deactivate that fake account

someone stole my identity

deactivation of my account

I deactivated my account and when I came back to reactivate it I was sent an email to change my password but when I try to change a new password to get my account back its saying failed.please kindly help me to get my account back because have been trying for 3 days now.if its impossible just delete it so I can open a new account using my email that I provided

  • Ne
    Nena Padilla May 14, 2019

    I am having the same exact issue. What can we do? I really do not want to have to start a whole new page.

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tagged account locked out / banned for no reason - no customer support help

I have been making attempt after attempt in the support section to find someone to help me with whatever is happening with my account, and you guys haven't even tried to help me. All you do is mark my request as "SOLVED" and nothing gets fixed. So I'm going to try emailing you to see if that makes a difference.

**Update** - Emailing got the same result...NOTHING.

I don't know what's happening, but my account seems to be shut out from any type of interaction with tagged. I can see the posts on the live feed, but I can't see any comments on the posts. All I see are a punch of empty posts. I try to comment on a post myself, and it just disappears as if I never typed anything. When I click on the "Me" option to see which posts I've made or I'm interacting with, the only ones that show up are the posts that I've made. Everything I do vanishes as if I don't even exists. I can't use the chat feature at all, because nothing shows up and the people I know tell me they don't get any of my messages on there. Absolutely nothing is working. It's like my account is banned or locked out or something and I don't know what's going on. And your support section sure as hell is't even trying to help me or even acknowledge that I even made a "request".

Why can I not get any help on this? At least contact me to let me know SOMEBODY is listening so this can be fixed?

Tagged.comfourth cancellation of my account in 2 months without cause!!!

A call for an INVESTIGATION into this online social networking site. This is probably the worst online Social Network Site I have ever encountered in terms of service and functional contact information, which leads me to suspect that they are a scam! My account has again been cancelled, for the FOURTH time by some unknown, unintelligent person at TAGGED who is either STALKING ME or is very MALICIOUS! This happens every Saturday and I keep loosing all my contacts and friends! Why?? There AREN'T any strange photos on my page, my photos are of nature and art. I have been a standard (free) member on since 19 December 2018. From then to now, 10 February 2019 my account has been cancelled 4 times, without reason, nor notification, nor explanation. There are many people with VIP memberships who do post photos that are not in keeping with the regulations, and they are allowed to continue! Trying to actually speak to a human at is IMPOSSIBLE, their email addresses DO NOT work - FALSE?! Very, very, very unhappy maliciously targeted user. A

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    MarvinBrewer Feb 18, 2019

    I never believed i would be able to own a home this early. So happy i found this hacker that fixed my credit so i could apply for a loan. My life hasn't felt so good in a very longtime. I texted him after i was given his number and he didn't hesitate to help me. So grateful for his help. This is our forever home. Also if you need his contact, here it is (+1 513-294-8713)

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cancellation of account without cause - zero notification - zero response

I've been a standard (free) member on since 19 december 2018. From then to now, 10 february 2019 my account has been cancelled 3 times, without reason, nor notification. I have not transgressed any rules, but there are many people on tagged vip membership who do, and their accounts are not cancelled!!!
And legal contact details!!!

This is probably the worst social media website I have ever encountered in terms of service and functional contact information, which leads me to suspect they are a scam!!!

Please investigate!!!

Very, very unhappy abused user. A