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Could've been much better, but also could've been worse. This company does respond, but not as often as you'd expect to.

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OLX / real estate

Oct 06, 2019

Hello Someone in olx night shift is cancelling my request several times during the last 2 days and many other times before saying that itis repeated. The truth it is not repeated at all. Which is waste of time & efforts to re-post several times. Alsoi dont have any contact number to call them...

OLX / paid advertising service

Aug 29, 2019

OLXAccount had credit deactivation After 1 day of charging my account with 155 egp = 10$ to make an advertisement, my account is deactivated!! The story began that there were 2 advertisements in my account first one which didn't show photos on it I tried to contact them so they can help me...

OLX / Fraud seller

Aug 19, 2019

OLXIn Olx there are many seller who post Scooty, bikes and car, Man to whom I spoke used Indian army name to make trust on buyer, this is not fair ... why Olx not verifies the seller details .. please do the strict action for Olx company .. I mentioned some fraud seller contact number of Olx...

OLX / someone cheating with people in the name of indian army

Aug 10, 2019

OLXDear team Some one is cheating with people after putting bullet selling offer on olx. So please help me to arrest this guy because he is using indian army name for cheating. Below is the new chat and earlier he putted another one and he cheat me 60000 rupees. So please help me to recover thi...

OLX / deposit money lost due to scam

Aug 01, 2019

This women Angelique has send me photos of the rooftop tent also advise me that her father past away and therefore selling the Eazi awn tent for 2500, due to other interest she demanded a deposit to secure the deal, she even phoned me and send me a whats app messages fro a cell number...

OLX / cpu

Jun 03, 2019

OLXI have a complaint on the item delivered CPU-Central Processing Unit two(2) days ago. It is Misleading Information says in her ads that "Swak sa Office Home, so I expected the CPU has Microsoft Office to be used, but nothing. (Attached Picture) Then the games she mentioned to her ad (ROS...

[Resolved] OLX / advertising package of 300 listing.

May 07, 2019

OLXSir/madam, I avijit chakraborty real estate dealer, garia, kolkata-153, last 30/04/2019, I purchased a 300 listing package, from mr. Argha ghosh (account manager). My cheque number is.000983, icici bank, garia branch, rs.10, 000/-. Order form no.8999, but yet I can't operate due to insufficient...

[Resolved] Olx Group / service

Apr 22, 2019

Olx GroupHelo... This is krish dash... I m going giving complain against an employee of olx group, bangalore... Name that employee is deepak panigrahy from odisha and he is team leader of olx group at bangalore area... He was going to misbehave with my sister while dealing... He was drunk...

OLX / online fraud

Jan 08, 2019

OLXI done a deal on olx regarding mi note 5 pro smartphone at price rs. 5700 on dated 06.01.2019... And also paid the amount via paytm rs. 5500 after the seller promised me to that he delivered the product on the same day dated 08.01.2019.. But later on I found that it was scam which done to...

[Resolved] OLX / job

Oct 04, 2018

OLXI found a job in your app.part time. They first say first pay registration fee. 1800 for three months and they give me a call for massage. I pay 1800/- registration fees. Then he said u buy massage kit 5000/-. I pay for kit 4000/-. He Said...I give a call for massage... I total paid 5800/-...

OLX / icloud unlock

Sep 24, 2018

OLXuser offer to unblock Apple iCloud/Apple ID for your iPhone at different prices with remote software. A part that this is ILLEGAL and should be not hosted by OLX, the scammer ask you to pre-pay half of the random amount he require for service and then start the procedure, thing that, of...

OLX / mobile phone

Sep 17, 2018

I had ordered a samsung s9+ phone on olx...They send me a wrong mobile...when I call back for their inconvenience they told me to send that mobile again after they receive mobile they send me a new mobile phone ...But they were not giving me any guarantee that they will return back my...

OLX / rent a car

Aug 18, 2018

I cannot get to rent a car as OLX will not open. I have registry over and over and it will not let me in. I see a rental and it does not open to talk . I put in my E mail: [protected] phone number [protected] and my password and it repeats the secession over and over. People are...

OLX / gets fridge seller name is deno

Aug 09, 2018

Had a day off work after negotiating price for delivery to Gayaza. Went to see the fridge and to pay and he says it is 900000 and not the price he advertised it at, which was 720000. Surely your company is too above board and genuin to accept fraudulent adverts like this. Please email me...

OLX / credit card issue

Jul 26, 2018

Hello, I am Certified Public Accountant who own my business in U.S. I am a customer of OLX. I think it's great platform who give great services. I used OLX services to advertise for selling my condo in in Egypt. I have issue with using my credit card to pay for the services. I tried several...

OLX / samsung note 8

Jul 25, 2018

OLXI bought Samsung Note 8 from a person in olx while, he said it is the original note 8 mobile and he agreed to give it for 10000 I got it two days before, . I came to know that it is the duplicate one and it is very different from the original one I want to return it I called him he is not...

OLX / I cannot see my ads from my back end

Jul 17, 2018

I have recently been checking my published ad but can only see one. When i check from the chats thread i can click on the ad from the chat then see it but not from my list of published ads. I trade as Damka properties . All attempts at calling your customer care number in Kenya goe...

OLX / Iphone 7

Jul 11, 2018

OLXGuy advertise a iphone 7 for 3900. I asked to swap 2 phones for the iphone. He say its fine gave location and we drive threw. The iphone was wipe and he gave wrong information. I phone apple and they told me phone is stolen.The guy press the phone dead in our ear and block us on whatsapp...

OLX / olx egypt bad service regarding the customer support

Jun 27, 2018

Dear Sir/Madam, i had problem with the payments regarding featuring the ads and boosting, i have been sent an email regarding the first complain i submitted in customer service egypt and the number of the ticket is 504818, unfortunately, i have been sent an email to solve this problem 5...

OLX / received a faulty washing machine

Jun 07, 2018

OLXI bought washing machine of samasung air turbo 6.2 Kg WA82V4G from Yasir (seller) on 7th May 2018. It was not at all in working condition. It was full of dirt. They did not even care to check properly before selling. when I put my dress and started the machine, my dress got all dirty. They...

OLX / your survey page dont work

May 29, 2018

And please explain why you show me cars in cape town ans durban while I am logged in at pretoria Centurion? This is why I deleted the app You are losing advertising and networking because you think I am going to fly to cape town to view a dodgy deal And why in the fook would you keep 3 month old adds? Blah blah blah...

OLX / seller of used macbook air

Apr 28, 2018

Hi. I'd like to file a complaint about the seller "Rizza Custodio" who was previously selling an 11.6" Macbook Air. She is a bogus seller as I did not receive the shipment after sending her a partial payment (we had agreements about it). Is it possible for OLX to contact her? I only have her...

OLX / router I bought from olx

Apr 24, 2018

OLXI bought 2nd hand router from Mukesh Singh on olx. Before buying he said it is working, I paid him 450 rs. And when I bought he i checked and it is not working at all. And he said he will provide me with its receipts, now he is not agreeing for that, please check that. Mukesh Singh contact no...

OLX / iphone 5s defective

Apr 15, 2018

OLXI bought preloved iphone 5s of yang bracamante last april 12, I get the phone 1pm. I checked the phone restart it and then it ok. On that night then it gets lowbat and I can't open it. I called the seller to informes that the phone isnt opening. She said ok if you have time bring it to me...

OLX / purchase of a ps4 console, controllers and games

Jan 26, 2018

OLXPaid for a PS 4 consul, two controllers and games into ABSA account as provided by seller on 12th of January 2017 - R5000.00. The seller promised to courier the same to the address proved by myself. To date nothing has been delivered and the seller not taking my calls. Phone number of...

[Resolved] OLX / mobile phone exchanged with wrong person

Jan 24, 2018

A person named Ombir Antil in Murthal, offered me to exchange his Leeco le 2 with me & exchanged His Leeco le2 with my Redmi Note 4 today(24 January 2018) around 1pm He didnt made any affidavit or note and took my phone away, while primarily giving his phone to me, for testing Later on in...

OLX / xbox 360 with kinect and 48 games

Nov 07, 2017

I sold my X Box, 48 games and 2 remotes with infinity to a guy on sunday on olx the 5 th of November. He paid R5000 into my account and send me proof of payment as well as his id. The money didnt show in my bankaccount because we are from different banks. He came and collected the goods on...

OLX / got frauded from olx user

Oct 11, 2017

Assalamualaikum Sir, I am Armaghan waqar from Jhang. 3 days back I was searching a camera on OLX. I viewed an ad that seems to be pretty good for me and fulfill my need. I contacted to the given number a man picked up. I asked his name and he told me Javed from arifwala. after taking...

OLX, Inc / huge disappointment

Sep 08, 2017

They went from great to a total crap. They used me be really good in what they did. The website was well-designed. But something went wrong. Probably they just changed someone in the management and the crap has begun. What a shame. All of the upgrades did no good. Don't want to deal with them...

OLX, Inc / olx egypt customer service is very bad

Aug 28, 2017

OLX, IncDears I already published an AD for cars spare parts then it got rejected because of several reasons . I followed the rules and fixed all the steps still keeps rejecting . So i went to customer service of olx egypt and descriped everything in a ticket then i received an email with the ticket...

OLX / vehicle

Jun 30, 2017

Hi. I am not a olx user, but I have been harassed all week with people wanting to buy my car on the olx add they saw. Isn't there any way you check that information on adds are truthful and correct to the seller??? I am not selling my car. I do not appreciate people calling non...

OLX, Inc / payment not received

May 01, 2017

Mr Mark Anthony Araneta has failed to make a partial refund as promised. He advertises DJI quadcopter products on OLX. On or about March 16th 2017 I ordered a DJI Ph as advertised on OLX but he offered a DJI Mavic with a partial refund. I accepted this offer. The refund of P5000 has never...

OLX, Inc / olx south africa

Apr 16, 2017

I've been a seller on OLX SA for quite some time. I have been running ads for quite a while. Yesterday I posted a new ad and to my dismay, this morning when I logged in with my Facebook account as I usually do, not even my profile is visible. I have contacted Help this morning and again...

[Resolved] OLX / second account

Jan 18, 2017

I had an account on OLX and I was using OLX for a very long time. Last week when I tried to log into my account I wasn't able to do that. They blocked my account with no reason. I contacted their support service and asked what was going on and they said that I had two accounts and that I...

OLX, Inc / account blocked

Nov 15, 2016

My account was blocked because they said I had another account on my name. I had to login by that email adress in the future. I have never heart from that email adress. It's not mine, it was never mine so how can I use an unknown emailadress to login. I want the acces back to my own...

OLX / fake add - high ended device

Oct 08, 2015

Please be aware from fake advertise on olx. A person name ashish ghosh post ad on olx of mobile samsung note 6. He claim himself as a dr. So please be aware from this people. He says "i'm from goa so please send money into my account.You can trust me because i'm dr. I'm giving my 60000r...

[Resolved] / my account was banned without notification

Sep 30, 2015

olx.phi am a daily user of for more than 6 years (my account was "ryn1ph" ) and never had any problem in my account.until olx took over the site and it bacame, im just trying to sell my items online but suddenly i was banned and i didnt know what happen.. i dont think i will...

[Resolved] OLX / sofa cheating

Sep 20, 2015

We saw the ad in olx chennai, that the seller ( devaraj ) is manufacturing and selling new sofas under the name ( thirumala furniture ), we ordered 3 sofas of rs.42, 000 worth, so in advance we gave rs.8000 in cash, but he didnt gave the bill, instead he gave a written statement... he...

[Resolved] OLX, Inc / someone has posted adv. with my name & number which is fake

Aug 18, 2015

Dear sir maam, Pls remove this below link adv. As it is not posted by me. Somebody has played prank and have given my name & number. Pls hlep me I m not well from last week and this calls for this adv harassing me alot I have received more than hundred calls. Please help. Thanks ...

OLX / unable to remove false advertisements on olx

Jun 30, 2015

Somebody posted a false advertisement in my friends name to take revenge on her. There is no way that she can remove the advertisement and the whole story is ruining her life. There is no possibility to contact OLX TO REMOVE IT!!! There is not an option to report false claims on their website. Please help !!!