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Dec 17, 2021

Nokia - Servicing and repair of damaged mobile and request failure regarding

My mobile Nokia 6.1Plus display is damaged. So I have raised a request in < > dated 3 NOV 2021. tracking order number: < [protected] > A person from...

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Nokia - Nokia g20

I bought this piece of junk via contract with eir, I pay €60 pm, from day 1 I have lost phone and internet signal on a regular basis, in general the signal is weak, my previous phone was a Samsung A50 which worked perfectly until I broke the screen.
This current garbage has created a problem with the running of my business as I have lost signal in the middle of conversation with my clients.
I have zero faith in this junk and as I believed that Nokia once created the finest phones around I feel that they have lost the plot, if this is typical of nokia G20 then they should withdraw the model immediately and offer a full refund and compensation for the unwanted stress that they have caused.

Desired outcome: Reimbursement

Nokia - Nokia 6, TA-1033 mobile phone

Sealed unit battery replacement. I have a Nokia 6, model number TA-1033. Every time I need to get a replacement battery it takes up to a week to get a new battery delivered, stock and delivery delays pending, and then almost every time there is an issue with the device afterwards. There are only two repairers in Hobart and I am not prepared to pay to post my device interstate. First time it was the re-sealing of the unit, and the battery type itself, now it is the home button and touch buttons either side.
My complaint is that the sealed unit design is flawed, because of the problems related to battery replacement. I am aware of the reasons for this surrounding the environmental proofing, but the problems far outweigh the benefits.

Desired outcome: better design for battery replacement

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Nokia - NOKIA 3.4 TA -1288DS

I have very bad experience about your company . I have purchased NOKIYA 3.4 mobile via DOC. NO. H20US-33407 DATED 02/03/2021.

Suddenly on 20/03/2021 It's voice lost / speaker stop working .

NOKIA service center Lucknow confirms that speaker will be replaced and it is not avalable here . It will take minimum 10 days .

Please confirm who will pay my losses for that period .how can manage my work without my phone for so long time.

Request you please replace this phone immediately to avoid my losses and yours problems also.

job sheet attached for your reference.

Nokia - Nokia 6.1 plus

I bought two Nokia 6.1 plus in Saudi Arabia both having charging issues. One I'm having with myself, bought charging pcb boards in local market and changing it every 3 months. Other one I sent it to my friend in India, it's also having same problem so I asked him to go to Nokia care nearby in pondicherry, as it is bought in Saudi Arabia and without international warranty he paid 1100 rupees to change the charging pcb board.
Within 10 days after changing the board got the same issue and its not charging again, so took it again to Nokia care in pondicherry, now they are asking 1100 rupees again to change the charging pcb board. As a Nokia user for the past 14 years I'm very disappointed by this manufacturing defect.

Nokia - Bad mobile phone

Re is my one and only experience with rick of Overall, I did not get what I paid for. All he had to do was to find the name and address of the employer of the wife of a guy who...

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Nokia - Product newly purchased

Good evening,

We have purchased new Nokia 2.3, however, we are unable to switch on mobile.

I have visited twice your shop but your shop is closed due to corona.

Please revert as soon as possible.

With best regards,
Umesh Shetty

Nokia - Nokia 3

On October 2017, I bought a Nokia 3 mobile, I have been a customer of Nokia mobiles since 1996. Orange the french operator which I am subscribing the communication services, had not this mobile in...

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Dec 03, 2019

Nokia - nokia 7.2

I am radmesh from india, i bought a new nokia 7.2 mobile.First of all i tell you that this mobile have no sharpness camera effect when enlarged the photos after taken .that is camera was very poor which i expect more from your reviews.It is 48mp camera i think this mobile was so thought was wrong when i realised now using this mobile.Early i used your nokia 6.1 plus mobile is better camera performance than nokia 7.2.Obviously i says that this nokia 7.2 mobile was so poor camera performance.So i request you to improve much better camera performance from your updations, i am waiting for that because i am so impressed your camera performance earlier..please do the best..i love nokia..thanking you

Nov 02, 2019

Nokia - re: request for repairing

Purchased this Nokia 4.2 android model on 18.08.2019 from Croma shop ghatkopar Mumbai. Unfortunately the mobile phone dropped and the display glass broken. i approached the service centre where i was told that repair cost will be approx.4000/- Rs. It will be highly appreciated if the company will repair my cell phone at a nominal charge. Since my phone is in warranty period.
Thanking you in anticipation.


Nokia - Nokia 3310 blank screen

Nokia - Defective Feature Phone pickup through courier- Case #HMDFH3741-

You have a pathetic customer service in Delhi. I have been contacting your customer care helpline since 2 months now and they are keep making false promises each time. Nokia seems to be a trusted brand but now no wonder why people are switching to other mobile brands. It's shocking that you guys don't have any quality standard or adharence to any turn around time.


Nokia - nokia 8.1

After update to Android 10 fingure lock not worked properly I am very tired now to unlock phone threw button face lock also invisible and other lock also not so well how many tme I open phone with button and that problem giving me more headache I purchased that phone Bec I trust Nokia but I am now very sad camera also warm if I open for long period what is this ?

Nokia - nokia 6 (ta-1021)

Worst experience. Very disappointing, why can't root this phone? An idiot was asking for money from a website called '''' to generate an unlock key. What is this Nokia are you trying to create a business here? Everyone says that this phone is unrootable, but why? It's my wish weather I want to root my phone and I don't care about my warranty.

I will never buy a Nokia phone again in my life.

Aug 14, 2019

Nokia - nokia 5.1 plus/service centre

Dear all;
Please let me know contact numbers and email of the Nokia India Upper level customer officials and grievance cell.
First I want to know the exact definition/meaning of "Liquid Problem" in Nokia 5.1 Plus. There was some problem in my Nokia phone display; some lines were appearing on it and nothing. So, I took it to the Neil Communication, an authorized service center located in sector 10, Noida. When I was waiting for my turn there, I seen that many people were having hot argument with the manager or something of that service center, because they were not happy with the solutions service center provided to them. Customers were arguing because service center was charging them some amount for some fake issues.
On my turn I went to the customer care executive, she was a girl, and I told her the whole issue and about the warranty. After knowing that this mobile phone is in warranty, she was just discussing about some liquid problem, I was amazed why this girl is just stressing on liquid problem. I already told her that my phone never came in touch of water and I never walked in rain by holding my phone in hands or keeping in my pocket. Then how is it possible to get liquid in it.
I was damn sure that there wouldn't be any liquid problem in my mobile phone. So, I just submitted it to service center and left for my home. After an hour I received the message that I have to pay 10812+GSt as the repairing cost of my mobile phone. I was really shocked after reading this, I just call back then to service center, and asked him about repairing cost, the guy told me that the problem is related to "Liquid Problem" and for repairing it will be charged. My phone is under warranty at the current moment.
At the last time (one week before), I have heard from many nokia users for the same Nokia Care service center that they are also facing the problem of "Liquidity" and they were also charged for repairing.
I want to know why Nokia Care are appointing unskilled/semi-skilled Service Engineer at the Care center, the Care center should be highly consumer/customer oriented, not for charging amount(the earning center)
Also I want to know where I have to lodge the complaint so that the necessary action should be imposed by the Nokia Upper level officials in this regards. Because Nokia Care Centre is sucking the blood of the customer in the form of money.

Aug 13, 2019

Nokia - nokia 5.1 plus

My phone has a charging's not charging n as a result it's totally switched off now.
I have took my phone to the nearest Nokia service centre. First they did not not give me any job sheet n said the part which is damaged is not available n it ll come soon. I kept on reminding them n they kept on delaying. But 15 days when I pressed them, they issued a job sheet and again asked me to it's been around a month n nothing is done. They are saying now tht since the new part is yet to come n in the meantime a same set with some software problem hv come n so now they ll remove the reqd part on the fon n place it in my fon...but I find it's highly I m requesting to kindly intervene...n do something so tht I can get my fon at the earliest without any ill practice



Nokia - I received a mail from [protected] stating i'm winner

This is how the mail looks like :

Dear nokia winner, kindly open the attached file below and simply fill in the required information,
Than email it back to us email: [protected]

People play smart games thinking that they can easily fool people. I request actions to be taken against this fraudsters who simply wants to send some stupid mails and easily loot people. may god sue their happiness throughout their life.

Nokia - nokia 6.1 plus service at authorised service point - vadodara, gujarat, india

I was experiencing some issues with touch. When the issue couldn't be solved by formatting, software updares etc, as suggested by Nokia online care, they asked me to take it to Nokia service point. On reaching there, they opened phone and told that touch needs to be changed and will be charged 10, 000 for the same. I showed them my bill and it was ii nder warrenty.
They were reluctant to rectify my issue ok n warranty and started to look for reasons.
Finally they told me that before opening the phone they could see some gap on the back side and it proves that the phone was opened somewhere else and so damaged. And now they a re e asking me to pay 10k.
I asked them to show me any gap or damage marks, but they failed.
If Nokia is reluctant to provide service during warranty period, why do they give a one year warranty. This is a complete violation of consumer rights, with Nokia having a final say.
Hope someone looks into the matter .

Aug 29, 2019

True I'm having the same problem.

Jul 26, 2019

Nokia - about nokia 7 plus phone

Dear, I purchased my mobile, Nokia 7 plus. vide invoice No7098038058 dated 30. 8 2018. .from M/S Digilife distribution & marketing services ltd. Delhi India. Total price I paid Rs 25999/-. The customer code is [protected]. I was facing lot of mobile charging problem for the last about two month ultimately it stopped./dead. I contacted to M/S Star communication, w/A- 118 firs floor, school block, mother dairy road Delhi, vikas Marg Delhi 110092 . The authorised customer care centre of Nokia . After due checking the validity Of Warranty, the mobile was received by them on 5 the July 2019. The job sheet Number is [protected]/190705/010. Although target date of delivery was given 23.7 2019.but I was told that delivery date is on very safe side but the mobile phone will be given back with in 10 to 15 day. My contact no I/c my email my noted down for feed back.
Now even after 21 days the mobile Status is not known. On my enquiry I was told only that it was sent to Banglore Nokia main centre & not received back. I was also given toll free no to enquire directly.i/e [protected]. I checked up but they also are not in position to tell me how much more time require by Nokia.
This is the fate after purchasing Nokia premium mobile of Rs 26000/-. I become completely handicap .It is really painful& shameful to see the performance of firstly mobile& now of company of International repute. there must be some follow up systemic company. May I request to look into my case. Thanks. V k jain . email .[protected] [protected].

Jul 14, 2019

Nokia - customer service; agent in jordan

If I was in country where they respect customer rules! I would have sued nokia in jordan but unfortunately here nobody cares! I have bought nokia 5.1 plus! For my bad luck the device came with...

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Nokia - customer service and problem solving efficiency

Hi, my phone nokia 8 sirocco failed after 3 months of use. I got the replacement phone really quickly. Now the replacement failed after nearly 2 months of use and i can't get any help. It's been over 2 weeks now since phone screen failed exactly same way as the original phone and even after many messages to nokia support i'm still waiting for answer. I'm stuck with my old backup phone and looks like none is going to help me. I'm still hoping to get some assistance with my problem, but my hope is fading away as i still haven't received any answer from nokia about my issue.

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