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Sprint Complaints & Reviews

Sprint / cell phone

Frustrated customer70 on Jul 4, 2017
I am really unhappy with the service that Sprint customer service gave. One of the phone lines on my account was eligible for an upgrade in April and in June we went into a Sprint store and got another phone. The line that was due for an upgrade was a I Phone SE that we got from an apple...

Sprint / being misinformed

Jenny Brooke on Jul 2, 2017
I signed up for a business account about 3 weeks ago when I went into the store I wanted the buy one get one iPhone 7 at that time they do not run my tax ID information but my credit came from my social security number which made a $300 deposit before I could get those phones but I wa...

Sprint / unauthorized bank account deduction and refusal to return money in a timely manner

Mrs. SS on Jun 23, 2017
On 6-19-2017 Sprint STOLE $266.16 from our Bank account for a payment that was already made on the 15th of June, 1 week earlier. My husband and I called and spoke to 3 different people and on the early morning of 6-19-17 to let them know they took money from our account UNAUTHORIZED at...

Sprint / customer service/uncounted for charged

Amy Ashworth on Jun 21, 2017
I have been a sprint customer for over 4 years. Unfortunately, it has been my loyalty to them to resign a 2 year contract twice. Well since year 2 the sign of contract number 2. I leased 3 phones. Understanding my charges understanding what my bill was going to be in Lehman's terms. Which...

Sprint / online access to account

Steven Tiger on Jun 18, 2017
I have a user-name... A password... A security question... And a 6-digit pin... And yet all that is apparently not enough. Every time I try to access my account, I get a message about "upgraded security" and the need to select a device so that a new code can be sent to me so that I can...

Sprint / billing/account

Desirei Edwards Johnson on Jun 17, 2017
My number is (916) 320-6034 Desirei Johnson. I had an unexplainable bill increase and I've been trying to catch up my bill every month ever since. I've tried to contact customer support and can never reach a live person. I've made payments every month just to keep my account in good...

Sprint / misleading information on final bill

Mary Sanders on Jun 15, 2017
My contract ended in March 2017 I changed carries after finding out I still had to buy my phone out $210 after paying for the phone for 2 years. i contacted sprint 3 times requesting a final bill to pay them off, however they told me my final bill would be mailed on June 8 2017. Well the...

Sprint / customer service

Ki'Asia Matlock on Jun 8, 2017
KiAsia Johnson (870) 293-9391 I called customer services at 5:12 on June 8, 2017 to simple ask how much would it cost to add an Apple Watch to my current plan. The waiting time was 13 mins. A lady picked up. I gave her my information. It was another 10 min wait... the second lady took my...

Sprint / lg 6 was offered a free tv and google home

PannieJ on Jun 6, 2017
My husband ordered a lg6 phone with the promotion of a free tv and google home, which we have not received and when he talked to a rep they said the guy who entered in the order didn't include the promo which is [censor]. Sprint you are a horrible company. Why advertise a promotional...

Sprint / business cell service

Rick Conn on Jun 4, 2017
Customer service and Sprint cell phone service is possibly the worst I have ever had and I have been with AT&T boost and Metro PCS there is never a time where my phone doesn't say LTE yet it does not work I dropped calls constantly I just bought a brand new LG G6 and this phone is the...

Sprint / to unlock iphone 7

Prasenjit Das on May 29, 2017
Date of incident-05/08/2017 Place - sprint prepaid store, 6919 eastern avenue, bell garden, ca 90201 Salesperson — mr. miguel c Device-iphone7 (imei-355829083257066) Sprint carrier phone number-323-439-5836 Description I am an indian passport holder. I was on a vacation in the usa along with...

Sprint / all service

Jessi16611 on May 18, 2017
I have been on the phone with sprint for 2 hours to get one simple thing done. I was transferred 12 times, given three wrong numbers and every person I talked to could not help me. This is the absolute worst service I have ever received. I have been with sprint 5 years. The representative...

Sprint / sprint ethics taxes and surcharges

Dinny on May 18, 2017
How can a entity (Sprint) charge sales tax and/or surcharges on a fee? Is there an Early Termination Fee(ETF) tax in the US? I called several times to be placed on hold for long periods and the only justifiable answer is ...your state implements these charges and we have no control. Fact...

Sprint / unethical behaviour

zafi asago on May 9, 2017
on January I was speaking to the representative from the sells department who offered me I-phone 6+ for $12 a month, and tablet for $10 a month for two years with contract, I agree to the contract, however the line cut off so I decide to go to the nearest location located on 2151 white...

Sprint / service provider

gfairleysmith on May 7, 2017
It's taking me 3-30 days to get my upgrade changed properly and the matter is still not resolved. I don't like the transfer off system without communication from one dept to next before releasing call. The notes to account under interaction ID# provided are shoddy, inaccurate and lack full...

Sprint / teléfono móvil

Sandra García on May 2, 2017
El 1/07/2015 saqué un teléfono con sprint, pagué 400.00 dólar con mi tarjeta y iba pagar 73.94 mensuales pagando teléfono y el servicio por 23 meses también pagué un año de seguro, pagué el teléfono y me quise salir de sprint me dijeron k para salirme tenía k pagar 341 dólar antes de mayo...

Sprint / service/ payment

Niktra on May 1, 2017
I was notified that I needed to pay my cellular service bill. The following day, I made 7 attempts to make this payment which I was then told because I made too many attempts that I would not be able to make the payment using my credit card until 24 hours later or use a different method of...

Sprint / wireless phone

mary joyce on Apr 28, 2017
Sprint's customer service is so bad and the teller is bery disrepectful. I was calling about my payment arrangement and how to fix my problem about my services and then the first person that I spoke with was being so mean because he can't open my account info because of the wrong pin code...

Sprint / robocall

Gregory329 on Apr 27, 2017
I received another robo call from (520) 869-4566 a Sprint customer. The robot is calling under the name "Consumer Services" and advertises low interest rate credit solutions. I am on the do not call list but I assume your customer - and probably your organization - don't care about...

Sprint / customer representative deactivated the wrong number

Reichenbach on Mar 27, 2017
HI My name is Melissa Seaburg, a loyal costumer of Sprint with a five line family plan. I went in this weekend right when the store opened to be pro-active and know stores can be busy. The representative called costumer service do have the live I wanted de-activated unfortunately, he...

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