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I Hop Complaints & Reviews

I Hop - California, Sacramento / rude host staff

Nov 13, 2017

Several times Daniel L, has been very rude to me as I tried to order food, mostly during the evening. I reported it to Renee on 11/9/2017, but she didn't seem to care & excused it several different ways during our conversation. I returned to the IHOP #1717, a few days afterwards & wad Rudely Refused Service by 2 female hostesses, Aptox. 8pm 11/12/2017. I wasn't there long enough to say much more than "can I get a menu" when the shorter waitress ignored me & left to gossip with the other, then come back to lobby area, & Refuse me out the reastuant. I left & return home, called the phone # on...

I Hop - California, Albany / poor customer service

Nov 4, 2017

Every time I call IHOP in Albany GA the lady answer the phone with a attitude the employees always talking and laughing goofing round that's poor customer service but I am going to call the head people Monday because those types of people shouldn't be working at no good restaurant and I really want something done about that I coke and sit and eat there well not anymore and I really hope You get those poor customer service people out of thier

I Hop - Florida, Tallahassee / ihop on apalachee parkway tallahassee fl

Oct 8, 2017

Just walked out of the I hop on Apalachee Parkway as did the table 2 away from us. After being seated we waited for 15 minutes and had to ask for someone to take out order. Waiting another 45 minutes for our food to come and the first 2 things to be brought out were wrong. One order was blueberry pancakes that were supposed to be blueberry but without the whipped topping and compote on top. The pancakes were plain without a blueberry in sight. The omelet that was brought out was totally wrong as well. This was totally ridiculous with no explanation ever given as to why it took so long to begin...

I Hop - Virginia, Hampton / manager

Jun 27, 2011

I work at the ihop off of mercury in hampton, va. The manager that is over the store is Steve Brown. He is a nasty man and he sexually harassed alot of the women in the store when he was the actually manager not the district. The enviroment is uncomfortable, everyone always feels like they never know when their going to get fired because when he is a bad mood it affects everyone because he takes it out on all the employees. The store is falling apart inside and outside.Everytime oar comes everything is our fought even though the employees can't do anything about the smell in the bus area...