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Huge disappointment is an understatement

We ordered Buffalo Wild Wings today 4/3/20. Huge disappointment is an understatement. One of the thing...

Buffalo Wild Wings

Naked Tenders

I have ordered the naked tenders multiple times and loved them. Recently I ordered them to go and when I got back to my house I opened the box to be extremely disappointed. The tenders were half the size of what they should be, tasted like a piece of rubber and had absolutely no flavor (typically I get the chipotle and they have great flavor). Super upsetting.

Naked Tenders

Buffalo Wild Wings

Wait times

I went to the battle creek location on a Thursday night. My order number was 10003 i had to wait an extremely long time to get my food and i wasn't the only one. They seemed understaffed and underprepared for the amount of orders that were coming in. I had to wait while two people cut in front of me and when i got my food the fries were cold and the wings were hard. I was very disappointed

I ordered a 30 piece wing order, an order of cheese curds, and one order of cheese fries.

I waited 25:38 minutes for the above to go order at 7:20pm . Order #10073 server Sade Zone:05 This was my...

Service, Menu, Rewards

PLEASE PLEASE Close down this facility so a better restaurant can open.
Don't get me wrong we love the wings but everytime we go we are always late getting back to work and we are only 5 minutes away. Plus you have changed the menu, changed the rewards, took away the free lunch if not at your table in 15 minutes. What next, charge to enter the restaurant!!
We have been saving the rewards only to find the lunch was REMOVED!
The only time we ever got our food in 15 minutes is when they put the
clock on the table and set it for 15 minutes.


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order was refused online and over the phone because the kitchen was backed up

tried to place an order but was refused because the kitchen was backed up..they didn't ask if I wanted to wait it out or anything..just told me they weren't taking any more orders.. I frequent this bww lot.. only because I like the food..however the customer service could DEFINITELY BE IMPROVED.. so instead of spending my money at your restaurant I freely gave it to another place that gladly took my order. I know things get backed up especially when there is a promotion but at least give the customer the option to wait..I would have waited..

  • Updated by angeliamarie50 · Mar 03, 2020

    poor customer service...refused to take my backed up.. spent money somewhere that gladly took my order..I will not be returning to this location no time is the food..service could be better..could be trained to handle situations better and talk to people better..if given the option I definitely would have waited...

Management service and food

Ordered bonesless wings, onion rings, fries. Took 45 minutes for us to get food and two people that order...


If you are all going to have a promotion for wings then have all the staff you need. Then don't make us wait an hour then have us sit down then tell us that it will be another 45min. The person who seated us should have told us that it was going to be 2 hours. The main thing that I didn't like is how if they would have told us it would have been a 2 hour wait instead of 30 min it would have made our choices easier on if we wanted to stay or not.

Wait time

After waiting for over an hour for a party of 7 to be seated, the server takes our order for drinks and then...

dining service

Tonight 2/22/2020 we decided to go get some wings at Buffalo Wild Wings in Spokane Valley, WA. This was our...

Shorted out free wings.

Three of us were dining at B-Dub's in Springfield as we do most Thursdays. We ordered 2 separate order...

Manager Angela Zapata

This manager was very rude. Very unprofessional with how she handled the situation. A group came in and waited for their food and Beers. The waitress Kay was having a hard time with our orders and looked very lost. She couldn't keep the orders correctly and was very out of it. The manager got upset because we were going to drink hot beers. I don't now about you but who likes hot beers She lies to our faces about being fresh and cold. When clearly we saw them on the side bar just sitting there getting hot. She didn't like that we requested having new beers poured. We told her we didn't have to take her ring rude and disrespectful. She said something and walked off. Next thing we know the cops are called and she's trying to have us out. We couldn't leave because Angela and Kay didn't have the tickets for us to pay for our stuff. It took almost 30 mins for them to figure out who had what and it was so ridiculous. I know she had attitude from another in our group but she had no right to be this way. Being a manager of the establishment she needs to learn how to control her words and attitude and over all demeanor in this situation she was very very unprofessional. Being military I've seen more professional behavior out of a lower grade individual. We had kids with us asking us way the cops were there. My own kid asked why the manger was yelling at an adult. I've never been to Y'all establishment Before and the manager was talking like that. Especially in front of 6 young kids.

blazin rewards glitch / terrible customer service from a manager

Hello. I visited the buffalo wild wings store located at 6341 airport blvd on feb 2, 2020 around 6 pm. Even...

bar service

I am a loyal customer. I came in today 2-5-20 4:15 pm.. No one at the bar but me. After sitting for about 10...


Horrible food!! Horrible Service!! Way over priced!! Will never go here again!! My kids wanted to go here so...

Buffalo Wild Wings


VERY UNIMPRESSED. I visited this location on January 31 of 2020 at 10 PM to pick up an online order I placed...

chicken wings

I ordered extra wet chicken wings for the first time from the Anderson Beechmont Ohio location and when I got home the wings were dry and the there was no sauce o them. I was surprised since I asked in my on-line order extra sauce. I was very disappointed in the product and the wing were dry and tough. My daughter only tried one and I tried to eat a couple but had to add sauce from home to soften them up no luck they are tough. I wasted $20 bucks on wings that I has to add my own sauce to at home. Money wasted, I would like BW3 to make up for their mistake and try again and make me 20 wings buffalo sauce extra wet again. Please respond second post. the picture shows no sauce in the bucket and dried up wings. Joeann Ralston 7150 Dunn Road Cincinnati, Ohio 45130 email [protected] cell [protected]

chicken wings

Buffalo Wild Wings

service/wait time for food

This evening (1/24/2020) myself, my husband and one other friend went to this location to eat. We do thi...


I ordered a blue burger and fries on 01/23/2020. The burger was inedible, falling apart with strings all in...

customer service and food.

Placed a call in order 1-14-20 for a SINGLE Cheese Burger with Onion Rings and a DOUBLE burger with NO CHEESE...