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IHOP - manager karen ellyson unethical behavior

I will give you 3 accounts of Karen Ellyson's behavior, that is real, and I have experience within this month. I have recently been informed that she may have Slandered me, and may be Guilty of Libel in my name, I have done nothing but try to help here in any way that I could in the month that I have worked for this company. If any Libel in my name has been conveyed to co-workers' or to Steve, or upper management, I will take legal action.

I have been a member of the IHOP employee pool for about a month now, and have been communicated that I would be an server, with training to become an Crew Chief/ trainer, which I understand, completely. There are many Issues' with this store, that I had found the first day, that I was to come in before Karen (8 am) to which I found that upon arrival there was no Hot water in the store, the heater had stopped working, So in the role of morning manager(Crew Chief), which I was promised 13.25$ an hour I was making 8.25$-I believe in the beginning. She was having car Issue's which I understand. I was calling every plumber/water heater manufacturer to fix this issue. finally, after I had made the decision to close the doors at 12 pm Until further notice. Karen had a handyman come out, and try to fix it, and he and I were both perplexed by this water heater issue. I finally called one of the guys, from the heater manufacturer (Roger, I believe) and he told me about the aluminum cap at the bottom and I opened that for 3 seconds and the the water poured out, (there was a clog in the drain pipe), and the heater started right up. I opened the doors promptly and helped clean the floor to aid in facilitating quick service turnaround. I'm not going to be screwed around by Karen or anyone else, there is a guy named Steve She keeps referencing(I don't even know if he's real or Imagined), But I haven't met him yet, or probably will, because I have resigned my position as of Friday 29th Black Friday. First I will tell you about the night of Thanksgiving, we were scheduled 4 servers and 2 cooks(one experienced cook and one new cook) Tyler another cook was supposed to be there but had changed schedule without prior permission with the younger new cook. So Tyler never showed up for his shift, and the older more experienced cook, Jeremy, left at 9pm because he had worked all day and had worked 4 hours, which he said he was limited to, in the middle of an Rush. So production basically stopped because Johann is not strong enough as a cook yet to be alone on the production line. I, and my servers tried several times' to contact Karen Ellyson, which she never answered even texts to her phone, but the servers' told me that she had seen the texts and her phone rang, so she just wasn't answering, again i was doing Management position tasks and not being compensated for this work. We closed the store at 11 pm because of the incapacity to keep service to a reasonable level. We serviced the remaining customers and did our best to keep reputation damage to an minimum, and apologized to the remaining customers, which some were not very happy. We locked the store at 12:40 pm, and left the disaster for the morning shift, I felt as if we had been betrayed by the manager, for her not addressing the cook shift change and avoiding our calls for help, Karen, and so I left her the mess we were left.

Friday the 29th I came in for my shift at around 3:37 and spoke to Susan, and Brook, whom I was to relieve and take over the afternoon Serving shift, Karen wasn't available at the time, I spoke to Damien, one of the cooks, and told him I may not work there anymore after last night. I had been told by an server that she was offered the same deal that I got when I signed on, and that she was also Lied to about positions' of Crew Chief and decided that this was not an Opportunity I wished to continue to be thrown under the bus for, and walked out, resigned.

I found out that Karen Ellyson told everyone that I came in on the 29th and yelled at her that I never got my position and complained about my position as a server drunk and disorderly on the 29th of Nov. I know It was all recorded on the video surveillance and can be proven that NONE of these things she is saying never occurred, and that she had to have a story to Tell to Steve in upper management. This is Unacceptable, and will not go untended, Karen Ellyson has Slandered my name and possibly committed Libel offense to my name in texts or emails to Steve. I will not stand Idly by while she is doing this in my name.

If this situation is not resolved IHOP or it's members will be contact by my lawyer.

contact # [protected]
email [protected]

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I thought this was an Internal site for complaints to IHOP corporate, and I need this resolved, there are names' in this that are of people that shouldn't be in this public affidavit, PLEASE remove this from your boards

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Ms. Ma'am
Bellmead, US
Oct 31, 2020 4:25 pm EDT
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The IHOP in Bellmead, TX is not a place I would recommend. A friend and I ate there on 10/29/30 and it took at least 12 minutes to be acknowledged. Common sense is to at least acknowledge the customer to say, I'll be with you shortly or something of that nature rather than say nothing. The customer service and food quality confirmed that was my third and final time visiting this specific location. It has been disappointment after disappointment. To the Management of IHOP, please find out and correct whatever happened when IHOP moved from the Baylor location to the Bellmead location. It is not the same and needs an overhaul to bring this IHOP back up to standards. Thank you.

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