Wimpy International Complaints & Reviews

Wimpy International / the treatment from ulundi wimpy staff

Feb 21, 2019

My sister and I went into the restaurant for waffles and ice cream, we shared it and connected to the restaurants wifi. As soon as we were done eating the waitress serving us came to our table with the bill, stood by the table as if to say we must hurry pay and get going. She had no name...

Wimpy International / bad service

Oct 17, 2018

06/10/2018 09:00 Wimpy Malibongwe Drive-Thru Order #151 I ordered x2 Streaky B-fast and x1 Best of Both. Instead i received x3 Streaky B-fast. i have to drive more than 2km's to get to that outlet and that is petrol wasted. i even asked the lady at the window "Please make sure its correct"...

Wimpy International / toast / cups offer

Oct 08, 2018

Good afternoon, Was at the stoneridge branch edenvale yesterday morning. Ordered the promo x 2 of the breakfast with mugs. Toast arrived all ok on the one side and buttered it. Both my wife and i. When took a mouthful it did not feel right and turned it over. Both our slices was only...

Wimpy / bad service

Oct 07, 2018

Good Morning my name is thobile and I would like to share the bad experience I received at westgate on monday, we came in and ordered the breakfast special from some guy Robert and he asked how we'd like our egg and I adviced semi side up ok, he did as per request but honestly our plate...

Wimpy International / poor service and the dirty toilets

Oct 01, 2018

On the 01.09.2018 I came to wimpy just to have a cold savvana dry the service I recieved was very poor...the waiter took his time and to have another drink it would take another 30 minutes...the palace is so hot but the Aircon are switched have to screen the mname of the waiter...

Wimpy International / smoking in the public eating area

Sep 26, 2018

I am having breakfast with my parents and three small children at the Wimpy in Rustenburg Platinum Square branch. According to my understanding, it is illegal to smoke in public areas, especially in restaurants (unless it is a closed off smoking section). While waiting for our breakfast...

Wimpy / poor service; breakfast...35 min late and wrong order

Sep 20, 2018

On 20/09/2108 I went to Wimpy (Bayside Tableview) at 20 :31.I order a coffee and a full Dagwood (R99-00).I order white bread and no lettuce After 38 min of waiting the waitor arrived with a dagwood with brown bread and lettuce.I call the manager and informed her that I am very shock with...

Wimpy Canal Walk / service at wimpy canal walk

Sep 19, 2018

My friends and I were at the restaurant at Canal Walk and we received horrible service. My friend and I first sat down and we said we were going to wait for two of our other friends and when they came we received absolutely no attention. When we complained we were responded to in such an...

Wimpy International / kids ribs meal

Sep 19, 2018

The ribs was as tough as anything. Both my boys were unable to eat it, I tried to cut the meat off the bones and could understand why the boys could not eat it. The small piece I managed to cut of and give to my boy, he chewed and chewed and chewed, but nothing. When the manager came to...

Wimpy International / food/ services

Sep 07, 2018

So I went to wimpy in N1 City Mall today. When I sat down the table we were at was still dirty. I called over the waitress to clean it. I then ordered the hash stack meal with mango juice. The juice tasted like there was dust in it. The manager then told me that the guacamole that's on my...

Wimpy International / terrible product and service

Sep 03, 2018

Good day yesterday i was at Wimpy Chatsworth Centre, coffee was weak, like it had been reused, tomato was not grilled, mushrooms overdone Furthermore to that the way the manager and the probably owner oldish man acted towards the black waitress was appauling yelling and screaming at her. How do...

Wimpy International / coffee price

Aug 31, 2018

Hi my family and I always go to Wimpy and love the food, coffee and service at both Menlyn Mall and Woodlands Mall. However yesterday I went to have a cup of coffee and see it is now R 30.00. I really think this is very pricey and wont be ordering coffee anymore from Wimpy :-( There are a...

Wimpy International / waffle coffee

Aug 27, 2018

On the 27/08/18 we were at wimpy langeberg mall mosselbay for coffee and waffle. The 2 americanos so strong we struggled to get it down. The childrens waffle for my son was old and chewy obviously baked the day before or long ago. Very disappointed. The waiter never checked if everything...

Wimpy International / old buns used for burgers

Aug 07, 2018

Hi I went to Wimpy in Vaal Mall Vanderbijlpark 2018/08/04, we ordered burgers. The buns used to make the burgers were old and broke easily due to not being fresh. We called the manager and told her. She said that the buns arrived that morning, you could tell that it was not true, because...

Wimpy International / bad service at wimpy-greytown restaurant

Aug 04, 2018

On the evening of the 31st of July my friends and I went to the Wimpy Restaurant in Greytown to celebrate my friends birthday. They choose Wimpy because it is our favorite restaurant and Greytown is a very small rural town so we do not have a wide range to choose from. When we arrived the...

Wimpy International / loud music

Jul 26, 2018

Yesterday morning (25/07/2018) at around 10:15, my wife and I visited the Wimpy in the Grove, Pretoria, for breakfast. While ordering, the music playing from speakers mounted in the ceiling, was so loud that I had to keep repeating our order to the waiter. I asked him to turn the volume...

Wimpy International / service

Jul 17, 2018

On the 11 July I went to Wimpy at Vaal mall In Vanderbijlpark. The waitress asked me why I did not eat my kitchen and then I told her that it is cold and I not well cooked . I started eating my son's burger because he was full. She decided to report the chicken to the manager . Thi...

Wimpy International / equipment not working for four months

Jul 16, 2018

We are regular Wimpy cudtomers in either Waterfall Mall Rustenburg and Platinum square Rustenburg. For the last 4 months we can never order any freezos for the crusher machine never works. Forcing us to drink something else we do not want. Or they can not make any smoothies. Our complaint i...

Wimpy International / product/service wimpy mayville mall

Jul 02, 2018

I went to the wimpy yesterday morning 1/07/18 I ordered two orange juices and a milkshake and 3 burgers, when I receive the juice it was warm and had a funny taste like it gone bad I clled the waiter to bring me another cold drink because the juice is off she just told me shes sorry I...

Wimpy International / paid twice for meal

Jun 28, 2018

Hi I was at Wimpy yesterday from about 10:40 to 12:30 Myself and my colleague had 2 by specials R59 each and coffee and hot chocolate. The bill was +-R177, the waitress tried twice to take payment from my card see slips below both times the card machine was showing no internet...

Wimpy / unethical behaviour and rubber sausages

Jun 25, 2018

I ordered Big Bacon Brekkie and Tea and only to get 4 mini sausages that tasted like rubber and i asked the waiter to call the Manager, which she did but the Manager passed our Table and went to a next table, ignored us, my Colleague left for her flight, after we finished eating as we were...

Wimpy / big grill

Jun 22, 2018

I purchased a big Grill take away on the 22cnd of June 2018 at Tahero service station 528 corlett drive Witpoortjie . Kindly be advised the chicken did not look grilled instead it was just boiled n then they added bbq sauce on top . I returned the meal to the restaurant n asked them to redo...

Wimpy International / hashbrown brekkie

Jun 19, 2018

I was at Table bay mall wimpy this morning. You are falsely advertising as your picture looks nothing like the real thing. Very disappointing!! I will not reccomend it to anyone. And the waitron explained that they are told to make it 50 grams...well then stop advertising it that way. It...

Wimpy International / unethical behaviour

Jun 17, 2018

Whilst visiting one of your restaurants at south end on sea (marine parade) on Saturday the 16/6/18 at about 16:30 pm, my family and i were unfortunate enough to witness behaviour that endangered themselves, staff and the general public ( A breach of the works and safety Act 1974). Who i...

Wimpy Ermelo (017 819 4888) / food

Jun 14, 2018

14/06/2018 We ordered food at wimpy ermelo today per telephone for take away. After placing our order the lady that answered the phone said they don't have the beef burger special anymore (burger and milkshake for r49.90), she said they only have chicken burgers (r60.00 according to her), after...

Wimpy International / service by wimpy standerton

May 29, 2018

Me and my husband went with my grandson to wimpy on 27mei we order koffie and breakfast my grandchild whas up and down the waiter brough our food to the table she can se we want to eat she wont take the child by us there are 4 ladys standing by the door and chat no one will help us let u...

Wimpy International / service at wimpy (sammy marks)

May 29, 2018

My sister and I decided to visit one of your franchise yesterday (28 May 2018) in Pretoria located at Sammy Marks to enjoy one of your promos which is a burger with a milkshake. A lady buy the name of Precious assisted us. My problems were as follows: 1. She was very slow in bringing the...

Wimpy International / wimpy cape gate kraaifontein

May 25, 2018

Wimpy hed office really need to look into this store, there is a big problem with the management, please wimpy this store is going down . Me and my family was looking for a place to have lunch at 24/05/2018 time 15:00 the waiter name Jean place wimpy Cape gate Kraaifontein, if there is a...

Wimpy International / service

May 20, 2018

I wen to wimpy jabulani where I was told that is I don't buy anything I should not use the store electricity and seat for computers. Thandeka was the one that told me to leave the store and I later phoned james the manager that told me that that is wimpy rules that you have to buy to seat...

Wimpy International / coffee

May 11, 2018

On my way to Cape Town I bought a Mega coffee at Grape Valley Service Station in De Doorns Wimpie . (Take away) Waiter was Marisa Messais...Table reference 7429..Receipt No 002379 time was 12:22 I was already a few miles away before i started drinking and was very disappointed. The coffee did...

Wimpy International / terrible services experienced

May 01, 2018

Today at 15: 45pm my sisters and I decided to go and have milkshakes at the Wimpy situated at Trade Route Mall .We seated ourselves at a table and waited 15 mins and realised we were not being served by any of the staff even though they passed us several times.I then requested for someone...

Wimpy, Cape Town Airport / service was from both the waitrons and manager

Apr 20, 2018

Yesterday morning (19 April 2018), I was treated like I'm invisible, disrespect and undermined. By Chantel (waiter) and Amiena (manager). I ended up only having just a drink and left due to their treatment... When I came into the restaurant I was not even greeted back, I received a cold...

Wimpy International / bad food

Apr 19, 2018

Good day For a few years now I have not been to the Wimpy in Knysna due to very bad service. On 18 April I had time to spare and thought that I should give the Wimpy a try again, as I am sure they have improved. But only, they have not and this time I thought not to keep quite and actually...

Wimpy / mold on two different burgers

Apr 17, 2018

Good day, Myself and a colleague visited you Wimpy branch in Centurion today .We both ordered your special.Burger chips and a milkshake. When we received our food both our burger buns had mould on them.I took a photo of my one and attached. How do you expect us to support Wimpy if thi...

Wimpy / hashburger

Apr 09, 2018

I took my children this afternoon to enjoy a wimpy burger but halfway through I realized the chicken was raw. Ons I started taking it apart the chicken where raw and disgusting. I brought it under the managers attention. I also informed her that if any of my children or me would get sick...

Wimpy Highveld Mall Witbank / cheeseburger combos and double cheeseburger

Apr 02, 2018

Started out by poor service, followed by poor food when we got home. Burger patties falling appart which was very salty and the texture of a hash brown which is very very poor quality control!! My kids dont even want to eat the burgers. They will not see me again!!! Pathetic service and...

Wimpy / boggoff monday breakfast

Apr 02, 2018

Last week I went to wimpy circus triangle mall in mtata to buy boggoff breakfast only to find out that I have to wait for an hour for them to borrow stock on other branches. Today which is 2018/03/02 I went there again with kids and family since its a holiday again they said there's no...

Wimpy / cheeseburger combos

Mar 30, 2018

On Friday 30 March 2018 I bought two cheese burger combos and a kiddies meal at Wimpy Bethal for take away. At first glance I noticed that the burgers looked different than usual I thougb that they have changed it, the burgers were made from regular sesame seed buns that I assu Me wa...

Wimpy / waited more than an hour

Mar 29, 2018

We arrived 10:20 and ordered milkskakes and two plates of kiddies chips. 11:25 we were served with 2 plates of chips. Due to some sort of problem with the ice cream machine the milkshake couldnt be prepared. This is not the first trip we experience an issue with "The Ice Cream Machine ". I...

Wimpy / product

Mar 22, 2018

We bought a cappucino and a latte this morning at kranskop one stop wimpy. Or I must rather say we paid for those items. We waited for more than 20 minutes and other people who came after us received their orders before we did. When our order came it was NOT what we had ordered. Neither...