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Great Value Complaints & Reviews

Great Value / herb and garlic cream cheese

Aug 13, 2018

Purchased a container of Herb and Garlic cream cheese product expiry date showed Sept 19 2018. Last week on opening the container found tit had some fungus at the edges. Had used it earlier was fine. But form the last week it getting more fungus inspite of being the fridge always. Stopped using it now and shall preserve the container for your proof if necessary. Kindly look into this A S A P Bar code 28915 56149 ( 340gms.) Purchased from Wall Mart Mississauga South Common Mall. Vicky

Great Value / great value bar old cheese. 200g

Dec 11, 2017

I hope u will contact the right dept. for this complaint (if this is not the right dept) Last week I purchased a bar of Great Value old cheese, 200 g. When I opened it, the smell and taste was off, so I threw it away. It just had a funny sweetish odor and tasted like a glob of paste. I thought it was maybe outdated. Yesterday I bought the same bar at Walmarts and unfortunately it was the same and it was not expired. This cheese is by far the worse and does not even taste like cheese. It's like a rubber plastic, but smells. I of course threw it out again, but thought I would write this company about it. Perhaps they would check into it.. respectfully Lois.. [email protected]

Great Value - Florida, Tampa / Chips

Apr 24, 2017

I purchased a package of 20 variety chips. Every chip bag out of the pack only has about 5 to 10 chips in it. It also has a bunch of nasty packed together so called flavor. It is terrible. I wish I had not wasted my money. I will never purchase another great value item, I feel as though I am just wasting my money. I thought that great value meant you would get your moneys worth but instead it just takes your money. I would like to be compensated for this inconveince. Thanks for nothing. Sandra Harris [email protected]

Great Value - Oklahoma, Woodward / Ultra thin salty pretzel sticks

Mar 20, 2017

These pretzel sticks used to be fantastic. They are super thin which I love and a year ago they had plenty of salt on them. Slowly over the last year, they have practitically no salt at all! They are such a disappointment. Most pretzels have only 1 grain of salt and many have none at all. No one wants to eat a saltless pretzel. NO ONE! If you would put 15 grains of salt on each ultra thin pretzel stick, My family would biy about 5 sacks a week!

Great Value - Texas, Dallas / Unsanitary

Jan 11, 2013

Great Value ice cream... specifically the Mocha Ice cream... I was eating and ended up with a semi long piece of blonde hair in my mouth That was still half buried in the carton!! It was absolutely disgusting! I couldn't help but throw up! Do the workers not have to wear hair nets? The company just doesn't seem to think sanitation is necessary. This isn't the only Great Value food product I've had this happen with, it is just the first I've reported. Someone needs to inspect the factories and shut the place down for health code violations! Great Value - Unsatisfactory Product.

Great Value - Oklahoma, Woodward / bathroom supplies

Oct 4, 2012

i always buy great value paper towels and tissue paper . i went to wal mart and bought my things got home opened the tissue paper to find it is not what i usualy get it was thin and not soft and if i had not opended it i would take it back and never buy it again this is awful toilet paper you have lost a very good customer ill buy charmin or something else i have paid 8.00 for this junk and im gonna have to use it till next mo. i live on a fixed income and cant afford to buy again till next mo. im very upset. oooo im so mad about this stuff ill post it on face book and every where i can to let people know not to buy this crap