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Cruise Complaints & Reviews

Cruise - California, Santa Clarita / The company denied boarding without refund

May 21, 2013

On March 5th 2013, I booked a 7-day cruise trip to Alaska from May 12 to May 19 2013 (departure at Pier 91, Seattle WA) for three passengers, my girlfriend, her mom, and I. After booking the cruise trip, we received the booking confirmation and travel information via email saying that “Non-US or Canadian citizens may require the temporary visa.” (My girlfriend and her mom are not US or Canadian citizens.) Since this is the first cruise trip we had, we didn’t know how to properly prepare for the trip. So on March 7, 2013, we called the Princess customer service line: 800-774-6237...

Cruise / what was supposed to be a three hour tour turned into a nightmare.


I went on a three hour tour with my friend Mary Anne, a professor, a skipper and a millionaire. The tour was fine at first, but then there was this big storm that blew us off course. We ended up stranded on an Island for several years before we were rescued. There we made our own hut and learned how to survive for 25 years before we were rescued. To our surprise the world changed. I considered writing you a letter but my friend told me about something called "email" where you can send a reply directly by email and not pay postage, which is good since the price of the stamp and everything else went up in the 25 years we were stranded. I don't think that I will take your boat tour again.