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Burger King — Complaints & Reviews

rude employee and not having food in stock for weeks, main door blocked door blocked with

I frequent this Burger King very often. 3 weeks ago I sued a coupon to get breakfast. I was informed they had...

rude employee

This employee is very rude every time I visit the store. She doesn't listen when taking my order which...

customer service

I went through the drive thru today at my lunch break and I ordered! Got to the window and the lady I believe...

product and service

I just want to inform you that Just now I visit bk at vadodra in orbit mall and this my first and wrorst...

original chicken sandwich

We visited the Burger King in Ontario Or. on December 14. We ordered two of the Original Chicken Sandwiche...

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burger king saluda. sc

I have been a BK fan all my life, but tonight, 12/13/18, is the last time I will ever set foot in a BK store. Tonight, after not having eaten all day, I stopped at the BK in Saluda, SC. I placed my order for a whopper meal with heavy ketchup and onions at 5:26 pm. There was one customer waiting to get his meal. After I ordered three more people placed orders. My order was #52, the first meal out was #55, the next meat out was #53 and #54. After waiting for twenty minutes, my order was handed to me. I sat down at a table to open the most pathetic burger I have ever laid my eyes on. Not only did it not have extra ketchup or onions, it did not have any onions at all. I took the meal back and asked the young lady why I had waited for twenty minutes to get what I was showing her. After I asked, she turned away from me without saying anything and started doing something else. I asked her if I could speak with the manager, who was standing right there. I told the manager the above including the young lady turning without saying anything. I showed her my receipt and asked her if she saw any onions on the burger I had. Her reply to me was, the guy fixing the burgers is new and I will talk with the young lady.

I am not a complainer, and I know BK will not miss my business. In fact I know that I will be the loser again, because I love the whopper sandwich. However, I wanted you to know, that I teach classes all over the state of SC, One of the classes that I teach is a customer service class. This experience will now be the example that I use as my worst customer service experience. I do not know what has happened to BK. I know when I talked with my sister about this incident, she relayed to me several things that she has heard from her friends about BK in the last couple of weeks. It is a shame that your company has fallen to this.

employee totally order something different from what we wanted

Store#4mebkg11, Order #329, #394049, was the cashier, Dec 9, 18, my husband and I were returning home after a...

hiring procedure no communication

went to my interview at 3:30PM last week GM didn't show after I walk a half hour in the cold to get there...

1cent whopper campaign

Dec 9 2018 Portsmouth VA 23703 High Street/Western Branch franchise. i appreciate BK as a eating...

bbq burger

I went to Burger King Zhubei, Taiwan, branch, today for lunch. They had no beef meals. I could only order...


We ordered our food and immediately started eating and our nuggets were cold, the fries were very undercooked and also had an awful flavor. It wasn't just one nugget that was cold, it was all of them and we even got two different orders. When we took them back we were treated disrespectfully and they acted like it was an inconvenience to them. I don't appreciate this at all


First let me say I LOVE Burger King but unfortunately the only one in my city, Danville Kentucky, i...

poisoned / tainted food / dirty restaurant and staff

My wife and I went for lunch on Wed. 12/5/18 as we usually do at the Burger King at 10th st. & Mulvane in...

unauthorised upgrade

Client number 7551. Host: Natalie On 2nd December 2018 my family attended the Drive through at Burger King...

I did not receive what my phone app offered.

On my app was an offer to get Whopper for a penny by going within 600' of McDonalds and then unlocking the lock on the app that would get you a Whopper for a penny. I did this. The lock unlocked and said I had an hour to get to a Burger King to claim my Whopper. I traveled three miles to a Burger King, stood in line for ten minutes and then was told they were not doing that promotion because it was not a corporate store. It was a stand alone store, not in a gas station etc. so it looked like a corporate store to me. The manager could not tell me where a corporate store was. She said she and everyone there was new. She said she wished Corporate had been more clear about how to get the Whopper for a penny, that it was only at certain Corporate stores. Since the offer appeared in my phone app I did not think it was a scam. I think I should at least get a Whopper for a penny for my effort, maybe two or three for my time and gas. :). I was disappointed and so was my wife to whom I was going to give the Whopper while she was at work.

  • Updated by James Humann · Dec 05, 2018

    I have no updates since I just registered my complaint.

improper treatment

On 12/4/2018 I went to the drive through at burger king (1723 division, Spokane WA) I had tried to place my order. The employee over the speaker kept asking me to repeat the order. So I said it a little so she could hear me. She then yelled and and told me to not be so snappy. I then pulled up to window asked to talk to manager. After several minutes the young manager came to window. He told me that I didn't need to yell at his worker. I was totally calm and tried to explain that I was not yelling or trying to be rude. I was just trying to make it so the worker could here my order because the worker kept asking me to repeat the order. ...
There is no reason for me to be disrespected the way I was. Not to mention absolute embarrassment! I did not deserve to be treated the way I was! It was totally uncalled for. I spend a lot of money there and for them to treat me the way they did is wrong!

I ordered cinnamon minis and a whopper with cheese

I ordered cinnamon Minis and there was no icing on there now on the commercial that have icing they're small dry and hard taste like they've been sitting there all day and cold with no icing then the Whopper with cheese had no cheese was poorly constructed and messy I eat at Burger King 3 4 times a week in this was a very bad experience and I didn't feel like going to drive back up there to have it corrected because I went by there on my way home from work got home to have me a nice dinner and they completely messed my order up and then my favorite Minis had no icing what is wrong with that Burger King and is always dirty in there


Every time I go to the meachem location in roselle IL (bk13092) that manager lady (cashier 1103743) is a...


I'm at the burgerking on Phoenix Avenue, Fort Smith, Ar 72903. I order 5 orders of chicken nuggets. I then...

orders always wrong, and not open on time in the mornings.

the burger king in nicholasville ky. is not always open on time in the morning. the last two times i went to...