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AliExpress Complaints & Reviews

Aliexpress / Lundunshijia store

Sumalee Nemo on Jan 21, 2019

I have order the summer waist dress women pineapple I receive it very fast but when I open I saw the dress is no zipper lock and I contact to the seller they ask me to sent the photo and I sent it but they sent me a dress photo from website and ask me "why you can't wearing this are you fat...

Aliexpress / Your Order No. 95544612471733

Abdul Ahad81 on Jan 21, 2019

The order number never got delivered to my location. No sign of money refund I don't know how Ali Baba is operating with such a loser attitude. I have got scared of this and I won't recommend this website to other people. I wont my refund to the order number that I made. Kindly process the...

Aliexpress / product not received and no refund

NoMoreAliExpressForMe on Jan 19, 2019

Bought a product via Aliexpress from the seller "Holiday Sale" Postal services in my country of residence made mistakes and never gave me a change to pick up the product. They apologized and mentioned that it wa...

Ali Express / all products online

Danielle on Jan 19, 2019

"never ever" buy anything through ali express. When and if you ever get the item and it is defective, "and it will be" you will never get a refund or any help from them. This is a case of fraud from a communist country that you cannot even email to get any response. Do not be...

Aliexpress / shoes

sharks19 on Jan 18, 2019

Ordered shoes and made payment nov 13th//order shipped nov 17th//purchase protection ends dec 22nd//tried to extend protection but could not dec 19th//applied for refund dec 22nd//seller agreed to refund on dec 23rd //it has been 4 weeks and still no refund not good. this is order...

Aliexpress / hey duggee happy stuffed plush toy re: 507714705382447

Kristan keeble on Jan 18, 2019

E-packet purchase : I purchased this order on the 3rd or January 2019 as well as another order from the same seller, which was order number 507637928152447 on the 07th of January 2019 Both orders have been in transit and have been saying the exact same update since I placed the order...

Aliexpress / one netbook one mix pocket 7 inch mini laptop

jeny reodan on Jan 18, 2019

I have bought "One Netbook One Mix Pocket 7 Inch Mini Laptop" from this link: You can find...

Aliexpress / sandals

Ela Acar on Jan 18, 2019

I have ordered and paid three pieces of sandals from LN store on 18 December 2018. Tracking shows that it's been delivered already but to the wrong address and wrong recipient. Details of order also shows wrong. I have also spoken with the wrong recipient and he confirmed that he ordered...

Aliexpress / payment deducted twice

Be©ky on Jan 17, 2019

I have ordered many things from AliExpress in the past and today i ordered heels from AliExpress. Payment was unsuccessful and there was a retry button. I pressed the retry button and it was successful. But my cash was deducted twice from my card. I asked the seller if it was possible to...

Aliexpress / the product is malfunctioning after less than 3 months.

Si on Jan 17, 2019

I bought Ali express watch (order number : 94569069282120, Order date: Sep. 13 2018) The watch is now misfunction. I can;t load it with the button. so now its useless. To repair it, cost more than I bought it. Is there any thing You can help me(replace it or buy another with lower price...

Aliexpress / stema official store - hair

Nikee08 on Jan 16, 2019

I but a product from this seller and they contacted me directly on my cell phone to confirm that my item was shipped. Once I received the package, I contacted them directly on my phone and told them that I wanted to exchange the product. I proceeded to open a dispute as well. The vendor...

Aliexpress / jewelry tools polishing micro strong

BogdanP on Jan 15, 2019

Good evening, I have paid for this product on aliexpress and I didnt get my product. I have discussed with the seller many times and they said that they solve. I also contacted aliexpress complain department but nothing happened. Now everybody is telling me that it is too late. Why it i...

Aliexpress / ulefone t1 5.5" fhd mobile phone android 7.0 helio p25 octa core 6gb ram 128gb rom fingerprint 4g global version smartphone

Akshar Aich on Jan 13, 2019

A purchased a Ulefone branded smartphone for use in Bangladesh. But the phone is faulty because there is network issues. I have raised a dispute with the brand through aliexpress who has now closed the dispute in an unfair manner without providing any solution whatsoever. I feel that I...

Aliexpress / jacket - ordered on 30.11.2018.

Irena Vasilic on Jan 13, 2019

I would like to complain about not having delivered the jacket. I was tracking the order, they say it arrived in France 10 days ago and status is delivered, but nobody contacted me, there is no packet in the post box and I went to the Post office to check, they say that they still didn't...

Aliexpress / guitar accessories

Husnainnakvi on Jan 11, 2019

I have ordered some guitar accessories on 1st september, 2018 but my products have not been delivered yet. I have completed the payment for such a long time and i have also received the shipment numbers (UN119912510CN, UN123152112CN, LP00109548676576, UN110281728CN, UN112556147CN). I trust...

Aliexpress / order 96054033244488

fm_96 on Jan 10, 2019

I placed this order on November 8th 2018. After one month of waiting I opened a dispute but was told to wait for another month. After 60 days I still didn't receive my order so I asked for a full refund. The so called customer service keeps stalling my case. I think they still hope that I...

Aliexpress / order no.: 97105560369055

Jan Payne on Jan 10, 2019

I am profoundly disappointed by the deception on your side. You sold me something that I had not wanted. I had ordered the silver keyboard and instead got a white one. I have not received a compensation proposed by me at least 10 USD. I consider it a fraud wherefore my trust in Aliexpresse...

Aliexpress / I won't buy any higher-end products from aliexpress ever

Amit B. on Jan 10, 2019

I bought a charger that turned out to be defective; it didn't charge all the way up to 100%. It stopped at a certain level. Even more unusual and suspicious is that, while charging, the screen moved back and forth and even opened my apps! (What the...? Is my information being stolen???) When I...

Aliexpress / panel lights

Maite Linett on Jan 8, 2019

I purchased panel lights from the below store, after a few days I asked why they haven't shipped it, they said I must cancel the Oder and and lie and say I made a mistake if I want a refund. I realized that within 6 hours it will cancel by itself (customer protection, if the seller doe...

Aliexpress / aliexpress dispute team wrong decision and where is my 107 usd?

Mehmet Karakaş on Jan 7, 2019

My tablet order (with 95308636033863 order number) was returned to the Seller by Turkish Customs, but AliExpress don't give my 107 USD back! I have gone to the Customs almost every week. But, the Customs never gave it to me since it is a "forbidden to import" product because of it's SIM...