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AliExpress - swimming costume never received

I purchased a swimming costume on 28 Feb. 28 2019. The order was paid for and confirmed. However, while awaiting delivery and tracking the parcel, I received the following tracking notification:

2019.07.24 21:54 (GMT-7): Shipment undeliverable; returning to sender
2019.06.21 11:08 (GMT-7): Delivery failed

I contacted the supplier to ask what this meant, and he assured me that it would still arrive. The order was finalised, and to this day i have not received my parcel. I tried to reach out to the supplier again., but my message went unanswered.

I would like a refund Please.. Details of the order are as follows:

Order ID: [protected]
Tracking information: Singapore Post LB052706195SG

AliExpress - I paid for eu warehouse and send it from china

I bought a action camera the price was about 28 euros to send from China..But there was an option to send from EU warehouse from Spain so i paid extra total cost 34.77 euros.
The seller send the camera from China instead...I had to pay customs around 23 euros extra for that.
I ask for a refund but they say no.
The seller dont give straight answers.

Oct 29, 2019

Order ID: [protected]

Order time: 23:48 Sep. 17 2019

AliExpress - universal silicone watchband 18mm 20mm 22mm 24mm for samsung galaxy watch 42mm 46mm quick release replace bracelet band strap [transaction screenshot]

I placed an order for this product on 10th August 2019 and I haven't received the order still ( today is 29th October 2019).
On 16th October i opened a dispute requesting a refund. The seller says that my refund has been initiated but the money needs to be transferred by ali express. On the ali express site it is said that a refund is made in 3-20 business days and it has already been 16 days. Ali Express provides with no platform to enquire about the same. My money is stuck and I did not receive the product either. Its almost three month.

Oct 28, 2019

AliExpress - shoes

I returned the item they deny to send my money back.

I brought shoes from seller Eilyken Store on the 19.09.2019
Order number: [protected]
The shoes were extremely loose on the ankle area and feet toes area so didn't really grab the feet tight enough to walk comfortable, which is very dangerous on such high heels (15cm)
I deceived to return them since I never really wear them and they had the option of "free return"
I kindly asked them how is the process done and they just send me a China address and open dispute.
I did, packed the shoes but when i asked in the post office it was more of 50€ to return them!
I thought it was free shipping and they didn't want to give me any further info.
I finally after some days I find out how to get the label of free return to a storage place in Germany they have listed and I did.
Tracking number

It was confirmed received and sign on 17.10.2019

I only was able to return them "offline" because meanwhile I was waiting seller return info I missed the time of the dispute.
The seller deny to return my money until today just saying they will do I need to wait patiently everyday just to use time to their favor like they did before that I miss the dispute time.
I've been buying on AliExpress for years I'm a diamond member and is first time in years that something like this happens to me.

Oct 28, 2019

AliExpress - incorrect item received - order id: [protected] - store no: shop4476060

I ordered a hoody with a zipper in size XXXL.

When the order arrived and i collected it, it was not with a zipper and even the size was wrong. I opened a dispute which was declined by the seller saying that the correct item was delivered.

Even after showing the seller the pictures he/she still refused to refund the item. Discussed options with the seller to refund but nothing to date. Even appealed the dispute outcome but nothing

AliExpress - [protected]

Few days back i have ordered a lock my order number was [protected]
Order has not been delivered to me as ali express says that it is wrong price mentioned so my order was cancled but you have charged my credit card and no refund has been given to me uptill now,
My lock was from yoheen global store i have msged them as well but they are saying ali express will give me refund
There is a clear case of fraud and cheating that you have committed with us and no refund has been given since long time so kindly please into the matter and provide me my refund thanks

Oct 28, 2019

AliExpress - Aliexpress (maxine hair store), stole my money...

I would like to save you a big loss, never buy from Ali Express from a shop called ‘ Maxine Hair Store', they will not give you your refund if the hair is not shipped. Aliexpress and seller marked my goods as successful delivered, my order ID [protected] when i had not received my goods and they had failed to reach their own shipping company Aramex, later the seller pathetically told me i should go to the website to mark that i had received the hair and put 5* for product and service, when i had raised a dispute and want my money. How unfaithful, how unlawful, how disrespectful to think Chinese stores can consider the African Continent as having stupid buyers to try and treat customers as such. I am still fighting for my money... please be careful they will steal from you too...


AliExpress - order number: [protected] 12v/24v lcd monitor switch+remote control accessories for car track diesel air heater

I filed a complain about the transport damage of the LCD screen and requested for a replacement properly packed that can arrive without screen damage.
Ali express wrongly acted by a 0.01 Euro compensation payment where I was asking for a replacement.
The Kroak Winda store refuses this and I only recieved 0.01 Euro as compensation, so I lost 10.82 Euro and have a damaged LCD screen that can not be read.

Can you please either compensate in full the amount of 10.83 Euro or have a new replacement sent.

Thanks for the help.


AliExpress - I have paid for the items but they end up charging me and closing the status of the product which never gets shipped to me due to some technical issue

I ordered Nicole diary and born pretty nail polishes and they ended up charging me but closing the status of the product. After charging me for the product they end up saying some technical error. If you don't want to give me the product at least return my money! This is the most unprofessional attitude from aliexpress. My cousin had used this site for years and she asked me to sign up for it since they were giving deals and discounts and I did. I used my cousin's card to pay for the bill and every single time she'll get charged but the product status will be closed and no product will be shipped. I never thought aliexpress will loot me like this.


AliExpress - order number [protected], tracking lo101759492cn

Tracking number:
Why the status of the order is "order complete"? Nothing received
It is not normal the shipment is in transit since 5 sept 2019.
The package is still in china
The seller is just running away from his responsability to deliver by extending the delivery time
I ordered an item I need on august, and I have now delivery protection till december?
I opened a dispute, but because the seller extended del time, it was rejected by aliexpress till december.
Need help

AliExpress - never received my order [protected]

on 11/8/19 i have ordered 100% cotton dutch wax 2019 African dutch real dutch wax veritable dutch wax for dress XY4S7.for £22.19

2019 Latest 100% Cotton African Fabric dutch Wax Style Rea Wax Dutch dutch Wax For Party Dress 6 yard/lot MX006 £22.19

Color: 20
(yang jian)
I have been trying to track my order, at one time, it was showing that the pack was attempted to be delivered on 14/8/19, then on 02/9/19, it was showed that it has been delivered which is not trough until this time there is no correspondence to where to complaints or to get my refund.
I am very disappointed with this company as the first time I purchase something on this website
It was recommended to me by my friend, but my worry is that there is nowhere to contact or email the company to enquiry your order.
I will be so much great full if my ordered can reach to me or to get my money back.
It has been also shown that it is in my local post office, order Id [protected] There is no note left for me to explain or direct me to which post office, but one it was showing that it was delivered which I never seen or signed for.
Jeanette uwineza
147Trelawney Estate
Paragon Road

Oct 26, 2019

AliExpress - aliexpress stores are assigning tracking numbers to orders and pretending to ship products that they don't actually have

Fitness Park Store: Order #[protected] $102.07
and Pacific Ocean Outdoor Store: Order #[protected] $95.26
Both of these sellers have taken payment for items that they didn't actually have in stock. They assigned a Tracking number to the orders and pretended to ship them. Your system thinks that the packages have shipped out. The seller tries to convince me to select a different item that is in stock.Now, I can't get my $197.33 refunded until the expected delivery days window has expired. Only then can I open a dispute and request a full refund. This causes my money to be tied up, waiting for a long period of time. I can't purchase from a good seller that actually has the product in stock because my money is being held in limbo. How Frustrating. Lisa Pryhitko

Oct 26, 2019

AliExpress - I am complaining about aliexpress clothing online

Good evening it is been more than 4 months since I made 3 orders from AliExpress online and never received them . I went to my vacation when I came back still not received them, I sent them an e-mail to ask them what's going on or did to my packages
First they sent me to the post office with a wrong tracking number secondly after sending to the post office with a wrong tracking number they told me to wait for a couple days I will receive them in 4 days I waited for 7 days nothing came thirdly they gave me a wrong link for customer service that's not even work . Every time I texting them they kept on giving me wrong and fraud information that's not a first time they doing that to me . Finally the tracking (packages) are expired I can't even open them to see if I can reopen another dispute for them they still don't to give my money back or resend me another one my packages are almost 200$ .

AliExpress - camera that I didn't receive and camera that I returned and still didn't get refund

Hi I will like to complain about the horrible service and a scammer that I encountered in AliExpress
I ordered a camera in June 2019 and didn't receive the camera I tried talking to the seller and the seller "Nancy Ye" promised to refund me because even in the tracking it said that the camera wasn't shipped
RP632084618CN This is the tracking number you can see the dispute is already closed because the seller always said they will refund me and kept wasting time telling me they will refund me in another week and that went in about more than a month
Secondly I returned a camera and the seller received the camera but also didn't refund me again wasting time even though customer services told the seller to refund me and the reason for not giving my money back is because the seller doesn't want to pay PayPal fees (that should not concern me since the seller had wasted time and hadn't refunded me on time )
[protected] - this order number the camera was returned

[protected]- this order number is the camera I didn't receive at all
This looks like a scammer and I want my money back

Oct 25, 2019

AliExpress - product not shipped - seller did not take commitment to follow the agreement

Store : 2183003 (RC Toy Store)
order : [protected]

I have placed a order (please see above number) and the seller returned back to me saying that they cannot ship the order and I should cancel the order for any other reason but not to mention that seller cannot ship it. I have cancelled the order mentioning that the seller cannot ship the order, was not sure if other reasons i could get my money back. After a few days, the status of the order, suddenly changed to shipped i was thinking that i will get my order, but the seller got back to me, asking to confirm the order received and open a dispute for any other reason and assured me that they will refund the order and I should not be worried. I was naive enough this time to have done as asked, opened a dispute of wrong color which was refused the refund by AliExpress. the seller said that they have a insurance for this and they will not process the refund.
The amount i have payed is 244.20 USD, shipping included.

I hope there is still a chance to get my money back.

Still, the most I really hope that AliExpress Customer service will take all the actions to fine the store which basically is operating a fraud business. If I don't get my money back, would like at least to make all possible that other persons will not be deceived.

Appreciate much your understaning. Please find attached evidence.

just in case, my email: [protected]

Update by TeoMD
Nov 02, 2019

The seller advices that they cannot ship the order because it is too big and they cannot cancel with reason that they cannot ship because of penalty. But they could take the money, I never received any product but never received the refund also. That is really too bad, I never had such issues with Amazon. Never expected that on allyexpress can operate such fraud businesses, very disappointed.

Oct 25, 2019

AliExpress - bad product and bad communication /service.

Beesclover2pcs/set auto deur anti-collision warning light led auto deur anti-collision waarschuwingslampje 3led geen bedrading flash lamp r30. Ordered two warning led lights. Appeared to be bad quality. Stopped working even after replacing batteries. Complaint was not seriously /profesional handled. Even very childish. See attachment. I don't think this company deserves to sell via ali.

Oct 25, 2019

AliExpress - stenya jewelry store not shipping order, leaving conversation on read, and closing down original page

Not necessarily against AliExpress specifically, but they really need to have more buyer protection and allow customers to take action against scam sellers. Not to mention actually filtering through their sellers. STENYA JEWELRY, for one, is a scammer whose high ratings still surprise me to this day. Not only did they NOT ship my order after 5 months, they leave my messages on read and refuse to reply to them, AND they even tore down the selling page that was selling the item I bought. I'm thoroughly disgusted with them and would like action to be taken against them.

AliExpress - canvas art

We place order with Xiamen Beautiful Art Painting on 20/10 included the DHL to London UK. On 23/10 they said despatch to DHL and order shows DHL number. Then 24/10 she said DHL ask for EORI number. I am buying 2 pieces for home use and don't have a company or business in London. She said then have to change to EMS as there is no such EORI number. I asked for the refund as DHL is quoted at USD28 whereas EMS should only be USD16. She should give me 12. But she said $5. I said I will complain then she said ok return USD10. I still very unhappy that she do this way of business to make money from air freight and caused delay in shipment! Today she said she transfer art to EMS but up till now I not got any proof of sending like airway bill number. how do I know if it's sent? Also to give me USD10 is also a Low number! It should be 12-15USD right? I am very unhappy with this seller. Now I don't even know if the art is really sent via EMS?
Uk tel: [protected]

Oct 24, 2019

AliExpress - transparent glass frame

I ordered a transparent glass frame on 04/10/2019 from NerZhul trend store and I did not receive my parcel but somehow tracking information shows" successfully delivered". I contacted the seller and I checked with a local post office and they could not find my parcel as well. I was denied for refund as well. This is not professional behaviour. The seller is responsible for this confusion as the tracking cycle is saying something else and at the same time, I did not get my order. I also applied for dispute and they also rejected my query. This is really annoying that nobody wanted to take responsibility for parcel and also charged for shipping.

Oct 23, 2019

AliExpress - I purchased hyacinth bulb but they send me rain lily bulb

Dear concern,
Please be inform that i purchased Hyacinth but the seller send me very small bulb. Then i claimed and received $35.24.

I failed to send the bulb back because of our postal or DHL or UPS do not accept goods like bulb to China.

On that position, i accepted just partial refund. BUT THE FACT IS THE SELLER SEND ME RAIN LILY INSTEAD OF HYACINT. Which is violation of contact wuth me as well as with AliExpres.

In that point, i contant with them for refund my remining money without harrasement. The Rain lily what ge send, i can buy here by total of $1.00.

So, please considering the chit behaviour of your seller, violationsof contact, i request you for take necessary action for refund my money asap.

Thank you

Masum Roby.

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