A&e Services (Sears)Dishonest Company & Technicians


These people are SCAMMERS!!!

We caught this dishonest company and their technicians right in the act today. We called in for service and two A&E (Sears) Technicians were sent over to check out our KitchenAid Model #KUDI01FLWH dishwasher that wasn't heating up to dry the dishes.

First thing they did was to test the heating element with a ohm meter and they stated that it tested out good "supposedly per them and their equipment".

Then they went on to state that our issue was with the amount of dishwashing detergent we were using and that we shouldn't be filling the canister all the way full before closing it as that's using too much too much detergent causing too much suds.

Then they went on to the water temperature. They filled the dishwasher with a small amount of water and tested the water temperature with their tester. According to their measurement they showed us it tested only 80 degrees which it what they stated was all of our problem with the dishwasher not drying. The technicians stated that the dishwasher needed to have water temperature of at least 120 degrees in order to produce enough steam to dry the dishes, and that the dishes would also have water spots and not get as clean as they should if the water coming into it wasn't hot enough. We stated that the temperature had to be hotter than 80 degrees because the water heater is turned up to 120 degrees or higher and the water right in the kitchen sink and showers and tubs are HOT. We asks the technicians to test the water temperature in the sink right next to the dishwasher because it was extremely hot and they tested it but again their meter only should it at less than 60 degrees.

Well, here's the SCAM folks . . . we pulled out a few of out meat thermometers from the kitchen cabinets and placed them in the sink right in front of the A&E technicians and guess what? that water temperature tested at 118 degrees and rising!!! Eventually it went above 120 degrees!!! Those A&E technicians didn't know what to say!!! their eyes got huge and there mouths started stuttering and all we heard was "well maybe we have a faulty test meter". We said, "here - we have three more thermometers . . . you want to test the temperature with another thermometer? After that we politely asked them to pick up the faulty (scam equipment) and exit out premises.

Needless to say, for your own sake, DO NOT TRUST what you are told by any A&E (Sears) repair people . . . unless you want to be SCAMMED.

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