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ABSA Bank review: ABSA vs NDC Debt Counsellors

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I have been under debt review with the NDC since June 2018. I have been paying what I owe very well and according to the calculations, I was supposed to be removed from debt counseling in May of 2023.

In May, I was informed that one of ABSA account I thought is long paid up resurfaced and I owe ABSA around R4000. I tried to understand how and why, but I couldn't understand. I ended paying the amount. I was hoping that it is going to be the end of my misery. How wrong was I?

I was again told to pay another R79 and then my letter will be sent. Without understanding what was going on, I paid the money, but the misery continued.

After this, I was told that ABSA couldn't send paid up letter, because apparently I paid ABSA extra money and they need to refund it before they could send the letter. I couldn't understand and I requested my Debt counsellor to request the letter and take the money.

Again the letter is still nowhere to be found. Now since the bank was the one owing me, I was asked to send my banking details for a refund and the the letter will be processed. I did just that, but still no letter.

Now I'm tired. I hope ABSA will have a way out for me on this. I didn't want to involve the Ombudsman on this, but I feel like NDC is pushing me towards that direction.

Please help me understand what the hold up is all about


Net[censored]ungulu Fulufhelo.

Desired outcome: Please write a paid up letter and send it to me so that I can directly send it to NDC.

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