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6:45 am EDT

ABSA Bank Natis archive request no reply

We requested an archive NATIS document from ABSA for a vehicle which was fully paid for a long time ago, we have never received the new NATIS form from ABSA since then reflecting the now rightful title holder and ABSA have kept the vehicle as title holder till presently...

Now it is taking forever and then some to get ABSA to do the change over - it is not only impossible to sell the vehicle with ABSA as the title holder but also illegal for ABSA to hold the title of the vehicle as the owner should be the title holder after the HP was honored. The frustration is unbelievably cruel as there is the new adage of "plausible deniability", there is NO SPECIFIC ONE you can turn to, all one can do is wait for some angel to actually do the work and send the new NATIS - a finger on a keyboard basically.


Sent: 2022/06/15 4:26 PM

To: [protected]; [protected]

Subject: Fwd: FW: form

Dear Nontozimbi Nonkonyana,

Re: C-[protected] Re: FW: C-[protected] FW: Archive Natis Request Form for CY 207994 ref:_00D1r1GluM._5005q5xwb7

Ref: C-[protected]

(CC Ronel Smit [protected]

The email below refers:

Attached please find the Archive Native Request Form as completed by request.

I have just spoken with Candice (NATIS request ABSA) call ref # [protected] who informed me that if the Archive AVAF Account Number is so old that it is not showing on your systems any longer (as is the case with this vehicle) that it is fine to send the request form in as is with all the relevant information needed according to Candice as filled in on the attached form.

Please could you expedite this matter as soon as possible.

From: Avaf services ([protected] [mailto:[protected]]

Sent: 18 June 2022 08:45 AM

To: [protected]

Subject: RE: FW: C-[protected] FW: Archive Natis Request Form for CY 207994 [ ref:_00D1r1GluM._5005q6HgKw:ref ]

Dear Valued Customer

Thank you for your email as well as your patience.

Please be advised that your documentation has been requested with the below reference number and will be delivered within the next 5-7 working days.

Reference: CZ2206/03020

If you require any further assistance, please do not hesitate to email us on [protected]

Kind regards

Sibonelo Makhoba

Consultant: Email Services

Absa Contact Centre

Desired outcome: Please take 5 minutes and send the updated NATIS form - it is the right thing to do.

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7:11 am EDT

ABSA Bank Banking

We (Sedgefield Island Village Homeowners Assocation) have a bank account with ABSA which has been placed on restrictive access due to FICA? We are unable to pay our creditors as it has blocked our Business Banking online.

Our Relationship Manager tells us that it is Head Office that makes the decisions and we do not seem to get any solution to our problem.

We do not know why we have been placed on restricted access, nor can the bank explain it to us. Please can someone senior in ABSA help us out as our creditors are screaming!

John Sheath, Chairman


Desired outcome: Open account t full access

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10:55 am EDT
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ABSA Bank "scam"

Hi could on of your agents please contact me Urgently on [protected] or [protected],,,, I sold a television on friday 24-06-2022 and the money is still not reflecting on my accountl... I am with standard Bank, I have the proof of payment and the buyers id copy. He is not answering his phone and cannot get in touch with him.


Prime Electricall cc

his name is Sibuso and his contact number is [protected]

item sold to him, a 55 inch Aim Smart TV.

Very Urgent Please


Martha Thompson

Desired outcome: I would like an urgent responce please.

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8:13 am EDT

ABSA Bank OTP and notify me messages

Hello there... I'm having a problem buying online because I'm not getting an OTP message. Yesterday I tried face verification on the App thinking that it might help but still nothing. It's been a week since I've received a notify message when I purchase something. Please help... I thank you in advance

Desired outcome: If I could get a solution to the problem on how to go about it

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8:43 am EDT
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

ABSA Bank SWIFT bank transfer TRO6003782322

his swift transfer was done over 3 weeks ago and the money has not yet arrived in my account in the UK. I have repeatedly asked for assistance and I am not getting any. Please could someone look into this and find where my 20 000 rand transfer is sitting.

I have another complaints I have requested that the fraud department contact me in the UK as I cannot phone from my phone here as there has been a fraudulent payment made on the 5th of June for R2399.00 POS Purchase international [protected]. No one has contacted me back. I want this transaction cancelled and the money put back into my account please.

My account details:

Isabel Maria Mateus Gouveia

Acc No: [protected]

My telephone number here in the UK is +[protected]

I have had this account with ABSA for over 30 years and I have never experienced such bad cuatomer service.

Please can someone help as soon as possible as we are now talking 24 000.00 deficit in my account.

Desired outcome: I want the Swift payment to be made into my UK account immediatelyAnd want the fraudulent payment that went through on the 5th to be reversed and put back into my account.

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6:40 am EDT
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

ABSA Bank Opened account after fica

26 May for the first time I phoned the banker Zodwa on her cell [protected] - no reply. I phoned the Witbank Mall branch several times just no reply or the phone will be put down.

I eventually got hold of this private bankers manager who told me the private banker will come back to me urgently. Never got any thing from her or the private bank since then.

To phone Absa is a nightmare. It takes hours to get through so someone and then they just end the call. or just no reply at the extension. The account is still not opened and I am unable to pay the salaries.

The Manager told me that our account was sent to Witbank from MIddelburg Mpumalanga on the resignation of Nomsa who attended to our account formerly.

Absa's service is pathetic.

KINDLY CONFIRM the period taken after the fica is received?

Desired outcome: Please I's appreciate an urgent response

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12:54 am EDT

ABSA Bank Credit card/itc

My name is Desigie Rampersad, I'm very disappointed with absa credit card. cause they can't seem to solve my problem, my problem is for the past 3 months my name is showing on my credit report that I am 4 months in arrears with my credit card, I have contacted credit card department, they have checked n told me there is nothing in arrears, an gave me numbers to contact which I tried calling no answer, also an email address which I can send I also emailed no reply, this is seriously affecting me an my credit score as I apply anything it says I'm in arrears wit absa credit card, when I contact them they say no arrears, even if I was an paid the arrears I mean from March we now gona be in June it should be cleared it's so ridiculous,

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6:47 am EDT
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

ABSA Bank assistance with bond and other accounts and application

keeps giving me run around as well as a bunch of incorrect information being given no true and factual information going to agent to agent with all different stories and no assistance or correct feedback being given when i call they cut my call or say i must speak to a different department as well they always providing email address that does not work as well as branches don't even know correct procedure or they give you same incorrect information that call center tells you even up till now i never even received contact regarding my claim i submitted regarding my house

Desired outcome: solution way forward as well as honesty and transparency with no lies and correct information

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2:13 am EDT
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ABSA Bank Complaint

To whom it may concern,

On the 10th of april 2022, the radebe family approached me to assist with the burial of their mother, and as they were busy processing their claims with absa life policy number [protected], they were told that their mom's policy had no beneficiary and her only daughter will need do the letter of authority to claim on this policy, I proceeded with the funeral arrangements using my relationship and I got help from my suppliers by getting tents, casket, bus, programmes, flowers etc promising them that they will get their money the following week tuesday since well it was the long weekend. The family has submitted all required documents to absa and to date, no money has been paid out, it's stories after stories. I have accompanied the family on several occasions to absa vaal mall branch with no success. It's a nightmare to say the least and I feel it is not fair to the families that are always paying their policies in time and when they are gone they have to go through this misery and pain. All my suppliers are on my case for payments and the relationship is broken as this has dragged longer than expected. For full 4 weeks we have been visiting the vaal mall branch doing one thing over and over again, and on saturday, absa vaal mall's branch manager liezl mcgeer (with no name tag on) gave us the worst attitude ever telling us there is nothing she can do to assist and she just left as I was busy talking to her (please check the video footage for this). Now my question is, if my business mafereka funeral directors did not assist with the funeral, the deceased was supposed to be at the mortuary until now? I have checked reviews on this policy, shocking. Attached are the photos of the beautiful funeral we did with my team, yhoooooo! I am emotionally drained


Desired outcome: To get my money and receive an apology from the ABSA Vaal Mall Branch Manager on her attitude towards me

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5:19 am EDT
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ABSA Bank Bank Account closure and Pay - out to Estate Late MA ENGELBRECHT(ID [protected])

All information & Fica submitted by Executor on 10 March (and earlier = 16 February 2022) for Account Number [protected]. All we get is the run around . This is shocking !

Desired outcome: Immediate pay- out with interest or confirmation of the details of the Banking Ombudsman where a complaint may be reported .

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3:57 am EDT

ABSA Bank Absa home loan - withholding final payment account [protected] a & g gericke

We submitted our claim (final Progress payment document) for the final payment to Absa on the 1st April 2022.

On the 4th April I enquired as to when we can expect payment, but was informed that our Property Home Owners Insurance is not in place!

I told Martine that we had already applied for the Absa Home Owners Insurance in Feb 2021 and sent her a copy of the relevant document. She then instructed me to send the document to hocvetting which I did. I also reminded her that I have sent her this document on 2 previous occasions. To which she replied that she get hundreds of emails per day and have no record of this. WHY DID SHE NOT SEND THIS DOCUMENT TO HOC VETTING WHEN SHE RECEIVED IT, OR ALTERNATIVELY INSTRUCT ME TO DO SO? I then again sent the documents to: [protected]; martine.[protected]@absa.afica; [protected]; Tshwaneng.[protected]@absa.afica on the 4th April 2022, after which Martine phoned me and said, not to worry, she has everything now, and will sort it out from her side. On the 8th April I sent all the people above an email asking when we can expect payment, to which I had no reply. I sent another email on 11th April to ask about the payment, to which I got a reply from Martine saying the payment cannot be made as the property Insurance is not is place! Really... what is wrong with these people at ABSA! Unacceptable and disappointing service. IT is getting worse by the day. We will definitely change transfer our home loan to another institution as soon as possible. I am sure we will also get a better rate/service.

Desired outcome: Final payment of building loan to be paid out immediately.

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Lisa Elizabeth
, US
Jul 19, 2022 5:13 am EDT

Absa debited me twice on my vehicle installment. They debit my account on 15 July 2022 and tried to debit my account on the 16 July 2022 which makes my account to be on - R14474

I'm really not happy about this

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11:30 am EDT
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ABSA Bank Vehicle insurance not confirmed but I am paying for it

On Monday 28th March I bought a vehicle at we buy cars. I immediately phoned Absa idirect to add vehicle to insurance immediately. They send email for vehicle inspection and said it must be done within 72 hours otherwise I will only be covered for 3rd party. I did send photos and they replied back with additional photos required. On 29th March I email photos and they replied back that a consultant will contact me. Today is the 6th April and I called them. The lady that helped had to phone me back to tell me they need another photo of windscreen as the one I send wasn't up to standard so I told her I want to cancel and she put me through to cancellation department. I spoke to a consultant and told him the story and he said it's unacceptable and he will talk to his manager and call me back. I am still waiting. I have 3 cars and house insurance but this is unacceptable as I will cancel

Desired outcome: I want to know what happened and who is responsible for not contacting me as I am with Absa for 37 years

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12:39 pm EDT

ABSA Bank Non payment for replaced geyser

On 25/03/22 my geyser burst, I phoned ABSA, call log ref. [protected]-H01. ABSA who appointed FOGI plumbing solutions, phone no [protected] order no 2210254. A representative of FOGI came out on the same day to assist me. The representative took photos and [censored] the situation. Due to my roof pitch being very low and roof made of asbestos the representative remarked that it would be very difficult and risky due to the fact that a roof sheet need to be removed for the geyser to be taken out.

The rep informed me that he will contact me the following day after he submitted his finding to ABSA. The following day the rep of FOGI phoned me, he informed me that it is to risky due to the roof being asbestos and that ABSA will pay me out to enable me to replace the geyser myself.

(Side note, The geyser that burst was replaced by ABSA though the roof with no problem 4 years previously)

With the result and recommendation of FOGI I obtained quotations of plumbing companies, SABS approved, to replace the geyser. On Tuesday 28/03/22 I phoned ABSA to inquire into the finalization of the claim. I was by informed by ABSA that FOGI did not submit a report and that the rep of ABSA will try and get hold of them to submit the report. The next day I phoned ABSA again and the rep of ABSA informed me FOGI did not submit a report and that she will try and get hold of them, this time I stayed on the line will the the person phoned FOGI. After 20 min the lady of ABSA came back to me and told me she got hold of them and they will submit the report.

Approximately 2 min later I received an sms stating DAS has been appointed to my plumbing problem ref no. 528373 phone no. [protected]. On 30/03/22 I obtained Drop Along Plumbers to install a new geyser. On the 04/04/22 a ABSA rep with the name of Jacky contacted me to inquire if the where any other damage, ex floors or ceiling.

On the 05/04/22 I received a email from the same person requesting that I must submit the bust geyser serial number size and code.

I have home insurance with ABSA, reason, if a situation accurse I need ABSA to deal with the situation on my behalf. It is not my problem if the company that has all the information who they appointed did not submit the report. ABSA replaced the geyser less that four year ago, therefore they need to have everything they request from me on record.

I acted on what I was told from a company they appointed that ABSA are not going to take the risk to replace the geyser in doing so shifted their responsibility to me in replacing the geyser. All fine, but do not request information almost 3 weeks after the incident from me that I do not have any more and use that as a reason to shy away from their contractual commitment . If I did not have funds to replace the geyser I would still have no water after almost 3 weeks.

Desired outcome: Payment for replacing geyser

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5:46 am EDT

ABSA Bank Absa Hopetown never answers their phone and have difficulty to reach them to help with a problem I have

This is not the first time-they never answer a phone even cellphones, of which I got the numbers from one of their employees.

This has been going on since about 5 years ago.

We stay 40 km on a farm in Hopetown district.

I have internet banking which we need and nothing wrong with the internet, but this Hopetown Branch has huge problems with attending to peoples queries.

I have to go 40km to the Branch before the long queues start on pension day.

I usually go after lunch and wait outside because of the Covid rules.

Most of the time it takes about1/2 to 1 hour to get inside and you sit until the 2 people working with queries can attend which is also anything from a 1/2 hour onwards.

I have an idea that the processing on their computers takes an aweful long time as I've watched how they go in and out of the various programmes just to make changes on customers private details or for any matter concerning and takes endlessly long to sort out problems. Always in and out the office to do something or they need another persons override and eventually the other person comes for the override which is such an irritation for the customer, the waiting.

It will be a good thing if their could be people from Head Office to pay them a visit and see what we all have to go through, for services that should take a few minutes and not hours. Thanking you Elli Meyer [protected]

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11:25 am EDT
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ABSA Bank Wellington branch

Good day

I'd want to express my dissatisfaction with the Wellington branch. Their service is completely unacceptably . First and foremost, there is a sign on the entrance stating that they are closed between the hours of 13:00 and 14:00. However, if you arrive at 12:50, they will not let you in since they will be unable to serve you before 13:00.

Second, if you arrive before 13:00, there is usually only one teller and one at inquiries. The que is endless.

Third, they do not accept bulk deposits after 15:00, but all of the bulk clients come in the morning and keep the line occupied.

Last April, we gave one of the bankers all of the documentation for the signature change. Nothing has been done till now, she claims that someone else must do it now. that person did not even contact us yet.

please do something about their terrible service

Desired outcome: The branch must be open as stated on the door like all the other absa brances in other towns

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5:53 am EST
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ABSA Bank Absa Vehicle Department

In July 2020 I was retrenched due to COVID . Prior to this my vehicle account was up to date. I was offered a 3 month payment relief in 2020 which I had adhered too but after 3 months I was still unemployed and could not pay any of my bills including my car. I was in arrears for 5 months now. Thankfully I found employment in April 2021 by then ABSA had handed me over and a summons was issued but they demanded I pay R8500 a month for 6 month to bring my account up to date. My instalments per month was only R2800. I paid R8500 in May 2021 and thereafter could not afford to pay this amount as I was also in arrears with my bond and other bills. I requested for them to allow me to pay my instalments and double my instalment towards the arrears but they refused, this would have been about R6000 a month towards my car. Absa continued to debit my account but my arrears was still pending , they did not give any further notification after the last summons in 2021. ABSA has been debiting my account every month since April 2021 to date for the instalments on my car. On Monday 07 March the Sheriff shows up at my home demanding for me to hand over my car and only shows us a warrant of delivery but he refuses for us to read it or look at it , he did not leave any documents as well. He threaten to take the car and when we refused he left. When I enquired with the attorney Bham&Dhaya they did not respond to me but rather sent an email to ABSA asking how to proceed. I then got a response from the ABSA consultant ,Zain and Team Leader Urshla saying a Judgement was issued , my contract has ended with ABSA because I was in breach of contract and I need to surrender my vehicle. I was not notified of any of this in last 9 months yet ABSA was debiting my account for payment. I am a paying customer and I am not HAPPY with the way I have been retreated here. I did not WILLFUL not pay my car , I was impacted by Covid and I had tried my best to get it back in order once I was employed again. Would rather take someone vehicle when they are actually paying for it . This shows no concern or compassion for your customers.

Desired outcome: I would like my car account to be restructured. I have made consecutive payments for months now, surely the arrear amount can be included so I can pay my instalment and a little more towards it.

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5:38 am EST

ABSA Bank Business Account still not activated

I opened a business account on the 10/02/22 on the App. The account was successfully opened and I immediately received my new account number and letter of confirmation. A week later I received an sms that my Business card has arrived at the Cresta branch. I went there on the 01/03/22, where the lady successfully activated by bank card, however... she account was never allocated to a banker and therefor my profile was locked and I could not start banking. After emails sent to a business banker with no reply, I went into the Branch again on the 04/03/22, where the Business banker in Cresta advised she will assist. Apparently there is an issue with opening bank accounts on the the App. Yesterday I had to again follow-up on the status of the activation of my business account. Still the Business banker had no answer for me. She is waiting for "them" to reply to her email.

Not impressed by the service of ABSA in this regard. I have a card but no account access. And no one replying or contacting me to assist.

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4:03 am EST

ABSA Bank I'm unable to access my funds

On the 03 March 2022 I made a purchase with my savings card which was declined, and on the 04 March 2022 I went to the branch at Kempton park Festival mall at around 13h30 and only attended by 14h00 only to be told my account is semi dormant, I was told I'm not using my card regularly, I was surprised because since November 2021 I 'm using the card almost every week and when they check they could see that transactions are done done on the account and I was told to wait for 48hrs.Ineed to know why now my account is blocked while it has been used regularly. I was really disappointed because my online purchase order of about R10800 was cancelled and I lost about R700 in discounts.

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Middelburg (5900), ZA
Apr 28, 2022 9:44 am EDT
Verified customer This comment was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Well what more can I say about ABSA service that is not above mentioned already. They have started with this FICA process which in itself is a good thing, my problem is without any notifications they just block or freeze accounts left right and center. I am done with this bank as there is just no assistance at our local branch, no friendly faces like they advertise. I had to struggle through the 1st FICA block early in April and now again at the end of April. I have staff to pay, I have children to feed, i have urgent commitments as a non profit organization and our account is blocked! I will leave ABSA bank as soon as I have my priorities straight and notified my contacts and I will never recommend this bank to anyone! ABSA bank fails its clients and they turn good honest clients into very unhappy and unsatisfied customers. Most of my friends already bank at other banks as it is more user friendly.

6:18 am EST
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

ABSA Bank I am complaining about altering information on my profile

I visited Absa Bank Walmer Park in Port Elizabeth on the 21st February 22 to change a cell

number [protected] to [protected]. Although the person, seem to have

change the number it is still reflecting the old number. I went through all the

processes of finger prints and signatures and spending more than a hour in

the bank, it would appear that it was fruitless.

I have tried to rectify this through a telephone conversation, but the matter

was still not resolved.

Can you please contact me urgently?

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5:05 am EST

ABSA Bank Cancellation of cession in favour of absa

I am a previous client of ABSA and as such had a overdraft facility and home loan with the bank. As security I ceded a SANLAM Policy to ABSA.

Since then, all account have been closed and fully settled. Now I am send form pillar to post to try ABSA to lift the cession. ABSA is not responding to my mails or providing guidance wrt the correct department to contact!

Desired outcome: I want the cession to be cancelled.

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ABSA Bank In-depth Review

Overview: ABSA Bank is a well-established financial institution with a rich history in the banking industry. It offers a wide range of services and products to cater to the diverse needs of its customers.

Customer Service: ABSA Bank prides itself on providing excellent customer service. The bank's customer support channels, including phone, email, and live chat, are readily available and responsive. Customers can expect efficient resolution of their queries and issues.

Online Banking Experience: ABSA Bank's website is user-friendly and easy to navigate. It offers a seamless online banking experience with a variety of features such as account management, fund transfers, and bill payments. The bank also implements robust security measures to protect customer information and transactions.

Account Options: ABSA Bank offers a wide range of account types, including savings, current, and investment accounts. Each account type comes with its own set of features and benefits. The bank specifies minimum balance requirements, fees, and charges associated with each account.

Interest Rates and Fees: ABSA Bank offers competitive interest rates on savings and investment accounts. The bank ensures transparency and clarity in its fee structures for various services such as withdrawals and transfers. Customers can compare ABSA Bank's rates and fees with other banks in the industry.

Loan and Credit Products: ABSA Bank provides a comprehensive range of loan and credit products, including personal loans, home loans, and credit cards. The bank offers competitive interest rates, flexible repayment terms, and clearly defines eligibility criteria for each product. Customers generally express satisfaction with the loan application and approval process.

Branch Network: ABSA Bank has a wide coverage of branches and ATMs, ensuring accessibility for its customers. The bank's branches are equipped with excellent facilities, and the staff is known for their professionalism. Self-service options such as ATMs and mobile banking are also available for customers' convenience.

Mobile Banking: ABSA Bank's mobile banking app is highly rated for its performance and functionality. Users appreciate its features and find it convenient to use. The app is also integrated with other digital platforms, providing a seamless banking experience.

Corporate Social Responsibility: ABSA Bank actively engages in various initiatives and contributions towards social and environmental causes. The bank demonstrates a strong commitment to ethical practices and sustainability. It maintains transparency in reporting and communication of its CSR efforts.

Overall Reputation and Trustworthiness: ABSA Bank enjoys a solid reputation in the banking industry and among its customers. The bank is known for its trustworthiness and reliability in delivering its services. Positive ratings and reviews from users and industry experts further validate its reputation.

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