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Skrill Complaints & Reviews

Skrill / funds are not delivered to payee and still kept inside skrill account

Snoopy2017 on Oct 5, 2017
I have tried transferring funds to payee using Skrill. The money is still inside Skrill but not sent to payee. Based on terms and conditions, if the funds are not successfully delivered to the payee, they will refund to me. Payee confirmed that not receipt and his account is susspended...

Skrill / repair fee

TeamVeteranFD on Oct 5, 2017
Recently I have added my Payoneer MasterCard into my skrill account and deposit $ for 2 times. 1st time I uploaded and transfer $ to another skrill account. after that, i uploaded 2nd time $ into skrill via MasterCard. then some hours later skrill email me that my account closed and $ i...

Skrill / account active but I can not use

mo7med on Oct 5, 2017
My account is in an active state as shown in the picture. However, it is suspended as shown in the pictures due to the non-activation of the place of residence, although I have sent a lot of papers that I have and confirm my place of residence such as my bank account statement and my...

Skrill / 'unethical behaviour'

John-Connor30 on Oct 3, 2017
Good day, I have been reading all the complains and no wonder they are bad as they are associated in someway with the scam brokers FINMARKFX; this broker uses SKRILL platform, MT4 and e-wallet such as I-ACCOUNT to make the customers believe they are legit and serious, but the ugliness comes out...

Skrill / unexplained 'merchant service fees' of more than 20 eur on skrill

Anetaki on Oct 1, 2017
Hello, I have not been using my Skrill account for a longer period, maybe 2 years and today I decided to log on and check my account balance. I was surpsrised to see that my balance is 0. I have checked my past transactions and I have noticed that I have been charged with 'Merchant...

Skrill / I do not recommend using them. Stay away.

Norm Fryer on Sep 18, 2017
They deserved the most negative rating among similar businesses. Or even worse. Their customer service is incredible. Incredibly bad! They never answer, they simply don't exist. The skrill probably didn't even hire people to work at customer service. They can't solve one easy case and have...

Skrill / bitcoin deposit

mohamed77 on Sep 17, 2017
Please, I sent some bitcoin from www.freebitco.in site at 13 9 2017 and the site confirm me by e-mail at 14 9 the operation is completed, then they deleted the pending transaction in my skrill account and I can not see any transaction or any detail about it, and no support answer me till...

Skrill / I am complaining about my account is blocked

Farooq97 on Sep 13, 2017
The main reason is skrill debate some money from my account in euru I have received a sms from bank which is says pkr 382. I was go to google and exchange pkr to euru which is 3.02 at that time but it says wrong entering amount after trying for some 3 days and then my account is block...

Skrill / skrill services

Miss flint on Aug 29, 2017
Skrill won't release my money for withdrawal, their response is my account is under security audit, it was only verified on 21st Aug 2017, by 23rdAug my account was placed under security audit and in the mean time I have got my deposit winning put into that account $500 Australian 380Us. I...

Skrill / skrill upload money stuck

Sasko Manev on Aug 27, 2017
Okay so, I uploaded money on Skrill through my payoneer account and the money got stuck Skrill took money from my bank account but they never got to Skrill It says they are Status : " Pending " And it's stuck like that forever This complaint has to be minimum of 350 character...

Skrill / withdrawal from skrill account

Ramcheeze on Aug 3, 2017
Good Day I have withdrawn money from my Skrill account (Login name: ramcheeze5@gmail.com) via the verified Visa bank card option, but its been 2 weeks and the money is not reflecting on my card. I live outside the UK, in South Africa, and I'm experiencing problems when contacting the Skrill...

Skrill / steal money

mustkill on Jul 26, 2017
First of all, in 2012 I was forced to use this service by seller from Alibaba, that was unable to return my money to PayPal. Second, I was able transfer back only $14, and then system stuck, and not allow me to do anything, and i were unable to find any way to contact anyone for help, I...

Skrill / skrill fraud

Sreenath Gupta on Jun 26, 2017
My customer id : 91369305, Ticket Response (#08081699) it has been 6 days, and i have no update why skrill has blocked my account, and whenever i called support team, they simply says they dont have update and relevant team is working on it, and my account has blocked on 20th june, and...

Skrill / non delivery of funds

Snoopy2017 on Jun 20, 2017
I deposited sgd4120 skrill account to make an impt transfer and I received a confirmation email that money is sent to payee. But payee did not receive the payment after 24 hours. I sent many emails and only received automated reply from system with no real person to pick up the matter to...

Skrill / holding my money!

جوهرة جوهرة on Jun 11, 2017
Skrill asked for verification when i have 1, 500usd on my account.i send all my government id and they are always replying that it is not a government id!even my phillipine tax identification id they are still not recognizing it as a government id even the student driver license! Where i...

Skrill / everything about skrill is [censor]

M ali Khan on Apr 12, 2017
1. Worst layout website 2. Non user friendly layout 3. Bugs on website 4. No technical support 5. They call faqs as support 6. Document verifying team is totally blind Sites like skrill should be closed. If a person is submitting a document for verification, he would be doing the one which i...

Skrill / credit card scam

godswill oyabure on Apr 6, 2017
godswilljay@gmail.com (ID: 91676829) on the 4th of april i made deposit of 30 dollars from my debit card and the fund was deducted from my card but never reflected on my skrill account..so i followedbit up with my bank and the confirmed that transcation was made to skrill so the bank can't give...

Skrill Ltd / account deactivated without solid reason

Riiaz Dil on Apr 5, 2017
I am a registered member with Skrill Limited (Skrill I.D: 66331543) since 2014. I have since, made several online transactions successfully. However, I uploaded funds onto my Skrill account on 14th March 2017 to make an important fund transfer. Since then, my account has been restricted...

Skrill / payment not forwarded to my skrill account

Daryl Skinner on Mar 29, 2017
My Client Number is 90180817. On the 3rd Feb 2017 I attempted to Deposit $330.00 into my Skrill Acct to populate my Tesler Trading acct. This money has not shown in my balance. Again, on the 8th March 2017 I deposited $459.74 into my Skrill acct once again this does not reflect in the...

Skrill / skrill account

Diven Treebhoobun on Feb 24, 2017
Id : 90796361 Diven Treebhoobun Skrill account opened on 20th febuary 2017 Account credited by debit to my master card credit card, amount : usd140 plus 2.66 usd of charges. 1. Card verification is not possible. Error message sent to me. 2. Account verification is not possible . Error...

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