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Skrill reviews & complaints

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Dec 23, 2021
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Skrill - Crypto wallet disabled access till end of 2021 !

Skrill, is not safe service. They just disabled crypto withdrawal till 30.12 so you don't have access to your money. So if your crypto val. went up in last few days you are not able to transfer it to FIAT currency and block your profit neither withdraw the crypto to another wallet.
Scammy service. It is hard to believe how this can be even legal.

Kind Regards

Desired outcome: financial compensation to cover potential lost, min 50% of wallet fund value

Skrill - Mojang Stockholm Monthly Charge

For the last three months i have been receiving a monthly charge of $7.99 from mojang stockholm despite having no debit or credit cards currently registered under my account, nor an ongoing realms subscription. i did not authorize any transactions and would very much like this resolved so i may receive my money back. there is no reason i should have been charged. I have reported this issue to my credit card company.

Desired outcome: $23.97 refunded for the three months charged.


Skrill - Skrill closed my account& stole my money

Account was verified & Activated from 2016, I have proof that they are scammers when ask them about transfer my money to my Bank account ; said that the following in e-mail ;

Dear Nader Mohamed,
Thank you for contacting the Skrill Help Team.

Further to your inquiry, please note that we are sorry to inform you that during a recent audit of your Skrill account, we found reasonable grounds to discontinue our business relationship. Therefore your account has been closed. Please note that this decision is final.

More information on the issue is available in the Terms and Conditions you accepted when you registered. The following articles apply:

4. Opening Your Skrill Account
[ ... ]
4.5. All information you provide during the signup process or any time thereafter must be accurate and truthful.
[ ... ]
16. Termination and suspension
[ ... ]
16.4. We may at any time suspend or terminate your Skrill Account without notice in case:
16.4.1. you breach any condition of these Terms of Use or any other condition applicable to specific services covered by separate terms and conditions;
16.4.2. you violate or we have reason to believe that you are in violation of any law or regulation that is applicable to your use of our services; or
16.4.3. we have reason to believe that you are in any way involved in any fraudulent activity, money laundering, terrorism financing or other criminal activity.

Kind regards,
Skrill Help Team

Oct 26, 2021

Skrill - They closed my account and trapped my account when i complained

I opened a skrill account, made a deposit and submitted my documents for verification. They rejected my documents and told me to upload alternatives to which i responded that i do not have any other. All those this time my account was restricted and my money trapped

I wrote them telling them to refund my money and close my account since i am not allowed to do business with them.

They blocked my account and when as far as blocking my ip address.

The email i have with them is [protected]

This is wicked. A very wicked act

Desired outcome: I would like my funds to be returned

Skrill - Account Restricted after Funded

I sent two large payments to people and it took the money out of my bank account but the restricted my account so i had to send a copy of my Credit Card Statement, My ID, and a picture of me holding my ID. It has been 6 hours and I have gotten nothing from CS or anyone else. Can't cancel the transfers, and can't get my money back for several days I am told.

Skrill - Skrill — Skrill has stolen my money

When I registered my skrill account, I provided all the information required by the website and passed the comprehensive verification of skrill! It has been in normal use for several months, but I have successfully logged in to skrill since August 16, 2020. Except for some technical problems, I will not be able to log in to my personal account again until January 8, 2021. But I didn't receive any reason. This indicates that the account is limited. I need to contact customer service! I contacted skrill company as required and provided Ecuador's personal ID card, front and back, photos of personal handheld ID card and electricity bill! But when you get an answer, you have to ask for a bank statement! But I can't provide it because of my personal reasons! Because there is too much money in my bank, I can't repay it! Therefore, the bank restricts me from using all the business of the bank!
I sent a support request to skrill asking how to remove restrictions on my account. I received this reply in a short time (attached is a screenshot):
Dear: leysi Marilin Ramos Hoyos
Thank you for contacting the skrill help team.
We hereby inform you that we have decided to terminate our business relationship with you in accordance with skrill's terms and conditions.
Please note that our decision is final and irreversible.
Thanks for your understanding.
Best regards,
Scream help group
I'm trying to access my skrill account now, but I can't sign in anymore with the error "your account has been permanently closed". But I still have more than 3400 dollars in my personal account! However, I was unable to obtain these funds for transfer or recovery, and since the above reply, skril did not respond to my subsequent attempts to contact them.
I don't think I violated their terms and conditions - skrill didn't provide any evidence. My skrill account has passed all the verification required by their company. They accepted my previous deposits and transfers and transferred them to work websites and individuals. In addition, they now have funds that I can't use and charge me for their unfinished services.

Desired outcome: I hope I can open my skrill account again and let me transfer my legal funds!

Sep 19, 2021

[email protected]
He is a big scammer be aware this kind of man

Skrill - Customer support.

It's taken almost a week for them to resolve this issue with my account and still not done yet I was asked to upload documents for verification which I did and they keep getting rejected but it clearly shows my driver's license identification, bank transactions, credit card verification and current address verification I'm so frustrated with their poor service.

Desired outcome: Issue resolved promptly, toll free number to call, message serviceis garbage.

Sep 01, 2021

Skrill - Skrill has stolen my money

I have been using Skrill since March this year and have sent a small transfer (around $100) once a month. Other than a few technical issues, I've had not problems making these payments until last month. Last month, when I tried to make a transfer, Skrill temporarily restricted my account, asking for further information to confirm my identity. I immediately provided this information including copies of my Australian Government-issued ID. Skrill then unrestricted my account, send me an email my account was verified and allowed me to make the transfer.

Today, I deposited $100 USD into my account in order to make a transfer. Skrill allowed me to make this deposit and charged me a fee of $2.50 USD for the deposit. I immediately attempted to send the same amount to the same person to whom I've sent a number of successful payments through Skrill in the past, but I was unable to make the transfer and Skrill notified me that my account had been temporarily restricted, without giving any reason.

I sent a support request to Skrill asking how I could un-restrict my account, and I received this response within a short period of time (attached as screenshot):

Dear Lisa Marlin,
Thank you for contacting the Skrill Help Team.

We would like to inform you that we have made the decision to discontinue our business relationship with you under the Skrill Terms and Conditions.

Please be advised that our decision is final and irreversible.

Your understanding is appreciated.

Best regards,
Skrill Help Team

I have now attempted to access my Skrill account but I am no longer able to log in and am given the error "your account has been permanently closed." My bank account has been charged for both the $100 and $2.50 USD but I cannot access these funds to either transfer or recover them, nor has Skrill responded to my subsequent attempts to contact them since the above response.

I do not believe that I have violated their terms and conditions - Skrill has not provided any evidence of this, and they accepted my previous deposits and transfers of the same nature and to the same person. Furthermore, they now have possession of my funds which I cannot access, as well as charging me a fee for service which they didn't complete.

Desired outcome: Money and fees back

Skrill - Payment Declined (to IC Markets)

On the 10th of August 2021 at 8.35 hrs GMT, I received payment from another skrill account by name 'Grace Olajumoke Ojuolape' the sum of 22.33 USD as shown in the attached screen shot tagged "A" below.

On the 10th of August, 2021, few hours after the deposit, I tried depositing fund (15 USD) into my IC Markets account via Skrill and it was declined for the following reasons:
1. That I don't have enough money in my balance.
2. That my balance is 0.00 USD.
3. That my available balance excludes 22.33 USD reason being that the amount was deposited via a Mastercard, which can't be used to make payment online. Attached is the screenshot of this tagged "B" below.

I contacted Skrill the same day (10th August) filing in for 'Payment Failure' stating my ordeal clearly but received a VAGUE response. Screenshot "C" is attached. I filed another complaint the next day (11th of August) requesting why my fund was excluded from the available balance the response was that I used Mastercard in depositing WHICH ISN'T SO as the mode was stated in the first paragraph. Screenshot "D" is attached. They requested that I close the case of which I declined and to my surprise, the case has been closed in less than the speculated 24 hours grace. Screenshop "E" attached.

I have retried to fund my IC Markets account again, even with a lesser amount but the same result still.

Desired outcome: I would love that Skrill give clear details why my deposit from another skrill customer is tagged as 'Mastercard deposit' and also reverse such if she is in the wrong; thereafter allowing me to make my payment free of hitch.

Jul 17, 2021

Skrill - Money transfer

I have transferred the amount £ 1000 and didn't get the amount in my account yet even though it is not updated yet like I received the amount. 
Please confirm and let me know
see the attached screenshot for reference as I transferred the money from HSBC bank account. 
Reference number: [protected]

Please look into the matter on urgent basis.

Skrill - Unable to withdraw

Skrill has closed my account without notice after I have deposited on my account. The account is fully verified and they refuse to withdraw my money and refuse to disclose the reason why they have closed the account. The fact is that they steal my money!
Contacted by phone they reply to wait for their email, which is always an automated messages.

Desired outcome: withdraw my money

Jul 03, 2021

Skrill - i am complaining against address verification and name modification

my name is SUHAIL AHMED from pakistan, i signed up for my skrill account, but unfortunately its was by mistake i typed my name with my caste as e SUHAIL BUGHIO, but my all documents are shown my name SOHAIL AHMED,
nut issue is that in skrill account i already provide my national identity card with clear picture when skrill demanded agian for address verification i submitted my utility bill, but skrill have to reject it, again i submit my credit card papers but skrill again rejected, again i submit my bank statement but this time again skrill rejected it, i again submit my bank account certificate skrill against reject it,

i dont know what is this, and why skrill do this act, actually amount of $670 in my skrill account, and skrill have to block my account and i am unable to withdrawal my amount,

after this i tried many time to approach skrill team to please by GOD sake to refund my amount in my pakistani bank account, but skrill team still not resolve my issue,

even i request team to modify my name from SUHAIL BUGHIO to SOHAIL AHMED in skrill Customer Id: [protected], but no any resoling my issue

now i am humbly requesting to you please return back me my amount please please,
its too much cheating

Desired outcome: please return back my amount $670 in my pakistan bank account

Skrill - Money transfer

Payment was collected from my account on 18/05/2021. INR 1253.96 as per screenshot of their message attached herewith. Despite repeated request, they have so far neither returned payment to my account nor transferred money to the merchant.

Desired outcome: Return money to my bank account.


Skrill - Skrill account

Skrill has restricted my account for two weeks now without any response or reply or reason why. I have had money refunded from FTMO and they have frozen this money and cannot access this I have bills to pay and this made it really difficult for me. About two years ago I have been scammed by sending someone money by skrill and Skrill couldn't do anything about it but now they can freeeze my money without any information and this delay this is really disappointing and would never use Skrill ever again I want my Money refunded ASAP

Desired outcome: Money refunded

Skrill - Skrill

My address - 5/64, Alavalasu Thumpalaptti (post), palani (taluk), Dindigul (district ), Tamil Nadu, India-624617
My office address is- Udumalpet Forest Range office, Anamalai Tiger reserve, Tirupur Division
First I'm upload my office employee id card.Now im upload my pay certificate.then skrill again again rejecte.Plz consider and verified me..really im planned to sucide reason for skrill playing process..once again skrill rejected, finally I'm death due to skrill..plz resolve that mater & give money


Skrill - A very daunting process of trying to release my money

I won some money while under a different email address than I have now the reason was because I got a new computer and it said to update my email to which I did. When I won the money I had to deal with skrill because j p c uses others to pay people out there winnings.. I thought it was going to be a problem cause of that and it has been. My money was paid to moneybookers 2234 [protected] on the 26.4.2021. I live in the bush where my reception is not that great the signal is in and out I use tethering by phone. All I want is my money refunded to which I have won fair and square. I get sent information from all different people from skrill telling me what to do and it just goes around in a circle all the time. My reception is not that great and I dont have time to go into town as I work out of town. Im ready to give up trying to get a resolution and I want a refund please.

Desired outcome: A refund please

I also have the same problem, I paid money from my forex to skrill and now when I want to release funds from skrill to my account, I am getting a response that says

"You have not been charged. The transaction can not be processed at this time."

I have been getting this response for more than 2 weeks and skrill is not assisting at all

Skrill - Skrill scam with me 300$

Skrill didn't refund my 300$ after giving them my bank statement with all details. Now they told me that they didn't offer any refund. My money in my account that service they give me but now it's their money. I have sent them my two bank statement of two different bank. But they told me there have confusion about authenticity of my documents.
Shame on skrill. They scam minimum 300 million usd in bangladesh for last two years. They hold my money for 5 months.
Skrill finished my life

Desired outcome: Refund

Update by [email protected]
Mar 11, 2021

I have created my skrill Account on 16 September 2020. after submitted my identity documents, live selfie and bank statement for verification. They accepted my documents and verified my account. After that I am starting to use that account. On 25 September 2020 they restricted my skrill Account with 300$ balance. After that I mailed them then they replied after 2 days that they closed my account for they found reasonable ground find for closing my account and also told me to for refund they need identity documents and holding selfie of my identity documents I have given those documents in the next reply. After that they replied me that they accepted my documents and for refund bank statement which included my full name, bank name, logo, swift code. Then I send them my bank statement. And after that they started their baseless reply to me that the documents doesn't meet their requirements for refund they need another bank statement. I have sent them again my bank statement they told me that same things that they sent me on previous email. After that I have sent them more 5/6 times with my another bank statement with all the information that they wanted but all the time they told me same things. Then I have told them refund my money to my friends skrill. But they didn't allow and asked my bank statement. I have given my bank statement
Again but they again reject my bank statement and refused to refund me. After that I told them to allow me to login to my skrill account so that I can manually add my bank account and withdraw my fund but they didn't allow. I have told them in the pandemic situation I have passing very tough situation with my children please sent my money to my bank account or give my money to my friends skrill but they didn't hear my voice. I have told them also that I have not my husband he passed away and I have passing very critical situation with my children and I am unable to bear their expanse anymore. But for the God shake they didn't hear my voice.
After that they replied 5 days ago that they applied administration fee on my balance 174$ and the remaining balance 125$ refund they need holding identity card selfie and bank statement. I have given them and they replied me today that they are not able to refund my money anymore.
Please help me my family will be ruined if I didn't get my money.
I have also sent you those documents that I gave them you can understand they done with me unfair.
After verified I have deposited my account and made several transaction then why they closed my account without given an allowable reason. That's okay they didn't allow me to use their service it's fine but why they keep my all money? If they didn't accept my documents then why they allow me to verified and deposit my account.
I have used more service and I couldn't find like skrill service.
Please help me sir.

Jul 03, 2021

skrill is a cheater company and cheat many of peoples, , on daily basis


Skrill - Security

I sent them a bank statement in which my full name is written clearly and in bold and they keep rejecting it saying that it is not issued in my name that is regestered in skrill account. I called them and showed one of them where my name is stated clearly and in bold . He told me that the problem will be soon treated since he saw my name written correctly. After one day they sent me an email rejecting the document again. I wrote them an email and attached the document in it pointing to my name. After about an hour, they answered with an email saying that the case has been escalated and will take a few days. I am working and really need my skrill . They keep disabling my account for something that can be done in seconds. This is total irresponsibility
My email: [protected]

Desired outcome: Accepting my document because it is valid. Hence enabling my skrill account

Mar 02, 2021

Skrill - Amount not credited

Mine withdraw was done from skrill to mine account, actually last 2 digit account number was misplaced so it's went to another account, on feb 3 bank done reversal to skrill. But skrill was respond still it's not credited, I have uploded with proof with bank statement, later no respond from skrill I really lost my patience. I lost trust on skrill also, I am using skrill from 2018 this was the first time I am facing this issue, I don't know the reason behind that, I hope complaintsboard solve my problem thanks.


Skrill - My account is fully verified but still they ask for more documents

My Skrill account is fully verified but still asking for more documents.
I was in another country working, specifically Malta, so I was signing from there but also my wife was signing from Macedonia.

I have provided all my statements from Revolut, downloaded my statement from my app send them my new passport but that wasnt enough.

Every time my documents were rejected so I lost my patience with them because this is going on almost for a year.

Dont understand if there people working do know their jobs?

Desired outcome: Want to be resolved as i need my Skrill account

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