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Skrill Complaints & Reviews

Skrill / scam. skrill closed my account and took my money for no reasons

Oct 07, 2019

SkrillI could not use my skrill atm card which I paid £10 for anyways so I decided to login my mobile banking and it said "Account locked". I rang their customer service and after verifying it was me on the call they said they've closed my account because I've breached one of their terms and condition...

Skrill / pay attention about this company

Sep 30, 2019

Dear sirs Pay more attention to this company of scammers. Everything you read on its web site is only scam. They are ready to cancel your account at any time. To cancel your account and withdraw your money, they invent the most absurd and weird stories. They put the most shameful and...

Skrill / skrill account verification

Sep 22, 2019

I have started skrill account verification process last week. i have submitted first my driving license they reject it. then i have submitted national ID card then they verified it. when it comes to address verification i have fullfill all their requirements. but first they put one...

Skrill / skrill withdraw - beward

Sep 17, 2019

I have an account with Skrill and money gets deposited into that account. When I attempted to withdraw $375 usd transfer to my bank, Skrill said it was processed. No money ever hit my bank. I opened a case with Skrill and they said to wait 10 days to investigate. I contacted my bank who...

Skrill / skrill account has been verify. transaction increase level low. why?

Sep 10, 2019

SkrillSkrill. First thank you for verify my account. But, there is something wrong with my account. Received email notify money transaction has been increased. My account available money USD 15. But, when i trying to transfer money its say my account limit amount is USD 3.96. Please my request to...

Skrill / Payment not received

Sep 02, 2019

I sent money through Skrill from South Africa to India bank account on 8th August 2019, supposed processing time would be between 1 to 3 days, but I haven't received the funds even after 20 days. I am contacting Skrill's customer support every day and I am fed up with their answers. Please...

Skrill / money transfer blocked

Aug 15, 2019

I started using skrill few days ago as a solution to pay back to my friend who bought something i wanted so i transferred my money to their site so that i could sent it to my friend.Yesterday i emailed them about it and guess what happend ? Not only they didnt give me any solution...

Skrill / unethical behaviour

Aug 10, 2019

I deposited money on my skrill account and immediately they requested for my verification documents which i provided. They rejected different documents twice and blocked my account for no reason. I discovered from other customers that skrill has a deliberate policy of not responding to...

Skrill / verification

Aug 07, 2019

Sir i had submitted my gas bill which was dated as 3.8.2019. Skrill rejected it saying it is not in our acceptable documents...sir, i humbly req you to ask skrill that if indane gas is a not a utility bill? Then what it is? And please complete my verification as soon as possible...i have...

Skrill Company / refund

Aug 07, 2019

I opened up a Skrill account on 25th July 2019 I deposited £50.50 On 5th August 2019 I deposited £5, 0000 On 5th August I deposited £25, 000 TOTAL £30, 050.50 I noticed they had took £2, 332.98 from my account and when I questioned them about why they took it I got a reply back saying that...

Skrill / close skrill account

Jul 29, 2019

I have never done business with Skrill and do not expect to. Please close any account using my name or email address. (The phone number in this notice is non-working.) Sent: Monday, July 29, 2019 at 3:01 PM From: "Skrill" To: [protected] Subject: Important Information: Changes to...

Skrill / send money online

Jul 25, 2019

SkrillI used Skrill transfer money online website, but in the last two sending money i was charged much more than what was stated in their website. Even after comparing with past sending money transactions, the charge for...

Skrill / withdrawal

Jul 24, 2019

My complaint: "Hi. I deposited R11200 yesterday via my bank card to my Skrill account. I want to pay that over to LCG, on which I received a message that the spesific amount is not available to pay merchants. How can this be changed? Tried to refund to my card, which is a Master card (not...

Skrill / it's about a fraud activity

Jul 20, 2019

SkrillYesterday I was checking and put a note on Skrill Instagram about seeking help to withdraw amount from Skrill account. Some person appeared with user name as chaklogg and convinced me to send money into his/her Skrill account so that he/she can transfer the money into my paytm wallet. I...

Skrill / money disappeared when I choose sek as my currency.

Jul 19, 2019

Date: 2019/07-19 client number: [protected] I got some bitcoins from my friend through Skrill and then i sold them and got around 18 euro. After that i changed my currency to SEK and know my balance is 0. I wonder what happened to my money and how to get them back. As i see it the 18 euro...

Skrill / I couldn't deposit money into my forex trading account

Jul 17, 2019

SkrillI couldn't transfer money from my skrill account to my jp markets trading account it's been days trying to do that transaction and I couldn't do anything and my trading business was on stand still because the funds were insufficient to do my business so can you help me resolve the issue...

Skrill / skrill stole my money

Jul 12, 2019

Hey everyone skrill reversed a withdrawal I made at my request.When the money came back to my account it was only $17 instead of $61 they claim $50 went to bank charges and fees.This is illogical and is a clear scam.My email address is msinkagp.[protected]'ve tried emailing them...

Skrill / skrill transaction

Jul 11, 2019

A transaction has been done on skrill with email id [protected] A transaction has been done for 28k it's been 8 working days still the money haven't got credited to the account Transaction id :[protected] Soo pls let me know y the money haven't got credited yet even when I called...

[Resolved] Skrill / withdrawals and customer support

Jul 10, 2019

Hello, my name is Mirel Oprescu from Romania and over 11-12 years ago i used to use skrill constantly without any problems, 5-6 years ago i closed my account with them because i started using paypal only, in june this year i needed to receive some money for some online services and they...

Skrill Limited / withdraw money never received to my account.

Jul 09, 2019

My Account # [protected] Name : Kandasamy Ponnambalam, 55 Bornholm Drive, Scarborough, On M1C 4N9, Phone [protected] (H) [protected] (cell). I made two payments of Canadian $ 200.00 each through my credit card to this company to transfer the money to my Forex account that I have with...

Skrill / unauthorised money cut from my account showing repair charge

Jul 06, 2019

Skrilldear sir, i have funded skrill by 470 us dollar 10 days ago and for verfication purposes i have attached all the documents attached .but they do not verify me and wanted me to attach documents everyday.i have attached documents they recommend but 2 days ago they sent me a massage saying...

Skrill / withdrawal

Jul 01, 2019

Hi guys. I had roughly $271 USD in my Skrill account. After verifying my bank information and all of that, I made a full withdrawal. A couple days a later, I check my balance... I only received $289 CAD in my bank. I was also charged a $15 CAD wire transfer fee of course. I thought the $289...

Skrill / withdrawals

Jun 30, 2019

Anyone who try to use skrill to send or withdraw money (not receive) must be warned these scammers will not let you withdraw money through any option you use. Funny thing is if you receive payment from someone else it will be credited to your skrill account and all you can do is buy...

Skrill / refund of 5.93$

Jun 10, 2019

This is to inform you that my skrill account linked with mail id [protected] has been deactivated, at the time of deactivation an amount of $5.93 was in skrill account. But unfortunately Skrill has not refunded back my amount of $5.93 even after requesting on mail many times to...

Skrill / account hacked & wallet money lost.

Jun 03, 2019

Dear Skrill, my account is hacked by someone. My primary email address registered in my Skrill account is "[protected]". The amount deposited in my Skrill account has been transferred to [protected] which has been changed by the hacker but I can not get my...

Skrill / refund of 5.93$

Jun 01, 2019

Hi Skrill closed my account as per my request but there was a amount of $5.93 in my skrill account which is not still refunded even after closing my skrill account which is not a fair deal so please support and look into the matter Even I already had mailed to the skrill support but there i...

Skrill / skrill money wallet

May 27, 2019

SkrillSkrill id [protected] [protected] 12/03/1964 .I play casino jackpot city and over the years have won and usual method of withdrawl would be swift.doing maintenance i tried Skrill.600.00 put into a virtual wallet?Transaction .iv sent a government issued photo id from Kiwi...

Skrill / money sent to wrong skrill id

May 10, 2019

SkrillI have done a transaction of INR 9420.00 on 10th May 2019 at 11:05 AM to [protected] with transaction ID : [protected], but soon after the payment was accepted by the recipient i came to know that the Skrill ID which I have entered was wrong, so is there any process to cancel the...

Skrill / I have not received my money

May 09, 2019

Hello, Its been 20 days and I am still waiting for my money. I have sent withdraw request for 4200 INR. I have received an email from Skrill that they are blocking my account. You will get money within 5 days. Its been more than 20 days and I am still waiting for my money. I sent 100 mail...

Skrill / account related

Apr 28, 2019

SkrillSir I must respectfully, sir I m a skrill acaunt holder, in my skrill now india money 3570 available, my skrill acaunt fully verified but now my acaunt stricked no dipotit no sent money any one. I complane minimume 30 times but no response still now my acaunt stricked, my mail id [protected]

Skrill / send money (did not receive)

Apr 26, 2019

Hi there, i recently sent money through Skrill Money Transfer online and details as follow; on the 24/04/19 Transaction ID: [protected] Recipient: Shamini Arasalingam Account number / IBAN: 11xxxxxxx971 Country: Malaysia Sent amount: 1000.00 MYR Exchange rate...

[Resolved] Skrill / pending withdrawal transaction id [protected]

Apr 25, 2019

Sir/Madam, I have made an withdrawal of INR 16909 corresponding to transaction id [protected] on 24/4/2019 but the transaction is still showing pending on my account. I never had problem with skrill before as money comes to my bank account within 1 hour after withdrawal. This time amount...

Skrill / account primary id changed

Apr 24, 2019

On 17th April, I received email from [protected] that my primary e-mail ID (shakti.[protected] is changed to shakti.[protected] I have not made such request and since then I am reporting this fraud but have not received any response from Skrill. I am unable to...

Skrill / skrill blocking my account and stole my money

Mar 15, 2019

Am new in this e wallet things Now during registeration on skrill platform I accidentally keyed in wrong date of birth. Now after realizing my mistake I immediately contacted skrill via their email ([protected] So they can change my date of birth on my profile After that, I...

Skrill / skrill validation

Mar 13, 2019

I own a Skrill account since a couple of years ago, when I opened it I validated it with the proper documentation, now some years after they are asking me to validate the account again, I sent them the proper and legit Doc's but they keep rejecting the proof of address because they do not...

Skrill / Blocking my account without releasing my money

Mar 13, 2019

Dear sir I am working in a reputation organization (sports data ag) and this is their website and we were working for last 4 years and using skrill for payment transfer, several payment we transfer between the company and skrill and from skrill to my bank account...

Skrill / skrill is a bloody scam

Feb 02, 2019

This company is completely a scam.. They do not respond your emails, they will block your account, they will not verify your account even you already submit all the document needed. They do not even have a customer service that can reply your email.. Please believe me, they will steal your...

Skrill / account

Jan 24, 2019

not able to login, they are cheating, I have deposited $220, where it's gone, i have entered correct details, but not able to login why? Many times I have sent mail but not replying, password reset also not working, i need back into my account credit, this is my money, you people doing...

Skrill Ltd / fraud against me

Jan 17, 2019

Hello, I´m wrotong here since ladt two months I have been having and major problem with skrill Ltd since they say have put my balance -50 euros (negative) ans says my deposit via fast bank transfer method is missing and its failed. It has been investigated by my bank here in Finland and they...

Skrill / 5 euro service fee for nothing

Jan 04, 2019

I just got a mail from Skrill Customer Service that they will charge customers from now on (Jan 2018) by 5 EUR if they do NOT have transactions within 12 months. Skrill calls it a "service fee". The service in this case will be exactly nothing but having even less work with the customer...