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auto loan

Worst company i have ever dealt with. I don't understand how they are still in business. Ive had my loan for 2 years now and 75% of all my payments have went to interest only. Nothing towards principle. I pay370 a month and i have only bought my balance down by a lil over $500. They start harasseing you the day your bill is due. Cust service is rude and they try to threaten with repossession every other time i speak to them.


I'm not sure what is there address but it doesn't really matter. what matters is what they are...

Rude, not honest and have no compassion

13 days ago my car was repossessed by Crescent Bank and Trust, when I called to see how to get my car back I was yelled at for not paying my loan. I decided not to yell back because it would not get my car back any faster. I filled out all of the paper work they request, jumped through every hoop the set in front of me. It took them four days to decided if how I was to get my car back. They made the decision at 3:30pm (on the west coast, 5:30pm their time) that I needed to pay the loan off and when asked why they took the car they told me it was from not paying my loan. When they finally told me why they took it, it was from missing two payment in 2009 and that I have a lot of interest accrued. They told me the only way to make the payment was via Western Union or by Money Gram, my father was lending me the money to pay them off. We had to drive to LA to get the money transferred from his account to Crescent Bank. I called to get the routing number for the transfer and they refused to give it to me. Stating that the agreement was to make the payment through Western Union or Money Gram. I was not about to withdraw a large amount of money and then walk around with that much cash. After 20 minuted on hold they finally gave me the routing number. The money was to be transferred the next day, I called three to four times a day to see if the money was received. It took them four days to say the money was received. In the mean time I was accruing storage fees and rental car fees.
To get a hold of someone at the bank is hard, no one answers the phone and when they do they are rude. It took a call to a supervisor to get them to release my car.
This company seems to do this to a lot of people...they should be closed

I am $36 dollars behind and they are threating repo

Cresant Bank is the worse loan institution I have ever had the miss fortune of dealing with. When will the Federal Government do something to control these people. I have never been treated so rudely. They act like we are worse then what you read about loan sharks. I feel like I am dealing with a check cashing company. I would advise everyone to boycott this company. It would be nice if everyone of them lost their jobs and collection agents were calling them. I truly believe these people love to terrorize and antagonize people. Their qualification for employment must be rude, mean, and nasty. They will call any number and call you on it whether it is your phone or not. They will even leave threatening messages on other peoples phones. I know this is not legal but they always get away with it. We should unite and stand together against them. Maybe as a group we would stand a chance.


We had a loan with this bank for over 3 years we had 10 payments left to make. We were 36 days late which I know is our fault but they refused to work with us and repossesed the car. This company will send out a person to take the car in the middle of the night and then turn around and call you the next day for a payment. Please beware of them! If you can find financing with another bank I advise you to not stay with Crescent Bank. The people are rude and will threaten you verbally.

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Stay away

I came to the search engine in order to find their phone number to contact them on a refund issue and I learn that they are a rip off company. I am truly disappointed. Now I do not know what to do about this situation; do I continue to make my car payments to them? I knew something was fishy about them. When I purchased my vehicle I paid down a large amount of cash and the price on the car went up instead of down.

rude unprofessional behavior

Crescent bank is the most unprofessional and most rudest un pleasant people i have ever done business with. Over two years ago my husband took a loan out and Crescent bank was the bank who was financing our loan. Less then 6 mos into our loan my husband became unemployed and we fell slightly behind on the loan by slightly I mean less then 15 days past due the loan was always paid every month but isf you are even just one day behind on your loan they will start calling all your references on your original loan app. and harass them they will harass your family numerous times a day they call your job until they get through to your boss and they tell your boss your behind on your auto loan. They have insulted my family members numerous times they have called my in-laws and demanded payments or they would go into there bank acct cause they said they could legally do that even know they were not at all on the loan. recently they repoed the car for being 13 days down my payment is $450/mo and they want over $2000 to release the car all in fees. I don't know how this bank is getting away with the things they are doing . I have filed a complaint with the Attorney General hopefully it will do some good. Be ware of Crescent Bank Please don't give them your business you will regret it.

  • Ch
    chelle123 Dec 26, 2009

    I totally agree with this complaint. I am currently with Crescent Bank and can not wait until I can get out of this loan. I am constantly harassed. Recently, Crescent Bank dispatched a female to my house after hours. The company is called Field Pro. I assume they are some type of repossession company; however, she came ringing my door beel around 9pm. When I asked who she was she inform me that the company she works for is sub contracted through Crescent Bank. She was very unprofessional and rude. To eloborate a bit on her appearance, her hair wasn't combed, she passed flaggalance on my porch, afraid of my dog and knocking over items in my house to get to the garage to take pictures of my vehicle and tag. Very frustated and utterly floored at this behavior, I contacted Cresent Bank the next day via phone and email to express my true opinions about this bank. In addition the female with Field Pro, called Cresent Bank while at my front door but of course it was after hours and they were closed. Apparently, they told this woman that as soon as she speaks to me to immediately call them with me present. (so tacky). Again, I definitely agree with you and this bank needs to be reported to the BBB.

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  • Pa
    Payyourbillsontyme!!! Jan 02, 2010

    stop telling a tale on Crescent Bank & Trust- legally no way possible to repo you for being 13 days late- 30+ 13 days late- but of course - get your facts in order and pay your car note

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  • Di
    Dissatisfied Customer 2 May 24, 2010

    I had an accident (no fault) unfortunally the person that hit me cannot be found so I went through Crescent Bank which only paid 1/3 of the cost of repairing my vehicle. I jump through hoops waiting for them to pay the repaor shop. I finally paid for the repairs and ask Crescent Bank to apply the monies towards my next month payment that I needed my vehicle out of the shop so that I wouldn't accue any additional fees. They agreed. I called and the monies still wasn't posted to my account. I called everyday and they always say someone will call me back. Finally when they did they told me that they applied y money towards my principle. I explained to them that that was not the agreement that I need it to post towards my May payment since I paid to get my car out of the repar shop. What as waste of breath, Now I am online searching for the CFO, CEO, President of the company, They can't possibly now about this and not do anything. I will give them 24 hours to clear this up or I am calling every news station that I can, you guys should do the same thing. Theirs nothing like the MEDIA!!!

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Harassment & Service - Dont tolerate it!


To make a long story short... I was working with an AWESOME rep from CB&T. She is located in Virginia. She worked with me as I kept her updated on my situation. She even helped me get my loan modified!!! ASK ABOUT THIS OPTION! ASK ABOUT EXTENSIONS!! Then suddenly, my account gets transferred to the Louisiana office. Generally speaking, these people SUCK! They are rude and just pushy "collections" people. They have NO courtesy or compassion.

I am here to tell you... DOCUMENT your experiences with date, time, names and phone numbers they call from. WRITE A LETTER with your experiences in chronological order. SPECIFICALLY state how the experiences made you feel, how the calls/information/service violates your rights as a consumer.
Let them know you WILL PURSUE LEGAL ACTION for every violation under FAIR DEBT COLLECTIONS PRACTICES ACT, TITLE 15, CHAPTER 41, SUB CHAPTER V, SS 1692 A-P, which is punishable by $1, 000 per violation (i believe).

State you will document ALL COMMUNICATION from there on out and should their threats/intimidation continue, you will pursue legal action to the fullest extent of the law. Your letter serves as a warning to them and notifying them how much you are aware of YOUR RIGHTS!

You must have everything documented. YOU DO NOT HAVE to divulge your personal information OR your personal problems to anyone. IT IS ILLEGAL FOR THEM TO ASK THOSE KINDS OF QUESTIONS. Its none of their business! THE CANNOT THREATEN YOU, if they have no REAL INTENTION of pursuing the threat. I.E. They can't say they are going to repo your vehicle and not do it. THEY CANNOT CALL YOU AT WORK IF YOU TELL THEM NOT TO. THEY CAN CALL YOU 20 TIMES IF YOU DONT ANSWER. ANSWER THE PHONE. Document the calls! Its in your benefit. Maintain communication with a rep you feel comfortable with. Refer others reps to the primary person you deal with. A good rep will work with you.

After I wrote and faxed my letter... It took over a week for a response and I must say, I was given a nice apology with a confirmation of receipt of my letter. My requests were respected and agreed upon. :) They now know not to mess with me. I am armed with my rights! :)



Terrible bank

I have worked in collections, during my life time. However; never have a experienced such unprofessional ethics. There was a message left on my employer's voice mail stating that I was 14 days past due in making my truck payment. Which is so embarrassing #1, but #2 with my last payment I enclosed a note stating that I would be making another payment on 4/10/09 which is tomorrow. Then they called back and after being told they could not speak to me due to the fact that we can not receive personal telephone calls. (which they have been told before in writing as well as verbal) The representative known as WANDA only asked to speak with personnel, so that she could verify my employment. WTH?

I like many others who have posted, have NEVER received a statement, didnt even know I should be getting one, since I have asked several times for an payment book in the last two and half years. I have still not received. I just simply put a check in a envelope with my social security number on the check as a previous representative had instructed me to do and mail it like that.

car loan

The people who at Crescent Bank and Trust are rude and are quick to take your car away for one month behind...

Terrible experience

This company has called my job and family members explaining that I was late only 30 days. Asked if my family members, could they help me get caught up. I had requested that the car be picked up several times and no has attempted to come and get the car yet. I no longer want to be involved or deal with a company that call and give out personal information. this should be against the law for them to do such things.

  • Th
    thewatchwinder Feb 06, 2009

    it is against the law for them to give out personal payment information. as per the privacy act of 1997, they are not allowed to disclose any personal information with anyone but you or the person stated on the loan. you need to get notarized accounts of their having breached this federal law, and take them to your state's attorney general's office. you may also want to hire an attorney.

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  • Ta
    tanya Mar 06, 2009

    They are terrible I had a 2005 Ford taurus from them I had it for eighteen months and still owed 9, 770 on it and the blue book value for the taurus was only 3, 000 my boyfriend had to co sign for me in order for me to trade the vehicle in now I'm in a 2008 suzuki jeep. crescent bank is a rip off they couldn't believe that i was able to trade the vehicle with that much negative equity, it was only because suzuki had a 4, 500 rebate and they gave me 3, 000 for the trade i had to come up with 2, 500 for a down payment but it was worth getting out of the taurus and getting into a brand new car. Not to mention my car payments for the taurus were 453.00! Please do not finance with CRESCENT BANK AND TRUST OUT OF LOUISIANA I DON'T CARE HOW BAD YOUR CREDIT IS YOU CAN DO BETTER!

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  • Ce
    ceecee47 Oct 09, 2010

    Crescant Bank and Trust is absolutely unprofessional. We bought a 2006 Impalla and was finance with another bank originally in 2008. Our loan was transferred to Crescant Bank a year later. We had never been late and we never had a problem with the original bank. About 7 months ago I was 3 days late on my payment and I received a phone call from one of their representative at my job. She stated that if I did not have my payment in by the next morning she was going to send someone to my house that day to collect the money. I told her not to call my job anymore and hung up the phone. The lady's name is Ms Hastings. After, I hung up with her she called back again and I told her to stop calling my job. I hung up again and she called back again, by that time I was making a call to Crescant Bank on my cell. My co-worker came to the area that I was at to tell me that I woman was on the phone telling her that she needs to speak with me because I have not paid my car payment. As my co-worker was telling me that, the lady that I was on the phone with at Crescant Bank asked me it the person was still calling. I told her yes, she stated that she will take care of the problem later but she wanted to get a post dated check for the payment before she stopped the calls (this was more crescant bull). I made the arrangement and filed a formal complaint in writing. I never received a reponse. Recently, I called to get the payout amount for my car and I was told that they could not give me that information and I asked why, they told me that I had late charges on my account. I asked her what did that have to do with me getting the payout balance for my car. She stated that they do not give out that information to anyone that has a outstanding balance on the loan. This company uses unfair practices, be careful and most of all do not use them as your finance company.

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  • Ce
    ceecee47 Oct 09, 2010


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  • Ti
    tired of the harassing Nov 08, 2010

    This is a problem seriously, the court of law needs to come down on crescent bank, a law has been past about bill collector harassing there clients, weather or not I"ll be dealing with this bank, I will be seeking action against crescent bank & trust first by writting a letter to the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES, If this what it takes to stop this bulling on their part!, "TO BE CONTINUE...!

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  • At
    A typical call center.. Dec 03, 2010

    I have had issues with Crescent as well. My account was "sold" 4 different times to several "different" banks and finally Crescent now has the account again. It's a truck payment for crying out loud! Anyway, I have never been late on a payment and I was also getting harassing phone calls for no purpose at all. I agree that the people that they have working in their call center are very unprofessional! I had problems with never receiving my statements in the mail from them (since then I now have a payment book) I had to take my complaints to the BBB. Everything was rectified and I have not had a problem in 3 years except once when I called to see how much I owed to pay off the loan and the lady on the other end was a complete ignorant idiot and hung up on me. Eh, maybe she didn't know how to add. Regardless, I recommend that if you have issues, definitely take it to the BBB!

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Unauthorized Charges

The worst bank ever. My husband and me both have accounts with them, but my husband and me have different bank accounts. When he paid his car, they deducted the payment from my bank account. To make a long story short - the so called 'collections manager', did not know her right hand from her left hand. I felt like I was talking to a 10 year old spoiled girl with no brain. After explaining the situation 20 times, she decided to keep my money on hold and not credit me. My bank account went overdraft because I had charges going in, and in overdraft charges alone not counting the payment deducted without my authorization, there are $250 at least. This all happened while I was on vacation with my 3 kids after working one year. As of today, she still has not credit my account, and they were so ridiculous to ask me to borrow the money from my husband then. I will send a certified letter to a BIG manager there with proof of their unethical practices and will also refere them to the BBB. Sweetie find another job at a local candy store.

  • Va
    Valerie Jan 08, 2009

    I am having major problems with this bank also. They are horrible and nasty and rude. And I am not late on any payment. The rude people in those other comments must be the idiots that work there. No one there knows what they are doing, they are very unorganized. They should be shut down. I filed a complaint with the BBB and /link removed/

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  • Pa
    patrick Feb 19, 2009

    I've been having the same problem's with this bank...cresent bank and trust...LOL..WHAT A JOKE!!! They have also taking money from my account... and made my account over drawn... i had to go to my personal bank to have fraud charges against them ... well good luck all...

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  • Si
    silverblue Jan 13, 2012

    worst bank ever "PLEASE RUN FROM THIS BANK" for any types of loan, very unprofessional, rude, uneducated when it comes to the banking business

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  • Al
    alejmommy Jan 23, 2013

    I was charged late fees on my loan and I have yet to be late in almost two years. I had them send me a transaction report of all my payments and my payments (receipts) that I have do not match what they have reported on my credit. For exp my payment is 400.00 They will report 200.00 and 100.00 the next month,

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Terrible experience

I have my vehicle financed thru Crescent Bank & Trust. I have never been late on a payment. When Houston got hit by Hurricane Ike I called the bank to see if they would defer my September payment because I was unable to work due to downtown being closed. They said sure not a problem, (called on September 22 my payment is due on the 28) Now I get a call today October the 15 stating that they are refusing to defer any payments and i need to make September's payment now and Octobers payment is also due now to. I think they really need to get there ---- together. They of all people should know how bad it gets after a hurricane and i am sure they all needed a little help during that devastating time so why can't the return the favor? I don't think they give a crap about there customers all they want is there money and they don't care what the circumstances are. I will not do business with them again and if i could get my vehicle refinanced somewhere else i would do it in a heart beat.

  • Ja
    Jason Oct 29, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    While I can sympathize with your situation, I am confused by some of your story.

    You mentioned that your note was not due until September 28, but you called on September 22nd. Was the payment due on the 28th, or was that including your "grace period" before the late fee was taked on. In other words, was your September payment due on September 18th, but charged a late fee after the 28th?

    The reason I ask this is you go on to state that on October 15th you received a call stating among other things, that your October payment was now due. The only way for those dates to add up is if you car payment is due before the 15th of the month.

    If that's the case, then they probably should not have granted the initial offer to defer the payment since it was late, but the fact of the matter is is that it was still already late by the time of your initial call, right?

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  • Cs
    cselinsky Jun 19, 2009

    I have had a car loan with Crescent bank since 1/08 This month for the first time I was unable to make my payment I have received several threatening calls form this bank. When asked for my 10 pay out I was told they could not give me this information, When I did get the pay out after much arguing the pay out amount is more then what is listed on my credit report by over $1, 000 and $2, 500 more then according to what my math shows it would be. So now I am not sure that I can't even refinance the loan, They are including the interest in the 10 day pay out. Has anybody else ran into this problem can I sue????

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Awful bank

I just received a car loan from this same bank in June of 08. These rude people at this bank will call you if you are 10 days late. It will always be by a rep that threatens to reposes your car after 30 days. One of the reps had the nerve to ask me why my payment had not been made. She then went on to say that it is her right to ask me that and that she was the Lien Holder on my acct and that I better respect her. I called the company that I got the car from and ask them what kind of company did they get me involved with?

They stated that they did not know of such an idea of them taking your car after 30 days of non-payment (which I have not been late) nor for them to be so Rude when they call. I am trying to refinance my car with someone else right now. Otherwise I am gonna return my car to them.

I can't take 5 years of this from anyone...

  • Ri
    ric danger Oct 02, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    oh man what a joke ..i had this lady calling my references, mom, mother in law, even a customer stating how it was important i contact them...AFTER I APPROVED PAYMENT PROCESS 3 DAYS EARLIER!! she lied to me on the phone, she threatened me and this was after i approved the payment 3 days ago. they are predatory, i had no right buying the car but i have made all payments for 13 months, now the reality of a 30% interest rate set in (identity theft 4 years ago)...yes a 30% interest rate. do not use this bank...they have damaged my integrity over 1 car payment 20 days late. part of their problem is the archaic comm system they use way to pay online (western union only option)

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  • Me
    Melanie Oct 29, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I just bought a car in July and because of credit issues, I paid $3000 down but was still only able to get financed at 26.5% interest. Anyway, at the dealership none of the paperwork I signed had Crescent Bank on it. Then I received a letter in the mail saying they were my lienholder and enclosed payment books. I verified with the dealership that they had my loan and begin making payments. Well, the due date on the book says the 28th and I get paid once per month on the last day of the month. Since the book also says you have a 10 day grace period before late fees are applied, I always mailed my payments by money order on pay day. Well, this month they called ON the 28th and told me they were picking up my car if my payment was not received by midnite. After reading all of these posts, I took it seriously and immediately started scrapping for the money. I spent an extra $100 on western union fees. They still did not post my payment today. I feel like they will probably say that it was too late and they had already issued the repo papers and I need to pay another $300!! There has got to be some legal repercussions against these crazy folks!! I am already looking for a refinance option, but when I call they will not tell me the pay out amount.

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  • Cj
    C Johnston Nov 10, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    None of the complaints (only 2?) against this Crescent Bank and Trust indicate a geographical location for same business -- there is one in Virginia, I think, and one in Georgia ... distinct businesses. I doubt that these complaints are for the Georgia bank, but writers should be clear on this matter for ethical and legal concerns.

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  • Fo
    fort_2001 Jul 31, 2009

    Seems like the logical thing to do is to pay your car payment by the due date. If you do that then no one will call you and no one will reposes your car. Collections people are rarely friendly, but you dont collect on past due accounts by being friendly.

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  • Pi
    PIssed Offed Customer Aug 25, 2009

    Crescent bank is a predatory lending institution. Yes, they issue loans to people who have had some credit issues, however, that does NOT give the right to antagonize people via telephone and threaten them. In addition, some of the practices that they employ are questionable at best. There have been times when I approved draft payment from my checking account, only to find out that they never took it out and THEN threatened ME with repossession because I had not paid the car payment. They keep horrible records and you hardly EVER are able to talk to the same person twice...someone with whom you can build a rapport. It's absolutely criminal. They are rude and obnoxious. They dont seem to want the customer to be able to pay off the bill. They seem to be more interested in repoing.

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They're rude

Cresent bank employees are very rude and unprofessional. They call and talk to you as if your nobody, quick...

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